Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Great White North

Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis having a ball..

God Is Off The Hook

For now anyway...

Ernie Chambers is a lil bit of a nut job, yes? Suing God for letting humanity be the destructive little self that we are is a bit silly. Just a bit. You know God has the best lawyers...

America Is Fucked

We have 11 year old girls living like sex slaves in California and mass bodies turning up in Georgia. I am digging a deep hole and hiding in it because this country is going mad.

Health Care Resource

This will curl your toes if you watch all 3 segments. All you need to know about Medicare, Medicade, Social Security....

Part A

Part B

Part C

If you have the time, you will hear exactly how the medical lobbyist's prevent any savings being realized. It's only because these medical companies are making tons of cash...they need to be eliminated.

Rhett And Link

SETI spoof, pretty funny guys and they can actually sing.

Father's Day

Friday, August 28, 2009

Fred Barns is an Ass

"Obama must abandon the Kennedy way? Um, what election did you watch last November Fred?
Keep hanging out with Dean Stevens, douche bag. "Same sex marriage is inconsistent with the history of family". Dean is soooo in touch with America. Know what? No one will be impacted one iota if there are same sex marriages in America. We all pay taxes and die. Dean, I hope you start paying your fair share soon.

A Dual Screen Laptop?

Looks like the SpaceBook will win that race..

The Skins

I actually watched the full first half of the Skins Vs Pats game tonight and I have to say Jason Campbell looked about as good as I have seen him ever. Now can the offensive line step up and give him some time to throw? Oh, Jason...stop looking to Moss only in the 1st quarter. You have other options and it shouldn't take that long to find them.

US Troops In Columbia?

This is about the funniest pic I found if you search the web for "Columbia".

This won't get any press in the US, very hush hush stuff. Why the fuck would be be sending any troops to Columbia if we have no immediate threat from that state?

No More Robo-Calls

FTC Complaint site..

If you get one, call 1-877-FTC-HELP or click the link above and report the business and the number.

It's Our Future

The PS22 Chorus is an example of what should be happening all across America. Without these things, the country is probably headed towards a second civil war.

If they are singing together, they aren't hating each other. We should all sing more eh?

New iPhone Commercial..

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Obama Abortion Plans

It's funny, because the word "abortion" doesn't appear in any of the bills. If you want to read the thousands of pages of the Health Care Bills yourself, they are all here;

The only mention of "family planning" only relates to cases after Cervical Cancer, to quote:

"The medical assistance made available to an individual described in subsection (TBD) shall be limited to family planning services and supplies described in section 1905(a)(4)(C) including medical diagnosis and treatment services that are provided pursuant to a family planning service in a family planning setting after ‘‘cervical cancer’’."

It's obvious to me Obama wants to kill babies, right? Oh wait..Obama didn't write this. Oh wait, there is nothing in the bills to limit anyone at any age from coverage. Oh wait, there are more sources for information outside far right radio shows...check them out. Drop me a comment if you don't know where to look.

The UK Has A Drink..What's Wrong?

I mean, they are on vacation. No worries. Like this doesn't happen to people in other counties?

Bob Dylan Nav System Demo

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Zimbabwe Update

I would be "so sad" to hear Mugabe isn't well....he will be so missed when his vicious old ass dies.

Iran's Supreme Leader Seems To Have A Clue

At least today he does.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's says there was no foreign influence in the violence after the (ahem) "elections".

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Alice Russell

Very cool, who else lets you watch a recording being mastered?

Home page;

Seven Nation Army cover, about the best shit I have ever heard and it's live...

Cicada Killer

This son of a bitch has been digging her ass off. I have seen her pull at least 3 Cicadas into the hole, so who knows how many I have missed.

She has excavated at least a cubic foot of soil, so her lair must be extensive.

The last two pics are the wasp using it's back legs to kick the dirt she has loosened up, all the way outside her lair. I don't think they sleep...

Pot Is Not Just For Amsterdam Anymore

Check out Argentina...roll me a fat one..

Oh, I am not a pot-head. I tried it before and I just got dizzy and puked.

The Govenator

He still has the sword from Conan, keeps it in his office.

Juana Molina Is Creepy

Some people really dig this, but I am on the fence. Maybe on the other side of the fence with earplugs in. I like the beat...

Arctic Monkeys, Humbug

You can preview the new CD (just released today).

This is Crying Lightning

Monday, August 24, 2009


I never tried making an Alfredo sauce from scratch before. I am glad I did. It's made of butter, cream and Parm cheese ( = FAT, FAT and FAT). It felt like I had a brick in my stomache afterwards. The chicken came out good, just bread crumbs and cooked in olive oil.

Give me a tomato sauce any day...

Blood And Guts And Texting

I think everyone should see this. They should have had a guy in the car though, this seems a little prejuduced. The bone crunching sounds are fantastic, very well done.

That Kicks Some Pink Ass..(NSFW I think)

I Can Get Behind This...

Oh, save the tea bag, send a letter...

