Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nevada Judge Attacks "Knock-Off" Web Sites

The big search engines yawn.

Personally, this fake "merchandising", which mostly comes from China, is a scourge.  I can support this, because it's a physical medium.  Whatever will Google, Yahoo and Bing do??

Simon Velez Bambu Art-itecture


Is That Racist??

A pissed off English lass...
I can't believe no one smacked her, or took a piss on her. It's one world..

Star Trek Watches Star Wars

Nice bit of editing..

Syria Sanctioned By Turkey

It might not seem like a big deal to American’s, but this is HUGE!
Syria and Turkey are close, very close (neighbors). And Syria can’t do anything to retaliate, because Turkey will cut off the Electricity. Then Syria would truly be in the dark. The ensuing humanitarian crisis would be massive.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Iran Allows Act Of War Against UK

Attacking an Embassy is considered an act of war, because the ground the building stands on is agreed to belong to the hosted country. Considering the US/UK presence in Afghanistan and Iraq, it would be really easy to attack Tehran.

I just hope they consider that.. The initial reports in Iran, of hostages, was quickly buried.

I don't know who stoked these "students" into attacking the embassy, but they did a good job of it. Every Iranian I talk to outside the country, calls the "government" (dictator) there "crazy".

BAE Back In Court

That's genius, hire a Medal Of Honor Vet, and disparage him when he criticizes the sale of sniper scopes (better than what the US has) to Pakistan....

Settle out of court, make it go away.

Nice Short - Full Circle

Japan's TV Car - FUN-Vii

Considering what an energy hog it would be, it cant be practical?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Slim Pickings, Fat Chances

About the best cartoon I have seen in 30 years..

Bush/Blair Guilty Of Genocide

Well, so says Kuala Lumpur.
I guess he did lick fucking black people

Wow, The Kuwait PM And Cabinet Resigned Today..

Everywhere the US goes, and throws borrowed money, corruption follows.

Facebook IPO In Early 2012

So here is how this works.  Zuckerdick picked out a brokerage firm, who sells "preferred stocks" in Facebook to really rich people.  They get these pretty cheap.  Then they form a company "Board" who decide how many shares of stock they will sell in the IPO (initial public offering).  These will start out at the same price as the "preferred stock" all those rich people have.

The rest of the world will want to get in on the ground floor, and drive up the "value" of all of the stock by buying at higher prices.  Once things peak and Facebook gets pressured to put up more ADs, so shareholders can get higher dividends, they will bail and sell the stock.

Facebook will suck more than it does today (which is hard to believe).  A lot of rich people will be even richer.  Any 401K that invested in Facebook will take a hit when people flock to the next "big thing".  We saw this before, it was called the .COM bust in the 1980s.  Delete your Facebook profile on December 7th and screw the IPO.  Screw the rich who are banking on it, like they have been screwing the rest of us for decades.

Jetpack In Formation With Jets

Kinda cool.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

DR Congo Election Mess

Shocker, another African state being run like they are a member of the Soviet block...

Russia Fails To Win In South Ossetia

Screw you guys (get some balls), you can't hold an illegally annexed tract in Georgia, and you can't get a probe off to Mars. Your soon to be "President" is still a sham. Push for a real political party that represents you/your people.

Zimbabwe Women Raping Men

Swanland Ship Sunk

Pretty amazing that Prince William was co-piot on the rescue. Cheers!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Since I am On About Lesbians..

Yeah, that's it exactly. The "Bull Dyke" covers your face, then smokes a pipe in her underwear. And she turns out to be married.

I personally love Lesbians, and have never seen this kind of creepy behaviour. They do get pissed at gay jokes though. Lighten up ladies, it's just a joke...

Japanese Lesbian Beats 4YO Son To Death?

Put on some Melissa Ethridge and chill...

This video has nothing to do with that sad story;

Dog Saves Crash Victim's in Japan

Carrier USS George H. W. Bush Arrives Off Syria

This carrier should not list like that..

We can't do anything in Syria, so it's a bit of a waste to park there.  All the American's are out, right??

That's Fast Food

I get jokes...

Stop Spitting On The Bridge!

Calcutta's Howrah Bridge is rusting terribly, because people spit on it.

