Monday, February 27, 2012

Supreme Court Case Against Shell As A Person, For Torture

Well, these "companies" are "people", so lets charge them with crimes as "people". CEOs on orange jump suits sounds great. It won't happen though, because these "companies" have "money". So we can all fuck off, because we don't.,0,5952386.story

It should make for an interesting hearing, and I will post the audio Friday.


S.e.T.a.: The War of Two Worlds! Episode 1

Kids In The Hall

San Nicolas Island (CA) Cat Removal Project

$90,100 of taxpayer funded (per square mile) of cat removal.,0,5323367.story?track=icymi

Embridge Oil Spill In Michigan (Coverup)

Morpheus Autonomous Lander

Developed by NASA, they need some software tweeks, but might be promising..

Japan Tsunami Then And Now

Well done by the Altantic.  Click each current pic to see what it was like during or immediately after the Tsunami.

Imperial March On Floppy Drives

Stepper Motors Do Mario Theme

SpaceX Falcon 9 With Dragon Capsule

Assembled and ready to go, at Cape Canaveral. Launch should be in April..for an approach (maybe docking) with the ISS.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Slow Motion Bridge Demolition

How can you not love this?

The Shins


Funny video, cool song.

The Chase

Hmm, Hamas Dumps Assad?

If this is true, what would Iran say about it, and will they still support Hamas?

Eurovision 2012

They consolidated everything into one Youtube channel, so I won't post all the videos this year.

Rona Nishliu (Albania) has an amazing voice, may be the winner.
Kurt Calleja (Malta) has a good nose for Pop.
Anmary (Albania) is cute.
Can Bonomo (Turkey) is interesting.

Secret Life Of Ice

Japan Find The Eeld Breeding Place

This was a big mistery solved! This is probably one of several places in the Pacific where the eels mate and lay eggs. In the Atlantic, there may be only one location (no one knows for sure).

Maryland State Gun Laws


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Saturday, February 18, 2012

40 Great Filmmakers..

Made short films using early 20th Century technology..

David Lynch

Gabriel Axel

Alain Corneau

Idrissa Ouedraogo

Claude Lelouch

Go look on duh-tube..they have them all..

I Forgot To Mention I was Happy..

Happy we killed SOPA and PIPA here in the US. We still need to keep vigilant, because Disney, Warner, FAUX and the TV companies will all be pushing for legislation.. They have money and they vote with that money. We vote at the polls, the companies can't, yet.

Nice story on migrating your on-line business outside the US.

Maryland's Redistricting Map

I thought it was bad before, but this is a freaking nightmare. I am lumped in with a crap load of people living in the panhandle of the State, who own chickens. And people in Potomac who all drive BMWs and own/rent private planes. I can't relate to any of you..

Air Australia's Bankruptcy Is A Mess

4000 people stranded across the world. There should be a law that stipulates any airline going into default has to first pay back any flight costs for purchased tickets.

LSD Stuff

Sorry, no clue why I am posting this...

Friday, February 17, 2012

Mint Julep

I post this for two reasons, I like the song, but hate the wiggle effects. It was neet the first time I saw it, but to devote your life to it is a failure. A vibrating failure.

For The Remainder

For The Remainder from Omer Ben David on Vimeo.

I love this animation, strange story..

Governor Christie Vetoes Marriage Equality Bill

Funny, he says, "Let's see if the people support it?"

They did that when they elected the State's representatives... That is what elections are for.  Get out of the Tea Party locker dude..

Shocker, Ron Paul's No Vote For Middle Class Tax Cut..

Ron, could you not toss us little people a bone??  Too worried about the rich people to support us?

I would also note, my "representative", Donna Edwards voted against the bill, because Fed Employees had to take a pay freeze.

Maybe Donna hasn't spent as much time around Federal staff as I have, or maybe more?  Does she know these people in middle or senior positions ALL LIVE IN McMANSIONS dotted around Washington DC?  They are living very well, and have done so for decades. 

Holding off on pay increases will not destroy them, but some might have to do their own house cleaning, instead of hiring illegals.  I hope they can deal with that, I expect they will.

Maryland State Gun Laws

After months of searching for "valid" information about what the hell the gun laws in Maryland are, I went straight to the text of the law.

