Thursday, June 28, 2012


Go here:  Bookmark it.  Delete the old one.  This Google blog is dead.  Well done Google, you trashed your service.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Suspending This Blog

I have a few days off, so I will not even be thinking of posting anything till next week.

 If I try the posting interface then, and Google/Blogger has not fixed the nearly useless editing interface, this blog may disappear.

If you fear that happening, please leave a comment below, telling Google/Blogger to fix their damn web site, and stop trying to crunch all the data in every post, as it happens. It is maddening what they did to up who use this service.

If I move to WorldPress, I will post a link. As my last entry. Have a nice weekend all.

Russia Keeps Pussy Riot In Jail

They must be real dangerous, because they sing songs..

A dangerous musician

They sang in a Church, they must be terrorists

UruguayTo Legalize Pot

Why?  Just to stop crime and trafficers.  Something America really needs to consider doing..

If they noodled it right, they could do the same with Cocain.  Guess what?  We would win the drug war over night.

Who Voted For Fast And Furious

Well, Representatives Bo[eh]ner, Issa and Roscoe Bartlett (of Maryland), for starters.  Odd that they are making such a ruccus, when they themselves VOTED to fund the effort.  The LAW specifically spells out the gun running tactic, and it funds the entire effort.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

North Carolina Denies Payments To Black Forced Sterilization Women

Um, I have mixed feelings on this.  How many recipients are still around?  They don't mention how many living women they screwed over.  Shoddy reporting by

If it's a handful of women, a deal could be easily worked out.  And be affordable.  Make an effort people.

I Am Sooo Learning Mandarin

Death Cab For Cutie - Live Pics

There are more on the before/after pages.

Blowin' Up Mountains In Gurtnellen Switzerland

Iraq Want's Obama To Stop Kurd Oil Deal

The south is afraid the north might make some money.. Turkey is more than ready to take the oil directly.  A big boondogle for Exxon, easy money.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pakistani's Protest Power Cuts

Shocker, siphon power out of the smaller cities to support the bigger ones.  Hey US Military, DON"T HELP!

Save Luke's (Star Wars) House

We need a kickstarter for this!!

You should see the condition of Corusant. Come on Tunisia! Make it happen.

Lisa Brown - Women's Rights

Rep. Lisa Brown should run for Governor in Michigan. A hysterical story on the from the Chicago Tribune, by Rex W. Huppke.,0,7528694.story -

Tea Party Caucus Hipocracy

After all that bitching about abusing Congressional mail services, the Tea Party peeps are doing the EXACT SAME THING (to excess).  If the Tea Party wants to accomplish something, cut spending in the Appropriations Bills.  They are where the money is really spent, not at all based on the President's Budget. Or any other.

Bruno Weber's Water Park

Homebuilder Confidence Is Up!

And considering construction companies are snapping up land around Las Vegas, they are probably right.

Prosthetics Can Be Art

Listen to the segment.. Instead of asking "What happened to you?" they ask about the art.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Carbon Sequestration Will Cause Earthquakes

Oh shocker...pump a gas underground under pressure and it causes problems?  Amazing...,0,5073255.story

The reason carbon sequestration is a really BAD IDEA, is that this carbon will eventually find it's way out.  We would be dooming some future inhabitants to an atmospheric butt fuck.  A bad idea no matter who populates Earth...

Glad We Fought That War In Iraq

So the oil could go to China (who didn’t fight at all in the war).
Are we just moving to China or something? We have given them everything, our jobs, the oil..


A new way to interact with technology.
Um, you know there will be sexual implications...

The US Has The Fastest Computer

They will use it to calculate the effects of age on our Nuclear Weapons.  I can think of so many better things to think about...

Those Big Prometheus Guys Were Real

I haven't seen the movie yet, it was ruined by several sources.  Waiting for the BlueRay..

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bad Muslims Kill Nigerians

I keep hearing "extremist", "salafist", "jihad"...I will just consider you guys as "Bad". Not Muslims, just the fucks that like to blow up anyone who is not a Muslim (of your sect). I hate your fucking hate.

Male Seahorse Gives Birth

Wow, happy Father's Day..

Chicago's Weiner Circle

Conan is a comic genius (sometimes).

Socialists Win In France

Full control of the Presidency and Parliament. US Republicans cringe..

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

CFCF 'Exercise #3 (Building)'

Very cool use of color..

Thu Minh

She is Vietnamese, and knows virtually no English. Props for singing this phonetically.

The Story:

Best fan video ever;

What Dragon Brought Back

Nothing "critical", of course.  Still, significant and of value.  The first commercial mission to the ISS has to be taged as a total success.  Well done Space X!

Jamie Diamon Runs America

He has friends who help with this.  The Banks really do run the country these days.  Jamies shows up to a Senate hearing weraring Presidential cuff links.  Hmm, did he get them from Bush or Obama??  Either is possible.

The solution to this is Bank manipulation is simple;  Close your 401K and put the money into a Credit Union savings account and/or CDs (ask at the Credit Union).  Then assess if you are in with the top 20 biggest Banks;  If so, go back to your local Credit Union, and setup checking (Auto Deposit too) and Credit Cards (see below).  Once done, move any on-line payments to the new accounts.  Close the old accounts (Bye a-holes).

If you are in a position of high Credit Card debt, bite the bullet and stop going to dinner/movies/Walmart/golf/whatever until you pay them off.  Then do the above.

Now have a nice life, being free of the big Banks and all their excessive fees.  You are all welcome.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Mister Rogers Remix

Play this for your kids, and if you are a kid play it for your parents. THINK!

Thank You Hater

Rain To The Right, Dry To The Left

Click image to enlarge.

It rained like this for 30 minutes a few days ago. I heated and ate dinner while it was going on. Then I took the picture. I has stopped.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Romney Would Pay $5M Less A Year Under His Own Tax Plan

These numbers were agreed to by a bipartisan team.

Talk about self serving? No wonder he got a shit load of campaign donations. The top 5% of earners want their money, and know Romney will give it to them. So sad that we continue to reward greed.

Mogadishu - Somalia, Hope?

Land Sales In Vegas Are Up

Apparently some developers there think things are looking like they will get better. It's good for Las Vegas, because of the increased revenue.. Things will get better.

The Hobbit Behind The Scenes #7

FEMEN Protest Topless (Bit-O-Nudity)

The ISS Crew Left A Surprize Inside Dragon

Dragon Masters!!!

Rich People Are Not Getting So Rich,0,3083519.story

It's so sad...the top 400 earners are not making as much money, as they did before the financial collapse.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Five Wives Vodka

Idaho has some real issues, including spill-over polygamy from Utah. Idaho has a 25% Mormon populace. Who do you think came up with this name "Five Wives"?? Mormons, in Utah, and they denounce the use of alcohol, so they sell it out of State. Ironic eh? But you have to do something to pass the time till Joseph Smith returns in his Spaceship and you roll out to get your own planet in your Magic Shirt.

The entire Mormon religion creeps me out, just like the Scientologist's that also have their "leader" out there on a spaceship. Open your eyes...

Nomerz Street Art

Drug Resistant Gonorrhoea

Here's the CDC facts:

The good thing is, it won't kill you quickly.  You rot slowly until it attacks your heart or spine.  Fun fact, 46% of people with it also have Clamidia.  So give it a sniff before you jump into anything, at least.