Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Hunger Games Sounds

Lots of behind the scenes..

Sarajevo Ski

I don't usually dig skiing videos, but this was casual fun.

Goldman Sachs Financed Kid Touchers

Pasha Parfeny

These guys are fun..

Virgin Volcanic (April Fools)

This is joke, right??

I have no clue how I should tag this post (a first)...

Canada Cancels The Penny

The UK Fuel Strike

Friday, March 30, 2012

The Shuttle Documentary

Narrated by William Shatner (my last big Shuttle post). Let it load ahead a while, if you go for the high definition version..

Killing The Shuttles (sort of)

I would be lying if I said I didn't choke up. But thinking about SpaceX snapped me out of it.

Space Shuttle Emergency Egress

One more time, with feeling...

Florida And Immigration

My (very caucasian) Cousin lives in Florida. She married a US Citizen, who happens to he hispanic (over 11 years ago). Today she took her 9 year old son to the Doctor. Her son was refused care, because my Cousin didn't think she needed a birth certificate and a photo ID of her 9 year old son (who looks hispanic).

Nice country we have here. Keep voing in fools.

Her quote "Thank God it was not life threatening".

My quote "Does it matter if it was or was not"?

We are about one step away from mandatory arm bands, notating our race. Where was that done before??

Have A MasterCard?

You are screwed..

I just heard an UPDATE: This is more than just Mastercard, so check your Visa/Discover accounts..

Would You Rather

This looks funny..and disturbing..and funny.

It's like Human Centipede without eating shit, still fucked up. Sasha Grey is going to prove herself to be a fine actress (so says me). She is smart. I am a fan.

The Paul Ryan Republican Budget

I read it, the first half  is just overarching numbers that don't mean anything (because there are exceptions all over the place).

Starting on page 60, they cover the Medicare/Social Security changes. The Medicare part is going to kill Republicans this fall, unless they get out front with real details.

One GOOD thing they did, is actually recoup unobligated funds across government. The only problem is, that it doesn't request a presidential decree stopping the "spend it or you won't get it next year" WASTE that goes on, in every branch of government. Had they done that, this would have some real teeth.

The really BAD thing this does, is give even more tax breaks to rich people, kills AHA (at least four times), and not even attempt to balance the buget. 

Get serious Paul...this is pretty much a bad joke.  Find the changes both sides can live with and start implementing them.

US Senate Vote On Oil Co. Tax Subsidies.

A little dated, but I think I see John McCain in there.

No republicans supported cutting the $2BN+ tax subsidies for the big oil companies.  They were joined by the following elitist “Democratic” Senators
Begich (D-AK)
Landrieu (D-LA)
Nelson (D-NE)
Webb (D-VA)

The full vote:

Yes, our tax dollars subsidize the dividends paid out by big oil.  A pass through to rich people (and a lot of Senators are investors in the very companies in question).  Pretty sickening, they vote to put our money right into their pockets...

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Respect Party Wins In The UK

This could be compared to the rainbow coalition wining seats in Congress, in the US. Considering the two govenments have been bell-weather's for the other, this fall should be interesting.

Japan's Hanging Room

Just to set this up, it's a room with a special podium, that can be retracted really quickly, leaving the guilty with a broken neck. In the video, it's the section of floor (shown retracted) with a red tape/paint demarkation.

Japan hung three people this week;

Beach Art In The Sand

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Stanford/Zimmerman Police Reports

Via Daily Caller, so I assume it's the real deal.  No signatures on the report thuogh??

Eurovision 2012 Finalists

My top pics, in no specific order.

Iceland: Greta Salóme & Jónsi

Greece: Eleftheria Eleftheriou (wins for sheer provocation, awful song though)

Latvia: Anmary (wins for cuteness)

Romania: Mandinga (wins for most smiling and having fun, I like the drums too)

Switzerland's Sinplus "Unbreakable" tries way to hard to sound like U2 (no video).

Finland: Pernilla Karlsson has a good voice. Very "traditional" entry.

