Saturday, November 29, 2008

Emily Wells kicks ass

She is good to the point of being a bit creepy...

The thing to note is that she is recording the first three loops for the song up front, live. She records another loop on top about 1/2 way through the song. Talk about music "fusion", this is classical and hip-hop in a blender. Very fucking cool!

Presidents Of The USA


Mixed Up SOB.

Mixed Up SOB

Joan As Police Woman

That's different!

Thailand Update

Well, the Prime Minister (PM) isn't quitting, and the attacks on the protesters are just starting.

I like that the protesters have driven the Police back at the Airports. I doubt the Police are really hard-nosed supporters of the current Thai Government?

Oh, did I mention the Crusades are still going on? In Nigeria...

The "Wind" Rush

Like a Gold Rush, it's a boom to land owners, especially in the northern US states that have flat areas. The power of the wind to generate the electricity we need spurns a cutthroat land grab industry..

Very Educational!

Hot For Words, all about the word "degree".

Get your teenage boys in front of Youtube and have them search on "Hot For Words". Maybe they will actually graduate Highschool...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Um, This Is Just Wrong..

I never had to do that when I was in the Navy.

Global Warming?

I haven't done much analysis lately, but I stumbled over this;

Click to enlarge!

So looking at this data from the Weather Channel, please note how many record low temps are since 1969 (all of them) and how many record high temps are from before that? Looks to me like we are skewing colder. I know in my area, November was about 10 degrees below average nearly all month, as was much of October.

I dunno if this is possible if the globe is "warming"?? Oh, maybe all of the thermometers in Maryland are broken!

Thailand Update

The PM orders Demonstrators to leave the Airports and demotes the head of all Police...
(why would he do that, I wonder??)

So here's how I see this playing out;

The Protesters don't leave...

The Police move in and start shooting rubber bullets and teargas...

Protests turn into Riots...

More Acid Attack Stuff

Iran might have it right on this one, "an eye for an eye"?

Shuttle Update

The Shuttle Departs The ISS (Pic attached) They are due to land at 1:20 EST Sunday. The pic is the Shuttle looking back at the Station. They do this cool spin around the Station before leaving the area (just because they can) and then do a slow drop back to low orbit.

That's Why They Call It "Black Monday"

Great job ladies. His last words were "The Barbies are in Isle 3".

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Adultery Will Land You In Jail

In South Korea anyway...

Hmm, maybe we should consider this? Everyone takes these "vows" and then ignores them. If we cut out Marriage all together, the problem would go away.

Thailand's Twists The Thai Army calls for new elections... Thai PM rejects new elections...

A Plane crashes at LAX...

Oh wait, I meant to post this...

The people take the Airport...

I'm with you in spirit. Go get those bag carrier carts and toss them down an escalator!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Ordered A Ruger 45 Today

Pretty sweet and notice the "Made In The USA" tag....

Hey, with the economy tanking and crime on the rise, this just makes sense to me.

I had a rifle as a teenager and qualified 45 Pistol and M-16 Machine Gun in the Navy, so it's no big deal. Just want to be prepared if the shit hits the fan. I have no kids in the house and it will be tucked away and safe.

If this bothers you, please never read my Blog again.

Cholera Kills

This is common to Mexico, South America, Africa and Asia. It nasty and is just a bacteria in the water. This is a pretty big outbreak, scary.

Finding Dark Matter

Interesting, maybe this is Obama related? Ha, bad fucking joke, don't flame me please.

Acid Attackers Arrested

Good! I put a post about how heinous this crime was when it first happened. String em' up!

Thailand Seems Pissed Off

Not the government, the people. And the only reason I can find is that the people think the current administration is too similar to the last one. Help?

Monday, November 24, 2008

Oh Boy..

Bad Boy George, bad!

I don't really see the problem with any of this, it sounds like a perfectly normal night in my house.

Your RIghts Are Safer In The US

If you are a citizen and cross our border out of the Country, you then leave your rights behind.

Isn't that great? Our own Government has the laws in place to screw you when you take a vacation. Just stay home, I guess?

Everything's Coming Up!!

The markets are just peachy!!