I contacted local law enforcement (no reply), State representatives (no reply), State Senators (no reply). It's like they want to keep it a secret..even at a the gun stores.

Here are the applicable basic legislations regarding Maryland gun/weapon/rifle/pistol/handgun laws;****

If you want the hunting regulations, most of them are not here, and they are stupid.  Good luck finding them..

The Mormon Magic Underwear

The Christian perspective:

I am not taking a side in this, as I am all for no underwear at all..

Maryland Passes Marriage Equality (Wow)

I now live in a hip State. It will continue to spread and some time be the law of the land. Freedome to be you.

Shell Oil Clear To Drill In Arctic

Keep saying the Obama administration is against domestic oil exploration..

How To Build Faceted Surface Structures

FACETURE from Phil Cuttance on Vimeo.

I have no idea what I would use them for, but they look pretty cool.

Six Billion Dollars Of Fake US Treasury Bonds Seized - In Italy

Mars Exploratory Rover Opportunity (Self Portrait)

Taken December 2011, from Mars...

HD version here (57 MB)

Thursday, February 16, 2012


beautiful video...

The New Syrian Constitution

It guarantees:
  • Healthcare and social security for all citizens.
  • Conscribes Military service.
  • Right to fair trial and appeal.
  • Prohibits torture (as prescribed "by law") like the US.
  • The Assembly must generate a budget each year.
  • Presidential candidates must be 40. Wonder why??
  • Elections only run 90 days before the end of a presidential term.
  • Candidates must have written support of at least 35 members of the Assembly
  • Presidential terms run for 7 years, with one re-election (so 14 years and lets Assad serve till he's 61).
  • They can have more than one Vice President. Why? Kin folk?
  • If the President can't do the job, the Vice President takes over. Which one?
  • President needs Assembly's approval to declare war.
  • Ministers can't be part of a company (think Dick Cheyney and Halliburton).
  • The Cabinet (Ministry) can include people serving in the Assembly. Nuts..
  • Independent Judiciary. Wish we had that in the US.
  • Supreme Court appointments run 4 years. Who extends that is not defined.
  • How the Supreme Court is created/selected is not defined (puppets "by law").
  • The Court can't deride referendum laws.
  • Amending the Constitution requires four quarters (questionable translation) of the Assembly.

Read it yourself here:


Japan rockers...

Celebrating 50 Years Of Human Spaceflight

John Glenn after Friendship 7 flight.

They have a whole dedication site here;

The Universe In One Graphic

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Libya Is Working Great..

The chaos and lack of control is confirmed.  They need some strong leaders there to clean this up.

Ron Paul Screwed In Maine: Recount!

You can contact the Maine RNC leadership here:
Anything short of a FULL recount should be a signal to boycott the elections going forward. Ron Paul is being belittled by the Romney contolled GOP in Maine.

Sickening to see, and I am not even a full supporter.. I just know injustice when I see it.

Cost Of Living

Pete Hoekstra Ad Actress Ashamed

They want to return the US to the 1960's, when wire hangers were the "best" way to handle abortions. I guess they forget the Supreme Court already decided this?? That law will fail in a week..

The whole matter will ensure McDonnell will fail in 2016, which raises the question..why is he doing this?  He isn't a bad guy, just has bad influences.

House Republicans Punt On Paying For Middle Class Tax Break

The funniest thing about them caving, is that they are hiding (and are extending) the fact that this is not payed for, so it will not appear on the PAYGO web site. Like Bush, the cost is off budget, and off deficit. I love seeing Bo[eh]ner squirm, but our Government is totally dysfunctional.

A First: A Man And Andriod Shook Hands In Space Today

SkyNet can't be far behind...

Iron Sky (Nazis Are Back)

Funny that the US President looks like Romney and the VP like Palin...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Anamorphic Art

I wish I had a house big enough to do this!

You have to stand in just the right place to get it...

A bunch more examples here;

Jackie-O Whitehouse Tour

I guess JFK must have been busy banging interns.

Republican's Cave On Paying For Tax Cut

So Republicans drop even trying to pay for these tax cuts for middle class working people. They usually only do that for rich people's tax breaks, so this is a little special. And on Valentine's day no less.. Feel the love? Washington is in full re-election mode...

