Monday, August 30, 2010


Interesting tact that AMC has taken, they put episode 1 of Rubicon on their web site (which led me to think, they would eventually post them all (with commercials). But instead, they chose to go with selling them for $3 each on Amazon.

Ok, how fucking retarded are you? After one episode, what makes you think I would pay that money, when you should stream it and insert your own commercials worth $3?

If AMC had announced they were moving to a FEE BASED DOWNLOAD system, I would have recorded the shows. But they didn't do that. Now it is 6 shows into the season, and hey guys, I have lost interest. Way to kill another show that had promise, because toy are greedy and afraid to risk letting your viewers drive advertising.

You just can't let go of "control" and have greedy idiots steering your ship .

Fact is, you have no control; There are so many forums (deep underground) that have all your content for free, why not just take it? Keep driving me towards that end...

The Maid Gets Nailed, Literally

Don’t ever take a housecleaning job in Saudi Arabia..

Strutter Is Funny..

Where can I get one of these??

And this..

IPCC Gets Slapped

NPR Pledge Drive

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Incredible Shrinking What??

It's not CGI, it's ART!!

The Bathroom Fan

Mine blew up this week. It was a Nutone fan that replaced the original fan, that had worked for over 20 years (built in the USA). So when it burned out last July I bough a new Nutone fan with a 1 year warranty. Now it has burned out after only 13 months.

Where is this one made? Guess anyone? China. The quality of the merchandise from over seas is crap, start looking for the USA label!! Lets get back to building things.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Safe Home - Jack Horkheimer

I grew up with Jack telling me to look to the sky. He was the Rip Taylor of astronomy!

One Night Stand = Funny

One Night Stand from Jack Tew on Vimeo.


Columbus - Lovemachine from The Crystal Beach on Vimeo.

Mitch McConnell

Ever read up on his past?

He was released from Active Military duty (Army) after a month, because a Senator sent a letter to the command asking for it, so he could go to College! Pussy, liar. He got a medical discharge for "optic neuritis", which is a symptom of MS and cause moments of impaired vision. Liar.

He came to the US Senate in 1984. And I would like you to see what the National Debt has done since his arrival:

Talk about a big spender?? The red dot is when he arrived and the blue dots highlight the time that Republicans held Congress.

I Want This For Christmas




Friday, August 20, 2010

GLez = Great!

Glez. - Todo el Tiempo from NYSUfilms on Vimeo.


The Day Almost Flew By from David Blue Garcia on Vimeo.

Arnold Gets It Right

Christians Avoid Rapture!

The new Christ is here, no "anti-christ" or rapture required. Toss your Bibles, the new King has re-written the tombes.

What a breath of fresh air. He proves that History, like Wikipedia, can be rewritten by any asshole. No credentials required.

Need Needles? Check Lake Michigan

I can't imagine why I left Michigan when I was 18 years old and have only been back for short visits since??

Golf Can = Funny

I don't golf, but this is funny...

First Female Gondolier

Would it be tasteless to say "I bet she gives a good handjob"?

Echo Theater = Funny

Unemployment By State

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Last US "Combat" Troops Leave Iraq

So the fighting is "officially" over. I have a beef with the BBC headline that said the last combat brigade "quit". Please ban all BBC radio and TV from your homes (which makes me sad).

I expect the 50K troops left there will stay near the bases/training camps. Heard some interesting things about the lack of an Iraqi Air force. A bit of an issue considering Iran has some payback? You remember the Reagan fueled (and funded) Iran/Iraq war, right? They called it payback for the hostage thing in the late 1970's. It was when Saddam H. learned to use those chemical weapons. A 1/2 Million people were killed in the war, which started September 1980 and ended in 1988. What else started in 1980 and ended in 1988? Reagan.

Actually, it was the way that Reagan got out of Afghanistan, which lead to the formation of al-Qaeda. Just wanted to thank Ronnie for 911. Well done you dead dumb ass, blew a good chance for peace in the middle east there. That "trickle down economics" was a piece of work too. I used to think you had been a good President, hind sight is not only 20/20, it can be sickening.

Pakistan Floods: Global Warming/Climate Change? Nope, All Man Made...

Hot Hot Heat

Finally got the new CD, Future Breeds. I have the lyrics page out and it smells like overheated electronics. On purpose???

Stick with this one, fascinating...

Defect With A Jet? I Saw That Movie...