Japan Hated Christians

Can you believe that?? I don't feel so bad about it though, look up what the Crusaders were doing in Canada and Hungary about the same time. I dare you.

The Crusades were one of the most brutal and devastating campaigns ever carried out in the name of any religion.

And look at what we have to show for it..two wars against Muslim counties and attacks on our own soil (Brittian, Spain, France, Africa, Germany and the US). Others too. Way to go!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Afghanistan Ambush Video

Speaks for itself..we need to finish up the Afghan war ASAP.

This last one is pretty brutal;

Saturday, November 22, 2008

How Goes The Vote?

This is an interesting graphical representation of how the US 2008 votes went and the states are re-sized based on population/electoral numbers.

Canada Is Under Attack

Maybe the whole world! I saw that movie...Claude Rains was great!

A different view;

Businesses Closing

I had some Birthday cake today (thanks for that) and then went out to get the oil changed in my car.

I pulled up to my local Jiffy Lube only to find it had closed, empty car bays and all the signage gone. I went to get a haircut and found that they were still open for business. I didn't like the cut though, the guy I wound up with does a shoddy job.

I went to grab a sandwich at the local Jerry's Subs shop and found they had closed too. I drove home, I can grab some leftovers there.

I passed no less than seven houses up for sale or rent. These have been on the market for a while and new ones on sale pop up every week.

It's getting a little scary around here and crime is on the rise. I don't know whether to bolt to an EU country or hunker down here and hope it gets better?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Nebraska Only Wants Babies

It is hilarious to me that they originally wrote the law to include any child "under age" as opposed to just infants ONLY. So no more troubled and tattooed teens please...

Speechless here...

IBM Builds Human-like Computers

They are actually writing a program, computers just execute programs.

Well, that's just great. No problems. Go right ahead... What could possibly go wrong?

Odd Box

They have a good one this week.

Burma Hits New Heights

Yeah, get those comics off the streets for life. I don't know why anyone lives in this country.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ted Stevens Resigned Today

He gave up the fight for his seat in Congress. I guess those 7 felonies were a bit of a problem? Bye ass.

Dubai Blows 1.5 Billion

This is where they filmed it;

Ahh, they spend that much on silk toilet paper each week. The video;

I looked for a higher definition version, but didn't find one. If you do, let me know.

Hezbollah Acting Like Hitler?

Sounds like it to me, recruit the kids, get them in uniform and teach them "hate". And I have to say teaching these kids to hate America and Israel doesn't bother be a bit. We do the same here with Iran and Russia. Palestine is in the mix too.

I do wonder if these kids ever learn how to love or enjoy life? That is the sad part, I don't think they do. They only know hate and are sheltered from everything else. That is something we don't do in America. Listening kids??

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

England Does Whores Right

Yep, they cut out the middle man. Screw off Pimps!

It keeps costs down, ya know? There's nothing like a cheap hooker...unless you know my Ex?

Al-Qaeda Attacks Obama

Ok, not really, I think more America. I am starting to think Qaeda is made up of Republicans?

They should start their own movie company too, very well done!

Women In Space

I'm not sayin' nothin', but well...

Kind of sucks.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dean And Britta

I received their latest CD, L'Avventura today, pretty good. If you like their last CD, you will like this.

This is Nightnurse. Britta is cute.

This is the song Moonshot put behind a terrible carnival video...

In Turkey, She Would Be Thrown In Jail

I can't believe it, but Egypt might be a more fair society. It would be like banning yamica's or crucifix necklace's in the US.

Giant Locusts In Australia

Oh, I meant giant clouds of locusts.

Monday, November 17, 2008

This Is Sick

"Can I have your arm my dear?" Literally...

We should stop giving these people mosquito nets and Aids medicine, they don't deserve either.

Czech Riots

Come on guys, lets try to get along!

Lets Steal That One??

Great idea guys, just one problem: This tanker is carrying oil bound for the US and is owned by Saudi Arabia. I expect Special Forces to arrive on the scene shortly and make quick business of "neutralizing" these dumbass dudes. You screwed with the wrong people this time lads...

Wii Technology In Overdrive!

This will probably open up a whole new realm of the online experience. Genius!

Llyn Brianne Dam

Click image to enlarge...

