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Saturday, August 30, 2008

McCain Makes Me Laugh

He just said "we are not like those who put their own needs before the people's."

I was on the floor laughing. Like any Republican EVER put the people ahead of making a profit. Not in my lifetime anyway. The "Sarah" chants are cute. McCain isn't running for president, he is supporting Sarah for VP and he is just hoping to tag along.

She spoke 90% longer than John today. A little strange. The crowd waited 3 or 4 hours to hear 20 minutes of babble. I would be a little pissed if I was there.

Woman Label

Thailand Is Not Happy

The government is happy, just the people are pissed. I see a pattern here??

Australia Sounds Appealing To Me

I bet even I could get laid there.

Friday, August 29, 2008

New Orleans duck!

Yeah, the one thing the hurricane prediction center does right (or their computers do) is predict a storm track.
Get out now people! Let's not have another Katrina. Unless you want that again? If the Levy's break again, I say let the city sink. It is not worth the cost to save a half empty city. Let it flood I say, and be done with it.

Misc. Stuff. I'm Not Dead And Cardboard Is Cool.

Bloomberg Publishes Obit A Bit Early…

Cardboard Cutouts??

John McCain Thinking With His Penis??

She isn't qualified. McCain is an admitted cheater, with younger chicks. Am I the only one seeing a pattern here? She probably wouldn't bang JM for a million dollars (.5 M Euros), just a handie might be in the works?

John is near death and picks a VP who is one step above a councilman, hmm. I don't think it will dode the Hillary supporters he wants. She is a NRA member, Oil Queen, Pro-Life and Pro-Rich. She is also too hot to appeal to those gals, I would guess.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

How's Your Oil?

I want to "float" a little conspiracy theory;

Since the US invaded Iraq, oil prices have rocketed.

Ok, that said, oil production in Iraq tanked at the same time prices spiked and they have not gotten their production back up to "par".

So, did we invade Iraq, just so we could spike oil prices and put billions (trillions?) of dollars into the pockets of George Bush's buddies (and himself, an "oil man")??

It wasn't the first time we did this either. Donny Rumsfeld, under Reagan, spurned Iraq to attack Iran in the early 80's. Look at what happened then (see chart above)? Well, at this point, Iraq oil production tanked, but our prices (for once) did not spike. Why the hell not? Oh right, "price control".

This is all a scam, we have lost 4000+ brave Soldiers, Sailors, Airman and Marines, just to fleece our own citizens. Tens of thousands seriously maimed. That's why we went to war, for profits. John McCain calls this a success. I guess it is, for him and his pals.

All data courtesy of

Canada Flexes It's Muscle

You go, no one sails your waters without papers!

Just like in Nazi Germany, no papers and go to the cooler...

Whatever, send an email and say we are passing by. If it makes them happy, WTF? I don't know why the US opposes this, except that it might slow the import of our oil a bit and we can not stand that.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This Is About The Funniest Video All Year

Action Biker - Hesperian Puisto

I got the new DC today, it didn't wow me like I had hoped, but it is not at all terrible.

ICA Lappis is pretty basic and had alot of elements (tags) from her much older music.

She is cute as a button though.

Right Click and Download the MP3s, great old stuff from Action Biker.

The Headed Boy; A Scam?

I dunno, looks a little strange to me? Neither head is crying and that just seems impossible. Why are these mutations all showing up around India? What the hell are you guys doing over there??

Fight Crime And Do Some BBQ At The Same Time

I won't say anything good or bad about this, just tell me where I can get one?

The Virgin Mary Has "Wood"

Bad joke, don't kill me over it..

It looks like she has a little Elephant trunk?

Torchwood News!

Sounds cool, there should be some good drama. I can't wait to see the new replacements for the two cast members killed off last season. Watch this show!

Man Infects Outer Space

It's not the first time either...

I bet someone was downloading porn, and who the hell lets a computer run around with no Anti-Virus software?? Any Computer!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dusters EIGHT

Aidyn returned to the empty control room on Chaffee and replayed the audio of the end of One’s last flight, looking for a clue. After listening to the screams again, he cut it off. “You might be right.” He said to no one.

