Sunday, October 28, 2007

Child Development

I totally agree with this book. When I was a kid we all ran all over downtown, in the woods, on the train tracks, in lakes and streams. No parents, just groups of kids.

Let your kids be kids and stop planning their activities all the time. It's part of growing up and learning about nature and human nature.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pakistan: A nice place to visit

But don't try to get "a head".
It's just more of the middle east animal ism that drives a wedge between them and the civilized world. Animals I say, just a bunch of fucking animals. There is only one way to deal with animals that behave badly, right?

Friday, October 26, 2007

Pam, The Wall Is Over Here…

The scary thing is, she is "fixed up" here;

And at just 39, she is seconds from hitting the wall... head on. Apparently her lifestyle is catching up with her big time. Back when she first graced the pages of Playboy, I fell for her hard. She was drop dead gorgeous.

Then the facial tinkering started and that spread to other parts of her body. What a waste, if she had left it alone she would probably still be striking and able to work.

A word to the wise (young ladies), wait till you see the wall, then start tinkering with you body, if you must. Enjoy the trip first. Pam did that, but for just a little while.

Daylight Savings Time (tech stuff alert)

Today, this issue once again reared it’s ugly head. The US Congress completely unnecessarily modified the Daylight Savings Time last year, which forced all of the computer software companies to scramble to make adjustments. Some people’s calendars are now an hour off, though some guy claimed an hour and a half???

The bad thing about the software updates to fix this, is that it was not a high priority update. So any new computers being setup after the first time around earlier this year didn’t get the required patches by default when they were setup.

As the complaints come in, the Helpdesk is dispatching tickets to local support to go install the required patches. It is a huge inconvenience and of course, it is always the VIPs who are having the problems, because they always “need” the newest computers.

I say they are paying the price for their celebrity. This is one sad ass post…sorry.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ugly Betty Music/Songs

I like the show very much, but tonight I was wowed when they included a song from the Music You Haven’t Heard thread I started back in July 07.

They played the song You Can’t Have Me in the background during the Bowling Alley scene, by Clearlake. It’s from the album Amber. The partial track is here;

You can listen to some other track samples of theirs here, free or look on, where there are many.

I know, I am a music nerd, but it’s cool to me, see them get some recognition. It’s like a validation that I know what the hell I am talking about when it comes to music. I hear they will be featured on the show The O.C. too.

Another Interesting Story..
I would donate my two kids and have them wear signs saying “Not planned?”

My kids were planned, just not by me...

I Found This Interesting

I know a little more than average about the middle east, but this was really interesting and new to me. A Comic book series based on the Names of Muhammed. These people from all over the world work in odd groups of 3 to do Super Hero stuff. Each has one of the powers, that are laid out in the names. The Story...

Interesting concept. I would like to be "The Thankful". Then I could spend my Super Hero day just taking things and saying "Thanks"!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

So You Try To Do Something Nice…

A gal friend of mine has another gal friend from work who is looking for some “attention”, so she says. Me, the nice guy, offers to take her out for a nice night out (Dinner, Movie and a hard Bang) and she fucking passes.

Man, you throw yourself out there like the “shining knight” there to “save the damsel” and just get stepped on like that?? I think I am a pretty good looking for my age, 44. The hard up one is 23. I don’t see the problem, she isn’t all that hot, but I think she’s cute. I have banged early 20 something girls as late as my mid 30’s. I think I still have it in me to manage.

So now I sit alone tonight, listening to The Beatles – Hard Days Night and have to wonder how John Lennon could have called this “drivel”. Actual quote, from right before the band broke up. John was a bit of a pretentious ass towards the end.

That has nothing to do with the rest of the post, does it? Sorry.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

TV On The Radio

It sounds like someone mixed the genes of ENO, the Kinks and Peter Gabriel to make this happen (about the best compliment ever, I could give them). I love it, they are all over the place. One track “ambient” and the next more rock. They sing “Ooh” a lot.

Wolf Like Me rocks..

Does Sock Lint only bother ME?

You know…that bit of lint in your sock that rides under your foot all day, making it feel a “bit off” when you are walking? Do women deal with this issue too? It’s maddening (not a reference to John Madden who I met on a train from New York to Chicago once in 1985…funny guy).

So you walk around all day with this chunk on lint under foot, bothering you with every step, keeping you annoyed. No wonder I come home and drink like a fish and berate the dog (bare foot)! Can someone please address this matter, so we aren't walking around on the Enterprise in a hundred (or so) years bitching our bald heads off at “number one” ? Please.

Oh, a few other minor issues to consider; (WTF?)

Monday, October 22, 2007

That burns
This could be happening here in my area, so I guess I will consider myself lucky. After what happened in Greece this summer, maybe we should all consider moving north or south??

