Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gholam-Hossein Elham Is An Ass

He likes to point fingers, but never acknowledges the fact that Iran supplies Hamas with the very missiles they shoot at Israel, and money on top of that.

I bet he sleeps really well at night, most dick headed a-holes like this one do.
That "final countdown" will be a UN (ha, funny) force blowing your asses out of your mud huts.
Happy New Year everyone!!

Paris Loses $2 Million!

Not up her over tooled nose, the bitch got jacked...

A jewelry heist no lest, I bet they were wearing all black and toted machine guns. How cool is that. I am sure Paris was insured?

China And Vietnam Get "Chummy"

(this picture means nothing)

It is pretty amazing that China and Vietnam resolve their long standing border dispute on New Years Eve, thus avoiding another war. Great job guys, glad we can still have a few positives in this day and age!

Good Job Gaza

They are pretty much fucked, right? I mean, shit...Israel warned them repeatedly and they keep shooting missiles at them. Stupid asses, so they deserve what they get; (sorry to sound like a total prick here) as do the civilians that voted Hamas into power.
Hmm, that sounds familiar? Oh right, that is what islamist militants said about all of the civilians that died on 9-11-2001 in the US. Well, same shit different country...

Hmm, Poon Or Fireworks?

I might need to toss a coin, because Fireworks are very cool...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Shuttle Report, Volume 1

This cause of exploration and discovery is not an option we choose; it is a desire written in the human heart …
We find the best among us, send them forth into unmapped darkness, and pray they will return.
They go in peace for all mankind, and all mankind is in their debt.
– President George W. Bush, February 4, 2003

Pretty well said George.

The transcripts of the people on the ground as the Columbia melted is heart breaking to read. It starts at page 42.

Why didn't DOD agree to snap a few fucking pictures?? I could point a finger at Rumsfeld.

Santogold - Lights Out

They don't quite pull off the 60 retro video thing, but I like the song.

LRA Reminds Me Of Bruce Campbell

Just that these guys chop up perfectly healthy normal people who happen to not pray to the same GOD.

Freddie Hubbard, Dead At 81

Sad day.

Show Me The Money

GM gets it's bailout quietly.
I wonder where they park the Coast Guard cutter?

Lil-Palin Pops

That's her on the far right...

I thought the Church looked down on people having kids out of wedlock??

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Padma Is My Fav Cook!

She can saute me any time she likes.

Guinea "President" Sacks Senior Generals

Yeah, I trust this ass as far as I can throw him. Where's the CIA assassination squad when we need them??

John Wayne Was The Man

Why Are Yoy Marching Son?

2008, Global Warming Is D-Bunked

My voice may be lost in the crowd on this, but I am not alone... THINK!

The Taliban Is Killing Kids

Great bunch of guys, killing kids for going to school. Nuke em' I say. Oh wait, the US has been killing kids too. Um, maybe we should all just stop shooting?


I was digging around the Island Records site and came across Parachute;

Stardust Five

Love this tune and hadn't heard it in a while.

Sparrow Orange

Too bad I can't add him to my MySpace friends. He is on Noise Factory records.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

10 Days In The Trunk??

Thos wacky Britt's call it the "boot". Funny guys.

Locked in the trunk for up-to 10 days would just suck, I expect the lady was awash in her own waste? They don't mention that, but logically...

I do smell a bit of a double-cross on this one, but we will see if that evil black dude in dreads gets busted, to be totally sure.

Attack On Gaza?

Seems many countries are a bit pissed about the Israeli counter strike on Hamas/Gaza. Um, well...Hamas has been attacking Israel civilians with rockets since the "cease fire" ended a week ago.

Israel warned Hamas to stop, which they did they got blasted. Sorry, I can't feel sorry for anyone harmed in the fray. If Iran keeps supplying Hamas and they keep up their rocket attacks, they will be punished. If I was the Israel PM, I would just wipe out Gaza for good with incendiary weapons and rebuild it as my own land. Enough fucking around with this piss-ant war.

Persia (5 hundred miles away and not effected at all by the Jews) and the Arabs need to get over their hatred of the Jewish state, just like the US got over Canada, we jus co-exist now and don't talk much, because the Canuks speak French.