In the morning Aidyn and Dinah converged on the hangar with Two. Aidyn was called away when Geoff rang him about the details of towing the remnants of One back to Earth. It was a pretty basic operation and no one hindered it, no officials got involved. The matter was settled in less than an hour and Aidyn watched One get fired off towards Mars orbit, on its way to Earth.

He didn’t know, but Dinah watched too. “They are still in there.” She said to Gildo, who was with her.

“We need to make sure that was a one time thing Dinah.” He said.

“It will be.” She answered.

They used autonomous Tugs most of the time and in this case, only one was needed. It was pretty much three big assed engines and a computer. One should reach Earth in two months after a fairly dangerous slingshot orbit that scraped the top of the thin Martian atmosphere.

With that much push, they could take the direct route and not the usual slow spiral into a different orbit. They would be met by a fresh Tug near Earth to slow it down and reach orbit around the Moon.

Everyone turned their attention to Welhaven Two. Within a week it was moved outside Chaffee and moored alongside. Dinah triple checked her software adjustments for the shutdown sequences. She hoped that she had covered all of the variables and that it would be a safe ship.

Welhaven sent two additional “scientists” to “assist” with final preparations on Two. Dinah and Aidyn figured they were more spies than help.

Two moved into the test stages and completed three missions, each increasing orbits around Mars and the last run even included two quick swipes around the moon Phobos on the way back.

Dinah’s adjustments were working perfectly and they suffered only one shutdown, which came at the end of the second test. The array in question was removed and inspected to try to determine the root cause of these failures.

After a week, the only probable cause was stress, which lead everyone to think they need a long term solution if this was going to be a viable (profitable) operation. The trips between worlds would be much longer than a few orbits around a small planet.

The matter was to be resolved back on Earth. Welhaven put their best, and some other developers on the problem. They determined a stronger casing around the superconducting coils and a hardened core should significantly lengthen their operating life.

The upgrades couldn’t be made in orbit around Mars, so all operations were stifled and Aidyn went back to Earth to work on the redesign effort, as the front man really. Dinah stayed on Chaffee, and was allowed to run some limited test runs. She sent all test data back to Earth for analysis after every short run.

You Have Never Heard Anything Like This!


I bet the kids would love it?

Monday, August 25, 2008

US Social Insecurity

I just got my paper Social Security statement in the mail. I really appreciate the many millions of dollars spent to print and mail these out. Good job USA!

The good news is, I only pay 6.2 percent of my salary in taxes for this on the first $102,000 I earn. I don't make that much money, but all of the silly Rich assed dicks who drive beamers and fly around in their private jets, only pay the 6.2 percent too, on ONLY the first $102,000 of their pay checks. This system is really designed to tax the poor to pay for the poor, but if you make 12 million dollars a year, you will still get a check when you retire. Funny!

About retiring; If I work until I am 67 years old, as of now I will get $2106 a month in benefits. In 5 years, time this will, over spend what I paid into the system. Not that I expect to see a penny or live till 67 or 72 years old, how can this plan be financially sound? The whole thing is a joke and the Congress "borrows" funds from the plan all the time, so it's not filled up like it should be.

I wonder if I can transfer this cash cow to Sweden??

If Iraq Wants the US Out...

Lets not delay? Go clean up Afghanistan and western Pakistan. 50,000 extra troops should be able to take care of that little problem.

Nou I Undrstand!

It's knot mye falt I spel bad.

India Is In Hot Water

Two little things cooking here; Pakistan is in political turmoil and within Kashmir, the Muslims are getting pissed;

I don't see anything good coming from all of this. India and Pakistan both have Nukes. Where's the UN? Oh, right, they are dis functional and have no power.

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Will I Am

Neat site, drag the different frames onto the Plat button to listen/watch. Cool, Heart Breaker rocks.

Obama Picks Biden

He could have done worse. All you Hillary supporters need to get behind these guys, or you will be stuck with McCain and I know you don't want that (unless you are a racist, then just step off). Stop crying over Hill and show some support for your boys.

Did I mention I am now a Democrat? Used to be a Republican, but their policies have baffled me for 8 years now.

The Moth

This site is great! I heard about it on This American Life today;
Copy the shortcut into a player, I had issues trying to play it directly. Could be my PC.

They have 10 other cuts here;

Friday, August 22, 2008

Mountain Dew Is Slammed

It sounds fishey to me, to have a soda running a record label? Stepping on toes is in your future dudes! I hope they have some good lawyers, or not.

