Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The US Dollar Is Toilet Paper

Yeah, wipe with it. I have been watching the value of the US currency topple for 7 years now. It isn't tanking just now, this has been happening for years.

This is more telling and almost a year old..

We should just print some more and hand it out at the Republican National Convention, right?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sarah And Jimmy Have A Spat

Sarah Silverman is funny,

but Jimmy Kimmel is funnier and much more classy.

The whole thing is a stunt, but it's funny.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Cyprus and Turkey

I hate to get all political, but this could be a huge step forward in stabalizing the region. I don't think most people off the island get it.

Miscellaneous Stuff

Vampire Weekend are different...

If you like the Electronica, check out Kelly Polar.

Record Snowfall And More I am still panicked!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pakistan killed YouTube

I was wondering what happened! I don't understand how that can happen considering the architecture of the Internet. They should focus on killing Bin laden.

I expect Google (the owner of the site) will be moderately pissed.

FDCC Sucks

So OMB picks up on something DOD had done to "secure" their computers and has NIST come up with FDCC,

Under the FDCC settings I can't add trusted sites or restricted sites (at home I have sites like Doubleclick and Fastclick blocked) in Internet Explorer. When the security settings break a valid web site, end users are told to have FireFox installed. Um, aren't you undoing or bypassing the very thing you are trying to restrict?? You can ask for a waiver, but have to have a damn good reason.

I also can't update my current software, like Windows, Flash Player, Quicktime or Acrobat Reader. There has been a vulnerability in Reader that is being exploited, has been for weeks. The update has yet to be pushed to our "secure" Government computers, even though I complain about it.

The whole thing boils down to the Directors of these agencies being able to report to OMB that "we are in compliance". No matter what problems that causes, which is a less secure environment in this case. Stupid people, stupid policy and no one fights it. I have noticed some people ignore it all though, which is a whole other issue.

What The Hell Is A Fairy Cake?

Seems they can kill you.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Finding The G-Spot

You ladies are in luck!

Once they find it, have a map tattooed on your stomach, so us dumb-ass men can find it. That assumes we can reach it of course. :)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Iraq Intelligence report

Hmm, reading this, it does seem Iraq was a threat. At least in the region.

So should we beat up the people who voted for the Iraq war? Obama would not have had access to this, so should his blind choice to go against the war be criticized? Does the fact that that the data presented appears to be false alarm anyone? Yes it does. But, it is a fact that Iraq was well known to bury equipment deep in the sand.

I still wonder if some of these weapons might be laying around under the ground? I have a metal detector if the Army wants to borrow it.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Obama (Hussein)

I have decided to back Obama and I will tell you why.

I grew up in Detroit, born in 1962. I was 6 years old when the "race riots" happened and tore much of the city apart. My neighborhood was spared that, but I saw it all on the news and felt the uneasiness in all of the adults around me. I liked watching the news with my father.

A year later, we watched the first man step onto the moon, almost live. At the same time we listened to the daily death tolls from the Vietnam war. In thousands.

Right around this time my all white school had its first black student. I was the only person that I ever saw talk to him, even teachers. I was very young, but I remember sitting on the gym floor with my back against the cold tile wall next to him (I don't recall his name), just talking. Everyone else ignored us. Why was I the only one who would do this?

In another class, I got in trouble for something. I was made to stand in front of the class facing the chalk board, holding my arms out until they burned. After the class, we laughed about it. We sat together at lunch each day and were left alone.

I never saw the black kid outside of school. I don't recall, but must assume he was shipped in from another part of town.

We moved to Canada shortly after this, and there is no racism there, or blacks. Four years later we moved back to Detroit and things were much less tense. The economy was terrible and I went through middle and high school without seeing or interacting with many blacks at all. A bit crazy now that I think about it.

After High School, I enlisted in the Navy, which is truly color blind by the 80's. Race was a zero factor. Everyone was rewarded on their accomplishments. My time in the Navy had many interactions with Hispanic, Black and a few Orientals. A lot of hicks too, but they were all color blind too.

So I leave the Navy and enter the DOD Contractor workforce, where for 9 years I work with men and women of every race you can name. Mostly good people, except for a few sluts and ruthless assholes. They were white, like me, but not "like me".

I wound up a contractor in the Federal Government after being laid off and had the culture shock of being tossed into the National Science Foundation doing Helpdesk work. I had never been in an academic/science environment before. It was very diverse and I liked it.

I soon escalated to manager and was hiring and firing, which is tricky business. I moved to another part of the Federal Civilian Government, still managing and had as many problems with my white staff as black, seriously even split. The problems aren't with race, but just people in general. There are good eggs and bad ones.

So today I stand looking at a simple choice. Vote for 8 more years of what we had 8 years ago, or something new and a first. The "new" part is way more important to me than being the first. I won't say it does not creep into my mind; that it is about time. Oh, and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will have to shut the fuck up. They don't help the matters.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


This is a very cute UK show that runs on BBC America. I great filler for while the US "writers strike" has been going on. I like it better than a lot of US shows.

Jane is so cute..


My Fav Bird, "The Swallow".

The Facial??

The Sperm Bank, F-Ing Hilarious!

Married 80 Years? I Won't Even Live That Long...

Rare, but very sweet...

They offer some good advice.

The Orb

They are freak electronica (I just made that up).

Fluffy Little Clouds, who is on LSD here?

Erlend Live

I stumbled onto this.

I love live music. If I were gay...well, I would be gay.

From when he was in Kings Of Convenience.