We really need to get some serious problem solvers in there.

David Lee Roth Explains Brown M And Ms

As a show goer back in the 70's and 80's, This is pretty cool..

Saying "I LoveYou" In 100 Languages


Marston Hefner Beat On Claire Sinclair?

Claire tweeted this today;

Linking to this photo;

The story was first broke by the The San Francisco Chronicle, then picked up in Australia (of all places) where I heard about it.  I read news from all over the world, and think it makes me a better person.  For the most part, media in the US is a puppet for government.

I really hope she stays away from LA for a while, and definitely away from Marston (who should face Assault charges) for good. Most of her work is in Las Vegas anyway..

Whale Rescue Story Update

Nice write-up of the story in LA Times. Pretty telling..

Monday, February 13, 2012

Olympus Admits Losing 60% Of Companys Value Last Year

No shit, 60% lost..gone..vanished. Bankruptcy anyone?

Old Japanese Gangsters Still Love Denny's

Yes, they have Denny's In Japan.  And Gangsters.
You can't get rice at a US Dennys

Okinawa Want's The US Out

Sounds like a good idea to me. We have Guam, Hawaii, The Philipines and new deals going down in Australia. Get the hell out of Japan. And let me toss in Germany.

That Is An Iceberg..

350 square miles worth of the Pine Island Glacier (Antarctica) is "calving". It's almost 200 feet thick! A whole lot of fresh water...

Introducing - The MonoPine

I guess it's an OK idea, but if they are anything like the cell towers in my neighborhood, people will be wondering why there are blinking red and white lights in the trees??

Cassini Captures Rhea In Front Of Titan

Another day tooling around Saturn. Well done Cassini...

Firefly Panel At SciFi Convention

There are 11 videos there (if you go to the Youtube page), I love seeing them all together.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The World In General.

Riots in Greece, Civil War in Syria, Lebanon drawn into Syria, Egypt will not see a US tourist for ages (or peace), Russia and China don't care about anyone and Europe is frozen (out of cash too).

Glad I have an Ocean between myself and all that shit. Just saying. America will sort out it's problems, we always do.

Ron Paul Gets Screwed By The GOP

I am not a Paul supporter, but I really think the way the GOP is disrespecting him, will drive younger voters to look for any alternative.

Keep it up Koch bro's, you will see all your advances dissapear...along with a whole lot of your money.

Friday, February 10, 2012


Great song, great CD...


Game Over

Short, sweet and perfect butter..

Brenton Harbor Gone Mad

Since the Michigan Governor established "Emergency Managers" in many cities around Michigan, these twerps have been doing some pretty crazy shit.

This about takes the cake, or should I say the Radio??

I want to go on record as saying the Rick Scott has no chance for a second term. He knows that, and he is probably OK with that.

Andrew Breitbart Is Threatened

He is threatened by people who are sick of the rich, driving the middle class into poverty, and the impoverished into the dirt.  He's a little pissed (as in drunk) and should only be commenting on how sorry he is.  Jesus would ask you to repent Andrew..

Tepco To Shut Down Last Reactor

With all the reactors off line, where ever will Japan get it's electricity??  Guess?  Well, the US is shipping them Coal by the boat load..

Hey Okinawa, You Pay To Move US Troops You Don't Even Want There..

Seriously, we have to get out of Okinawa. And why the hell would we have helicopters there? To attack China or Russia? Idiots...

The Mad Violinist & The Symphony Crack Orchestra

Kinda cool..

Greek Government Splits

We (and by "we" I mean the world's very shaky economy) really need Greece to tough it out, and get through a tough time.  That includes the people and Government.  I fear a default is inevitable, and they will leave the EU.

Texas Court Slaps Patent Troll

Eolas Technologies got slammed for pushing Patents that kill progres. This is a big deal, and the entire Patent system still needs fixing.

Tesla Electric Model X SUV

Pretty cool, but how do you open those passenger doors in a Parking Garage???

Some Republicans Get It..

Hats off to Washington State Rep. Maureen Walsh. She joins Dick(head) Chainey as a Republican accepting the gay. BTW, I make my self laugh by misspelling that name, all the time...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ahh..To Be Young And Stupid Again..