Volcanoes From Space

Nice collection hosted by Wired Magazine.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ms Universe

I just watched the opening of the pageant (just so I could write something) and I have to say the field is probably the strongest I have ever seen. I can't even pick out a continent that rates better than another. Ms. Austrailia gave me a woody though. Um, so did Brazil and Poland..and more. Thus I shut off the TV and went to post a Blog. Um, gotta go now, more tomorrow...

Th Kingdom Tower

Remind you of Lord Of The Rings??

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Just Having A Smoke

I stepped out on my back porch late today, just after a rain. I lit up a smoke and looked around what I can see of the field to the south.

I saw a young black male, maybe 15 years old walking from the east to the west. Nothing unusual or worrisome about things, it was warm and very humid. The late day sun was just peeking out from under the clouds and painted the sky orange.

I saw the kid suddenly dart off the asphalt path and grab what looked like a two liter vodka bottle from the grass. Without a second of thought he smashed it on the path to his left, turned and started running away.

I cupped my hands over my mouth and shouted "ASSHOLE", which got him to turn his head for a second, then double his efforts and head away towards another part of the community.

I stood there, took a drag and just thought, "Why? Why the fuck?". I will go clean it up tomorrow morning.

I did some stupid things when I was 16, but I don't recall smashing a glass container on a path that I know a lot of people (kids) ride bikes on or walk (pets) barefoot. It's just a big dickhead thing to do. I wonder if the lad has a father at home?

The US VA Is Just As Bad As The Rest

Having just left a section of the civilian "Federal Government", you should know that they are all greedy, needy, wasteful, petty and should all be cut in half. The US Feds are mostly a big bunch of assholes. I know there are those of you who are not, but you have to use the whistle blower laws to get things straightened out! You see this crap every day.

If You Dig Historical Rock Concerts

They have it all here, listen to full concerts from a ton of bands. You have to register, but it's free. You can get rare band posters and even original ticket stubs (not sure why you would want that?).

WOW Addiction

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Candles Will Kill You..
So says SCU. Glad they took this on, I was getting worried my loss of memory was just the drinking.

Vision One


The new CD, Junior, just arrived. Oh, this is not an "official video", so just listen. If you don't buy this one you are so out of touch...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Health Choices Administration??

The Senate Healthcare Bill:
Do we need a new heathcare administration? The Senate is going beyond their mission here...

I love this;

If any provision of this Act, or any application of such provision to any person or circumstance, is held to be unconstitutional, the remainder of the provisions of this Act and the application of the provision to any other person or circumstance shall not be affected.

No accountability....

In trying to read this bill, they refer to parts way at the end in the beginning, and parts at the beginning way at the end. Makes my head spin and I can't wrap my little head around it.

So much for "transparency"....

I Was "removed from my contract" Today

Having managed a few contracts myself, this means I will wind up going to some corporate office for a few weeks (probably far away from home) and then get laid off. I know, I did it to several employees of mine. No biggie, I will land on my feet. I always do!

I was miserable with my current "management". So very superficial and under trained and, well, useless to me. I am happy to be out. I have been looking for a change anyway.

If you happen to be in the Washington DC area and need an IT/Customer Service person, drop me a comment...

Zombies Could Kill Us All

Mitsubishi Hoards Tuna?

Why would they do that? Oh right, to corner the market when the Bluefin Tuna is extinct.....

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Why Doen't The USO Get Any Press Anymore?

Marlena Dietrich was a mainstay as far as entertaining the troops in WW2...

Today we have a host of men (a lot of commedians) and women (Alissa Milano) doing the same in Iraq and Afghanistan, but no one covers them at all. Hats off to all of you brave and giving people..

"Some Like It Plot"

The BBC wins my award for worst news pun of the year...

Women In The Army

A cool story by the New York Times...

Pics From The Venice Biennale

If you like art, some of these are pretty interesting, some are um, just weird.

It doesn't have to be weird to be "art".

CDC On Swine Flu Vaccine Risk

GBS is nasty, but if it only impacts one out of a million people vaccinated for swine flu, sounds like an acceptable risk to me.

Have Sex With Me, Or Starve

I guess the women could go to Burger King?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Listening To SK

Sleater Kinney - Oh..

The US Readies South America Invasion

I am just curious what this will cost? What promises are being made? What do we gain? Our Nukes can take out any part of any country in South America, and it won't cost a cent.

This all comes down to the US pouring money into another corrupt country so they can tell us "we are fighting the drug war, seniour'". What a joke...Chavez is watching.

Off To The Moon..
Shooting off this test rocket on Halloween strikes me as a cocktail for disaster..

I am all for getting back to the moon and doing whatever we want to do on that dead sub-world. Um actually, I would rather see that scrapped and build a ship-yard in orbit to then build something to take man to mars. Then beyond.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Google Wave

As much as I dislike conglomorations, this looks like it will be the next big thing...

Another Great Cancer Breakthrough

Just not from NIH...

I guess they could be working on a grant from NIH though, they do a lot of those. But the amount of research within NIH is vast, and besides the Human Genome project, I don't hear a lot of positive results out of them.

Looking at the NCI budget (est) for 2009, they have over $3B going to research grants and that leaves over $1.5B to use right there at NIH, so what are they doing with all that??