And all is well...

Oh, the Fukerton had this NBA tribute to Israel..

Very touching...

The Photoshop Detective

Funny stuff!

Let it pop-up.

Ruin It For Everyone

This American Life ran with the subject last week. A free download is linked below;

Pretty interesting stories;

Friday, December 26, 2008

The Guinea coup

(Captain Moussa Dadis Camara, the Jackass)
I saw Apocalypse Now...

Well, a junior Captain in the Guinea army has proclaimed himself "president". No one in the neighborhood seems to be bothered. Oh well, we all need a young Mugabee when the old one is on the outs.
He looks innocent enough to me, you????? I especially like the other officer covering his face. Nothing good will come of this.

The FDA Reconsiders Plastic Bottles

Good! Maybe we can go back to steel or cow hide flasks?

My Vacation...

Yes, I went home to Detroit (outside the city actually) for a wondrous Christmas!

We left Monday, Dec. 22nd, early.

The first notable thing of the trip was the DC NPR station fading from my car radio's reception and I started scanning around the dial for a local NPR or C-Span station...

We were just north of Hagerstown MD and all of the radio stations are Country/Western or Religious, with a few hard rock stations blasting AC/DC sprinkled in for the kids. When I heard a commercial for a Cain saw sale, I knew I was back in the Northern Bible Belt. The "hicks" that reside north of the Mason Dixon line.

I heard another AD for a "Miss Morning Glory" calendar, but I can't find any information or details, if-n ye am in the PA/OH parts, let me know what that's all about. Please!

We made it to Detroit with only one snag, terrible weather in the Pennsylvania hills. It was 2 deg. F. in one part of the trip through there. When we got to our Hotel, it was snowing as it continued to do for the next two days. There was over a foot of snow on the ground.

My Car;

The first day (22nd), part of the family came to visit us at the Hotel, and all was well.

The second day, the 23rd, we went and visited that same family that had come to us the night before. My plan was to get everyone else together at a central location for a dinner - On ME. Old Man Winter screwed me and no one wanted to come out, so the ones we had went out and all was well.

After dinner, my son and I retired to our Hotel and the following ensued;

11:35PM - The fire alarm goes off, I ignore it (My son sleeps through it).
11:40PM - Some panicked lady knocks on the door and says we have to leave the building, there is flooding (My son sleeps through it).
11:45PM - We get a call in the room to evacuate (My son sleeps through it). I wake up my son.
11:50PM - We grab the minimal we need and head up the long hallway and through the Lobby, it's raining from every light fixture and down a few walls too, there is a huge puddle on the floor and the carpets are soaked.
11:52PM - We head outside and a dude tells me that he heard a loud crash and then the water, seems part of the roof had collapsed (I found out the next day that a Fire Sprinkler Main pipe had burst because it was exposed to the cold and not insulated, I wonder what the crash was?). The Fire Department arrives.
11:54PM - My son went to the car and I went around to the back of the building and back inside to grab my camera.
11:58PM - I scoot through the lobby again and the flooding is worse, I snap a pic and some Video (Note the lady asking if there is a Fire?? Who cares, get out!)

before I am wooshed out with everyone else. The Fire dudes were using 4 foot wide squeegees to push the water down the stairs and out the front door, where it was freezing. We sat in the car and wait a bit, until I see people going back inside (did I mention it had stopped snowing for the first time since we arrived Monday? Now it's sleet).
12:07AM - (Now Christmas Eve) I go back inside and find they are moving us to another Hotel. I go outside and tell my Son to move the car around to the back of the building where our room is. We are the only ones there. We go inside and hurriedly pack up everything and load it in the car. By now five other cars are parked outside the door and we are nearly trapped. I drive us out and over to the new Hotel, a few blocks away.
12:20AM - Check in at the new Hotel. I ask the clerk if they had gotten a call from the other one and he says he has not. I explain what had happened while he gets my info and we check in.
12:30AM - We get to the room and settle in, I had to unwind for a while before I even tried to sleep. I didn't sleep well.

