Thursday, March 31, 2011

Knock Knock Gbagbo!

Soo excited, have been following the Ivory Coast situation, before any of the other Middle-East and North Africa revolutions started. This was the tinder to the flame, and it's almost time to put this one OUT!

The Last Temptation Of Chris

Cute, great ending...

The Republican's Constitutional Amendment 2011

With comments..via Human Event's site.

1) Presidential Requirement to Submit a Balanced Budget: Prior to each fiscal year, the President must transmit to Congress a balanced budget that limits outlays to 18 percent of GDP.

As projected, in 2013 this would equal a little over $3TN, short $700BN of estimates.

2) Requirement to Pass a Balanced Budget: With the following limited exceptions, Congress must pass a balanced budget.

* Requires 2/3 of both Houses for a specific deficit for a fiscal year.

* Requires a majority of Congress for a specific deficit for a fiscal year during a declared war.

* Requires 3/5 of Congress for a specific deficit for a fiscal year during a military conflict declared to be “an imminent and serious military threat to national security” and the deficit must be limited to “outlays…made necessary by the identified conflict.”

Who cares about paying for our Wars? Nobody in Congress...

3) 18 Percent Spending Cap: With the following limited exceptions, Congress must limit outlays to 18 percent of GDP.

* Requires 2/3 of both Houses for a specific excess above 18 percent for a fiscal year.

* Requires a majority of Congress for a specific excess above 18 percent for a fiscal year during a declared war.

* Requires 3/5 of Congress for a specific excess above 18 percent for a fiscal year during a military conflict declared to be “an imminent and serious military threat to national security” and the excess be limited to “outlays…made necessary by the identified conflict.”

Again, who cares about paying for our Wars? Nobody in Congress...

4) Supermajority for Tax Increases: Establishes a new supermajority requirement for net tax and rate increases.

* Requires 2/3 of both Houses for any bill “that imposes a new tax or increases the statutory rate of any tax or the aggregate amount of revenue.”

* Excludes increases in revenue resulting from tax cuts.

Send in the clowns. This just means the Republicans want to protect all their tax loopholes for all their big business buddies. It would continue the attack on the middle class and poor. FAIL

5) Supermajority to Raise the Debt Limit: Establishes a new supermajority requirement for an increase in the debt limit.

* Requires 3/5 of both Houses to increase the debt limit.

* Requires a majority of Congress for a fiscal year during a declared war.

Same as #3, tedious.

6) Congressional Enforcement and Use of Estimates: Provides for congressional enforcement and the use of estimates.

They plan to hire Miss Cleo for these.

7) Limits on Courts: Prohibits courts from ordering revenue increases to enforce.

Ok WAIT, this snubs the Supreme Court from ruling on the Constitution..WTF?? It basically makes the amendment un-constitutional.

8) Effective Date: Becomes effective the fifth fiscal year after ratification.

This I actually like, it wouldn't take effect till 38 (?) States ratify it (unlikely) and Obama is leaving office.

The ONE THING this completely overlooks? Actually paying off the National Debt. This would prevent increases in debt, except for times of war, but would actually make it impossible to pay down our debt with slight revenue increases. DUH.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sexy Strapping Star Wars Art

Your US Congress

I was taking a look at what our US Congress has been up to, and I found the following pending legislation  that I found interesting;

1. Sen. Mike Crapo (best name in congress) introduced S.521 (For the relief of Tim Lowery and Paul Nettleton of Owyhee County, Idaho) as a"private" bill.  That means we can't see what it's about.  This has to violate some rule somewhere? 

I did a little digging and these two Ranchers in Idaho had to pay a bunch of lawyers fees to fend off a water rights legal battle against the Feds.  They won, but didn't get court costs.  So Crapo has introduced "private" legislation to take care of a payback.  How the hell is that constitutional Mike?

2. Senator Wyden introduced S.543 (Wireless Tax Fairness Act of 2011) which prohibits The States (legal rights under the Constitution) from setting their own tax rates on wireless users.  Um, so the States can't tax THIS ONE bit of commerce in their own borders?  Very unconstitutional, and cosigned by John McCain and others.  So glad both sides of the aisle are happy to ignore the Constitution.

3.  This is cool, Senator Saxby Chambliss want's to set up a special "legal torture" wing of DHS.  Don't worry, it's only good on "Unprivileged Enemy Belligerents"; There was another bill introduced using the same term. UEB will replace "terrorist some day?  Just be nice and raise your hand, then you can blow up anything you want. 

4. Since 2005, Senators Enzie and Barsasso have been trying to get someone called ""Ashley Ross Fuller" citizenship, without going through normal procedures.  With another "privete" bill.  WHY??  Give us a good reason and we might go along with it.

Russia Needs Men

I will be happy to take any middle aged hottie Russian off your hands, just leave a comment here (yes I know I am shallow).

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Congress Still Doesn't Get It

Carl Levin is the Chairman and John McCain is Ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Comittee. So if you live in Michigan or Arizona, you might want to drop them a little note asking why they are wasting billions of taxpayer dollars.

Chris Hardwick

I have watched Chris morph from a normal human being, into a corpotate whore. It started on G4 doing product "reviews" that touted total crap as "excellent'!

