Thursday, July 30, 2009

Talk About Shop Till You Drop!

Kaiser Chiefs/Greenday Concert

I saw the concert tonight and I have to say I was disappointed, more in the Kaiser Chiefs. They must have not bothered with a sound check since playing the Garden the night before. It was just too loud and over modulated, all of the beautiful subtleties of their music were totally lost.

Greenday was OK, it was Bullet In A Bible "lite", just rent the DVD and watch it in surround sound at home. That's more fun, cheaper and less hassle.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Obama Emailed Me!!!

Dear Friend:

Thank you for writing to me. I appreciate hearing from you and value your input.

Each day, I am moved by the messages I have
received from people across the country. Far too many
Americans are struggling--falling behind on mortgage payments, coping with illness, or losing a job without warning. My Administration is working to address the serious challenges our Nation faces. I am committed to taking immediate steps that generate job creation and economic recovery, and I am determined to make investments that lay a new foundation for real and lasting progress.

To build this new foundation, we need health care reform--this year--that reduces costs, protects health care choices, and assures quality, affordable care for all Americans. I encourage you to visit to learn more about my commitment to enacting comprehensive health care reform in 2009.

I am also dedicated to building a clean energy economy that creates millions of jobs, helps us achieve energy independence, and reduces pollution as we tackle the effects of global warming. Please visit to read about the more than $60 billion in clean energy investments my Administration has made to jump-start our economy and build the jobs of tomorrow.

To prepare our children to thrive in the global economy, we must guarantee every child a complete and competitive education. For information about my education reform agenda, please join me online at:

At the same time, we have an obligation to rein in our budget deficit by cutting wasteful spending and ineffective programs. We can do all this, and change the way business is done in Washington, by building the most open, transparent, and accountable government in our history.

While we repair our communities, we must also recognize the important contributions of our service men and women in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other nations. Our military and their families have borne an enormous burden for their fellow citizens, serving with honor and succeeding beyond any expectation. For those who have been injured or lost their lives in pursuit of our freedom, we owe them our undying gratitude. I am committed to assisting our servicemembers, veterans, and their families and honoring our debts to them.

The only way to solve the problems of our time is to involve all Americans in shaping the policies that affect our lives. I hope you continue to explore, which is regularly updated and more interactive than ever before.

Thank you again for writing.


Barack Obama

Is Twitter Screwed?

About half the times I try to load a page on twitter it fails. They need to fix their shit or they will be bleeding users soon.

Shuttle Endeavour Heads Home

It was cool to watch Endeavour do it's fly-around of the Space Station before heading out. If you notice on the top left Solar Panels in the Pic above, you see the silhouette of the Shuttle, too cool.

They are set to land in FLA this Friday at 11AM. Please send some good vibes if you can't watch live.

Melt This…

A nice atricle highlighting the fact that we need to rethink "global warming" (or whatever they are calling it today).

Read the whole story and riddle me this: If Greenland was covered by forests 2.5 million years ago, what man made force caused that to happen? Um, none...we weren't here. This glacial melting is nature's doing. Wake up people, you are being played.
Oh, Polar Bears are EXCELLENT swimmers! They are NOT STRANDED.

Portable People Meter??

These little things are setting ratings of radio stations across the country, and I think they are crap. They don't account for online listeners (what advertiser wants to hear that data?). They capture incidental listening, like walking into a store or restaurant that might be playing a station you hate.

It will be the end of creative radio across America, because people don't get to tell the ratings company what they like, it's just gathering what we are subjected to.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Iran Plays For The "Supreme Leader"

This is TOO FUNNY! President Ah-Makeabomb appoints Mashaie as Vice President. Then the "Super Leaderer" says, fuck no. So Mashaie is out of there and look at all of the "power" that the "Super Leaderer" has!! He is the the fucking muslim "MAN"!!

He couldn't control the protests by the people, so he thinks he can regain some respect and credibility as a "leader" by letting President Ah-Makeabomb appoint a dickhead, and then demand to have him removed.

You guys kick ass, keep this up and the next revolution will bury you, deeper than you can imagine. Iran wants freedom!! I am so with you people, keep standing up, the world will eventually notice and have to take action.

I Am Not Black

Really, I am not, but I grew up in Detroit in the late 60's and was in one of the first city schools to be desegregated. My best friend in that school (not outside of it, because of bussing) was black.

I want to lay out a little of my perspective on the root cause of what blacks in America face (I see these every day). I will work from the end back to the beginning...

* The percentage of blacks in prison is higher than any other race. Fact.
* The percentage of black High School dropouts is higher than any other race. Fact, and results in more blacks in prison, because they can't get a job and turn to crime.
* The percentage of black single parent homes (no father)is higher than any other race. Fact, and results in less discipline, more High School dropouts and more blacks in jail.

Result: This is a cyclical problem, because until there are less blacks in jail, there can't be more getting jobs. There can't be more getting jobs, unless more get educated. More will not be educated until more are disciplined within a functional family.

This applies to every race on the globe.