Kim J was a little bit pissed, so I heard.

Nice Stunt, Crap Plane...

Watch full screen and higher definition...

Luckily, the pilot was only "winged". Buh Duh Bump...

IMAX 3D Porn! (Warning, this is an explicit post)

Get out your 3D glasses, they are now for more than bad kid's movies!

Some real nude 3D photos are below (really neddik chicks), so NSFW, unless you work for the Federal Government.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

John Bo[eh]ner At A Lunch

Yep, you little people "outside big business" can't understand what the financial reform laws do. You don't understand how it will keep banks and credit card companies from raping you with fees to support already rich people. You are just too stupid. So vote for me and don't worry about anything, I will take care of everything. I have been in Congress for 20 years, and look at how much better things are? Look at my tan, and let me show you my golf swing!

Now, this is retired Captain, Justin Coussoule, he sounds very bright. Well grounded. He is running against Bo[eh]ner.

LRA, In Pictures

Nice spread by BBC. The Lords Resistance Army are a brutal group of freaks, controlled by leaders who prey on ignorance, and lead through fear.

Internet Security (Flash Cookies) has a good writeup on Flash Cookies here: ttp://

The short story is, go here and opt out of being tracked online:

Go here and disable everything that allows Flash to be used to track you:

I looked at my own profile at BlueKai, and they really only had my location as being in DC. Check you own.

UPDATE: The setting to allow sites to store files on your computer might cause some problems with some web sites (mostly videos and downloads) if disabled. If you can live without the site, do that. If you can't, open up your PC to the corporations. They are just punnishing users for blocking their efforts to exploit your privacy.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Arcade Fire - Suburbs

Love this song!

How I Stopped The Zombie Revolution (A Short Story in 2 Parts - In Two Days, This Is Part Two, One Is Below.)

I finished comic number four and looked up at Ed. He looked worse. The infection was getting worse, not better. I could see the purplish red infected veins peeking up and out of his t-shirt, up his neck.

I wanted to call his wife, but she would kill him, and probably me too. I thought about getting him into a cold bath and went to the bathroom to run the water. I was sitting on the edge of the tub dangling my hand in the water, making sure it was not too cold, just cool to the touch.

I heard a scraping noise outside in the hall. “Ed, you feeling any better?” I said as I stood up.

Ed was rounding the corner of the bathroom, he had the empty can of Pepsi in his right hand and dropped it onto the floor. That was the noise I had heard, him scraping it along the wall. He leaned heavily against the door frame, looking towards the floor.

“You look like shit dude. I made a bath for you, come on and jump in, cool off.” I suggested.

Ed raised his head and just said “Thirsty”. To say he looked like shit would be an understatement. His hair was matted from sweating and his clothes were soaked, clinging to his body. I walked past him and said I would get him a drink. “Get into the tub and cool off.”

I went and got a plastic cup in the kitchen (no glass for Ed in this condition). I had to fill the water filter pitcher and wait for it to finish its thing. I took the cup back to the bathroom.

Ed had gotten into the tub, but he left his clothes on. He was submerged and looked like he was inhaling the water.

I grabbed his shirt to pull him up and as I lifted him he slouched forward and bit my right arm…hard. I flinched backward, away from the tub and wound up on my back in the doorway. I looked down at the bleeding hole in my arm and stood up, running to the kitchen.

I flung blood along the hallway as I ran/stumbled, even though I tried to cover the gaping hole in the flesh of my forearm. I got to the kitchen and grabbed the towel to cover the wound. I thought for a second and realized that towel was well used and dropped it and pulled a clean one out of the towel drawer.

I heard Ed get out of the tub and come up the hall towards the kitchen, dripping all the way. “You fucking bit me!” I shouted. No answer, he just sloshed forward.

As Ed approached the Kitchen, I took a deep breath, stopped the panic in my head, and walked to the living room. I took the sweat soaked couch and swung it in front of the archway. I saw Ed waddle into the kitchen, beyond the couch. I thought “That’s not Ed anymore”.

I crossed the living room and opened the sliding glass door to the balcony. I went out and turned to see it clambering over the couch, into the living room.

“Ed, say something, anything.” I shouted at him.

It crawled off the couch and part of the way across the carpet, dripping blood from the chunk of my arm it was chewing on. It stood up and weaved towards me.

I backed up to the railing on the balcony and yelled again. It came in silence, except the chewing.