If you want to scratch your eyes out and tar off your ears, watch Albania's entry;

Part II Tomorrow..

A Bit More Beastles

Mars Science Lab Landing Zone

Pretty cool, they can travel all that way and accurately target an area about 22KM across.
Gale Crater, Mars

The Internet Will Be Down March 31st.

So says Anonymous.

DJ BC and the Beastles

Ok, I am fucking inpressed...

All Cattle Come From Persia (Iran)

Ocean Currents

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Jupe VS Depe

I only post this, because watching the guys in the background, as the cat fight goes on made me laugh out loud.

I really thought this was staged, at first.

Jews Can Hate Too

It's ironic, considering the oppression Jews have faced, that a Hasidic Jew sent this email out to everyone at work today;

I want to let you know that the state of Maryland recently passed a bill (HB 438) that legalizes same sex marriage in Maryland. The governor has signed it into law; and it will take effect next year if it is not overturned by a state wide referendum. Signatures need to be gathered to put the referendum on the election ballet in November.

I have official Maryland petition sheets that you can sign to help with this effort.

To sign the petition you need to:

1) Be registered to vote in the state of Maryland.

2) Print your name and sign your name as it is shown on your voter registration record. This can be found at

3) Include your address, date of birth, and date of signature when you sign the petition.

If you are interested, please see me (cubicle ###F) this week after regular working hours. As of next week, in order to comply with the company's new solicitation and distribution policy, I will no longer ask for or accept signatures at work.

I am sending this out because of the belief that marriage is a holy union between a man, a woman, and God. The company has not approved this email.

I will not send any more emails to you on this subject unless you ask for one. So there is no need to request that I not email you again on this subject.

Jeremy ######

If I find out what HR does about it, I will post an update.

UPDATE: That's an Apology??

It has come to my attention that some people were offended by the email that I sent out earlier today. I tried to word the email in a manner that only criticized a government policy but not any person or group of people.

It was not my intent to make anyone feel uncomfortable or to hurt or offend anyone.

I am sorry that an action of mine has hurt some people. I will not do it again.

Jeremy ######

FIA To Cancel Bahrain Race

Just like last year, suck it Bahraini Government..  Stop killing your people.

Monday, March 26, 2012

How Much Pink Slime Do We Eat Each Day?

Beef Products Inc. produces about 900,000 pounds of it, per day.'s not just beef processors doing this folks..

France Turns Over The Toulouse Murder Videos To Al Jazeera

In football terms, this would be a punt. What ever will AJE do with it??  Burn it of course..

Artsy Brea Grant Video..

Nice homage.. I had not noticed the "somewhere over the rainbow" nod.

Her new Kickstarter project is here;

Colombia Steps Up FARC Offensive

Funny, they don't tie this to the Free Trade Treaty with the US. It totally is. US Companies want to relocate from China to Columbia (lots of help from IAOP)

They have to clean up the country's Rebels so the US business' can operate securely.  China is going to be pissed as this all goes down..Should be interesting. Seen Red Dawn?

UK Marines Shot By Afghan Soldier

I thought they were mad at Americans?  We need to pull out and cut them off.  Leave a Special Forces anti-terrorist unit to run the drones with the CIA.  No more patrolling/mixing with the Afghan Army.

Prove You Are Gay, Or Join The Army: In Turkey

When I was in the Navy, a guy took a picture of himself doing something much more difinitive, handed it to the Captain, and say "I want out of your Navy". I understand he had excellent scores in school, but had found out that the Navy was not the gay bastion he had hoped for.

Doctor Who Season 7 Trailer

I am all in...

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

IAOP Top US Outsource/Offshoring Companies

Yet another closed US factory

Here's our buddies, that excel at sending our US jobs to Asia, and very soon, Columbia.  Let them know how much you appreciate that.

Deploy Patriot Missiles In Okinawa To Kill North Korean Satellite?