Like Obama said, we all have to start at the bottom, the root; and fix our families "pull ourselves up". Everything will get better from there, but it will take about 25 years. That quote sealed my vote for him, that and the comments about parents taking more interest in their children. It's where it all starts, and Obama gets that.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dear & Yonder Trailer

What would top hot wet chicks? Put them on Surf Boards...of course..

The song is Been so Long, by Vetiver.

Where’s My Bar? Some pretty sobering numbers! I know small businesses here in Maryland are dropping like flies. Nice fucking stimulus....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Home Improvements

I am working on home improvents, so taking a little break from writing.
I am watching Torchwood too;

Friday, July 17, 2009

Walter Cronkite, Dead

I remember watching him when I was a little kid, and as I grew up. He was the man when it was time to watch the news after dinner

WJFK Radio Dies

They flipped to all sports, which shocked me. I understand the business decision and crap. It has been an emotional roller coaster of a day; listening to Big O and Dukes and Mike O'meara do their last shows there. The station is dead to me, I will not support or promote them from this point on. They had a very unique and wonderful scheme going and it was like a pot of milk on boil, just starting to overthrow the container.

And just at this point, ratings going up, they flip to all sports. They killed two of the best (real) shows on the air anywhere. I can only hope they congeal somewhere new to let the magic fly, once again.

More Iran Protests

I verified with my friend from Iran that all of her family was out of country, but she asked me to pray for her friends who are still there. I am secular, so I told her I hold them in my thoughts, which I really do. The young people of Iran want democracy so bad it makes me sick. They will have to fight their way into a government that "isn't crazy" (that is from my friend).

You in Iran that want freedom are in the hearts of America, don't give up.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Where Else Would You Build A Lake?

In a desert....
Yeah, it's just Turkmenistan spending some of that oil money. No biggie. It should be a very profitable polluted and evaporating mess.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Leverage On TNT

I really dig this show (the cast is perfect), too bad it's on TNT. I gave up after 33 minutes, of which 18 minutes were commercials. Um, you can't run a 30 minute show over an hour and expect people to stay with it? Dumb assed, greedy and stupid, TV executives. So much for having a show to watch Wednesdays this summer. You guys killed it for me.

Benjy Ferree

Natalia Estemirova, Murdered

Natalia Estemirova was a human rights advocate, and kind of cute. Nice that Mededeveveve (whataver) is "outraged".

The Dragon Tank

Obama Axes Pentagon Plan To Build Billion Dollar Tank In Shape Of Dragon

Endeavour FINALLY Lifts Off!

It is about time. They really need to rethink the location for Canaveral. I know we haven't had rain here in Maryland for about 3 weeks...think about it!

Work Shit

I "work" on this team and we are all divvied up to support different parts of our organization. I happen to support well over 1/2 the full staff in the entire organization, because I am assigned to several of the largest parts of it. Today (without consultation) the new hire we have on board will now be supporting 3 of the groups that I don't, which means the rest of the team gets a break, and I get the same work load. Could it be THAT I AM THE ONLY MAN on the team, until this new hire came on? Oh, my boss is a chick too...

Fucking bullshit.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kocsis Orsi (NSFW)

Um, yeah....gotta go now...

Sanja Grohar (NSFW) Growl...

Al Kadea Targets Chinese People

We have the official reply from China; "Prease, Dorn't".

Sorry..... ;)

Very Trashy

Christ, I could drop "white trash" jokes, or simply criticize them putting stickers on trash cans, telling people to not get in. I hope they also say"If you do have to get in, be sure to listen for the dust cart. Get out if you hear it." I guess the dude was either dumped by his wife, or wanted to get the hell away from her.


I can only say that the creations are very "creative..

Don't Get Old In the UK

You are pretty much screwed about a failure of society?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Big Fan

This movie looks interesting. They give away the plot twists in the trailer though, not a good sign??

Swearing Curbs Pain

Try it, recite a Richard Pryor bit and hit your finger with a hammer. The try it while reading the Bible. Leave me a comment please.

An Argument For Duct Tape

She must be one loud assed bitch...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Victory - Vegas Motorcycle

I am not a biker, but this is a cool looking bike. The one parked in a visitor spot in front of my house is all black and has chrome pipes..really neat shit. I hate their website BTW...

The CIA Doesn't Pown Dick

He ownes them!

Tenet, Goss and Hayden should all be on a plane to Costa Rica.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Women Don’t Need Us Anymore

Have at you, who the hell will swat the spiders? Do away with men? Best of luck to you all....

Listen To Marion Barry's Crap

Family Stuff


You Never Know, just listen...
A little ELO-ish?

Office Bathroom Etiquette

This is funny, but very valid. Wash your fucking hands and if you are going to stand up to piss into a toilet, put up the fucking seat! Oh, and if you are using a urinal, make a little attempt to fucking aim into it, not on the floor.

Iraq Attacks

I read these stories almost daily, and I always wonder, "Why"? What is the gain to whoever did this, to kill mostly kids and women as they shop for food? Blowing up a police station is logical, but why are they killing innocent civilians who are all Muslim? I don't get it guys. Some crazy assed shit.