Dog Saves Baby

Hmm, does this say something about "Mankind", who would probably ignore a baby in this circumstance?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

There Is Hope For Joan Rivers!

Click it to enlarge, if you dare!

So who's face do we transplant? Rosie O'Donnell, um no..
Maybe Jayne Seymour? It would be a huge improvement.
I can think of several wild animals that would also be an improvement.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Russia Is Pissed

I don't blame them either. It's a stupid and unnecessary move on the part of the US.

What's the advantage of this? We could put the system in Israel if we really wanted to contain Iran. We already have systems in place to contain North Korea. I hope the Russians blow the site to smithereens, just like Israel does every few years (with no repercussions) with their neighbors. It will be a free-for-all!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dusters SEVEN

“One, Come in One”, Aidyn called again. “Anybody? Anyone there?”

Nothing, it was a dead ship.

After a ½ hour of trying, all of One’s power systems were cut off remotely. It was floating in a stable orbit and Aidyn radioed Corporate for a tug.

Dinah was baffled and crushed, she slumped in her chair staring at nothing. With all systems off, any crew onboard would certainly be dead on arrival. She downloaded all of the logs to her room’s local terminal and recused herself from the recovery effort. “Can you handle the please?” She asked Aidyn, nearly in tears.

“I got it.” He answered, seeing the pain in her eyes. He touched her arm as she began to walk away, she didn’t notice. A brick to the head, maybe she would.

Dinah got to her quarters and cut off her intercom. She sat in front of her terminal screens and unfurled some drawings on her desk. She began at the end and worked her way back to the beginning, searching for what had gone wrong. Her virtual model of Duster Two gleaned off to her left.

She stared at it for a second and whispered to herself “This can’t happen again.”

Aidyn got the call from Geoff. He wanted the first ship untouched and shutdown. He ordered it towed back to Terra immediately. It was Welhaven property, so there was no arguing, Aidyn assumed it was part of an investigation.

A few of the staff were afraid of legal problems due to the deaths. Aidyn didn’t know what to tell them, but said not to worry about it. The Company would cover all that.

Dinah reconstructed the whole event using the logs and their own sensor data taken from Chaffee. It was bizarre, the collector field went crazy.

When it came down, the ship was left twisted and mutilated. Dinah noted the log readings and the levels of resonance from the two malfunctioning arrays right before the problems began. She would have to adjust the emergency shutdown program to initiate before these levels are reached.

Aidyn stopped by and told her the Company was taking One. She hoped they could figure out exactly what happened. It was over her head, and thought the Company should be able to sort it out. They relayed her software adjustments to HQ, so they knew the problem was being addressed.

A small service was held to commemorate the lost crew and Dinah showed up at the end. It was held in the hanger with Two. They sat cross legged on the floor as the visiting “generic” clergy laid passage to the souls, rattling off the names of the dead. Dinah just caught the end of the speech;

“and they have not passed in vain. Their heroic efforts will propel science, mans knowledge and Welhaven to new heights. The efforts you all make here are blessed and must continue. Thus the lost souls here come to see a good justification for their passage to the other side.” She said. She went by the name Madam Graghem.

Dinah didn’t talk to her after it wrapped up, she met Aidyn’s gaze on the way out and nodded towards the exit, silently asking him to follow.

She went straight to the recreation room, which was empty. Aidyn showed up shortly after her.

“I don’t know if we should continue this until we know what exactly what went wrong.” She professed.

“It will be fine Dinah, what are the odds of another failure in that exact configuration again? You have adjusted the software to shutdown if that even starts to happen, so it should be fine.” He told her.

He took her hands in his and looked into her eyes, “Dinah, you are the most intelligent person I know and you can overcome this and see the project through. This was just a fluke, a freak, we couldn’t have prevented it.”

“I should have. There are too many variables if the arrays have problems, I can’t begin to fathom the results of those.” She said.

“This was our hurdle and you found a way over it.” He said. “A shutdown will prevent it happening again, you have it covered.”

“I don’t trust it Aidyn.” She said, leaning into him and he embraced and supported her.

“To bed with you, little lady.” He said, smiling.