Merry Christmas Eve! Later that day (after another night of little sleep) we all met up at my Sister's place for dinner. The snow has turned to rain and the roads were often flooded. The food and company were great, nice to see everyone. Back to the Hotel..

Christmas Day; We get up and go to my Brother's place. We watched a few movies and other shows, opened presents and ate too much food. Back to the Hotel, where a "family" has moved in next door and the kids are bouncing off OUR WALL. Very annoying.

On 26 Dec. 2008 we headed home early. I drove all the way. The same spot in PA where it had been 2Deg. F was 44Deg. now and sunny, a beautiful drive! I steered the whole way and we made great time. Back in PA, I ran into a Radio Station, "Froggy 98" (no kidding, click it), which was a laugh for about 10 seconds.

I am very glad to be back in my own home with my own bed. No little kids bouncing off the walls and pets of any kind. No Froggy FM either, I have NPR on.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Nein Pirates

Yeah, the Germans prove they can do one thing right; capture ze enemy! Off to the Cooler with you lads.

Eartha Kitt, Dead at 81.

I liked her best as Catwoman on the Batman TV series, there were two others that played the role, I think.
God's speed and Meoww..

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Priest Who Ruined Christmas

My question is the "kindly witch called the Befana"? Would she be a witch because the brings a nasty hangover on January 1st?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mexico Is Not Getting A-Head

It is pretty freaky that beheading has become as popular in Mexico as it is in the Middle-East. Saves bullets I suppose.

NASA Figures It Out

Finally, they can get on with the last Hubble servicing visit by the Space Shuttle.

May 09. Ok, they have a lot of work to do on this mission and I find these missions to be the most risky and exciting ones too. No docking ring (though one will be installed) to latch on to.

Blow It Up!

The RCA Dome in Indianapolis comes down!

Just In Time, Crap Wrap!

I could do that job!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Young American Bodies

I dig this series, because Hollywood can't shove their candycane stick up the asses of the people who make it.

I am a little bothered that they were picked up by after season two and the damn video player won't let you choose "full screen". Ok otherwise.

Go watch Seasons One and Two here;

The rest is here;

I like the realistic awkwardness in every bit of dialogue. There is Nudity! I dare you to watch all of Episode 25. I had to fight closing my browser.

Sony Packaging Change Is Coming

I love the move, I have scars to show from opening crap. I only hope the other manufacturers jump on board too. Listening out there?

The Internet Is Down

At least in the Mediterranean area it is.

I tried to load the Iran news site and it did, but took a long time. I was probably routed through Europe and the old Soviet Union to get there. It's hard to tell because running a tracert command only shows IP addresses, no info about where you are "hopping" to, once you leave western Europe.

Belgian PM Tries To Resign

After screwing up the financial system across their country (how the hell did everyone do this all at the same time?) I can understand the resignation attempt. Maybe Bush should do the same thing??

Mugabe Won't Quit

I guess when you are an undemocratically elected president and claim "Zimbabwe is mine", who can argue with that?

Deepthroat, Dead At 95

Not Linda Lovelace, silly people you are. Her talents live on!

The Automakers Get Their Bailout

I guess the handout line starts at the White House right there on Pennsylvania Ave.

The Tasmainan Devil Is In Peril!

Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck could be next!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Plane Hits A Cow?

Poor Cow, I wonder why the plane didn't crash or shudder?

Star Wars Science

Try and explain The Force, go ahead, just try. You cant can you? What, you can? Religion? No, you can't move water or rocks with that! Exodus 14:21. CRAP!

Howdy Doody Is Real?

I stumbled on this and it really is uncanny...

I've Heard Of Hoof-N-Mouth, But Foor In Brain??

I wonder what country the family is from (India is the king of mutauions)? The name Esquibel is Spanish in origin, so probably some place in South America.

The Worlds Smallest Christmas Tree

I hear several viruses and bacteria are planning a big dinner and then exchange gifts on the 25th, on the needle.

Politics With A kick

Again, the US political system lags these ultra progressive tactics employed in South Korea. Who wouldn't want to see Hillary swinging a sledgehammer and Biden nailing her with a fire extinguisher?