Genie's Out Of The Lamp

I guess I wonder what the court could do? Impose a house arrest in the lamp? Maybe make the Genie clean gutters or something?

You can't cuff a ghost and toss it into the back of a cruiser...

This IS Funny


Sick Muse...funny

Friday, July 10, 2009

Manchster Orchestra

The River

Jillian Bandes

Hearing this chick Jillian on Washington Journal today was refreshing. She seemed smart, cocky, and yet a bit unprepared. Cute little pool playing-Corona slugging chick. Don't get me wrong, I like girls who drink and play pool. But if they spew Republican ideals in the same breath, I have to shout bi-polar!

I love these photos of her and her "individualist" buddies (what the fuck is that about?) out shooting their guns and drinkin' their "off the record" whisky! Yee Hawww!! What goes better together than booze and guns?? Very responsible crowd Jillian hangs with? No worries, they will sober up enough to make noon services on Sunday. And all is well... Amen

PS: I have to agree with her on having more oversight on the crap the legislation being pushed through Washington lately. The National Debt will come back to bite the Democrats in the ass. The funny thing is all those unemployed Republicans who listen to Rush will vote against Obama in 2012, because they are too uninformed to know it was Democratic legislation that has been paying them for ages. Flip the channel folks.

Friday Night With Jonathan Ross

Great show tonight (a little back dated one).

Eddie Izzard was brilliant, and I am not gay, but if he wanted me...I would be there.

Glen Close looked fabulous. I don't find her very attractive, but she doesn't seem to age?? Try some Crest whitening strips though hon.

Shatner was a card, not much more to say there;

Lily Allen looked so much like she wanted to be somewhere else, it was sickening. She sang great (really live) and had a mild backing track.

The Hot Rats

They are a Supergrass "splinter project", pretty damn good!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Attack Of The Show

They ran their 1000'th episode tonight. Great job, great show...
Love it!

Bones All Over

This story is more than sick, because it's real. It cements my desire to be cremated and have no marker, toss my ashes in the nearest Ocean...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Nick Clegg Is An Asshole..

This wanker seems to have forgotten the attacks carried out in his own country, by mainly Pakistani radicals. Um, dummy, I know you want to get some votes...but try to do it with a bit of dignity and let your Military defend your dumb ass.

And The Punch Line Is....

"On the bright side, his coat has never been shinier".

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The ISS Just Flew Over My House

I know a lot of people rag on NASA and the money they spend, but think about this; We have had men and women on that station for nearly 10 years. That is a station in space, with humans (US, Russian, Korean and more) on board for about 10 years. Um, 100 years ago we were trying to perfect a basic airplane.

I would say we have come a long way...we have so far to go.

Patrick Watson - The Great Escape

Ok stuff. This is Fireweed


Sounds like Broken Social Scene?

9 Minutes Of Fun

A little less than 9 minutes actually....Watch it in full screen mode.

Claude Lelouch's Rendezvous... from Dat on Vimeo.

Claude Lelouch's Rendezvous: This is ART!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


I think I know my summer vacation spot! How cool to have a whole country propped up by two concrete towers. Sounds a little like the US to me...

Honduras Is On The Edge

They have two choices, uphold their Constitution, or let the world pull their strings. Hmm, what would [should]an American do? Support the Constitution of course. That plane would be toast here in the US, under similar circumstances.

I just heard a report that Zelaya was diverted to El Salvador. I don't understand why the UN is intervening in this matter, while it lets Iran do whatever it wants?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Palin Bails Out

The full video is below (unlike all the big news outlets that chopped it up).

I can see her heading out to campaign for every Republican that needs a boost, and at the same time set herself up for a 2012 Presidential run. Either that, or someone has some dirt on her and she is in trouble.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Kill It Kid


Joe Gideon And The Shark

Playing "DOL". Hmm, might be one of the most important songs of the decade...

Here We Go Magic

I look forward to hearing more from this band, really unique.

School Of Seven Bells

Cool harmonies...

The camera work might make you spew...

Manchester Orchestra

I dig these guys, very upfront and raw. Excellent song writing.

Ghostland Obervatory

I am trying to get to the bottom of what I like about these two. Maybe the simplicity of the tunes, or the pigtails?

St. Vincent

He new CD, Actors, came out in May. Um, I don't like the much over produced sound, compared to her first album.

She is darn cute.


Interesting... BTW, all the last 3 artists are all on Crammed Discs Records.

Bebel Gilberto

It's Latin Chick Friday...

Check out her CD Momento.


Pretty damn good! In case you are wondering what she is doing at the beginning, she is recording the backing track for the song, it loops.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Are You An Innie Or Outie?

I was outside having a smoke and it had never struck me why some people park facing in and some facing out. Most people do this every time they park their cars. Why?

Well, it struck me that the people facing in (towards the house) probably like their home life better than work, because they didn't want to take the time to back in for a quick departure. I expect these same people are more likely to back their cars into a spot at work, because they want that quick way out.

I know I am guilty of parking facing in at home and backing into a spot at work. Any other thoughts anyone?

Staff Benda Billi

Pretty amazing stuff!