Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Where Do I Sign?

Sharron (Insane Bitch) Angle Is A Gem

She doesn't care if you were raped by a stranger or a brother or father, have that damn baby as God decided!!! No shit, she is running for office.

If I pay for the Abortion with a chicken, is that ok?? OJ Simpson is the dad.

Food Wars

I guess it's been long enough to recreate the twin towers with 3 foot tall cheese burgers?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jaba The Pooh

Bye Bye Byrdie

Senator Robert Byrd seems to be done. God's speed to you.,0,1829111.story

I don't get it, why stay in a job like the Senate till you drop (listening John McCain??)? He should have retired 20 years ago and spent some time having fun.

Doctor Who, Season Finale

It was amazing to have Alex Kingston play such a big role in the show this year. Matt Smith has etched his name in stone as a fantastic Doctor and Karen Gillian (below) as a brilliant companion. They all had a passion for the story that is rare to see on TV or in film.

Watch BBC TV America a bit more folks.

Dead Dolphin

I can't think of what might have made the Dolphin want to jump out of the water??

The Bowler

Neat short film by Sean Dunne

The Congressman's Wife: Monica Conyers

It's pretty interesting that John Conyers has not said anything about his wife going to jail for more than 3 years on corruption charges? He must not give a shit about her.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Vatican Is Mad At Belgium

Um, mad at people for uncovering the truth, while operating completely inside the laws of their country? I would say, leave the country if you don't like it church. Go stick to the Vatican kid toucher arena, where simple human rights have no recourse. Can you imagine what goes on there? People send their kids there with pride, that's evil. They turn them into the next generation of kid touchers.

K-Strass Strikes Back

Mike Birbiglia Is Funny

If you plug his name into a web search, you can find a lot more of his stuff.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ha Ha, Al Gore: Laugh All The Way To The Poor House

What an ass. This fuck has been sitting on a lot of money waiting for the "cap and trade" shit to be imposed on US Businesses. All he had to do was be good and lay low, but like every other US politician, has to bring his dick into the matter.

Some damming remarks about good old Al: "I knew then that this resistance was a dangerous tactic to use if I wanted to avoid being raped".

Seems pretty typical male behaviour to me... Jump to page 12.

Bye bye Al!!

Nice Rack (too funny)

Oil Spill Coverage

Well done ATOS and Kevin P.

The New Sex Domain Is Approved

This will actually make it a lot easier to restrict .XXX sites and increase safety for kids. Iran, Pakistan and China will love this too.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nice Guy:

Unemployment Extensions = Cut

I can't say I disagree with this. People will start scurrying to get jobs, of any kind. It would be easier if we had deeper rules in place on hiring illegals.

See this about those illegals: They are still coming...

US - Russia Relations

Now that we are fuck buddies with Russia, maybe they can lend a hand in Afghanistan? They have been there before.


THIS, is going to be a pretty definitive look at the war in Afghanistan and what the foreign forces there go through.

A very good NPR interview on this, with the movie maker, is here:

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

McChrystal's Rolling Stone Interview/Story

I personally find Mic to be a spoiled little entitled ass. I hear he is resigning, a bit of a cowardly thing to do, when he was so gung-ho to win the war in Afghanistan? Cut and run. Frankly, I expect this is a military/republican tact to win elections this fall and try to keep Obama to one term. Painting the Democrats as weak and unable to control the military.

The really fucking sad thing about this is: Mic is leaving our soldiers without the tip top of command the structure. The General is going to abandon his men so he can run for Governor somewhere, or VP in 2012. Watch and call me wrong in a few years.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Metric System Is Communist

Ha, from 1977. I don't know, today Canada seems OK to me. They didn't have a financial meltdown like the US did.

No unjustified wars in the Middle East. A-OK. I may move there.

When I lived there in 1972 we were learning Metric and French, a lot. Keep the French, but the Metric was fine.

Built To Spill

Yes, I made my own video, because there was not one out there with good audio. Shoot me.

Nice Pic Of The Aurora

From the space station (ISS), Southern Lights.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Mike Cox?

Up in the polls in the Michigan race for Governor? Are you kidding me?

Might as well put Hitler in office.

Church Goer? Watch The Blues Brothers

Yep, there is no risk of sin, because this has been deemed a "Catholic Classic".

A few other Catholic Classics (fucking rent these!!):

Kentucky Fried Movie, Hollywood Knights

These qualify because all of the sex was man on woman. They let the unwed thing slide bacause you see no actual penetration. Hand and blow jobs don't count.

Big Whup

Too cute. Watch this band, they play the fucking saw!!


How Hydraulic Fracturing by Haliburton is hurting us all.

Janina Gavankar

Me like...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

MGMT Kicks Ass!!!

Love this tune and video.

Nice Animation - by Anthony Francisco Schepperd

How Do Musilms Like The US?

The Obama effect is pretty obvious. Does it make us safer? Who knows. Good Lebanon numbers can't hurt things.

I Got A Tip For You..