Monkey business
That's like Moron Barry getting killed by gangsters in Washington DC. Ironic, but funnier. BAD MONKEY!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Leave Turkey alone...right now!

If the US was being attacked by terrorists across our border, what would we do? Heck, we don't even need to be attacked to go invade other countries.

NSFW The original...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Google Is One Step From Banner ADs

If you search for "New York Times" you will see what I am saying.
So the TOP "ranked" link, if you hover the mouse over it, you see no URL displayed. If you click it, you get a site to sign up for home delivery. The second "ranked" site is the actual site. So the NY Times is paying Google to make this happen. I wouldn't be upset if they identified this as a "sponsored link". Oh wait, I see it faintly way over to the right....

Just one step away from full banned ADs and a sad thing to see the greed of a once great company (and it's many owners) over take sensible operability.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

NO-DUH (NOAA) Is Inept

So the 2007 Atlantic Hurricane season draws to a close and No-Duh has failed miserably in their predictions All of the "named storms" only caused damage to Mexico (and neighbors) less one tropical storm that hit Texas and caused it to be one of the few parts of the US not in a drought. The 85% chance of terrible conditions has not happened.

This passage lays out why this organization is a waste of my Tax dollars:
"Historically, similar conditions have typically produced 2-4 hurricane strikes in the continental United States and 2-3 hurricanes in the region around the Caribbean Sea. However, it is currently not possible to confidently predict at these extended ranges the number or intensity of landfalling hurricanes, or whether a given locality will be impacted by a hurricane this season." So why the hell am I paying you???

And why the hell did Al Gorey get a Nobel prize? He is just a talking head, he didn't do an ounce of research. He is just a sheep following the heard of scientists enjoying fame and publicity because they are recklessly spreading panic. You know the researchers motto? "Publish or Perish". Even if it's crap.

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Best Bad Movie

Back when I was 14 or 15 years old, this movie was on TV almost weekly, on the Saturday late night horror show. I must have seen it dozens of times and I am sure others in the mid-west did too.

1971's Psychomania distinguishes itself from other bad B movies by simply being the worst, which I love. I love cheesy bad movies, because they make me laugh. Most of these types of movies died out in the 1960's, but a few poor movie makers continued to churn them out well into the late 1970's, then they pretty much died.

An excellent review/synopsis was written by Monster Hunter (thank you!)

What he fails to point out in the review are the basics of bad movies. Repeated footage, bad direction, bad sound, piss poor acting, writing, music, lighting, sets and overall production. It's excellent!! I laughed my ass off like I did back in 1977. I laugh at it, not with it. Oh, I have to mention that almost all physical action (fight scenes) are implied by olny seeing the aftermath of destruction/bodies (no blood) strewn about. Maybe I have only seen the PG rated version? Oh, I just looked at the DVD case and it's "NOT RATED". Probably for the best.

Did I mention it stars an Oscar winner? Read the review linked to above for more on that.

You can pick up this masterpiece of terrible film making for yourself on Amazon for a mere $6. What a bargain!

I have to say I am a bit pissed that I can get THIS MOVIE on DVD, but not The Monolith Monsters! I am watching and waiting...

If you're going to spew...

Spew into this. I usually don't get happy when someone dies, but umm...

Now this is sad; I myself have never wittingly tried psilocybe. You can still get your Dutch Hash though, so they aren't being too harsh. (A-HEM?)

Seriously, this is the 7 year anniversary of the terrorist attack on the USS Cole. A total of 17 US Sailors killed and almost 40 wounded. The explosion hit the galley during meal time. It was a warning shot that was not fully realized by the US "intelligence" (I use that word lightly) services. Shortly after this happened, the 911 terrorists began flight school inside the American border. We were totally blind to the threats, even after the Cole and Embassy bombings.

Allen Telescope Array is on-line

We know you are out there, so please say hello!

It's interesting to note that Bill Gates' foundation
tries to save the world from aids and Paul Allen tries to aid the world in finding aliens. An interesting difference in priorities.

I am sure Mulder and Sculley will sleep good tonight

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dear Jesus:

The smattering of rain last night was not very useful. I have to say that I doubt your resolve to take care of us down here. I keep hearing you “Love” me, but I have to say I’m not feeling it. I know there’s the whole “helps those that help themselves” thing for you to fall back on, but I can’t make it rain dude!

On another issue...why are we doing this now??

Monday, October 1, 2007

Burma has to change

This is ridiculous. They are "sending way" the Monks?? Will someone tell China to exert a bit of pressure here? Oh, I forgot, China authorities hate Monks (heard of Tibet?). This sucks. Why don't they move to America and displace some illegals! I would love to have Monks in the streets like they are (oops, were) in Burma. I feel completely inept and outraged.