Ok, wait. Okinawa is about 600 miles from the path of this launch. Why not use Akita Prefecture, which would be right in line with the North Korean missile?
Better yet, send a UN delegation to verify it's just a satellite, and let them shoot it?

Carbon Sequestration

This is one of the stupidest ideas ever conceived.  Do any of these "scientists" supporting this, understand Geology, and the fact that the Earth regurgitates it's upper crust constantly?  It's only a matter of time till this carbon is freed.  Especially in a major earthquake zone.

State Dept. Grants Exemptions From Iran Oil Embargo

Obviously these "sanctions" are not being taken seriously (listed countries below). It might be a concession after Iran agreed to talks, but it's totally typical tactics to string on the West, then give nothing. Interestingly, China and India were not included. They are paying Iran for Oil, with Gold.

Czech Republic

Prohibition Still In The US

I had now clue...  This might answer why I fled Michigan?

How To See Around Corners

Mice job MIT.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Old Japanese Want The Radioactive Rice

It will save the kids from eating it, and let them see it's not so bad. While the Elders waste away, the kids can watch them die in pain? Is that good?

House Rep. Scott Rigell Is Slick..

Turn this into a Tech Park

Yes, Scott Rigell is yet another Republican, itching to hand over public lands for private development. It boggles my mind, to what ends big business will go, for "development" on what belongs to every US citizen.

Read at least the last page. Then the rest if you like.

120mm Mortar Blows A Crucifix

Coincidence? It's visualizes my whole rant on Religion leading to War. This is right off the USMC Flickr page (which I enjoy a lot). No photoshop.

New Zeland Blew The Megaupload Raid

Give him his stuff back, idiots. Their (and the US') entire premise is ludicrous.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Riding The Booster

ILM tweeked up the audio, I had seen the footage before, but this is very cool.

Republicans Hate All Muslims

Now that I think about it, Hispanics too.  The following is from their Human Events email blast (that makes me chuckle, so stupid).

The mainstream media and numerous books strike a common theme: "True" Islam — as opposed to the terrorist's "extremist" version — promotes peace, justice, freedom, and tolerance.

The problem with this argument is that it is false and, therefore, dangerous, since it blinds us to the true nature of the enemy we face.

We at Human Events want you to know the truth about Islam's violent teachings, bloody history, backward culture and morally depraved founder.

Exposing myth after myth of the "Islam means peace" establishment, Robert Spencer tackles all the hot-button issues regarding Islam and the Crusades.

And now, for a limited time, The Politically Incorrect Guide™ to Islam (and the Crusades) is available to you.

It's the periodical that the peerless Ann Coulter, our legal affairs correspondent and a key participant in our weekly editorial meetings, proudly considers her editorial "home" — and where you can her trenchant, biting satirical columns.

Says Ann: "Not only do I write a weekly column for Human Events, I devour it from cover to cover. Why? Because it's the one newspaper I can count on to bring me the absolute, unvarnished, hard-hitting truth. And so should you."

Human Events is written and edited by gutsy people who will rescue you from the sticky tar pit of political correctness that passes for contemporary reporting... not girlie-boy editors afraid of sticking to their guns!

That means by reading Human Events, you can count on learning the news the liberal media try so hard to keep secret!

For example...

In a recent issue, you'd have found out President Obama's record-shattering spending spree is nowhere near finished...

Human Events, reported after his "economic stimulus" (which created no jobs) and his $550 million "taxpayer investment" in doomed solar-panel maker Solyndra — the President now intends to spend your money "to do our part" in the coming massive bailout of the deadbeat European Union.

You'd have also learned the truth about the frightening power of America's teachers' unions...

Human Events, reported that while New York City's mayor Michael Bloomberg successfully banned the unions from hiding hundreds of discredited or incompetent teachers in so-called "rubber rooms" at full pay — His Honor won only a partial victory. The disgraced or unqualified teachers still can't be fired.

You'd have found out the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is adding a new type of "disability" to its already long list — dropouts...

Human Events, reported the EEOC is warming to the notion that people without high school diplomas — including many dropouts — may be considered "victims" of a "disability" if the commission can carry out implementation of proposed new rules.

