Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Renovation Updates

Here are my latest renovation pics. Two of the glass tile backsplash I put in the Kitchen a while back (very cool, but not cheap materials and VERY time consuming) and the pantry overhaul. The Pantry was hideously old and in need of a complete overhaul.

Click the pics to enlarge...

Monday, June 29, 2009

Baghdad Parties, As US Pulls Back

Sounds great! Have a wonderful time. Here in the US we will be having our own party, a little thing we call Independence Day. Maybe some of you could stop for a second and say thank you for having been given a chance at a similar situation, if you guys really want that. Say thanks to all the other Countries that sent troops too.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Iran Cuts Their Own Throat

http://www.irna.ir/ Iran has killed the English versions of their web site. Way to go, now only the honorable Persians can read the government's propaganda.

We miss your "news".

Torchwood: Children Of Earth

Heidi Rhodes Is A POA!

Nothing fake here, just a really hot girl. Not safe for work, dummy...


Honduras Looses It's President


I heard the Whitehouse condemns the action of the Honduran Military. Probably because we were friendly with the guy.

And Obama calls on Honduras to "respect the rule of law"?? Um, the Military is doing that you dummy. Zelaya was ignoring their Constitution and trying to insert himself as Dictator. This should be something we all herald as a great move, as long as the Military calls for a new election.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

21 Guns

I get were GreenDay is coming from in the song 21 Guns, on their new CD. Peace, peace and passiv-ism.

Great ideas if we don't have people shooting at us.

I guess I would just remind you Billy Joe, the only way you can air a song that disrespects the "pride" American service men/women share, is because of what they themselves have done. Show a little fucking respect, or move to Iran. Dickhead.

What's worse about Billy Joe is the little cocoon he lives in, where he gets to dictate what everyone else should be doing. Sitting in his ultra modern home where there is no "static". Getting millions for his music, which is just "counter hate". Quoting myself there..it's hating for the sake of hating and not because ANYTHING bad ever happened to you due to a war or related conflict. Shithead.

If you want to do something besides bitching obout things, champion educating everyone on Earth to at least the 10th grade. Then watch dictators and communism fall apart. The problem there is, it's a double edge sword. With education comes corruption and greed. Tough call, eh?

Outside of that, I like the new CD.

Sri Lankan's Are Nuts

The dig their Astrology more than reality, to the core...


China Is The Place To Be!

I guess it's a good thing that this building collapsed before it was inhabited.


I Had To Call The Cops Last Night

Some drunk dummy was trying to get in my house last night. Why mine instead of any other is beyond me. I came down at 4AM and heard the door being pushed. I shouted, who are you, what do you want? Nothing. I looked through the peep hole and it was a white guy in plain clothes.

I yelled I was calling the Police, shut off the outside lightand went upstairs. I called and gave the dispatch the description and they stayed on the line while I described the guy weaving up and down my walkway. He called me a pussy and tried to hold his arms up like he wanted a fight.

After about 10 minutes the guy walked away and I went to the back of the house and watched the guy walk into the field.

A little later a cop rang the bell and told me he had picked up the guy, he was in the car. The guy had said he was from South Carolina and had no idea how he had gotten there. I asked the officer if he could charge him with drunk and disorderly, or attemted breaking and entering. Since there was no damage, he was going to have to ask his boss.

I told him to tell the vagrant that if he had gotten in, his brains would probably be splattered all over my living room. The cop just smiled and left. I don't know where to shoot to disable someone, so I would go for a head shot.

Madoff Is Penniless


Yay! I can only hope this will deter others from such scams. He will die broke and behind bars, well done Bernie.

John Conyers' Wife Is Busted

Man, one thing after another this week! Monica C. was busted "conspiracy to commit bribery". She's out. John Conyers will be out once/if someone links him to this.


Friday, June 26, 2009


That is the very pretty Sienna Guillory who was the very hot and kick ass brunette in Resident Evil: Apocolypse. Give me a spoon and tell me where to start eating??

