Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pakistan Supports Taliban


Um, old news? We need to break with Pakistan, and support India in finishing the war. Get it done. Pakistan is a totally failed state.

Hipster Orchestra

Anastasia Karimova

I don't know who she is, or what she does, but I am totally in love.

She uses her best assets (beautifully) to push her message: Putin is stealing the elections in Russia.

If I ever get over there, I am so buying her a drink, or two, or three...

Fukushima Still Leaking..


What the hell? Why would you let the pipes freeze??

L.A. City Council Requires Condoms In Porn

Stupid, the vast majority of Porn is created outside L.A. City limits. This is some political stunt. On the other hand, would Republicans approve or disapprove??  Comments appreciated..

Monday, January 30, 2012

Fresno CA Teacher Rapes Kids, Records It On His Phone


Does California have the death penalty?? If found guily, of course..

The Peach Kings

Free MP3 downloads here;

China And Japan Want To Fight?

Over these useless islands? Do yourselves a favor and just make a joint resolution to declare them as a sanctuary and be done with it. Kids kids..


A New Thrilling Adventure Hour!

Oh, you don't know what this is?? Listen to learn, and learn to listen..


Aguilera Sprung A Leak

Asteroid Galaxy Tour Remixes

With downloads...


This is a cool web site!  Not mine, the one linked above..

Rockvale Illinois Nuclear Plant Venting Steam


Saturday, January 28, 2012

One Night In Rio - Louie Austen

I made this...

NC Rep Larry Pittman

In a letter to the state legistlature:

“We need to make the death penalty a real deterrent again by actually carrying it out. Every appeal that can be made should have to be made at one time, not in a serial manner,” Pittman wrote in the email. “If murderers (and I would include abortionists, rapists, and kidnappers, as well) are actually executed, it will at least have the deterrent effect upon them. For my money, we should go back to public hangings, which would be more of a deterrent to others, as well.”

Nice guy...

Friday, January 27, 2012

Ship Graveyards Of Bangladesh

Scroll up, hugging the coast. It keeps going..

It's not slave labor, but it's the only work people in the area have.  Pretty damn sad.

Video of a ship grounding itself

Ice Science And Art

Nice Short About Mars Curiosity

Clara Ma (seen at the end of the film) chose the name Curiosity.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

RIP Robert Hegyes

Syria Murdering Babies (VERY GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Obama, Congress, UN, Arab League, DO SOMETHING!!

Street Art To The Max

US DOD Cut Highlights

Reasonably delays:
  • Joint Strike Fighter.
  • Replacement SSBN Submarine.
Cuts Army/Marines by 100K personnel, but maintains key middle managers, so they can staff up junior recruits (draft) quickly, if needed.  Probably the smartest part of the entire plan.

Air force gets a good whacking.  Um, considering the Navy and Marine air capabilities, I am not sure why the Air force exists anymore (I suggest a major reorganization)..

The Navy is pretty much untouched, except the delay I mentioned at the top. If anything, the new fast attack subs and cruisers with more missile capabilities, will increase their budget.

Some vague comments on modifications to retirement and healthcare changes, will be met with a mighty backlash. But considering it won't impact anyone for a while, that should subside.  I personally know several military (soon to be) retirees, who will draw a military pension, corporate pension and Social Security, all at the same time.  That needs to be means tested...some of these people are millionaires!

Full news conference is here;

Libya's Window For Success Is Closing


This story (and others I have read) make me sad. After the great achievement in ousting Gaddafi and his minions, the NTC obviously didn't get control (or even cooperation) of the Tribes.

Now the Militia's are ruling thier own turf with mighty fists. If the NTC doesn't move quickly, the country will be ripe to become the next Somalia.

I can only guess at how many African terrorist groups are there speading hate. A total bummer..

Python's To Do Animated Movie


I can only hope it's in 3D too, to fully ensure I will hate it.

Animated?  WTF?


America's Day of Remembrance

Even if you are not American, remember those lost in our ventures traveling outside our home planet.

I love Elizabeth Warren

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Aurora Last Night

Quite a beautiful storm. I wonder how many people understand the science of it?

Jan Brewer Is A Cuckoo


She reminds me of my mother (who is just as old, and just as crazy).  Jan, you qualify for Social Security, please do everyone a favor and retire. You are an embarrassment.

Proof The US Middle Class Is Being Fleeced

I was wondering which Congress (red is Pubs and blue is Dems) actually cut spending, and since 1980 (the Reagan years) these damn people have been stealing the wealth of the country, and sending it to the most wealthy. People are talking about the rich wanting a country of surfs and them. Like things were back in the dark ages. It's hard to say that this is not where we are headed?

I Have To Admit It

I am in love with Zooey Deschanel. She is funny, smart and has lots of talent. I forgot pretty...

East Haven CT Mayor Is An Idiot

Exceptionally High Resolution Photo Of Earth

This photo is low-res,
Use the link below for the big one.


Monday, January 23, 2012

Japan Selects Youngest Mayor Ever

Naomi Koshi, at just 36 years old..I like the move..


I am so tired of old rich people running the world.

Contaminated Materials Used In Homes In Japan


Only in the foundations/walls....no problem, right?? Right?


More Insanity

(Great photography)

Insanity Compilation

One of these guys broke both legs last week. Lucky to be alive..

Why I Label Republicans As "Mean"

Not all of them, some are very cool centrist folks.

It's these guys; http://bluearkansasblog.com/?m=201201

And the tard that killed so many in Arizona. And the tards sending mailers about Democrats having to vote the day after polls close. And the tards denying access to millions of legal voters across the country, by enacting new registration laws.

