Saturday, October 31, 2009

Elena Urioste

She can play, and quite fetching too!

Google Maps

Did you know you can report problems with Google maps? I did and got a nice email back:

Google Maps Problem Report (ID: 0939-F139-7F6A-BA56)‏

From: Sent: Sat 10/31/09 6:35 AM

Hi,Your Google Maps problem report has been reviewed, and you were right! We'll update the map within a month and email you when you can see the change.
Report historyProblem ID: 0939-F139-7F6A-BA56Your report: Gattett Road does not connect through this wooded area, these are private homes on both sides. Thanks--Thanks for your help,The Google Maps team

Friday, October 30, 2009

Terrorists Will Get The H1N1 Vaccination Before You

Um, let me think on this... In GITMO, you have a bunch of terrorists (and whatnot), isolated from the rest of the world, in Cuba, on an Island.

How the hell does the "US Government" assess that these guys are at risk of contracting H1N1?? If anything, we should send a H1N1 infected person down there to prep their meals.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

911 Call


Comcast Personal Web Pages

What a useless bunch of crap! I just wanted to post a PIC and a MP3 of a 911 call (public domain) and I can put them in folders, but no one on this earth can link to them, because Comcast can't write instructions to save their ass. Their "forums" are a joke too.

Comcast sucks, Comcast Personal Web Pages, Comcast sucks, Comcast Personal Web Pages, Comcast sucks
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The Gathering

Band site (no MP3s):

This is from the album When Trust Becomes Sound

People Of Walmart

This site cracks me up, they are on twitter too..

It's just people/employees snapping pics of the freaks in the store, and sending them to the site. Damn genious!

The Weedy Sea Dragon

Creepy, Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


They are a pain in the ass. My neighbor is switching from one ISP/Cable provider to another and (boo hoo) didn't coordinate getting the Internet switched over at the same time as the TV.

So here he comes..."Can I use your wireless?" Um, no, I don't have wireless turned on since I changed jobs and don't have a Laptop.

"Can you put my router on your router?" I guess so, my router has a firewall, so it shouldn't be a big risk. Just having my internet connection leached off of, for a few days, is annoying. Probably illegal too..

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Curry Cures Cancer?

Now that I think of it, I did feel better when I had neighbors from India who dropped off traditional spicy dishes for me, on a regular basis. I guess I need to get some fresh Tumeric!

Light At The End Of The Tunnel, With Iran?

I don't know, every time you hear something like this, they flip at the last second and want something totally unreasonable. Keep watching and see how this plays out...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Want Happiness? Marry A Younger Chick!

So says Science!

So all of you hot 30 to 40 year old's, please leave a comment and your phone number. So we can find true bliss..

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lost Northwest Airlines Transcript

Pilot: "Yeah, just like that Tim, yes!"

Co: "Rich, you are as tight as a catholic school boy, and I should know, I was one."

Pilot: "It's all in the muscle control, now finish up Tim; we should be landing soon."

Co: "Yeah, I am right there now, you little slut..."

The rest of the recording was removed as it had only to do with Rich's mouth and "swallowing it all".

UPDATE: They were watching porn...

Old 97's

She Loves The Sunset...

Not an "official" video, but a great tune...

Sonos Are Pretty Good!

US Car Sales Are Up, In China

Who knows why, but it's nice to see one thing in China that says "Made In The USA" on it!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Family

Or "La Familia", whatever that means. The US law enforcement agencies are ringing the necks of these dudes. It doesn't impact me a bit, but I expect a lot of rich coke snorting assholes will be noticing a "shortage" in the near future.

I have a hanky for you shit heads and thank the current administration for having the balls to really attack this problem. I wish I knew more about I could help!

iPhone Is Busted

Get me a Blackberry!

Stealing Nokia patented technology..bad apple. Steve Jobs must be, um, well, hiring a bunch of lawyers.

Skating Bear Kills Circus Manager

Story here... What the Bears go through is below.

I guess the only problem I have with this story, is that they shot the Bear! These are WILD ANIMALS, why the hell would you put them on skates that probably hurt the hell out of their feet?? And Bears only stand up to eat something or attack, so it's not natural to be upright on fucking skates. It's not cute, or funny.

Somer Thompson, Body Found
This turns my stomache, and you know they will find sexual abuse.

A tip to the law enforcement, think of a wasp. They catch their prey and take them to their lair.

The 30 mile drive to Orange Park and back to Folkston would take a bit more than an hour. The perpetrator most likely works around Jacksonville FL, but lives or lived inside Folkston GA, near the landfill (it's a dirt road with no sign that I saw). Definitely a male, I think white/hispanic (just my inkling).