No Shelling Going On In Homs...

Fucking insane, we can do nothing??

Congress Continues To Screw The Postal Service

Of course, they want to outsource this to UPS or FedEx. I am sure some of them have stock in the companies. The problem is, delivering the mail is one of the few Government responsibilities clearly spelled out in the Constitution.

So stop screwing them and let them act like any other business, pay into retirement accounts over time.

Bobby McFerrin Can Work A Crowd

Line Item Veto (Kind Of)

This just gives the President a chance to say to Congress, I don't these parts of the Bill. Then if Congress still wants those parts, they vote to keep them. No harm done. Why are Democrats running away from this?? Story Law  The vote..

I don't get it.

Ever Ask "What Song Is That?"

This is it..

Time Lapse Fireflies

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Two

What a delicate song..beautiful stuff.

Happy 312 to Daniel Bernoulli!

A very dynamic individual.  Kinda sexy..

Lana Del Rey Drops Out Of Australia

Get a thicker skin lady, you are an entertainer. If people like your stuff, they will come..and 20 million hits on your videos, is a pretty good sign they will come.

Contraception In The USA,0,5723637.story

I don’t get the ruckus over contraception in this Country. If you are a good Catholic, you won’t use it. Oh wait, most Catholics are not “good” Catholics.. (60% bad)

  • Of the 63 Million Catholics, only 40% will not use Birth Control (the rest admittedly have).
  • That leaves about 25 Million "good" Catholics.  Subtract the kids and old people, that leaves about 15 Million (based on 2010 Census). They will never need contraception...
  • Oh, remove all the men (they will never need contraception), that leaves 7.5 Million.
  • I can't find numbers on nuns (who vow celibacy), so make up a number and subtract them (I didn't).
  • That leaves 2% of the population staunchly against "contraception".  Last time I checked, we are a Democracy, so you lose..

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Joy Ride

Beautiful, so well directed..

Niki And The Dove

Wow, great song and video...a little Kate Bush-ish? Love the percussion.

Gryllacridida Crickets

They eat snakes;

A RadioLab story about them here:


I Love Conservative Emails

This is amusing (from the Family Research Council), because in the first paragraph, they blame President Obama, then they blame the West Point Academy cadets.   You gus think the President approves speakers at West Point?  Lame...

Dear FakeName,

It's happened again.

In a move that's reflective of the Obama Administration's continuing track-record of hostility toward Christianity, Lt. Gen. William Boykin (USA, Ret.), was recently pressured to withdraw from speaking at the United States Military Academy at West Point. General Boykin had been preparing to speak at the West Point Prayer Breakfast about the importance of prayer in a leader's life. The Academy moved Boykin to pull out of the event when a handful of atheist and Muslim cadets complained about Boykin's beliefs. The message to this elite, three-star warrior was obvious: You and your faith aren't welcome.

General Boykin is an American hero. There are few who would be more qualified to speak at a West Point prayer event. A former Delta Force leader who has faced danger for his country on missions in places like Iran, Somalia, and Grenada, General Boykin is also a man of deep Christian conviction. It is his outspoken faith that has made him a target of groups like the Council on American Islamic Relations, who lodged a complaint with West Point, which led to Boykin not speaking at the event.

This isn't the first time that an outspoken Christian has been booted from military events. Just over a year ago, I was disinvited from an event at Andrews Air Force base because of my biblical views. Before that, evangelist Franklin Graham's invitation to a Pentagon prayer service was rescinded because he too spoke the truth about his faith. These high-profile snubbings of religious expression are only the tip of the iceberg. The Obama Administration is advancing an environment of religious disarmament among the military -- and it must be stopped quickly for the sake of our soldiers' spiritual lives.

RIP Astronaut Janice Voss

She flew 5 Shuttle missions..among many other achievements.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Me N Ma Girls

The amazing thing is that the Junta in Burma allows them to exist?? Progress.

Space X Update

Just tweeted that they should be able to get the mission off to the ISS in April! Ok, about 6 months later than they wanted (damn NASA testing)...but you want it to be safe.

It will open up a new era of private corporations and space flight. Is Virgin jealous?

Kiss - A Love Story

Very nice animation short.

Interesting Home Design..