I have to set up this story. Twelve guys and twelve gals set off on a 10 year trip to visit another star, a first. Great idea! Noah's Ark sound familiar? They have a bunch of plants on the ship too, so no worries about oxygen.

Six months into the trip (thus enter Episode 1) they are at the point where they can turn back home, or go for it and head to the destination. How the hell did they get that far in 6 months!!?? It took Voyager(s) over a decade to get that far.

Ok, so they get that far and it turns out two of the guys are gay, so the balance of poon to hog is not equal. No problem, the married chick on board is a slut and is banging two guys. One (the Captain) only virtually. No physical contact, no foul, right? Um, that kind of stuff was the final straw in my first marriage and lead to the divorce.

So here we are, far from Earth and in the brief 6 months away, the trip has turned into a "reality TV show" (of all fucking things). On top of that, there turns out to be less than 100 years before "global warming" winds up making the Earth uninhabital. They float out the flood zones back home on a map and everone joins hands, sings Qum ba YAH. On we go, no turning back!

Before I get into the really ironic part of this tale, I have to interject the crap going on while the crew "relax" in their virtual reality "modules". Everyone is being visited by this dude who tries to (or does) kill them. After they die, it is more singing and joining hans, because "I feel alive!" Sooo jive.

Now the irony. To get the velocity needed to leave the solar system, they shoot nukes out the ass of the ship to apply force to big pretty skirt at the back. Poof and off the go. Um, the shock wave from a nuke in space is negligable. No air or density, no push. And no mention of the toxic waste left in the wake. Not too "green".

A few techical problems; a couple rings on the ship rotate, but people are walking around on the inner side of the ring, not the outer. That defies logic. They also said they should recieive a response from home to be 2.5 hours. If that "home" was on or around Saturn (with the planets perfectly aligned) it would take 6 hours (ish). If "home" was on Earth, it would be 8 hours.

They need better scientific consulting, and should realise that the planets rarely align perfectly. The numbers I put up could be more that twice that value in some cases.

I give this show one point for hot chicks, and two points for having the balls to create a sci-fi TV show. Minus one point for being so PC as to insert a gay couple, just because one of the writer/producer's is. That is 2 out of 5.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Fox has the Show/Commercial ratio right at 2.5 to 1. VERY LONG COMMERIAL BREAKS. Enough to stretch a 1 hour show to 1.5 hours.

I Am Not Listening To The Radio Or Watching TV

There is only one story and everyone feels compelled to re-hash everything we already know...fuck that shit. I am watching C-Span or DVDs and listening to CDs until further notice...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson Is Dead

Sham-on.... That's a wrap. The people who bought concert tickets will be a little pissed.

I have heard sleeping pills were involved, but it was the middle of the day..so that would be strange, even for MJ. He wasn't breathing when paramedics arrived and statistically, was not been breathing on his own during the trip to the hospital.

Even if he was kept on life support, he would be a vegetable. Glad the family pulled the plug, or the doctors.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Resident Evil

I watched this movie tonight and damn if it doesn't stand up as a really good movie, now 7 years later. Not many flicks can claim that. Well done!

Milla J. sings too! Free downloads here: http://www.millaj.com/music/index.shtml

I love you Milla...

Mark Sanford Is Just Another Dick

Boo hoo...
There has been a whole lot of this "cheating" going on lately. Not just in the US "government", but it seems to be rampant among the regular folk. I think the end of the "institution of marriage" in the US is looming, people just want to fuck.

And the way this guy acted at the press conference was implausible. He sounded so unshaken and uneffected by what he has done. Even fessing up to this was like a walk in the park for this asshole. Quite a set of morals (ha ha) this jerk touts...


Bad news for Christians, whatever will they do with all those Churches?? We need more big assed buffet style eateries...that might be an option. Talk about your daily bread!

69 Killed in Iraq Attack

Strange this can't be found on CNN at all. Oh right, they have to cover Iran right now...


It always seems to be attacks on the Shia population, what's up with that? Oh, right..the Sunni hate the Shia and vice versa. I guess if they want a civil (religious) war, we can bug out and let them get on with it?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Denise Milani Is A Cop?