Well, there is this big spillway off this Dam in England...What to do??

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Doctors Are Crooks

At least in Sicily.

What a bunch of creeps. Lock their asses up.

Quantum Of Solace

I got to see the movie today, even though I really didn't want to go. I had heard poor reviews.

It was good, I hate the way too fast editing acion sequences. It was fast moving and more confusing that most Bond movies. I never figured out how they moved from the end of the first action sequence to the second, some intelligence thing that my little brain couldn't grapple I guess? The friend I was with was lost too, so maybe it was an act of god?

Olga Kurylenko was just fucking stunning. She has a new fan, in me!

Click to enlarge more than the photo...

Endeavor Arrives At ISS

It is so cool that I can watch this live! It's nothing like Star Wars where you just zip alongside a ship and tack onto it...

Not a great picture, looks a bit like a porno.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Congo To Let Rwanda Help??

Um, what is wrong with this picture? The Congo is in crisis with rape, murder and marauders and they Rwanda to help, when it's Rawanda who allowed this to happen? I am so baffled by Africa.

Bill O'Reilly Is An Ass

I don't think I have ever heard a more insulting prick in my life. Words like "stoned slackers" when he is talking to an audience of people who want a laugh after a long "middle class" day is so insulting. Go sit in your mansion and lick your cash.

I can't embed the video, but this is Bill the turd on The Daily Show;

He is almost human, barely.


Crap, the rats are back. My neighbors love leaving their trash outside and not in a sealed can. Assholes.

I just ordered two traps and will be thinning the little bastards out a bit.

Us Auto Bailout Fading

I am not pissed about it. GM will merge with Chrysler and they will survive. I hope their managers get ousted if they get this cash or not. The guys are obviously dinosaurs.

As far as "bailout's" go, please form a line. Each of you will be handled in due order. Talk about "socialism"??

Europe Slides Into A Recession

And so it begins...

I have been hearing a lot of finger pointing here in the US about who is to blame for this mess, but all I can say is; I did not start hearing ADs from predatory Realtors until 2002/03. Then into 2004/05 it escalated to the point that this was all you heard on TV and radio. These asses even tried to get people to adjust their tax withholding so you would have more cash each month to pay the bloated mortgage payments.

Who was in power then?? Screw "them" all....

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Talibon Says they Will Win

Yep, they will overcome those pesky Cinnamon treats...

Sorry, bad Cinnabon joke. You know, Cinnabon/Taliban. Um, they sound similar. I think these dudes look hungry. Maybe they can find a common ground?

Exoplanet Pic

Wow, what an accomplishment!

It looks like a damn Rorschach Test!

Automaker Bailout

Thomas Friedman has an interesting slant on the matter. I agree with a lot of it.

Especially that stuff about senior management, idiots...

China Is So Dirty It Can Be Seen From Space

That's worse than Detroit. Oh, click the pic to enlarge it.

A Cool Story About Recycling Old Electronics

It's cool to see someone making an effort. I hope they make a ton of money. I know the Copper alone is worth a lot.

Mitch Mitchell Passes

God needed a drummer? That is so stupid, he (she) could play the drums fine, right?

Stopping The Spam

For a few weeks anyway..

Better than nothing. They need to hound these asses.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The UN Cuts Aid To Zimbabwe

Big shock there, no one has cash for charity. We will see more and more poor suffering as the globe slides into it's economic tailspin.

You can read all about what got us here at the FDIC site; A lot of other nations were doing the same thig, so it's not just the US.

This all happened on Ronald Reagan's watch. He's dead, so I doubt he's bothered by all of it. I personally didn't see the drastic predatory lending kick in until 2002 here in the US. That's when I started to see this coming.

WW2 90 Years Later

I have to say humanity has done OK, to go this long without a 3rd World War. Pat yourself on the back everyone.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Eight Years Old An Packin'

Um, well, this is about the most fucked up thing I have ever heard of. I can snatch .22 caliber bullets out of the air, myself. How the hell did this kid get a rifle anyway??

Yet another doomed family in the sunbelt of Arizona (pick a state)..

In the next year this is going to get really ugly. Lock up your guns people! Save them for the riots.

Next Messiah

Terrible video, cool tune..