Tropical Stom Fay Has Been Drinking?

Or maybe it's the guys at No-Duh (NOAA). The last time I saw something weave like that, it was me leaving a Pub in Glasgow!

If this storm comes anywhere near this track, I will eat my dinner in the corner. The bad news is, if it does do this, Cape Canaveral could be devastated!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Four Tet

I don't think I have mentioned "You Were There With Me"?

Cool tune. Haunting. The video is creepy. Buy the CD.

How's Your Economy?

Ross Perot put up updated charts that show how bad the US economy is. Very eye opening.

Is Georgia Oh So Innocent?

Back in 2007 Human Rights Watch said "No".

In July, South Ossetia refused talks with the Georgian government because they were not going to include everyone involved.

So what are we to believe? I don't know, but I do know Russia asked Georgia to cease hostilities on South Ossetia and only moved in when that didn't happen.

I hate that this all comes down to one thing, Oil, which is the new world currency. And people are dying because of it.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ahem, WTF Ukraine?

A little instigation then? Why do I not doubt the US is behind this?? Why not try to "split" the Russian forces like the US forces are already? WW3 anyone? I need to buy some tickets for front row seats. I think Bush has adopted the slash and burn tactics that his daddy's nemesis (Saddam) used? Just this is diplomatic. What a legacy Cheny has forged for GW.

Bloc Party

I think they have gone astray? The Atlantic site has nothing to hear or see.

They have some talent, I wish I could meet them and help out. That "Who complex" of having a bassist who might as well be a cardboard cutout is annoying as hell. They just need a little Pepper and they would be gold.

Tired, Sick, Ready To End It?

If so, Amber Asylum is your BAND!

I have to go slash my wrists now...

Dusters SIX

Today was the day; One would do a full sweep of Mars through 2 orbits. It won’t be enough to clean up all of the ever revolving travel lanes, but it will give them a good idea of more realistic operating durations and the ship’s true effectiveness.

Dinah was going to go aboard for the all day trip, but Gildo asked her for some guidance on an assembler problem and she missed the test launch, which “would not be delayed”. Dinah had time to help Gildo and get back to analyze the data coming in when the ship activated it’s fields.

Gildo’s problem was a minor misinterpretation by the assembler, quick tweak to the data, and she suspected he might just want to spend more time with her. That made her smile as she jogged out of the Chaffee’s bay.

“See you tomorrow Gildo.” And waived behind her back on her way to the Control Room.

She jogged to the Control Room and settled into the monitoring station next to Aidyn to watch.
“Where are we?” she asked.

“Setting up the orbit now, all set to start it up.” Aidyn mumbled blandly.

Deogh’s voice crackled over the radio, “The Dusters’ ready, we got the go?”

“Go One”, Dinah replied, before Aidyn could key his microphone, he was confused.

“Duster?” he said out loud.

Dinah tapped his arm and told him “It’s what he calls them; we talked a few times last week. I kind of like it. A Duster.”

Deogh spoke next, “Engaging now, hold on everyone, 50 percent.” Then silence.

Alan and Angel repeated in succession, “Stable here”.

Deogh’s voice came again a few moments later, “All stable, going to 100 percent.” He didn’t sound as confident as a minute ago.

Dinah watched the long range visual scanner and saw One slip between them and Mars. The communications and telemetry still flowed. They were picking up more than the expected amount of debris and successfully evading the larger potentially dangerous bits.

The field was designed to not suck in anything that could damage the collectors, so they adjust automatically to expel anything larger than a basketball.

She watched the data and told Aidyn “It’s working perfectly, damn perfectly, or better.”

A few minutes later, One emerged from behind Mars and the scanner picked it up, the black section of their screens came back in focus and they could see One covered in soot and residue. It wasn’t shiny anymore, it was almost black.

“Still 100 percent, seeing fluctuations in arrays 23 and 35. You getting that?” Deogh asked.

“I see it” Dinah answered. She squinted at the readouts and said “It’s within parameters, no problem.”

“Ok, setting orbit adjustment for second pass.” Deogh quipped.

A few minutes later, the engines fired for the course adjustment. As One picked up more debris and mass, it had to make slight orbit adjustments to keep the orbit locked in.

“Spot on course” Bethany chimed in.