I guess it could be worse; to have her cuff you and throw you to the ground, then you resist and she has to restrain you with her, um..I gotta go now...


Over 10,000 Hits

Hey, this dumb assed blog has passed 10,000 hits! I wonder how that happened?? Thanks Mom...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Iranian Guards Attack Crowds

Ok, it's actually footage from my favorite movie in the world, Psychomania...

Just the motorcycles remided me of the movie.

This is the opening credits with the cool 60's music..

Directed by Don Sharp, who went on to helm the majestic "Hammer House Of Horror". He did mostly TV, notably a few Avengers episodes.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Margaret Beckett Wants to Be The Speaker??


Oh, hell no. She is so scary to look at the whole House Of Commons would spend all day averting their eyes! No I say and go away...

Obama VS Iran


I thought the US was going to stay the fuck out of this...but NOOOOO. BO has to make a fucking "statement". Shut up and let it play out. The Iranian people are way smarter and passionate than the US gives them credit for.

American Escapes Taleban Captivity

Word is he built a metal suite with the help of another detainee and after a long shootout, was able to fire the rockets in the boots and fly to safety. When he returned to America, he was quoted as "wanting a cheeseburger".


Friday, June 19, 2009

Old 97's, Dance With Me

I wish they were touring anywhere near me. Sorry, I am not driving to Towson MD to see any band.

Of Montreal Misses....

This was the only tune that caught my ear (a bit) on the whole CD, the rest just seemed to showcase the highest note the singer can hit...

This Almost Made Me Cry...


The whole soldier and dying baby thing.. Great fucking result, babies are fragile, but insanely resilient at the same time.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

LRO/LCROSS Are Off To The Moon!!


We are going to make a big hole on the Moon!!! Getting ready for our return, the first real physical step forward. Drill baby drill!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Supergrass, ILU

Rebel In You...

Diamond Hoo Ha Man...

Kitty Ussher Ejects

The UK Government is getting thin, real thin. Did I mention I asked my own Senator here in the US about their expenses and had no reply, right? Can you all start asking your own US Senators the same thing? All we want is some "transparency".


My Sharks Are High

Um, I have no idea who that lady is, but she looks shady. Who hides drugs inside a frigging Shark??

Hi Mom!


I might try this, but I will be impersonating your Momma!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

John Ensign Is A Dog

I hope that 2012 Presidential run works out for you John. You have kids who are humiliated and a wife who will divorce your "evangelical" ass the second you resign.

I love these church goers who bow, pray and take the host at one moment and run off to cheat and break the vows they swore to God the next moment. A bit of a joke I think??

These politicians claim to be god loving church goers, but it's all a fraud..just about all of them are fake. Wake up and see that.

John Ensign lead the march to get Larry Craig out of office, then ran to his mistress's apartment and banged the bottom out of that slut.

What great company we have in that big white building called "The Capital". It gets a little more grey every time something like this happens. Ruff ruff..


Monday, June 15, 2009

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Swine Flu Pandemic Widens


It should be an interesting fall this year. I heard the HHS Secretary today talking about watching the Southern Hemisphere of the world (smart gal), as that will be hit first by whatever will be coming our way in the North.

I have no idea what the sarcasm behind that picture is?? ;)

Lily Allen Is Cute

She sang Not Fair "live" on the Graham Norton Show and did a fantastic job. A very nice interview too. She seems like the kind of girl you could sit and have pint with..

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Credit Default Swaps


George Soros has it right, the markets are corrupt and need some major reform. A little too late to be talking like this, as you made millions off the exact scheme you want stopped?

That Is SIR Christopher Lee....

I would love to talk to this guy, he has "wowed" me since I was a kid. Hats off to you SIR!

Shuttle Scuttle

Yeah, they had to cancel the liftoff today. A little hydrogen leak. That crap happen too often. Everything is on hold for at least 4 days, bummer.

Do you think Julie Payette might be hot enough to get the first "bang" in space??

All Hell Beaks Out In Iran..

Told ya so...