I like Jenny Lewis, on and off.

Deerhoof Are Zaney

Um yeah.

I can't say I hate them..I need to hear some more. I do get that dreaded "Yoko" vibe, you too??

Obama Whitehouse Visit Transcript

GW: "Hey BO, lets lose the chicks."
BO: "Done and done G. See you later Mich".
GW: "Like the look of the place BO?"
BO: "Well, it's really white."
GW: "We have other colors inside..come see."
BO: "Right, sure thing."
(they enter the house)
BO: "Cool fucking rugs!"
GW: "No shit, these fuckers are dang' priceless. Don't step on em'."
BO: "I won't. Man, look at these paintings. Can I change these out or are they nailed down?"
GW: "Shit, I never checked that out, lets pull one down."
(the painting of Harding is ripped from the wall and tossed to the floor).
GW: "He died of a heart attack, never liked that picture, lets kick the shit out of Warren!"
(they kicked the shit out of Warren).
BO: "That was fun, what else do you do for fun around here?"
GW: "I spent the first two weeks sniffing every desk in the place to see if there was anything 'fishy' left behind, but I think Bill cleaned up really good."
BO: "I don't blame him. I watch CSI."
GW: "I have a dart board, I can't play for shit, but it kills time."
BO: "Ooh, can I see that?"
GW: "Yeah, right over here."
BO: "Um, it has a picture of Mahmoud Admini-whatever on it."
GW: "Yeah, we replaced Hussein after the hanging."
BO: (stops and clears his throat...)
GW: "Oh, sorry B, I meant Saddam. You know.."
BO: "Yeah, I was just funning you." (slaps GW on the back).
BO: "Can we see the office?"
GW: "Sure, just don't go inside until the day, it's bad luck like a new married bitch."
BO: "Really? I had no fucking idea."
GW: "I think Hillary can attest to that being true."
BO: "I don't talk to her, but I will take your word for it."
GW: "Want to see the bowling alley?"
BO: "Uh, no."
GW: (now speaking to the press) "Closed session from here on out guys, we have to talk about them UFOs." (and they left...)

Attack Everyone

Well, Rumsfeld left a legacy after he was pushed out and GWB signed off on the whole thing.

Ah, lets do whatever we want anywhere we want any time. What a role model we are here in the US. Really proud I am.

How's Your Ankle?

That is just bad... The NFL is a tough fucking job.

Sparrow Orange

Hey, not bad. They remind me a bit of Brian Eno.

I will have to pick up their CD.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Beyonce As Wonder Woman?

Um, well, I have no problem with the concept at all. I do have a bit of a problem historically with Wonder Woman not being a Linda Carter looking gal.

Well, shoot me if you want to, but Wonder Woman has been a hot white chick for about 70 years. Can I drum up a white assed "Blade" character and not hear a gripe?

What a stupid show though;

Lame Duck?

Interesting little thing I heard about where the term "Lame Duck" comes from.

Woodsmen used to use the term "that Duck isn't worth the powder" as in gun powder. This was used referring to a sure looser. Later it was truncated to "Dead Duck".

Finally, when applied to politics, "dead" was thought too harsh (especially with all the assassinations) so "Lame Duck" came to be the tag line for a government that no one expected would accomplish anything.

Old Time Radio

I have been sitting around tonight, bored, listening to The Big Broadcast on WAMU;

It's great to hear these old shows, Gun Smoke, Dragnet and Lone Ranger, all before they were very successful TV shows. So much history and legacy lost, so few people hear these re-broadcasts that originated in the 1940s and 50s.

I think when I die, these will all die too and be lost forever. It's sad because some of the acting is spectacular.

China's Bailout

It's great to see China using the cash they get from the interest on the US debt they hold to bailout their own industries.

You paid for this people!

My God Is Better Than Your God

This is Orthodox Jewish Monks fighting Armenian Monks. Too funny, I am sure both Gods are happy to see this?

Oh,'s the same God.

Russian Submarine Accident

Sea trials are what you do to shake out any problems on a new ship or Sub.

That's a real bad thing. I don't think US Subs have an automatic system like that, except maybe in the area of the Battery.