As Ed reached for me, it managed a hiss. I side stepped its advance and easily helped him over the edge of the balcony. It clasped my good arm as it went over and laid in deep cuts with the finger nails.

I looked over the edge, just to watch Ed float down and hit the pavement below. That was done.

Fucking shit, why me? I thought. This is bullshit. I think I screamed something out loud.

I heard sirens. I looked over and he was still there, not moving, eight floors below me.

I looked down at my arms. The bleeding from the right arm was the radial vein, not good.

I have read and seen enough Zombie stories to know what happens to me next. I sat on the balcony for a minute and thought about options. The phone rang, but I ignored it. A minute later, the doorbell rang and I ignored that too.

If he was infected, I’m infected..
There was a bang at the door that was louder than someone knocking. Someone was coming in. As the police crashed the door, I hopped over the balcony railing, pushing off to get distance from the building.

As I cleared the rail I saw the front door fly open and several cops with guns drawn moved into the room.

For a few seconds, I had complete clarity of mind, I was totally calm. I was saving the world from the spread of this filth. I thought about my Mom and Dad, my big sister who lived across town; my last girlfriend who lived in the building next door. She would hear about me at work tomorrow.

Then I thought about Ed, and what other fucking pricks had fucked that Dolp…

Friday, August 13, 2010

How I Stopped The Zombie Revolution (A Short Story in 2 Parts - In Two Days, This Is Part One)

Ed had been a friend of mine for a long time. He was an asshole, but had not fucked me over, not yet. He had just gotten back from a trip to the Thailand.

He was rebounding from a layoff and went on vacation, because he was fine with money. His wife was a fat rich bitch. She kept Ed in line now that they were married, but he managed to talk her into letting him take the vacation alone. So he could “unwind and reset”.

He came over late last night, no warning, or call ahead of time.

I answered the door, “Hey, what’s up dude?”

Ed brushed past me, he was hunched over. He went to the couch and planted square in the middle. “My dick is on fire, it’s fucking on fire.”

I noticed his hands were clasped over his crotch. “Want a beer?”

“No, you fuck. I am dying here.” He said.

“Been to a doctor?” I asked.

“I can’t do that, Dev would find out. She always finds out.”

“Right, she pays the bills. So what prospects for work do you have lined up?” I asked.

“Hey, I am a little more worried about this right now.” He uncovered his crotch for a second.

“What the fuck did you do on vacation Ed?”

“Look, I need some antibiotics. Do you have any?” He asked.

“Yeah, some for the strep throat I had back in June. You can have em.” I walked out to the bathroom and retrieved the half full bottle of Amoxicillin and tossed it to him.

“Thanks.” He said and caught the bottle, then grinned and jingled it next to his ear. “It is a miracle of science!”

He liked to say that every time medicines enter a conversation. He had been saying it for years, and the joke wore off the second time I heard it.

He popped the cap and swilled at least four pills. “Lighten up Ed. Too many of those will fuck up your stomach.”

“Drink?” he muttered. He was trying to get all the pills down.

I grabbed a Pepsi from the fridge, opened it, while I walked over and set it on the coffee table. He downed the whole can. “Damn I’m thirsty.” He said.

I sat down on the couch next to Ed and asked, “So what happened in Thailand?”

“Ok, you’re not gunna believe this.” He started, then finished off the dregs in the soda can.

“So I get there in Thailand and every things going great. I hit some bars, hooked up with some little hookers, got a few hummers on the cheap, like three bucks. It was all good.” He paused, looked left and right, like he didn’t want anyone else to hear.

“Ok, so this guy comes up to me, the guy I had hired the hookers from, and he tells me he has something that will blow me away.” He said.

“And you took him up on it?” I asked.

“Who can walk away from an offer like that?”

“Not you Ed.” I said.

“Of course, you know me. So I dropped the 30 bucks cash and this guy takes me down a few roads to this big indoor pool. They had Dolphins in the pool. Fucking Flipper dude.” He said.

Oh, like Seaworld?”

“No man, the fish were in harnesses. They let me bang a Dolphin. It was silly.” He said.

“Uh, that is some sick shit Ed.”

“Yeah, but hey, when else would I get the chance?” Ed said.

“Ok, so you are here because of that?” I asked.

“Yeah man, ever since I banged that fucker, my cock has been on fire and getting hotter.” Ed pulled up his t-shirt and I saw the bright red veins of infection running up his flabby belly.