At Human Events, we consider it our responsibility to bring you stories like these — precisely because they've been deliberately hushed up by liberal outlets.

There's so much at stake today. America faces a presidential election during the most serious financial crisis of modern times. Never has it been more important for you to get the truth — not disinformation from a mainstream media that functions as the "unofficial" political arm of the White House.

Faux (FOX) News Lies

If they had an actual lawyer read the bill, they would see an individual protesting would have to cross into the defined exclusion area, and assault someone, or be carrying a weapon, to really get in trouble.  The Law applies mainly to POTUS and VP residence's.

Iraqi Militias Stone 14 Teenagers

Seems they don't like "goth" kids.  If they are getting killed, you would think the parents would step up and demand the Police get involved.  Oh wait, I forgot.  The Militia are the Police..
Did I mention the kids are dead?  Just wanted to clarify that.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Flip Me Off

I am noodling out how he did this. I think it's a mix of stop motion and real time back flips. Great editing...

It's The Economy

I was just pondering where the economy is today, vice when I was a teenager. The top US earner's tax rate in 1975 was 70%. By the end of Ronald Reagan's first year, it was down to 50%. Ronny had it down to 28% by the time he left office (in a cloud of Alzheimer's fog). A reduction of 42% over 10 years, and the US saw the first big spike in debt. This debt should be Ronny's legacy. He set a standard.

In 1990 Clinton came in and bumped that rate on top earners up to 39.6%, and he balanced the budget over his 8 years. He didn't actually reduce the debt at all, because as soon as a surplus was apparent, Mitch McConnell stepped into the spotlight and peeped "They earned it, let them keep it".  The same thing he did late 2010.  So the rich get to keep that top rate at the 37% level set by George Bush in 2001. 

Debt has been rampant cince 2001, and letting the Bush tax cuts expire in 2013 will be a start at fixing this problem.  A full scrapping of the tax code will make this better, becuase the effective tax rate on top earners (as demonstrated bt Mitt Romney) is closer to 15%.

Dividend earnings should be taxed like any other income.  And in case you didn't know, anyone who says "broaden the base" wants to tax people at or near poverty.

Is Jupiter Trying To Kill Us?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ahmadinejad Grilled By MPs

Fighting with Parliament and the Ayatollah? Your days are so numbered dude..  And I dare say, he would welcome an Israeli air strike (maybe even fake it), so he could cry that "he is the one that can defend Iran" (similar to what Bush 2 did over Iraq). 

China Premier Pushes Reforms

I guess they are feeling those ripples of discontent from the underclass, and the US investors. It could all implode any second. Hurry...

Wen Jiabao has hinted at this before, but this is very straight forward for the first time. Say "thank you President Obama".

Don't Talk Shit

Dick Cheney Says Canada Is Too Dangerous

Kony 2012 Screening In Uganda Causes Anger

Maid Abuse In Middle East Continues

Just stay in your own country, too many people don't respect their own women, much less a foreigner.

USMC Flickr Photostream

Some cool stuff buried in here.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

Venezuela's Oil Spills

Not good to kill the water supply of the locals. Just sayin's Hugo..

Rep. Walter B. Jones

What's he doing to that kid??

Walter introduced H. CON. RES. 107, which would make using the War Powers Act an impeachable offence. Why not just repeal the War Powers Act??

Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Live, acoustic, in an alley.

Active Denial, Easier Than Tear Gas

A great way to get protesters to run away, microwave them. I bet if someone is holding a gun (or flag pole) would see that heat up really quick.

DOD tried to deploy these in Iraq/Afghanistan a year ago, but quickly (and quietly) removed them. I guess they took the time to dampen the effect (or strenghten it?), now it could be deployed right here in the US.

Trenton New Jersey Government Can't Wipe It's Ass

Nice place to live eh? Don't shake hands with anyone on City Council...

13th Bank Closed By FDIC In 2012,0,7463900.story

As you can see from their website, they are cooked...

