Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Net Neutrality In The Senate

OK, this is REALLY important. The Republican House members passed this Bill, and I can summarize the impacts of it:
  • If you download more, you pay more.
  • If you upload more, you pay more.
  • If you have a Server, you pay more.
  • If you use Netflics, you pay more.
  • If you relentlessly watch cute kitty videos, you pay more.
  • If you are 70 years old and only check email twice a week, you pay the same as you pay now.
  • If you listen to InfoWars once a week, you pay the same as you pay now, maybe.
It allows Internet providers to throttle access speed, based on what you pay for (IE, going over 1GB a month). It ends the concept of "paying for the pipe size" (IE DSL vs Cable vs Dial-Up). Which means, the provider can't throttle you.

I can only say the impact to small business' if this were to pass would be terrible. Imagine a startup starts getting traffic, and immediately gets throttled by the ISP? It kills business. Of course at some point, the business would realize they need a "bigger pipe" and would pay more to make that happen. It's the threat of being throttled as that happens, that would kill availability. Kill business.

So, I am more than happy to report that President Obama has promised to Veto the bill that all Republicans support, should it get to his desk.

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