“Shit Ed, you are in a world of hurt here. You need to go to the Hospital.” I said. I stood up and went for my car keys.

“No way.” Ed said. “You know she will find out. I can’t. Just let me crash here tonight and let your cillin kick in. I should be good by morning.”

“That’s fucked up dude, you are way more sick than a few pills can fix.” I said. He grabbed the bottle again and tried to take more pills. I grabbed them out of his hand.

“You had too many already.” I said. “Wait three hours and you can take two more, ok?”

“Fucking fine.” He said, and laid back on the couch. He closed his eyes for a second, then for five. “I have to crash, you got a blanket?”

I grabbed one out of the hall closet and tossed it over to him. “Get some sleep Ed.” He was already out. I could feel the heat pouring off as I draped the blanket over him.

I went and grabbed a Pepsi and sat in the old lazyboy across the table from the couch. I switched on the lamp and glanced at the side table. I had my We Will Bury You comics to read.

Boobs, Rides, Cancer, Cash

These people just love showing their Junk.

RoboNaut2 (R2) Is Ready

It heads to the ISS on the Shuttle STS-133 mission in November. You can follow R2 on Twitter @AstroRobonaut.


Ethan Lipton & His Orchestra

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Royksopp - BarbieLand

10 minutes you will never get back, enjoy!

Röyksopp's Adventures in Barbieland from Röyksopp on Vimeo.

Not a fan when bands (prevalent in Europe) do something weird, just to be weird.

Detroit Sorting It Out..

The "Green" Way To Die, Resmomation

A Prius Hearse?? No, a better way to cremate the body...

Funny Recreation Of McDonald Nugget Incident

I Gotta Pea, Growing In My Lung...

I have to ask, how did an raw pea get in your lung, sir??

Drilling Moratorium

I keep hearing about these poor workers, in a lurch because of the Drilling Moratorium. Well, there are only 8 weeks to go and in the mean time, there is a $20BN fund that you can make claims against. Dummies.

This is really all about the oil companies not being able to get more product.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It's funny to me, to see a picture like this, a spot in the sky that is very very dark, and very old. The light we see is millions of years old, or more. The large and small dots are almost all Galaxies. Each Galaxy has millions of stars, and billions of planets. No fucking chance of life out there, right? God only made us, then took the rest of eternity off.

Glad Verizon And Google Figured Out The The Net For Us!

Fucking lunacy to have corporations issuing statements on where "network neutrality" is going"?? We really have to reign in Google, Verizon will wallow on their own. Start using Bing and Yahoo...

Is It Funny Where I Find Joy??

Unstoppable, Looks Pretty Good

Watch it in HD and full screen. There hasn't been a good train movie since Runaway Train, which I highly recommend!

Zach Is Funny

Monday, August 9, 2010

That Greenland "Ice Island" Has A Ways To Go..

It's surrounded by ice flows! Maybe it flaked off because it was just pointing up too high? Maybe a bunch of Polar Bears jumped up and down at the same time?

Arcade Fire - Live

Some bands are just better in Studio. The Suburbs is a great CD!!

What's Up With Congress?

First Republicans spend almost 2 years saying no, now all the black lawmakers are getting in trouble (getting help with that from a few activists). I hear" "No Blacks".

Nice place to work, eh?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

BlackStar Warrior....

Iranian Lawyer Flees To Norway

It's interesting that he fled on foot, horse and car. I hope his family can get out!

Building A Real Life Video Game?

Senator John Thune

I heard this guy talking about the Deficit today. He has some really good ideas!

Setup a Congressional Committee to tackle the problem. Good idea, they tried to do it earlier this year, but you voted against it, you idiot.

Freeze all Federal Budgets at the current levels. Um, Obama did that already and has been holding it, you hypocritical fool.

The only place I have personally seen cuts is in DOD, as they move funds from deterrance, into paying for the wars. Our section of 16 people, has lost 40% of our staff in less than a year.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mitch McConnell And Debt

Mitch was elected to the US Senate in 1984, and look what he and his Republican buddies did!! Now all of a sudden in 2010 he blames it all on the black President. What a fucking racist lying shithead asshole.

I normally don't get so personal, but this guy has blood on his hands.

The Debt

God, just watching Mitch McDummy in Kentucky blaming the national debt on Obama and Pelosi. Um, ever run the numbers folks?????????