The bitch is (because they couldn't find a buyer), anyone with more that $100K in accounts there screwed.  The FDIC insurance covers only $100k.  I do wonder who got rich over the whole collapse?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Moth, Just Moth.

The Most Astounding Fact from Max Schlickenmeyer on Vimeo.

Some people hate all moths. Fuck you.

We ARE Stardust..

The Most Astounding Fact from Max Schlickenmeyer on Vimeo.

Russian Submarines And A Werewolf

Very realistic, except the silly moustache's

RED MOON from Sirocco Research Labs on Vimeo.

The Latest House "Jobs Bill" HR:3606

This puppy defines an "emerging growth company" as any business with gross revenues of $1BN or less. That's nine zero's behind the "$1". No shit..and that is the definition of a company that needs help??

It removes the Dodd-Frank requirement for a share holders vote on executive compensation, for "emerging growth companies".  So these guys will continue sapping profits/growth.

Companies registering as an "emerging growth company" don't have to provide more than 2 years of audit data, so the biggest hedge fund losers on Wall Street, can easily qualify for the program (get richer!).

It limits disclosure requirements on Auditors of an "emerging growth company".
This is pure genius, and sets up the next big Market crash beautifully.
Did you know the rich get richer when the Market crashes? They do.

This blocks the FEC from regulating an IPO of any "emerging growth company". (Why have a FEC at all??)

I could be wrong, but Section 1.C seems to eliminate insider trading laws for "emerging growth companies", they can talk to potential investors openly.

This requires the FEC to consider financial filings "confidential", just because they were filed after 2009 (blatantly hiding information from investors and the public).

Here's the bill;

This bill passed the House with strong bipartisan support, so we should all be aware that the US Government is selling us out at every turn, to big business.  WAKE UP!


Some damn good ole' Rock And Roll here..

Santorum's Tie To Jerry Sandusky

Child screaming "Don't touch me".

Oh my God, he was in cahoots with that Penn State kid toucher!!

It's actually a crap story. Politicians do that kind of stuff all the time, they didn't know Santorum Sandusky was a kid toucher.

China Blocks Airbus Purchases, Because Of Cap And Trade In The EU

I wonder what the impact will be to Australia?


A very enterprising idea..well done.

Anti-Rape PSA

People in the UK are wondering if is was over the top. Nope..

Kenya's Nurses Go On Strike

The government fires them all, asks retirees to come back to work. Reminds me of Reagan and the Air Traffic Controllers.
This photo has nothing to do with this story.
Cute though.

Solar Storm

Magnetic field data from the Sun over the last 24 hours.

Pretty stark..

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Division Of Gravity

The Division Of Gravity from Rob Chiu on Vimeo.

This is like a kick in the nuts.

Mouse On Mars

A study in taking an average dance video, and making it over the top crazy.

Mouse on Mars 'Polaroyced' - Directors Cut from Polynoid on Vimeo.

Senator Amy Klobuchar Gets Some Pork

Bill Summary:

Votes:  (bipartisan pork)

Here's the project that we all get to pay for.  I have never gone there (and never will).  That is the definition of a congressional pork project.

It was funny that the House web site didn't show the Bill on the main page of the site.. (pulling the wool over our eyes).

So for 6000 people in Stillwater MT, and 700 in Houton WI, we Americans are flipping the bill of $633,400,000.00.

New Pics Of Apollo 12 Landing Site


Killing US Terrorist Citizens,0,4658910.story

A lot of people have their panties in a wad over the explaination the US Attourney General gave for killing Americans without trial.

In the case of Anwar A, he had renounced his citizenship, and vowed to attack America with every chance he had. He did that on youtube, and in AQAP statements. He almost blew up a jet, while landing in Detroit. He was declared a "terrorist". If you don't do all that, this won't apply to you.

If I had the opportunity, I would have put a bullet in his head myself (no Trial, Judge or Jury). If you have a problem with that, you are not thinking about it. Or you just listen too much to foolish pundits.