Thos ones are mean.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Japan Restarts Oi Nuke Plants

Protesters abound.. I would think they were tired of all the power cuts and let this one go? Seems like a safe location, been over a year..

Japan Coast Guard Plane Hits Albatross


That's a bird with 7 to 8 FT wing span, stuck in the nose cone..

Had to be a freaky landing, and the Radar was probably out.

Good Explaination Of SOPA/PIPA

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

As of this moment, the US Department Of Justice web site is down, due to a DOS attack by Annonymous. Gotta love it. Um, they should be attacking the Virginia sites who took down Megaupload though?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I will not be posting anything else tonight or tomorrow. We are all going off-line to protest the US Internet law SOPA (and others similar).

You should too. Read a book, and did you know your radio still works?

Cheers, till Thursday then. Stay cool.

A Crow Figures Out How To Tube

Freaking amazing..

Iranian Activist Shot Dead In Houston

We kill their scientists, they kill dissenters.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Dana Loesch Is A Complete Idiot

Just wondering how a person gets that much hate inside one body? There are "rules of War" and desecrating the dead is a violation. I can't wait till Dana dies. The grass on her grave will grow tall..

I dare say her CNN days are done?

I Don't Like Drilling Into Antarctic Lake

The risk of contamination is way too great. I would much rather just leave it alone.


Duet From Space And Earth.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Coming Of Age Custom I Like

Hey US, Get Out Of Okinawa

The Air Base stands out a bit??


If Okinawa wants the US out, and the base is really not that important, lets get the hell out. Don't relocate on the island. Guam is not so far away.

The pisser is, the economy there (built up around the Air base) will implode. They will get what they ask for.

Japan Resumes Hangings


I would think we could exchange info with the US on the Lethal Injection deal?

That picture is from India BTW.  Total fail..

Asteroid Galaxy Tour

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour: Heart Attack (neue Single 2012) from BMG Rights Management on Vimeo.

This is going to be a huge hit...


China Bootleg Wine

Why not, they bootleg everything else in America..and it all tastes/works like shit.



I am in love..

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

US Elections 2012

So Newt is toast (good) and Huntsman is on the ropes (won't play well from here out) and Santorum's spark, is less than a twinkling star in twilight.

Go for it Ron Paul..stomp your way through the Primary States, wreak havoc, then retire and leave everyone bewildered.

It's a party and it really never ends.

January 18th SOPA Protest

I won't be posting anything on twitter, facebook or here, on January 18th. We want to stop all traffic on the internet that day, 8AM EST to 8PM EST, US time. It's simple, do noting, unplug your network cable.

Send a message. Read a book, go to a movie, make soup. Call Congress in the US.

Russia Blames Others For Space Failures

The Master Cleanse

THE MASTER CLEANSE from ulteriorproductions.com on Vimeo.

Very funny....

They Might Be Giants

Monday, January 9, 2012

Life Inside Apple's China Factory


Listen to this, and think the next time you buy something from China.


If you search the web for a woman, include "Marketa" in that.

The New Dodge Dart

Every bit as ugly as the original..Fiat/Italy design doesn't play well in the US...


Sunni Killing Shia In Iraq

Let it begin, the true Iraq Civil War...

Turbo Encabulator

Sounds good to me.

Brit Security Forces in Afghanistan Busted With Machine Guns

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Baby Lost In Sinkhole In Bryansk Russia


You never know what the hell you are walking over, right?

Japan's South Korean Embassy Attacked

Well, it was just one guy with a bottle of gasoline. It has been an ongoing protest over Japan's kidnapping Korean women to be used as "Comfort Women" (sex slaves).


I get the anger, but if Japan apologized for the atrocities, what more can be done?  We need to remember wars and all the damage, and move forward towards peace.  The anger never ends if we don't.  The wars never end if we don't.


Cool video..

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Cult - Live

Go see them if you have a chance..

US Justice Dept. Re-Defines Rape

Gosh, think it was time to do this?  Jerry Sandusky should be nervous, because all he "molestations" will now be classified as "Rape".


Another Kennedy In The Senate?


Why not, they are usually on the "right" side of things (if that exists).  And Joe is a Ginger!  Not enough of that (naturally) in the Senate, they are nuts, and fun.  What the hell, good luck Joe.  Maybe he will champion term limits?  Please??

US Navy Resues Iranians From Pirrates

Again, it's important to note that the US has no problem with the "people of Iran". It's the radical government that poses a problem, for the West and the "people of Iran".


I hope the news leaks in Iran, and includes the fact that this ship is part of the fleet, that Iran has warned should stay out of the Strait of Hormuz.

3D Music

If you don't have headphones, get your head inbetween the left and right speakers. Push play and close your eyes...


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Iowa Caucus

I am listening to one live on C-SPAN and they snuck in a provision up front. Any candidate getting less than 15% of the votes gets no County delegates. If that happens across the state, anyone finishing under 3rd place, is out..

Funny that Bachmann didn't even have a speaker at this one, and Santorum had his wife there.

The whole caucus process reminds me of The Red Green Show..

Olivia Munn FHM Shoot January 2012

I totally love her. Every bit as much for her brains too.

Japan Needs People


Who's in? Prices are insane...

I read a similar story about the US since 2007.

Keystone Pipeline IS For China

Is it a shocker that China bought a full stake in the project??

The amazing thing is, there is already a leg of the pipeline running from Alberta to Steele City Nebraskra, so why do they need another route, as opposed to running another pipe next to the existing one??  See Phase 4 on the diagram here: http://www.transcanada.com/keystone_pipeline_map.html

It would solve all the waiting and arguments.  Just spend a few more bucks and make that happen guys.  Then China gets their Oil and the refiners get the work, and Nebraska gets a secure water supply.