If he is working, it will be in a construction job or landscaping. They get off early and would be able to stalk a school at 3PM. He could be unemployed and just lurked until he found a target.

View Larger MapCallahan is right in the middle between Orange Park and Folkston.

Regulating Greed?

Hmm, can you regulate greed by limiting Salary? I think the greedy shitty bastards will just go work somewhere that isn't owned by Uncle Sam (that is probably a good thing).

Maybe we will see smart and ethical people fill the vacuum, but will they stay if they have success? Will they go and start looking for a big payout somewhere else? It's a slippery slope that could leave the giant firms without leaders (even if they are corrupt, they make money).

If the bailout was contingent on being paid back once these companies start making profits (say %25 of profit per quarter) we wouldn't need to play with regulating salaries, and these dudes that gave the financial system an enema, would have to watch their risks much closer. No one on Capital Hill has thought of mandating that....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ares X-1 Test

Click it to enlarge..

Nasa is all ready to light up the first big test of the Ares Rocket on October 27th. It will be some time between 8AM and noon (kind of like getting a fridge delivered or having the cable guy out for a visit).

Good luck, I hope it goes well. I won't get to watch because my new job blocks all streaming audio and video, even from government sites.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hail To The Redskins!

Click pic to enlarge
Way to go guys, you lost to a team that dropped more passes than they home.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Raj Was A Bad Boy!

Note to self: Insider trading is a BAAAD thing. Book the cell next to Madoff for this asshole.

The Real Balloon Boy

I think I might start letting balloons go in Arlington with policy suggestions and see if Obama finds them when he's walking the White House lawn having a smoke at night!

Ain't the Queen just peachy??

Baby Vs Train

It was a tie, both the baby and the train were unhurt, but the mother had to get fresh trousers...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Hate Going Into DC...

We left at 7:30 to drive the 15 miles to the meeting. It took an hour and 15 minutes.

The meeting ran from 10AM to 3PM, with about a 40 minute break for lunch. I didn't eat, just sipped a soda.

I think I did ok, injecting a bit of humor into the meeting wrap up. I have pages of notes and a lot of acronyms to figure out tomorrow...

After the meeting ended, we waited almost another hour while one dude talked to the Fed boss in private (about what is secret, so I have no clue). The drive back home was worse, bumper to bumper on the beltway, but we did better when we got on the I270 HOV lane.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The GOP IS NOT Disrepectful...

Not at all, banners (that they will deny endorsing) to "beat up Obama"? I think there are laws about that, aren't there?

Check out and they have a link to the facebook page where I nabbed this picture. It's nice to see Michael Stale [Steele] taking the high road in his fight to bring some legitmacy to the GOP. I am surprised they got this done, because they say "no" to everything else...

Abortion Laws Don’t Stop Abortions (Duh)
Like most people, I hate abortions. I advocate for educating parents on dealing with teen sex issues, it's obvious a lot of parents (many are good old Roman Catholics) have no clue on how to deal with this; And their children. I was one of them.

Educating the kids is great, but the parents have to back that up, and need to know what to do and say before the situation ever arises...

But banning abortions just sends people into the underground to seek out illegal and dangerous abortions, which often result in worse injury to the mothers who get them. The SAD thing is, a lot of those good old Roman Catholics think it's OK for that to happen. This goes against everything the bible stands for and is just one of the reasons I lost my religion..

How’s Your Mac?

Apparently Snow Leopard users are not too happy with the data loss... Hmm, I am getting pretty used to Vista, and never lost a byte of data.

Dunkin Donuts, For Lunch

I had an Italian sub, toasted today for lunch. My friend Matt said he didn't like the place, but I thought it was OK, until a few minutes ago.

Based on what just went on in my bathroom, I will reserve Dunkin Donuts lunches for days when I am very constipated. If that is that case, it will be my "go-to" for lunch..

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pakistan Fights Back

It's a gruesom thing to go through, for everyone involved. But making the choice that they would not be hostages is a great signal to the rest of the world.

Fight on, for freedom from radical religion and join the rest of free nations of the world...

Baby Flying Squirrels

Click to enlarge..

There is very little chance these little guys will survive....

My friend Jen is taking care of them, so they have the best chance possible, but they will probably wind up being bird food (for a Hawk).

Rodrigo y Gabriela

This just kicks ass...

Carolina Mantis

Click to Enlarge

These are pretty rare in Maryland, I have only seen two in the 22 years I have been here.

Hacking Cough

I have had this really bad cough for about 6 years, and I have never been able to figure out where it came from. I was of course relating it to the fact that I smoke, but that was incorrect.
After hearing/reading this story, I replaced my plastic Showerhead with a solid metal one, and my cough has almost dissapeared after several weeks.