One was much closer to the Chaffee now and the optical scanner had a great picture locked in. The debris was clearly getting thicker.

Angel reported “That fluctuation on 23 and 35 is getting worse. I think we need to address this?”

“It’s within parameters.” Aidyn said back. “It’s probably just some debris getting into a place it shouldn’t. We’ll sort it out after the second orbit.”

Dinah saw the fluctuations spike a few seconds later and looked at the visual just as the back half of the ship began twisting counter clockwise, two full rotations plus. “Aidyn” she said.

He was watching now and they saw the forward section of the ship start to bend upward and loop back towards the aft end of the ship. It was getting thinner like when you stretch a rubber band.

Deogh came over the radio, “We are seeing field fluctuations spreading to other arrays, it’s resonating and the ship is humming. All’s ok besides that.”

Aidyn looked at Dinah and off mic asked, “What the hell?”

On board One, everything appeared normal, whatever was happening was un-noticed from their perspective.

“Cut off the arrays Deogh” Dinah asked flatly.

For a second, there was silence. Several screams came next as the field dropped and then, nothing more.

Friday, August 15, 2008

More Guns In Schools?

What could possibly go wrong?

They Tore Down My Middle School!,-83.306&spn=0.006847,0.01339&t=h&z=16&layer=c&cbll=42.387448,-83.297676&panoid=mF7IfEk1JfGA8lqDDs4Hgg&source=embed

I wonder what they are putting up??

The County Fair

We went tonight, it was fun. A local radio station (one I don't listen to) had a car race, which was entertaining.

There were 3 rounds of Demolition Derby. They do these at a lot of small race tracks too. It's hilarious. This isn't the one we were at. Jump to minute two to get to the action!

The cars at ours were in much better shape, at the beginning anyway.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Third US War Front

What could possibly go wrong? It only took two fronts to topple Germany in WW2 (look it up kids).

The US is not "committing ground troops" there, yet. It will become a MUST once we lose a few planes, or a ship. Russia does have Submarines, ya know?

What a legacy for GW. He started this, the US has had troops training and supporting Georgia (not the US State dummy) for a few years. This is another case of US aggression over what else? Oil.

I Went For A Plastic Walk

Actually, I went to my community center and back. It was a meeting. The total distance was about 1/3rd of a mile. Guess what I found while walking in a straight line, there and back?

1 1/2 foot square piece of bubble packing wrap. *
1 plastic bag wrapper of 1.5oz Cheezits. *
2 recyclable, empty aluminum cans of Red Bull drink.
1 recyclable, empty plastic bottle of Tropicana Orangeade.
1 recyclable, empty plastic bottle of Canada Dry Green Tea.
2 recyclable, empty aluminum cans of Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor (12 oz).
1 recyclable, empty aluminum can of Coke.
1 recyclable, empty aluminum can of Cat food.
1 plastic straw. *
1 Smoothie King drink cap. *
1 plastic spoon. *
2 feet of plastic coated box tape. *
1 plastic piece of a Batman collectible cards wrapper. *
2 plastic water/other bottle caps. *
1 nasty 20oz. Styrofoam cup with something still in it. *
4 other unidentifiable plastic wrappers. *
A 1 foot square piece of plastic Styrofoam (smelled funny too). *
A plastic bag that I used to collect all of this in (every time I go out I find one or more).

Everything above with an * next to it could easily be replaced with a non-plastic wax paper alternative. Everything else can be recycled!

Please talk to your friends and kids about the plastic trash situation and save this from washing into the drains, then the Oceans. If the Oceans die, we are dead. Time is short people.

Oh, there were 3 abandoned shopping carts from the local grocery, a 1/2 mile away. Stop stealing these please.

I Need A Backhoe To Clean Up After My Dog

If you click the links inside the site below, you can see some other works by McCarthy. He is a hoot!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

No Ugry Kids!!

Nice guys there in China, eh? I haven't watched a minute of the Olypics. About the funniest web site ever created.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Doves, Some Cities

Hmm, i think I need to hear it a few more times. It didn't grab me like their last Album did. I liked One Of These Days;

What Is On Your Ass??

Oh, it's the President...

"Mighty fine ass missy" he was quoted as saying, after a light smack on the rump.

Thank you, may I have another??