Mars Science Laboratory Launch

Have a good trip Curiosity.  See you in August 2012.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Rescues

They get all "Broadway" in it.

Ormie = Funny


Scicily Mudslide

So what do you do about that? Um, get off the hills. Plant some trees and grass. Stay away from streams/rivers or cravass'. Pretty basic shit.

South Korea Ratifies US Trade Deal

You have to love how they did it.  Lock out the Minority Party and have the vote.  China owns North and South Korea...  Soon they might own America too.


Nine million hits, I can see/hear why.

She covered the Phoenix song 1901, arguably better than the original.
Free MP3 here;

Phobos-Grunt Might Be Saved?

European Space Agency with the assist.  On the same day Russia says they might attack Europe for hosting the US Missile Defense shield.  How's that for reciprocation?

Sherry Rehman - Pakistan Ambassador To US

So Pakistan thinks Americans are stupid enough to accept someone because they are a good looking woman? Hmm, it didn't work out for Sarah Palin.

Pakistan offers us Sherry. She is a political star in Pakistan. I think placing her in the US might be a move to keep her safe? She rarely wears a Hijab and she smokes.

Here is her take on the Mumbai attacks (poor Pakistan)!

Russia Will Attack US Missile Defense Systems

I don't blame them, we need to get Russia involved or they will never support it.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Iraq Wants Japan's Investment

Um, what the hell is al-Maliki thinking? They need to rebuild their own country. Go ask Australia to invest. Or Dubai....dummy.

Chevron's Turn To Kill The Ocean

Thanks For Screwing My 401K

Congress, once again, let's America down;

It wasn't just the Joint Select Committee ("Super Committee") to thank for this. It was a "team effort" by the House and Senate "leadership" (ahem), with help from Grover and pressure from rich campaign donors.

I don't know about you, but if I see a name below my Congress-woman/Senator's, on the ballot, whoever it is gets my vote. Between the insider trading/massive benefits/speaking fees, these people are gaming what Congress was meant to be. They are all there now, just to get rich.

If there are real exceptions to that, speak up. Take a pay cut. Put your reimbursements/work expenses on your web page.

It is true, if Congress took the next year off, the country would be in a better place.  They just make it worse, again, a team effort.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This Is Great...,0,3582708.story

US Airforce has new BIGGER bunker busting bombs.  So, when are the Iran/China wars staring up?

DMC Feat. Pauley Perette

I totally love her.

Shaking Through

You can download the MP3 of the song here, free!

Shocker, Arthur C. Clarke Was Right

Europa is probably the best chance of finding life within our Solar System.

If you never saw/read 2010 Oddessy Two, check it out. It still holds up.

1992, A 12 Year Old Girl Spells It Out

Severn Cullis-Suzuki gave this speech to the UN Earth Summit.

Clinton Convoy Attacked In Thailand

Hmm, she is there to help and gets attacked?  Ok, fine...take your toys and go home Hillary (they don't need military equipment to attack their own people).

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What To Do With Fannie And Freddie?

Today The US House Of Representative Financial Service Committee voted to restrict huge paychecks/bonuses for the heads of the bailed-out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  50 of the 54 members agreed on this!  That is huge!!

Amazingly, everyone except the following 4 agreed to cut the $5 Million salaries (that's before bonuses) paid to these people, and cut them down to similarly ranked Federal employee rates.

Luis V. Gutierrez Democrat

Mel Watt Democrat

Steven Lynch Democrat

 John Campbell Republican

Um, I guess the take-away from this is that the party in power wants to keep getting rich.  Oh matter who is in power, the rich will keep getting rich.  It might be getting close to time, to just let "the meek inherit the earth".  There are a lot more of us, than them.

Losers - By Everyone

Sasha Grey Reads To School Kids

What the hell? I never got a porn star in the class room in Elementary School. I feel totally ripped off. And, since she retired from porn, she has proven herself to be a good actress and a funny lady. Props...

Iranian Dies In Dubai
So the son of a member of the Expediency Council in Iran commits suicide. Iran is right to worry, there are special forces out there that excel in executions that look like accidents, or suicide. Iran should think about where their forces travel outside the country, and maybe think of the risk. That is, if they want to survive.