At Home Depot they have an Aquadyne fixed showerhead that is solid brass with chrome finish (no plastic). The bacteria in the story above don't like metalic showerheads.

Friday, October 9, 2009

NOBEL, Bottom Line

Obama didn't ask for it, nor campaigned to get it. If you have a problem with that, I have a snake you can put in your mouth up to the hilt.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tigers Hang It Up For 2009

Maybe next year, again. It's ok, they are so much better than most teams in the MLB, I can't bitch.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Un Canto a Mi Tierra

Un Canto a Mi Tierra from Quantic on Vimeo.


Guitar Kid

Amazing, thanks Alyssa...

Sumatra Quake Pics

Thanks Alyssa...

I Started The New Job Today

It went OK. My Birth Certificate has gone missing, so after turning over the entire house, I had to order a new one. $60 later, it should be here next week, CHRIST!!

I am sure the original will turn up any second now....

The offices are pretty crappy, but I have a window. :) In April, the whole building are moving to a location, that will cut my commute to about 10 minutes.

I met some people I had not seen since I worked there 15 years ago, which was very cool. We have all gotten old.

The guys I will be working with primarily, are both near retirement, so the clock is ticking on getting myself up to speed. It should be interesting to learn what exactly I will be doing, but I am really looking forward to seeing what improvements I can bring to the process. For once, that is my marching no fear of being sacked because I notice things can be done better.

A totally different environment than the Civilian Federal Government, it's like having a layer of bullshit lifted off your shoulders. I am home!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Yeah, Russia Is A Super-Power

This hydro electric plant disaster proves that, and remember Chernobyl? I bet 1/2 their nukes would go off on the launch pad. More below..

Actual destruction. That is NOT a transformer explosion, that is Chechen rebels leaving you guys a bomb...


Not many bands rock this well. Out of the Netherlands... A lil bit Country and a lil bit Rock And Roll. Where the hell can I buy the CD!!!!


Saturday, October 3, 2009


Saw it today, I liked it. So did my son and his friends. If you don't dig blood and guts, don't go see it, it has some good (could have been more) gore. It's funny too and still scary, good mix. I would say 4 out of 5, for a zombie comedy flick.

I made a $1 bet with my son that there wouldn't any chicks in the audience, I lost.

You can watch the trailer here;

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Maria Cantwell Is My Personal Savior

If you were unemployed today, as I was, and listened to the train wreck that was the Senate Finance Committee's coverage; You would have heard Maria Cantwell emerge as a coherent beacon of insight and thoughtfulness..

I had to go look and see if she was a Pub or Dem, but it wouldn't matter to me. If Biden has to drop out of office (not that I would wish that on Joe), Obama would do VERY WELL to get her into the VP position, ASAP.


Not the G.I. Joe one, the stupid "Health Insurance" option you get when you are laid off like I was 43 days ago.

So, I just got the paperwork, please let me break this wonderful "subsidy" down for you.

Dental (through Aetna) not terrible, just $35.74 a month, a bit of an increase over the $5 I was paying, just 7 times the cost.

Medical (Optimum Choice, part of that Health Care United Group, cost per month):

1 child or adult: $414.78
2+ kids (no adult): $746.62
Family w/ 1 Child or more: $746.62 (some kind of cap there? I was paying $150 a month before I lost my job)

This keeps getting better: If you made $125K in the year you opted to take Cobra (I didn't and didn't) you have to report %65 of the Cobra payments as Income and pay taxes on it.

Health Careless

Since I haven't had to do much "work" over the last month, I have been listening to a lot of the "Health Insurance" debates. A few things strike me as very obvious;

Any changes to the law that might increase costs to Insurance Companies, will be passed on to the people who are paying for it (they will not lose a penny in profits.

The Republicans and quite a few Democrats/Independents want to protect these companies, because they get a lot of money from them (which is legal for some reason).

If you can decipher this United Health Group (one of the big fish) financial data sheet, they earned about $2 Billion in flat profit over the last year. I don't think that it includes profits (they call it earnings) for any of their many subsidiaries.

Um, it seems logical to me that going with a socialised plan for all US Citizens would save billions, even if there is mis-management by the government? I am just thinking of my own wallet, and not the big fat wallets of the Insurance Companies...

UK Court Serves Notice Via Twitter...

Pretty interesting precedent, it will stir things up for sure and might impact people on FaceBook and MySpace who impersonate celebs.

Bring Out Your Dead

And leave them in the freezer in Detroit..
Pretty messed up situation in my home town. I wonder if I know any of the popsicles?