An who thought to use Freon?? It's a terribly nasty gas and was outlawed for use in chillers and air conditioners.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Crime Is Up In The US

I wonder why? Oh right, the economy is toast and unemployment is spiking. Thanks George, I hope you and your Oil buddies enjoy retirement with more cash than you-all can ever spend. You too Dick, you dick.

It's so bad that Public Defenders are suing for the right to drop lesser cases;

SO what happens to the people who can't get a lawyer? They plead down their case, which will overload the prisons. I hate to say things look worse than I thought.

Indonesia Kills Terrorist's By Firing Squad

I suppose it's better than beheading??

Here's the film (edited);

The Pitbull

Man, McCain's people really didn't get along with Palin's, did they??

Where Is Thaksin Shinawatra

What is really funny about this story to me is, the dude and his wife are already in Britain! I bet he will wind up in South America or Africa when he finally gets kicked out of England.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Stardust Five

You have to pick up the CD from these Aussies because there is little media to be had of this band. A little at their MySpace page.

They have one Video, which is not the whole band, cute though;

You Turned My Head Around

Well, I gave up on finding anything "new" tonight, so I popped in Dean And Britta's CD Back Numbers.

Love this song;

(title of the post)

I just ordered their newest CD, L' Avventura. The review is forthcoming.


Ok, there is really no news I want to write about today, I did consider mentioning the nightmare that is Congo in Africa, but screw that continent.

So I am trolling some record label sites for anything new and I run into this on Neutron Records;

Yeah, Grey Daturas. What a gem of noise making crap. I had to go wipe my ears like I wipe my ass after a real messy shit.

I got up to KK Null and called it quits. Deleted the bookmark.

Battle Of Mice

Just to be fair, I don't always "like" the bands I mention here. Battle of Mice is one of those.

I suppose if Julie Xmas tried to actually sing (or even scream) and not just talk, it might be a little more interesting.

If you like heavy guitars, you might dig it.

General Motors Is Felted

"Felted" means they are broke, no money. As in, when a poker player is "down to the felt", no money left.

I know they were talking to Chrysler about a merger, but I guess that didn't pan out. If GM tanks, things will get really bad really fast. As much as I hate the idea of a Government bailout, this one might be needed.

All that money that all the Oil company's banked in profits are the absolute direct result of the problems facing US auto makers now. I suppose the obvious question must loom here; Did NONE OF THE US CAR MAKER EXECUTIVES NOT SEE THIS COMING?

They never adjusted, or waited until it was too late to even start. America used to be smart, but I think we look stupider and stupider to the world. Give those "Executives" their big ass bonuses and send them packing. It really pisses me off to see this happening.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Dig Travis Morrison

Not in that way, you fag (not that there is anything wrong with that, if I did, but I don't, mostly really sort of, I think).

Just right click on the MP3 links (I love free MP3s) and choose Save Target As and save it where your music libtrary is, good stuff. And I am not gay. Drab Is Gay!

I think I need to find a girlfriend or a hooker.

Squirrel Catapult

Too funny. The bad thing was, once word got out they had a line of squirrels stretching all the way around the house waiting for their turn.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Old 97's

I picked up their "best of" CD, Hit By A Train and i have to say I really like these guys.

That is too bad, the music may be simple or basic, but it's all solid and the lyrics are great. Even the covers kick ass.

A funny into on this one...

Dear Aliens:

It has been a while. A bit of a crazy two years here on Earth...

An older lady came up to me at work today and said "I don't think the US is ready for a woman President." I told her what happened Tuesday means one thing, the US is ready to listen to what ANY individual,, or other, listen to what they stand for and then judge that person on what they say they can or can't do.

She had no retort.

We all do this every day (make a judgement call) when we listen to advertising or anyone we know or talk to. It's how we choose the toilet paper we use or our best friends.

Considering the celebrations around the world at Tuesday's results, I think everyone has been listening and waiting for the US to do this. To lead the way into a world where we don't see black, white, red, yellow or any other color. We now have a chance at changing the world's perception of not just us (US), but of themselves.

Thanks for voting, it is the single most important thing any of us do in a democracy.

I think the world just got quite a bit smaller.

My X's House Burned Down?