As usual, I heve nothing but love for the regular Iranian people, it's just the crazy government that needs replacing.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Congress Screws The USPS

This week Joe LIEberman and John McCain teamed up to screw the USPS out of around $45BN. They (in a "bipartisan" fashion) stole the money they USPS was forced (by Congress) to pre-pay for retirement benefits...for all their employees.

So this $45BN is in the Treasury, and John/Joe decided to keep that so they can fund tax breaks for the rich. They did give the USPS $7BN to use as a carrot to get older workers to retire. Great idea, a giveaway!

Then they were marking up the Bill, and Rand Paul (the "Constitutional" hawk) offered up an amendment that would steer the USPS straight down the road to being privatised.  Delivering the Mail is one of the few things our Constitution says the Government SHOULD DO!  Why is Rand defying the Constitution, and referencing the Magna Carta???

F-15 Jet Crash in Japan

The Pilot blacked out, what the hell?  Must have been trying to impress someone, stupid...

Sir Richard Branson Interview
If you have never listened to it, the Dinner Party Download is a great Podcast. It's being picked up on some NPR radio stations.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Matt And Kim

Fun is good..they have fun.

Acid Girls = LIKE

Food fight..

Glass Candy

I just wanted to acknowledge this band. They have some promise, much like the Washington Redskins. I am watching..

Citigroup Splits/Sells EMI

Most people anywhere in the world will not see, or comprehend the enormous scope of this deal.

Universal Music gets the Artists, and Sony gets the copyrights to all that has gone before. I think Sony wins this one.

To quote the Sex Pistols 30+ years ago, "Goodbye EMI". I guess Citi needed some cash? The ripples of this will go on for decades.

Ali Abdullah Saleh Has To GO!

Yemen needs a new President. Where the hell is the UN/NATO/US??

Michele Bachman Vs Occupy Wall Street

OK, if you watch this closely, Michele shows that she is actually a compassionate human, if only for a second. She smiles and wants to laugh when the disruption starts. Why couldn't she just laugh, clap and nod? She would have shot up in the polls with independents. I think she might be able to be turned, she was a Democrat before.

Oh wait, I have a lot of issues with Democrats too. We REALLY need a "Middle Party". It will be great, and everyone will be invited.

Why Dates/Times Don’t Matter

It’s the arrogance of men, that will bring mankind down. I made that up. It’s true.

I find it more than funny (and sad) that man thinks a date and time that he created, will have any bearing on anything in the world. The fact that people continue to buy into these “end of the world” fables, only proves how arrogant and ignorant man is.

Nothing we do will bring the world to an end. If we over-pollute/over-populate, the planet will kill us and then move on to develop a new food chain. It's up to all of you to stop that from happening. God won't help on this one.

CSS - City Grrrl

Ireland's Richest Man Is Bankrupt

He doesn't sound like a bad guy, nothing I saw about his screamed greed.  He just made a real bad bet in the US/UK real estate market.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Submarines And The Cold War

A nice story from CNN. giving us some props...

I was on the boat when this pic was taken.  The guys in the picture are the XO (front left), our LPO Quarter Master in the rear and Admiral Rickover front right. 

We were not told Rickover would be on board, only found out when the Cooks had to peel grapes for this asshole/genius.

Demi Lovato - Skyscraper

She is up for a Latin Grammy tomorrow, pretty damn good.

Surfing Biggest Wave Ever

Save The Rich

I get Irony...

NPR Investigation Busts A Corrupt Judge

Former Georgia Judge, Amanda Williams
(What a looker)

I heard this story when it first aired on my local NPR station, and couldn't wait to hear a follow-up.

So happy that this crusty bitch will be facing charges, and most likely removed from the Court forever.  Thank you Ira Glass and the This American Life show.  They are changing the world in a good way.

This Isn't Syria, Berkley California

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Man, Rick Perry

Drunk again.."oops". He is my fucking candidate for sure..

Webcam = THINK

I don't have one, and don't want one. Call my cell or come over.


Very cool animation, great music, and a cool story...