Close Gantanamo?

Works for me, it has been a thorn in our side and sending these creeps to their home countryies will probably be sure death anyway.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008

Is Megan Fox Dating Peter North?

This Blog cracks me up sometimes... Go search the NET for "Peter North" if you don't get the joke. On second thought, don't do that, just know it's funny.

Big O And Dukes Cartoon

Too funny!

Vets Are Animals Too

Where do I get my Calendar??

George Bush Doesn't Like Wildlife

I hate it when "Presidents" do this shit at the tail end of their terms in office. They all do it too. Obama will undo it as soon as he gets in office. but will have his own steaming pile when his time comes.

Madoff Screws The Whole Planet

I hope this ass and his henchmen get nailed really hard. $50 Billion is quite a chunk of change.

Thailand Gets A New PM

I hear he's a great guy too. I do seriously hope things there improve with this change. It's been months of turmoil.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Throw In The Shoes

Bush attacked by angry Iraqi who really needs some new shoes.

Uganda Rebels Are Under The Gun

The LRA is finally going to get into a real fight! They have Uganda, DR Congo and the government of South Sudan all piling on now... I am not so sure that marching is appropriate though, looks too much like the Pips?

Moscow Opposition Arrests

Garry Kasparov had better be careful or he might wind up in jail again, or worse.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bob Wittman, Art Cop

This sounds like it could be a cool story and maybe a movie or two in the making?? Who doesn't like an Art heist story?

Greece Is A Mess

Check out the cool lasers the protesters use to try to blind the cops. I expect eventually, they have to start shooting for real, right? It's costing the major cities a ton of money over the looting and vandalism.

You have to grow up some time kids, or you will be shot dead yourselves.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Hot Greece

That really fries my ass, stop lighting the cops on fire, they are just trying to keep the peace. I would have shot this asshole dead, and the other dude with a Molotov Cocktail too.


So this dick head Bernard Madoff scams tons of money from rich people in a ponzi scheme (like a pyramid trap) and waits till now to admit it. What is really funny to me is, if you go to their web site; It's just a link to the court order freezing all of the scammer's assets and demanding them to come to a hearing.

Should be quite a show! I really feel bad for all of the rich people who got screwed over by another filthy rich asshole. Seems now they are eating each other, because the poor people are not worth the effort.

Shiver Me Timbers, I'm Busted

I like the idea of going after these Lads on the ground. It shouldn't be too hard to find out how they are moving the money too.

Friday, December 12, 2008


It's pretty bad when a couple is reduced to not reporting on anything news worthy and just scrapes by writing about being unemployed. Worse is, we need to read it...

Van Johnson Passes At 92

He is probably best know for the Movies, American In Paris and Brigadoon. He went on to appear in many TV shows including the 1960's Batman and then Maude, Red Skelton, Quincy and One Day At A Time (makes me puke).

Zimbabwe Just Gets Better And Better

Now the Cholera is an attack from the British..

You HAVE to click below and go down to the video link and watch this asshole smile like a fool and blame this on everyone else.

Italy Is Under Water

Well, parts of it are. That pic is a house in the river smashing into a bridge.

Bettie Page, Dead At 85

A sad day for all man kind.

Automaker Bailout Fails. Good.

I actually like the proposals the Republicans have of guaranteeing the warranties on the cars and let the companies go through bankruptcy. It will force their hand and make them straighten up. Sick with it guys.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Iran Is Funny

Yeah, Iran is a Country we can "deal" with. When was Israel "trounced by Hezbollah"?? I missed that.

It's fantastic that the Majlis says "We take honor in supporting Hezbollah and Hamas and that's you who make mistake and consider them terrorists". Hmm, well...if you don't think they ARE terrorists, you logically must be a terrorist too. The religion blurs the reality, once again...

It makes me sick to hear this crap. Religion will bring the end of man, as swiftly as it aspired them. Please quote BozThx for that. Thanks

The Mentalist Is Doing Great

Yes, I am a little gay for Simon, he is great on the show and Amanda Rightetti (below) is a nice distraction too.