I guess it's a good thing that people take to the streets in protest, just don't kill anyone. You HAVE to watch the video.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The NHL Sucks

If you happen to be a "fan" of Hockey, I am sure you have watched this playoff season joke, that was the rise of the Pittsburgh Pigeons winning the Stanley Cup.

I have never seen a bigger bunch of "paid off" refs in my entire life. You couldn't spit without having another penalty call go in the favor of Pen. Pitiful to watch, but it's "great for the game", because Pittsburgh hasn't won the cup under the control of Mario Lemur.

Enjoy the win, especially the "golden boy" Bing Crosby. A silver cup on a silver platter...

I guess it doesn't matter to the NHL that they have managed to disillusion some pretty big hockey towns (Washington, Detroit), as this all transpired?? Good luck to you and your rigged gaming mantra, I can't wait to watch the fans bleed away from this (now) fake sport.

I feel most sorry for the players who had wins snatched away by paid off ref calls, try calling the Ice Capades? The sloppy stick work will probably land you there...

Banksy Exhibit In 2009


Too god damn cool! I wish I could go see it...

News Roundup

The UN passed "tough" sanctions on North Korea today, um...not.

The Iranian Elections are going to be a train wreck, I expect some level of violence over the current Government and the rival both claiming victory. Maybe this will turn into another Minnesota situation? Um, no..they will just murder the opposition.

The OddBox had a good bunch of videos this week, click the link and enjoy..

Thursday, June 11, 2009

So Quit Smoking...

Well fuck. I don't WANT to quit. Where is my right to do what I want being considered here? Anyone have a house for sale in the Netherlands? This country is turning too socialist, too fast. Next thing they will be saying all beer can only have 3% Alcohol....


No one considers the impact of having 400K+ people living all these extra years, do they? The already "stretched" medicare, medicade and Social Security (hahahahaha) systems will buckle twice as fast if us smokers can't kill ourselves on schedule. Let us alone you fucks....

It's An Official Pandemic!


Read the story (helpful info in there and entertaining, I think) to the upper right side of this very page....

I Love Me The Hovercraft!

They kick ass and can run over you, rip your clothes off; without killing you. I saw Rumble In The Bronx...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Layaways


Nice site, free downloads, but go buy the MP3s or CDs...asses.

The Boy Koan

Clean teeth is important! They remind me a bit of a little band called The Dead Milkmen.
My Russian Doll..

You can hear more at their MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/theboykoan I wish they had a CD for sale!

Lymbyc Systym

They sound pretty good if you like Electronica. It wouldn't kill them to toss in a few lyrics?

Some band info and free downloads here:

This is live, pretty good...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Where Was Your Car Made??

You know that VIN number that is on the car, driver's side up near the windshield? Look at it!

GM/Pontiac tricked me into buying a god damn South Korean G3 car (VIN = KL2T....). I have never owned a foreign car before and I hate this one now that I know this...

Only buy cars with a VIN that starts with 1, 4 or 5. Anything else is from outside the US.


Update, me neighbor's BMW was made in the USA, but their Toyota was made in Japan.

Banks Paying Back The Bailout

That's good, um...we need the interest too guys. Just take it out of all the profit you are getting after bumping up everyone's finance charges and fees.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Sotomayor Is A Clutz?

I hear it was Joe's idea... " Americans love physical comedy, make sure it gets on film and up on YouTube!"


Gordon Brown

It's a little worrying that Gordon Brown is being pushed out of the PM job, because other MPs were doing what they always did, claim anything they want on expenses.

I asked my own representative (Donna Edwards) how I could get a look at the Senator's expense reports...shocker here; NO ANSWER. I will keep digging, these have to be public, right?

I would suggest all Americans contact their representatives to press for "transparency" on what they are claiming as expenses.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yulia Tymoshenko To Run For Ukraine President

Yulia is interesting, not just because she is very pretty. She has proven to be a tough politician and darn feisty. Her persistent choice of hair-do's is a bit of a question, as she looks really hot with her hair down.

The Ideal Bond Girl?

Click to enlarge my favorite pic of Jane Seymour.. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/celebritynews/5460969/James-Bond-prefers-brunettes-research-says.html