Net Neutrality In The Senate

OK, this is REALLY important. The Republican House members passed this Bill, and I can summarize the impacts of it:
  • If you download more, you pay more.
  • If you upload more, you pay more.
  • If you have a Server, you pay more.
  • If you use Netflics, you pay more.
  • If you relentlessly watch cute kitty videos, you pay more.
  • If you are 70 years old and only check email twice a week, you pay the same as you pay now.
  • If you listen to InfoWars once a week, you pay the same as you pay now, maybe.
It allows Internet providers to throttle access speed, based on what you pay for (IE, going over 1GB a month). It ends the concept of "paying for the pipe size" (IE DSL vs Cable vs Dial-Up). Which means, the provider can't throttle you.

I can only say the impact to small business' if this were to pass would be terrible. Imagine a startup starts getting traffic, and immediately gets throttled by the ISP? It kills business. Of course at some point, the business would realize they need a "bigger pipe" and would pay more to make that happen. It's the threat of being throttled as that happens, that would kill availability. Kill business.

So, I am more than happy to report that President Obama has promised to Veto the bill that all Republicans support, should it get to his desk.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

WTF US Airforce???

I have "lost stuff" in my time, but soldier's body parts?  At Dover, on US soil?  I see some dishonorable discharges coming, and whatever "civilian" contractors are involved need to be removed.

Libya ex-PM al-Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi Extradited

Ron Paul's "Plan To Restore America"

Pretty good stuff here;

Um, where to start...
FAA/TSA = Privatised, that should be fun. What could possibly go wrong?
FDA = 50% cut from today.  Ecoli anyone?
NIH = 30% cut from today.  Sounds reasonable, I used to work there and it's a bureaucratic mess.
DOJ = Cuts a lot of programs, see link above.
DOA = Kills research/education and WIC.
DHS = 30% cut from today.  That's smart.
DOE = Eliminated.  Good luck refueling any Navy Nuclear ships/subs.
HUD = Eliminated.  We need to fix the bridges, so the poor people have something to live under.
Departments of Commerce, Interior and Education = Eliminated.  Bye to all the national parks, trade access and any semblance of learning standards.
WELCOME TO 1910, all over again.

Fracking = Shaking

"Energy" company with international ties, admits Fracking causes earthquakes.

The actual report from Cuadrilla Resources is here (on their web site, a PDF);

Europe’s “Insult” Diplomacy

Honda Asimo Is A Pretty Cool Robot

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Crystal Cathedral Implodes

And if there is a God, that diety would be happy. It's one of the most subversive and corrupt "churches" in the US.

This "lady" needs eggs:

Sixty years of sucking your money out of your bank accounts...

HNTB In Bed With Rick Perry?

Well, yes they are.  HNTB is one of those companies that loves to rape Americans for basic services, like driving on a road.

A great example of "pay to play" under Perry's administration.

Yet another corrupt evangelical pretender. They are all in it to support big business, not us on main street, medicare/medicade/social security. Perry will push all that into the rubbish, and preach the whole time he does it (like Bush2 did).

Keller Crockett Is A "Right" Thinkin Merican.

The fucking bigoted redneck idiot..enjoy your ignorance, you fool.  I would love to show this ass how well I can shoot...

US Senate Kills Another Jobs Bill (shocker)

In my continuing series highlighting Senators who are "afraid to tax the rich", every Republican Senator voted against an infrastructure bill today (except Snowe) and one Democrat.

Joe Manchin opposed even debating the bill. I guess he thinks it's ok to have Americans out of work, while rich people get richer by the day. Oh, he is filthy rich himself.
You can contact his office at the link under his name, or call 202-224-3954..please let him know what you think of his vote.

ISS Gets Supplies

I had never seen one actually dock, and it comes in alot faster than I thought...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Greece Decides To Drag The World Down

As goes Greece, so goes the EU. And it will fuck up US and Asian stocks too. Thanks for fucking my 401K up the ass (Greek anal joke).

They are so spoiled, really "socialist". Take your are as broke as the US.

FBI's Anna Chapman Video

Get Out Of South Korea!

This story has gotten ZERO play in the US. "US soldier rapes Korean girl"

From what I have heard, the border between north and south as a total mind-fuck (similar to Vietnam). Get out of there now....

Where Microsoft See's The Internet Going

It looks "neato", but how does one really build something? Of fix something?

Lego Sculpture

I am not a Lego "fanatic" (and those people are out there), but this was too cool to not post..