Dusters FIVE

Aidyn wound up figuring out the problem with some of the collectors not releasing what they had gathered. While monitoring the readouts of a mobile assembler doing inspection, he noticed small scratches on the surfaces that had trapped the debris. They needed to patch up the scratches, which should be an easy task for the assemblers.

Gildo and Taquir continued construction and testing of Two. They had daily meetings with Dinah and Aidyn to review the progress and test results. Dinah had a virtual 3D model of Two and would highlight parts of the ship that had completed checkout, so she could visually track the overall project.

Aidyn became suspicious when the progress on Two seemed to leap ahead and called Taquir into a one on one meeting.

“Taquir, this progress is a little amazing, don’t you think?”

After a brief pause, Taquir answered “Yes, a little”. He was avoiding eye contact.

“Can you explain it then?” Aidyn asked.

Looking directly at Aidyn, he answered, “The extra assemblers are making up time.”

“I’m talking about the testing Taquir, not assembly.” His voice was slightly harsh.

Taquir had no emotion in his expression, “Are you implying something Aidyn?”

“Yes, I think you are fudging some of the results.” He said.

“Then I resign my position, I will leave immediately”. Taquir stood and left the room as Aidyn tried to explain his concerns.

Aidyn told Dinah about the meeting and she went back and compared some of the recent test data and found some of the array section results were identical, which was impossible. They were all slightly different, thus unique.

“Let him go” She told Aidyn, showing him her findings. “We need to retest all of the Arrays.”

“Geoff is going to be pissed.” Aidyn said, scanning the documents on the tablet.

“Screw that, he’s the one who sent Taquir.” She said

Dinah talked to Gildo and explained what had happened. He was surprised and told her there would be no conduct like that from him. She believed him. She was starting to like him and really enjoyed their meetings and other interactions.

Geoff messaged Aidyn from Earth;

Sad news about Taquir, he is a good employee Aidyn. You are too harsh and protective of this program, so is Dinah. Make an effort to improve your progress on Two and get One certified sooner rather than later. We already have some lanes mapped out to begin operations.

No hello or goodbye. Aidyn read the message on the screen in his room and said out loud “He probably told Taquir to do that. He’s gunna get someone killed.”

They didn’t get a replacement for Taquir, so the construction and testing on Two slowed. The next test of One was set to start in two more days. The mobile assemblers were clearing any remaining debris and patching the scratched arrays. The schedule would be met this time.

The crew was analyzing the data collected from the first run and looking for ways to improve operations. Several field fluctuations on the port side troubled Moonshot, even though they didn’t seem to effect the end results. He talked to Dinah about his concerns and wanted her opinion of the risk.

“If the field becomes at all unstable, it will shut down and we will figure out what went wrong.” Dinah told him.

“What if it doesn’t shut down?” he asked. “What happens then?”

“If there is an imbalance in the field, the ship could wind up attracting and repelling debris, it just wouldn’t work capacity. We are simulating a small moon here.”

“I know that and I hope that’s all…I hope you’re right.” He said.

Dinah was spooked by the talk and ran some random field failure simulations when Moonshot left, which all resulted in a shutdown. The systems should operate nominally.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Talking With A Monkey

This is great..

Izaac Hayes, Dead At 65

I loved him in Escape From New York

China Fakes It?

I have read this a few times and still don't get the story. Was it CGI or just filmed ahead of time? I think the latter. Um, not that big a deal I guess with Russia invading Georgia. It was laughable when I mentioned this to a co-worker on Friday and she didn't even know there was a country called Georgia in Europe. Americans are soooo out of the loop.

Well, we kicked ass in the Basketball starter, but that won't make a bit of difference in our nation's debt.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Kills

Not bad, I have to check them out..

They are touring the US now. This is Wait.

Vampire Attack

Hmm, Venezuela might be an upcoming vacation spot?

How To Start A Cult

Hi kids! Today we are going to go over one of the best ways to start a Cult.

First thing is, you have to be a lunatic, very important. Then you need a computer and Internet access. Got it? Ok, lets begin.

Rent a large house, you will need this for your followers. Keep it very clean and get others to do most of the work, if at all possible.

Ok, remember that computer? Get on that and setup sites on some social networking sites and start trolling. You are looking for candidates that appear "nice". These people can often have low self esteem. This is a must, because any strong willed target will pull away from you in a hurry. You can use any of the on-line dating sites too.