Be nice, it does pay off.

It's almost $400,000 US, so stop being a fucking asshole. Think Karma.

Joe Barton = Fail

I strongly encourage everyone in Texas (especially along the coast) to let Joe know what you think.

Contact Joe here;

I Feel Safer Already...

Pan-STARRS 1 is a new telescope in Hawaii. It is dedicated to searching the sky every night for killer asteroids and comets. Valiant thing. What to do when they find one?

Police Brutality

I wonder what the stop was for? They should have listened to the officer, but he should have called immediately for backup, preferably a female cop.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

North Atlatic Oscillation

North Atlantic Oscillation - Ceiling Poem (from Grappling Hooks) from Kscope on Vimeo.

Watch this full screen, they are one of the best new rock bands I have hooked into in years.

England Vs US, Lego

Preview Of Obama Speech

“Greetings all Americans.

We are in troubled times, I am sure you are aware. First we have a financial crisis, then a debilitating oil spill.

I feel like the American people are getting screwed more than Jenna Jamison in her god damn prime! [Slams hand on table]

Let me make this clear and quick, America is not your fucking play toy. BP, get that mother fucking oil out of our mother fucking Gulf!

Wall Street: The ‘party’ is fucking over. You have been screwing the people you call your customers every few years, when you harvest the value of their investments and buy a new fucking chalet… in fucking Italy. It’s over, done. It’s time we lube up and put it to you for a fucking change.

Now, about the economy: I know it sucks out there. But there are jobs to be fucking had. They might not pay the salary you had before you lost your job, but it’s something. Stop sucking off the tits of the American tax payer, get off your ass and go get a job. These unemployment cards aren't gunna last much longer, so get the fuck ready.

About everyone on Welfare: We are going to make a change. If you apply for Welfare, you will get the same old benefits, less 20%. If you have one child when you sign up, and think shitting out a new one every year is going to help, you are fucking wrong. Adding dependants will never again increase your benefits, so cross your fucking legs or buy a fucking condom. We are going to start covering those, if the Republicans can see it through. Hey, less black people, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Now I want to address the problems with these assholes driving like fucking idiots: I am introducing legislation to make it legal for regular citizens to gun down fucking asshole drivers, and face no penalty. We may even reward them for removing a pestilence from our fine country.

About energy: Fuck you and your ‘not in my back yard’ attitude. We are building a shit load of Nuclear power plants, where WE want them. Tough shit, deal with it. And Yucca Mountain will be the depository for the waste. Everyone is bailing out of Vegas anyway, so shut the fuck up and move to Cincinnati if you don’t like it.

In closing, I want to thank you all for watching tonight, and if you have issues with the stances I am taking tonight, go fuck yourselves.

Update: I liked my version better.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lady Gaga's Finger Causes Chaos

Imagine what her twat would have done?

The poor Mets handler guys had to move her into Jerry Stein"felt's" Suite. They didn't even ask him, but I'd bet he's thankful to be mentioned in the news.

Nice Science Project

The Keep by Boy 8-Bit - Essential Mix on BBC iPlayer now..

The Keep by Boy 8-Bit - Essential Mix on BBC iPlayer now..

Rubicon Looks Pretty Good!

AMC is airing the first episode tomorrow after some show called "Breaking Bad".

Kyrgyzstan Is In A Civil War

The Uzbeks will be wiped out this time.

The interim "government" has given a shoot to kill order.

Hayabusa, Coming Home

It went to an Asteroid, tried to collect some dirt, but no one thinks they got more than a few particles.

It will be landing in the Woomera Prohibied Area in Australia tonight.

How Footballers Practice Headers

Thieves Are Stupid!

This lad is in New Zealand. He tries to smash a window with a rock, but on the second try, it bounces off and hits him in the head. Well done!

New Blog Theme

Anyone like it??

Friday, June 11, 2010

Alvin Greene

Um, ok... South Carolina, Are you really doing this? I harken back to Steve shouting "ALVIN!!"

Who Helps "Small Business"? HR 5297

They are the "job creators". You hear that from every politician. What about HR 5297?

The bill:

How they voted:

Republicans don't like that HR 5297 is actually covering ONLY "small business". They are all about lumping small and large together, so the big boys get all the big breaks. They are all about keeping the poor, poor and the rich , rich. Please wake up America? You guys are being duped by the Republican party!!

Ikaros, Working

The first serious Solar Sail test, pretty cool, because you don't have to rely on planetary gravity boosts, you can just head straight toward your target, as long as that is away from the sun.

Interesting Point Of View Of The South

Discussing the South..<--Click it.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


17 updates in one month. Pretty fucking secure. I get hacked every 3 weeks!

COREXIT Dispersant Product "Cut" Sheet

Read the full PDF below.

From what I have read, the EPA does not consider this a "marine pollutant".

Fish Feeding

So I am watching a friend's fish while he is off on vacation (if you can count going to Cedar Point as that).