Maybe NIH should stop doing research and just do grants to people outside the INSANE burocracy and political foolishness that goes on inside the place? Congress, do you hear me??

Sleepy Head

I can see a genetic therapy to let really hyper people sleep less, hell, I only get 6 to 7 hours a night myself. Maybe I have the gene??

Discovery Rolls To The Pad

(this video should launch in Windows Media Player or Quicktime)

If you have kids, you should make sure to get them interested in the space program!

Les Paul - Dead At 94

Ya know, he invented that little thing called the Electric Guitar...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Weather Cannel Is Crazy

Go look at your local day by day forecast, and you see this crap;

What the hell has that got to do with the weather? Aren't all of the banner ADs enough? Greed will kill the Internet, just like it has killed everything good man (and women) ever invented.

Filibuster This

The NYT has a good opinion piece that looks at the "filibuster" (which is drawn from the term: pirate) as just a means of ending debate, discussion, thought. Think about that, ending thought. My way or the highway...

It's what people are doing at Town Hall meetings, they are just killing the discussions and exchanges. Um, that is what they do in Burma, China, Venezuela and Iran. We don't need that in America. Wake up and be a little civil, like you were taught in 2nd grade. If you don't, you are gunna get spanked (again).

How Is That UK Health Care?

Lets see what they say??

Just read the last sentence (ignore the typo), you get the gist.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Madoff Update

His CFO pleades guilty, but will get very little time. Bastard....


This is not a "fantastic" movie, but if you have a slow night and have Comcast; it's on OnDemand for free. Some very funny moments and some good sword play, what the hell else do you want?? Safe for kids over 14...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Monster Of A Tomato Plant

This thing is about 5.5ft tall and 6ft wide, you can't even see the 1/3 of the beast that is supplying tomatoes to my neighbor on the other side of the fence. I made some killer Hot Italian Sausage Chili from the first 12 tomatoes, all organic, no preservatives and just a pinch of salt. It's sweet and savory, no sugar added.

Relatives Are A Pain

I hate it when they ask you to "loan" them never see it back.


They have a 77% rating on, pretty good. Looks interesting.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Blick Bassy

Sweet! Watch the other videos..

What's Wrong With The NSF?

Yeah man, the freaking National Science Foundation has $1.24BN sitting there, ready to go, but have not even spent $17M! Get moving people....

Department Of Transportation (who had all these "shovel ready" projects is dragging it's feet too...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

To Aniston: "The Wall Is Coming!"

Yeah, I think she is headed full speed towards "hitting the wall". She needs to lower her expectations a little and marry a rich assed director or producer. It could only help her career too.

Don't get me wrong, I think she looks great, but I just a shill out here in the world, I don't hold the harsh judgements of Hollywood.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

William Jefferson, GUILTY

This ass was about as corrupt as a person can get. I hope they prove collusion with the rest of his family and lock them up, so they don't breed.

Talk about an example of why we need term limits? Dude, let me know what color your cell is, I hope it's a cold cold place.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

MLAS Test At Wallops

watch it full screen!

MLAS will be the emergency separation and rescue part of the new rocket systems. It will propel the travelers away from danger, right up until they hit real space. Hopefully, they will make it back home somewhere if they have to jump ship. It's a bit Rube Goldberg-ish if you ask me?

N. Korea Releases Reporters!

I have the transcript of the meeting between Slick Willy and Jong-Il;

Billy: "Hey, if I show you some pics of Hillary spreadeagle, will you let these dumb bitches go"?

Jong: "Ret me see em fiwst".

Billy: "Ok, here they are".

Jong: "Cwist! Tark about a nucwea pwogwam!

Billy: "Nuff said Kim, now you feel my pain".

Jong: "I nevew want to see you or dat bich again!!! Take my nucwea pwogwam too. Now Go!!"

Clinton later stated he had some "nice cigars for the trip home with the two [female] reporters".

Roseanne Is At It Again

I have to say I giggled, because it is so far over the top...,2933,535882,00.html

Dressing like Hitler, wearing a swastika arm band (not pictured) and over-cooking "jew" cookies in an oven is so tasteless that it's funny. That is the JOKE! Looks like she's lost some weight.

Sticky Situation

The guy is obviously a total ass, but I think hitting him in the wallet might have been a better solution. They glued his junk to his stomach!

Apollo 11 Audio Database

Everything you might want to hear from the historic mission;

Very cool stuff!

Obama's "REAL" Bith Certificate

Click to enlarge;
These guys dug up the real deal, but why they would post it on a sporting web site is, um, tupid?

This certainly HAS to prove Obama was born in Kenya! Get his ass out of the Whitehouse!
Ahem, it's pretty lame actually. A poor job of putting together the pic. Look closer below (click to enlarge);

Note when the text flows over the folds in the paper, it doesn't bend Notice the P in Province especially. It really stands out. Note the granularity around the text, evidence it was overlayed from a graphic with lesser resolution.
I can't get any detail out of the Notary Stamp either, it's all blurred out except the outer edge.
You are BUSTED!