Once you have your deer in the headlights, strike. Tell the you love them as soon as possible. Tell them everything you like about them (make up stuff). Say how much you like that they listen to what you tell them to do. Be nice when you first meet them and always compliment the target. This will pay off later.

Some basic rules; Accept no eye rolling. All meals will have a meat, side and vegetable. Never let them talk back to you and if they do, say "you are like all the rest". You are always right. Be commanding in bed and talk about fantasies, then try to make those all come true, no matter how perverted.

Once you have their trust, separate them from their current environment, on say...a trip somewhere. This is where you can have lots of sexy time and keep up the compliments. If everything is going good, you can even raise the idea of merging all of your financial accounts. You will need that money to grow the cult.

After a few more weeks, propose and get that ring on the finger. I know polygamy if frowned upon, so just stay engaged. All this time, you need to keep on trolling on your social sites, for more cult members.

Get the candidate to move in, this makes them a member! By now you should have all of their accounts merged with yours.

Your candidate's friends and families will leave them over time and the target will have only you to look to for acceptance. Give that gladly, then tell them to stop talking about you to anyone.

If one of your candidates leaves, don't let go. Keep talking to them and saying how much you love them. Be very hurt that they left you, cry a lot. Get them back on board and back in the compound.

I know this sounds like a lot of work, and it is, but the payoff of having your own cult with you at the center is priceless.

Get moving kids! Good luck.

(I write this out of spite for the dick who is doing this to someone I used to call a friend.)

Friday, August 8, 2008

John Edwards Admits Guilt

Yep, what I posted two days ago is confirmed. The Mike Omera Show hipped me to this.

See ya later John, just another damn douche bag. I hope Elizabeth leaves his ass.

I like to think I had something to do with this coming to light, but I am nowhere near that important.

Russia Invades Georgia

Great move Putin. Start another war, like there are not enough already.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

For A Friend..

Kind of. Listen for a change.

Bye Then.

Megan Fox Is A Saint

I HAVE to assume this is a joke, and one of the funniest I have seen in decades...

If you don't get it, stop reading my Blog. I about fell out..

Way To Represent Detroit..

Wonder why I left??

The French Glow

Not like good skin tone, but they really glow. It's getting bad over there and things have been fine here in the US. WTF? Lets send some people over there.

More Cheaters

If you get to 71 years old and still cheat, you are a more virile man than most and certainly stupider than most.

I am staying single because everyone (even your Grand-ma-ma) is probably screwing around. It's rampant and a plague.

True Irony

Hmm, good thing he wasn't designing planes or buildings

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

John Edwards' Love Child??

This story has been growing an ingrown hair and I think it's ready to pop. Since late 2007 the Enquirer has been reporting on this and I have to say, I am convinced it is true.

All work and no play makes John a dull boy, and it looks like he is not dull at all. Bad boy...

Paris Hilton For President...

Works for me.
See more Paris Hilton videos at Funny or Die

She has all the qualifications that Bill Clinton did.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rogue Wave

Well, I got the CD Asleep At Heaven's Gate and it's really good, that after just one listen. I love the tunes backed by Daniela Gesundheit <---click the link and dig around! I think Lake Michigan will be [was] the big hit, but it's not the best tune on the album.

Eyes was from some soundtrack...

Their web page;

Plug It In And Rub It

Who needs people anymore? Not women! Climax assist...

If anyone tries this toy, drop me a line. I am the curious type. What does it do to a guy??

Sunday, August 3, 2008

What's With The Beheadings?

After the one in Canada last week, this is more than a little suspect. Is this practice going to become popular?

The BBC Is Running A Nice Anti Plastic Blog

A month without Plastic.

Dusters FOUR

They settled on Deogh to pilot Welhaven One. They also interviewed Engineers, Navigators, mechanics and assistants to each. Many systems on the ship are automated, so the human elements mainly serve to monitor the situation and jump in as needed.