I am a good friend, "Sure, no problem". So he tells me they only need "A pinch of food each day". Sounds like an easy task, right?

Well, I reach in and grab each fish with one hand, the food flakes with the other and try to get in in their mouths.

They refuse to stay still!!


All that is wrong with America. Oh, there is that entitlement crap too.

I Kind Of Like Ireland

Iranian Minister heckled in Ireland (sorry about the ad):

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

CO, Cap And Trade

My take on using this for "carbon credits":

Are you out of your mind? Does anyone see how this opens up all kinds of fraud, waste and abuse? Oh, I have 10 square miles of rain forest in Brazil, buy my credits! Then a year later I sell the land and it gets clear cut for corn production and the lumber. Who checks on all these and even evaluates it in the fist place?

There's an app for that. Companies have popped up all over "promising" to do diligent work in evaluating "credits".

And who wants to trust yet another "market"? Nooo. Just mandate restrictions on emissions and fines if companies can't find ways to meet them. Where is that "clean coal" that I heard so much about in 2010?

Since I am on this, "sequestering Carbon" is stupid too. You can't plug the earth and fill it up with CO gas. It will leak.

Patrick Stewart Can't Do Comedy

The dude he's trying to get over on, is a UK TV comedy "heavy" from the show Gavin and Stacey. Good show, he is a funny guy.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Spiral

America is in a spiral downward. Feeling it? The politicians are so polarized that they attack anyone the tries to work with the other side. It's pretty sickening.

Politics has been reduced to catering to the stupid, who clap a lot at tag lines. Then they go home and eat Hamburger Helper.

Please wake up, please see the real issues and see that Washington is so broken that anyone in their parties "leadership" should be taken out.

Rahm Emanuel would be the center/root cause of the tensions. Why Obama brought him in is beyond me.

Japan's New President (PM, Whatever)

All hail Naoto Kan. Only in power because of a US air base in Okinawa, that because of IT'S VERY PRESENCE, resulted in a booming population on the island, and people there got mad about having Americans in their midst.

Don't move it to a new location on the island! How much will that cost? Get out and let these people see what happens when their basis for support is gone. We still have Hawaii and the atolls.


Not what I expected at all, I did tear up a bit too.

3 X 3

Piece Of Cake

Cool animation and a neat little story.

Piece of Cake from Eliza Ivanova on Vimeo.

What I Like

A video for "Knuckles", who has now switched monickers to "Sovnger". Shot on the Paris subway. An intersting study of fast and slow motion...

KNUCKLES | BLAKE - WHAT I LIKE from Paul Bryan on Vimeo.

Pause it, and let it load 1/2 way. Then watch full screen.

After The Sparks

Since sparks and smoke plumed out of my Microwave yesterday, I had to go get a new one today. Sears, when they DO speak espaniol. Even the signage. Most of the clothes even cater to Hispanics. They have really embraced the central Maryland immigration boom.

I guess I live in a "sanctuary city"? Or area.

I figure it was a blown resistor, which I could replace, but I would have to go buy a bunch of specialty tools to even get the case open. So I would like all these economist's who bitch that American's are a "disposable" society, to bite it. The manufacturers give us little choice.

So as I lugged the device out the door, an alrm went off and a recoding played "You have activated the Inventory Control System, please step away from the door and an associate will assist you". It was the only english I had heard since paying for the merchandise, I wonder why it was not repeated in Spanish? Everything else there is.

So I dropped the box and turned around to wait to be "assisted". Several people walked past me coming and going from the store. I waited, and some more. When I looked up I saw the security camera watching the door, it had a monitor above it. I waved and watched myself wave back on the monitor.

I searched the store for signs that someone was coming to assist me, but saw nothing of the kind.

I reached for the receipt in my pocket and unfolded it, held it up for the camera to see. Still no one coming. I waved bye, and left. No one came after me.

Maybe I will go back tomorrow and actually walk out with some merchandise, they don't appear to care.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Chicks, Light Sabers, Underwear..Typical.

Saving Earth Tonight

Truth: I found this bug that looked like an Acklay in my back yard (see above). It was only an inch across, but I crushed the fucker with a railroad tie (I have several). I am sure it would have grown/evolved into a full sized Acklay.

Joke: I found a 1/2 inch tall Queen Amidala, Obi-Wan and Anikan in my back yard. I crushed them with a railroad tie. My force is stronger than your little assed force.

Jupiter Saves Man-Kind, Yet Again

That black spot was created by a small "rogue" comet or asteroid. It was only 200 yards across (I expect a lot bigger, to make that big of a mark). Jupiter sucks in all kinds of objects that would obliterate us here on Earth. It is our celestial Sheppard.

Jupiter and our own Moon are responsible for the longevity of life on Earth, have been for ages. You should all say "Thank you Moon and Jupiter".

WHO: Full Of Crooks

Ah, who wouldn't suggest the drugs they have invested in, will save lives? Oh, just ethical and moral people.

Juskus (Photography)

Pretty cool stuff.