Thursday, June 28, 2012


Go here:  Bookmark it.  Delete the old one.  This Google blog is dead.  Well done Google, you trashed your service.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Suspending This Blog

I have a few days off, so I will not even be thinking of posting anything till next week.

 If I try the posting interface then, and Google/Blogger has not fixed the nearly useless editing interface, this blog may disappear.

If you fear that happening, please leave a comment below, telling Google/Blogger to fix their damn web site, and stop trying to crunch all the data in every post, as it happens. It is maddening what they did to up who use this service.

If I move to WorldPress, I will post a link. As my last entry. Have a nice weekend all.

Russia Keeps Pussy Riot In Jail

They must be real dangerous, because they sing songs..

A dangerous musician

They sang in a Church, they must be terrorists

UruguayTo Legalize Pot

Why?  Just to stop crime and trafficers.  Something America really needs to consider doing..

If they noodled it right, they could do the same with Cocain.  Guess what?  We would win the drug war over night.

Who Voted For Fast And Furious

Well, Representatives Bo[eh]ner, Issa and Roscoe Bartlett (of Maryland), for starters.  Odd that they are making such a ruccus, when they themselves VOTED to fund the effort.  The LAW specifically spells out the gun running tactic, and it funds the entire effort.