Royksopp - This Space

Free MP3 here:

Friday, August 6, 2010

Lucille Bogan - Shave 'em Dry (1935)

While this is filthy, it is a socially telling song.

On My MP3 Player, "My Girl's Pussy"

US Unemployment

Not a good day here in the US. I just want to tell all these "business" people, who refuse to hire people (even though you have the money to do so): Your tactic will not work.

All of the people on the left and middle see what you are doing. Trying to drive the unemployment numbers up, is only hurting you, and the people who should be working for you. You have stagnated the country, and it's trickling from your top position, down to to the middle and lower class. You have killed the economy (good job). But no one is going to vote Republican, just because in 2 years, you managed to kill what should have been a recovery.

I wrote quite a bit more about this, but it was too good to put on the blog. I feel a story may be in the works. The Civil War 2012 anyone?

How A Dick Drags A Company's Stock Down 10%

"Guess what I did with this fist?"

That 10% is just in one day. HP will likely drop more next week as the "image problem" sinks in with investors. Good job Dick, or I mean Mark. Mark Hurd...,0,4843822.story


I like this band, but in the digital age, they have chosen what is possibly the worst name for a band. Try doing a web search for "Pizza!". Good music that is doomed to fail. They don't even have a FaceBook page!! Not that I can find.

Breakdown Of The New Tech Jailbreak Rules..

You will still get deactivated if you JailBreak your XBox!

Your Store Receipts Are Trying To Kill You

Picture chosen at random....

Thursday, August 5, 2010

MS 13 Kids

I love these little kids in Flower Hill that think they are part of MS 13 (a lame gang to begin with). The JR 13 kids (as in Junior)got some spray paint and got, well, uncreative. What ever they were trying to paint on a house and mailbox were unintelligible. We got the 13 though, good job on that. The local schools are teaching you guys well.

So cute, little kids wanting play "big time gang". Their silly little tactics include wedgies, tying shoelaces together and calling other kids "stupider than me".

The pool is open till Labor day, try extortion for candy money!!

Audio From Connecticut Shooter

I hadn't heard he called 911. Sick person.

White Dude Stabbing Black Dudes In Flint Michigan

5 dead, 8 wounded. He is obviously not ex-military? His thinking: "Well, I am a racist, and I am unemployed. If i kill enough black men, I will have a better chance of getting a job".

It amazes me that they don't have a description of the car and not even a partial plate number?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Children's Hospital Answers Questions

Proposition 8 Sinks!,0,7711145.story

The REALLY FUNNY thing about this, is the vast amount of money the Mormon/Catholic Churches, Tea Party and Republicans pumped into the effort to get this to pass in California. Estimates put it at $70 Million spent on this campaign in all, about even for and against.

The Supreme Court will eventually decide this matter.

Why Do Republicans Want To Help The Banks?

Well, if John Bo[eh]ner is the poster child (with the "Using a nuke on an ant hill" quote), the reason is he is in knee deep with his own personal finances with the big banks!

His 2010 Financial Disclosure is very telling, and you can get these on any member for free from

If You Liked The Movie Tremors

Monday, August 2, 2010

A Real Dream Last Night

I am leaving some place, and at a red light. I turn right and start driving, but the person to my left turns the same way, but into oncoming traffic. It's dark, just getting to be morning, I keep pace with the car, wanting to see what happens.

A few moments later, the car turns left into a business just as an oncoming car nearly hits it. I cross the road and "appear" near to the young lady who had been driving. She is utterly beautiful and talking to two equally stunning women (all brunettes dressed for a night out).

I somehow realize we are standing in front of a restaurant, painted white. She is going on about how ugly she is, and after a few seconds notices the look of disbelief on my face. All 3 ladies pause and look at me questioningly. As I walk past them, I say "You all look like a 9 out of 10 to me".

One of the trio asks "Why not a 10?". I answer, "Because you are standing in the dark talking about how ugly you are."

I would like to think, if this was real I would get at least one phone number. Just then, the song of a very vocal a Robin, outside the window, woke me up. Good thing, I had forgotten to set my alarm.

Broken Social Scene (fan video)

I Hate Facebook Friends Running ADs

Click it to enlarge it (I tell my girlfriend that all the time).

I later posted "Moses used ManGrates to part the Red Sea. Fact."

Geeks Fight Back (Video)

Robbers: You can have our cash, take it. Don't fuck with my DS, or I will kick your ass...