Since I am piling on...

Toxic Girl is about the best song ever!

Eight Ball, Corner Pocket

What could possibly go wrong??

2800 LBS of Spy Satellite fun coming down thanks to a failed computer and a Standard Missile 3. They have no clue where it’s going to hit, but they are going to try to get it to hit the ocean. Moby Dick is pissed.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Global What??

Hmm, so the world is getting "hotter globally", but we are still breaking low temperature records anywhere on earth? Logic please?

Sunday, February 10, 2008

North American Movie Theater Boycott

I ask that all US and Canadian citizens boycott the movies for the month of June 08. Lets send a message to these corporations that $4 for a soda that costs them 35 cents is not acceptable! Don't get me started on the candy and popcorn cost.

Think about it: If you take a date to the movies, you blow $17 on tickets (or more) and $15 on concessions. You could buy the DVD, watch it over and over and still set aside cash towards a bigger TV and kick ass sound system. Do that for a while and you will have a home theater with stadium seating. If you are a family taking the kids too, you will lay out $100 or more. You know because you do...

The theaters are screwing the US/Canuck public and no one seems to mind. I do. I have been boycotting the theaters for more than 6 months and ask that you join me in sending them a clear message.

Here's the last quarterly reports they filed. Looks like they are making lots of money to me.

Join together in the month of June and boycott all movie theaters. Spread the word.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


I love these guys, not like that..dick.


I wish Congress would get off it's collective ass and define "torture".

It's silly stupid antics until they do that, definitively. Oh wait, they have to investigate the NFL and MLB first! Priorities???? I plan to vote against all incumbents in the House and Senate this year, because they all make me sick and have been there too long.

I hope they keep it legal, I have a holiday at the beach planned this spring and want to hit the waves ;)

Atlantis Is Up!

Good deal. I was stuck teching a class at the time and couldn't watch it. It is about time they lit that Candle!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Smokey And The Bandit

Last night I was wrapping up making dinner and my kid was trolling the free On Demand movies on Cable. He asked me "What is Smokey And The Bandit?"

In short I said; it's retarded, let's watch it!

We did, we laughed. It's funny how something so stupid can be so entertaining. Maybe that's why I stay in my current job? There was some great driving and stunt work. All in all, worth a revisit every 20 yearrs. See you when I hit 65 Burt.

Tonight I watched a Clint Eastwood thriller, Coogans Bluff. Um, well, you can wrap a star in crap and say he’s still a star, but if he’s wrapped in crap it’s a crappy end product. The movie was technically awful; sound, editing, lighting and directing, all crap. It’s a turd you can’t polish.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

NASA Remebers

This is touching;

Fake Interview; Britney Spears

We land in the potato chip riddled living room of Brit. Having been seated on a couch by her “friend”, we wait for the “star” to appear. I sweep away chip shards on the arm rest to my right and then she appears.

Brit weaves her way down the curved staircase, holding the banister most of the way down. Standing up straight a few times and asking “Where’s my ice cream?” She waddled over and sloshed onto the couch opposite me.

Boz: “Hi Britney, I am very happy to meet you.”
Brit: “Who’re you?”
Boz: “I am interviewing you for my Blog. Call me Boz.”
Brit: Wretches and throws up into her lap. “K”.
Boz: “K-Fed has the kids, will you be working to get some face time with them?”
Brit: “Dose little shits can blow me. I can have new babas that really love me.”
Boz: “Aw, I think they love you. What would it take to get you all back together?”
Brit: “A pitch fork to get those little asses inta the trunk of my car so I can take ‘em to the dump and give dem a propur funeral.”
Boz: “Ok…moving on then; Is the hair growing back ok?”
Brit: “No, I keep my thang shaved, wanna see?”
Boz: “Already have, thanks though.
Brit: Laughs, “Everyone has!”
Boz: “How was your second trip to rehab?”
Brit: “I sleep a lot there; it’s really where I go when I get more tired. I am tired now too.”
Boz: “Was progress made?”
Brit: “Yeah, they gave me knockout drugs and I slept a lot.”
Boz: “So what is on your plate now?”
Brit: “Some fucking ice cream if that slow ass bitch would get off her ass and bring it over here.”
Boz: “Sorry, I meant to ask what is next in your career and life?”
Brit: “Oh, Ha. We are going clubbing after we call the papaz later. Wanna come? Or cuuumm?”
Boz: ”I might do that. What is on your agenda next week?”
Brit: “I can’t lay out my agenda that far in advance. I have to stay flexible and remain in control of my empire. My financial success is paramount, in my overall professional future.”
Boz: “Um, wow, that was impressive.”
Brit: “I heard it in some movie about some asshole.”
Boz: “What movie was that?”
Brit: “I….” Pukes in her lap again.
I left then because she passed out.

Fly The Naked Skies

What could possibly go wrong??

I guess there are worse things people could be doing.

Friday, February 1, 2008


It's pretty bad when al-Qaeda has to resort to using the mentally disabled as suicide bombers. What's worse is they won't get to heaven because they don't understand what they are doing, so they can't be martyrs.

The terrorists just strap them up with a bomb and say "Go get something at the market". Then hit a button when the gals (YES GALs) is in the crowd (boom) and drive away like the cowards they are.

Well done to you. A very honorable fight you carry out al-Qaeda! You make me sick and you will lose, because "normal people" will always oppose you.

Update; The death toll from these two attacks is near 100. What an accomplishment! I can only hope the people rise up and stop supporting these psyco's that are killing their own people.