Yeah, my ex-wife called to say my son should reconsider coming to visit this Christmas because her house had burned down. I looked online for any news of the fire at that address, so I am thinking she may have actually fallen victim to the immense foreclosure problem hitting the US and the UK. I think Spain too.

I was able to find this, a very similar looking fire, provided there was one.

Where's my marshmallows? (did I say that out loud?)

Well That's Over

So Obama won, good job dude.

Apparently most of the free (or partly free) World are happy about it.

I know I am and have been getting congrats from all of my friends (and some total strangers) that I play on-line chess with, all across the globe. That's pretty cool. It means there are a lot less pissed off people than all of the happy ones. Don't be a sore loser.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted Today

It was pretty painless. I was a little concerned, as were others in the line with me, because we had about 1/2 the number of voting machines at the site as in the Primaries.

I asked the dude running the show and he didn't really have an answer. I called the State Election Board, who referred me to my County's Election Board. I called them and got bounced around until I got to the gal in charge of the voting machines for Montgomery County MD, Sarah Harris. If you noted the same thing where you voted in Montgomery County, please call Sarah Harris at 240-777-8500 and ask her what's up. Please let me know, because I left her a Voice Mail and have not heard back.

Day In Pictures
BBC puts these up daily, but I really liked this one.

Scary Stories

From This Americal Life (Right click and save it on your computer)
Jump to the 20 minute mark for a the scariest story (for me anyway, but they are all good).

You have to jump to minute 42 for a hilarious talk about working in a Morgue.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Brash Top 100

My nephew sent this to me. I could write a novel of comments, like Neuman at 100 and McQueen near 10? How does Andy Warhol get in the top 10 and not George Carlin, Bob Hope, Bob And Ray, Jack Benny or Groucho!? Actually, Charlie Chaplin is the only "comedian like" person on the list. What is life without a laugh?? I live off that, I would die without it.

Obama's Grandmther Has Passed

What are the odds?? Um it would be 1 in 365 I think.

I know there will be doubt over the timing of this event and probably an investigation to see if someone put a pillow over her head to get Obama a sympathy vote. That's sad. I wish it would have waited a few more days to happen to avoid that doubt.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bats Of North America Are Dying

I know a lot of people think, "Oh, good.". but in reality this is really bad.

The article doesn't mention it, but Bats are a huge part of flying insect control (AKA Mosquito). If we have a rampant Mosquito population, we in the US will plunge into a situation similar to Africa's malaria problems.

Sailing Away

Saddam's luxury yacht is up for sale;

I want to see the secret tunnel to the Submarine!! No pics or video to be had though...

Grand Archives

This is another Seattle band (shocker on Subpop) that seems pretty laid back.

Not bad, they have some free MP3s to download here;

The House Budget Committee Looks At The Facts

Yeah, things are bleak indeed! I found this graph particularly interesting;

Click to enlarge.

By the way, that equates to $656 dollars per person in the US. So if you have dependents (kids or elderly family), you are paying their share of this interest too. What's really sad is, we are borrowing more to pay the interest!! It's insane and I am not even an economist.

Palin Gets Pranked

The audio is embedded in the story, funny.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sarah Michelle Gellar Still Does It For Me..


What To Do With Those Pumpkins??

That's me with the $86 Chainsaw that a guy at a store told me would cost $500 (thanks to!). My son took the "old school" approach below;

Looking At Early Voting In The US Election

I took a gander at CNN's early voting results site;

If things stay along registered Dem/Pub voting lines, Obama will win on Tuesday. Thankfully Maryland has the early voting option on the ballot this year, which I will support completely. I expect this coming Tuesday will be a bit of a nightmare.

So I can now officially predict Obama is the big fat winner. I can also predict the Pub's pre-funded army of lawyers will have their hands full next week.

Halloween 2008

Well, Halloween was a real wash this year. I bought less candy than usual and have over 1/2 of it left the next morning.

I was glad to have a lot of the people who did come by (many were little kids) ask where my Ghost was?? See below.

I told them he will be back next year. I have a lot going on right now.

One lady accused me of having Pumpkins carved using a stencil?? I have never used a stencil. I told her they were cut free-hand, but I don't think she believed me.