The crew of Welhaven One was as follows;

Deogh; Pilot.
Moonshot; Copilot (he made the cut for this)
Bethany J; Navigator (extensive cargo transport background).
Huyen T; Quartermaster (she had worked with Bethany before)
Angel; Engineer (he was highly recommended by the company)
Allen J: Mechanic (long haul experience and had a reference from Moonshot)

The crew, Aidyn and Dinah began the long “classroom” evolution getting everyone up to speed on the theory and operation of the ship. They did a few quick flights just outside Chaffee, but couldn’t activate the sweeping systems that close. They were just getting a feel for the ship and practiced the docking and undocking procedures. These were the most dangerous parts of any flight anyway.

Work on Welhaven Two had stalled during all of this and Geoff paid them a visit, returning from the company’s mining operation on Io. He was excited about the progress on One, but angry about Two. “I will get some more assemblers and the construction assistants you should have asked for three months ago Aidyn. Don’t fuck up like this again son.” And he turned and left them, speaking into his COM. He was heading back to Earth now.

Two days later the extra assemblers arrived and Dinah had Dave and Angel divert their attention to get them installed and tested. The existing assemblers did most of the work.

The day after that, Gildo and Taquir arrived to assist with construction. Dina sent them to their quarters to finish their review of the designs for a few days and Aidyn told them he expected them to make sure the other was actually working. No hand holding on this one. They were both established Welhaven engineers, so this was probably not something he needed to worry about.

Dinah and Aidyn turned their attention back to One quickly. The crew was up to speed and they were ready for a real trial run. They had permits for a high orbit test around Mars and it was now finally ready, so Dinah requested the go ahead from corporate and got it.

Two days later One left Chaffee and headed towards orbit around Mars. Aidyn and Dinah were not on board, but were monitoring the mission with a few ‘suits” that showed up at the last minute. Dinah was happy to have the “assistants” take care of the amenities for the dignitaries, so she could monitor One.

All traffic around the planet had to be halted and the run had to be timed to not interfere with any satellites. This alone took a lot of time to calculate.

The propulsion and navigation systems were working flawlessly and One arrived at Mars orbit on target and on time. This was the moment everyone knew was the key to everything, they had to switch on the sweeper system.

As One settled into the orbit, Aidyn gave them the go to engage the system. Dinah was glued to the ship’s logs, which were repeated back to her console in nearly real time. The sweeper system came online and up to half power fine, they were collecting debris and dust from Mars orbit at the rate Dinah had calculated, and the company engineers had confirmed.

The suits were impressed when Dinah shouted “YES!” clenching her fist in the air. They pulled out their COM units and sent reports back to Earth. The ship came around the far side of the planet after 30 minutes and Deogh increased the sweeper’s power to two thirds, and again everything went as expected.

The sweepers were cut off as One headed back to Chaffee and as the ship approached Phobos, they ejected the starboard trash so it would land there, then did a 180 degree turn and dumped the port side. One then did another 180 turn to face Chaffee and dock along side. It was not in the hangar anymore, so the external inspections had to be done in environment suits (ES) and some by the small mobile assemblers.

Besides some clotting of debris, everything seemed to have worked well. Several collectors had not completely ejected their load, which allowed Dinah to get some samples so she could measure the density and composition of them, which had her very excited.

The suits left and everyone got back to work. Dinah was calculating why all of the trash had not been ejected. Things should have been clean, or cleaner.

The next test was to be at full power.

Worship And Die

This is one of the craziest things I have ever read.

I think I will continue to stay out of crowded areas, whenever possible.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Friday, August 1, 2008

I Found My Retirement Location,71.358948&spn=0.072123,0.107117&t=h&z=13

I just need to build up and I think everything will go swimingly. Scroll your mouse wheel down to zoom out.

Increase Your Gas Milage

I increased mine by 15 percent by simply driving like I am on a nearly empty gas tank. This means doing things like; coasting (let off the gas and drift up to that stop light), slower starts, staying near the speed limit (why not if I am not in a rush?). It really works. If your car has a Mileage Estimator like mine does, try this. If you don't, just note the mileage between fill ups before and after changing your driving behaviour.

I can't take credit for thinking of this, I heard a guy on The Mike Omera radio show.

Think what would happen if everyone did this? A demand reduction that large would drive gas prices down a lot. The problem is about 85 percent of Americans are medium to high level aggressive drivers and it will never catch on.

Drop me a comment if you try this and if it works for you, pass it on..

Plastic Plastic Plastic