Then his twitter account turned into a marketing tool, which offended the smarter people who followed him (past tense).

Now the jackass "NERD" has signed on with GM to promote Cadillac??

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Charlotte Gainsbourg

Yeah, Beck was in there too..

In this video, they spent a lot of money on a few seconds of special effects for no real effect at all. I found it distracting.

John Moore's Work

Ya know, Egypt, Libya and beyond..

Ok, Libya = Nearly Done..On To Syria

And how the hell does a blue eyed man get to be presidenent in Syria??

FOLLOW-UP:  Never say it's over, till it's really over.  Fuck!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

James Bond Home FAIL

Ok, noisier than a trash compactor, not flush to the floor (heard of shims?) and what is up with the rug squares?? FAIL...

Dawn Update

This mission is every bit as cool as the Messenger study of Mercury. Launched in September 2007, it is a mission to provide some hard science of those planet killing Asteroids, orbiting between Mars and Jupiter. Just sitting there waiting for a nudge into an inner solar system path... Oh, it has an ION Drive too. Like a Tie Fighter.

The Death Of Religion?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Taken (The Movie)

I finally sat down and watched it tonight. Sad to say, I am sorry I bought the DVD. The first 30 minutes could have been shrunken to 5. The car chase/shootouts were out of the 1980s, really crap. The fight sequences were well designed, but poorly filmed (too many quick edits).

I don't know who started the talk about this being a great movie, but you might go back and watch Fist Full Of Dollars or Chocolate and see what a really good action movie looks like.

Congressman Scott Garrett Is An Ass

Listen to how he bullies Elizabeth Warren, for trying to protect consumers.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friday, March 18, 2011

(Notes On) Biology

Sandwich Friday?

Ok, when it's just YOU at home, and you have nothing "thawed" (or you don't want to admit that you do have anything thawed), it is time for a PB&J With Doritoes..

First, you have to toast your "healthy" Whole Wheat "non-white" bread.  If it takes more than 3 minutes, you might have Muslim bread, or a bad French made toaster...

Ok, put your healthy toasted AMERICAN bread on a paper plate, or better yet, a disposable Styrofoam plate riding on a river of Crude Oil.  Um, I don't have those..

All you have to do at this point is spread the foreign born - job killing "Jelly" on the Left side, and good old AMERICAN, budget cutting Peanut Butter on the right side. (I wish it was not organic).

Ok, that "right" thinking Peanut Butter needs some cover, so load it up with them chips!

SO close I can taste it...Put the left on top of the right (thus simulating their attempt to steifel the will of the American people, that we told them to think of in the first place). 

Once assembled, you have to SLAM this thing with an iron fist, thus mixing the left and right among all those broken Independant chips.  They now [all] will work together to fill your belly with tasty goodness, and balance the budget fairly among all Americans.  Garnish this dream with more chips, and you have a sandwich that almost any vegetarian can get behind.

Yemen Is Next..

There are huge protests going on and beatings/attacks from police.  Of any country going through this, Yemen is probably the most worrying.

Al Jazeera says the protesters are repelling Iran influance, but who knows?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

It Hits The Fan In Libya

Well, the UN passed a really wishy washy "resolution" allowing a no-fly zone in Libya, and any military action needed to protect civilians. But not invasion force.

Enter special forces and (hopefully) mostly UK and French air wings. I wonder which SSGN Sub is off the coast and about to release a shower of Tomahawk missiles on Gaddafi's mercenaries?

Al Jazeera has dubbed it "The Battle For Libya".  They have a live feed right now...

ISS Schtick

Funny, but cool that he is unpacked!

Alison Haislip - Locks Of Gold

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Parts + Labor

Very cute video...

John Kaisch

Just listened to the Governor of Ohio at a town hall meeting (happily) lay out the cuts he is making to mental health services (among others).

He took a question from a poor person in real trouble and answered "I hope you don't have to live an empty life".

That is what rich people think of poor people; As living empty lives. It is why America will fail...GREED

Insight 2011

Hair Braid

Ok, I have to admit I have dug a cool hair braid since I was a kid..

Shatner Explains Micro Processors (1976)

This was actually pretty forward looking..

You may have to click play more than once..fucking flash player...

FlashMob In Lebanon??

Why the hell not...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Dear Playboy..

I think Erika Michelle Barre is a beautiful model, but her balloon sized boobs are a joke.  Sorry hon.

Step Clap GO!


I can only hope your dumb ass dies a very slow death when your God comes back and says"What did you fucking idiots do to my teachings??" I of course would never hurt you myself, because I am "evil athiest" who doesn't wish (or PRAY) for death to any person or animal. I like peace, and your religion does not.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Voyager 1

Still trucking along, still communicating and doing science. It will probably out-live most of us.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Tontons

The kids will always surprise you..

Just A Hypothetical..

21 More Child Molesting Priests In The Catholic Church...

I can't believe people still trust these people with their Kids??? Are you insane? Since they are not releasing the names, the Vatican will just move the Priests to another they can molest again. It really makes me sick.

Unrelated: Catholic Nuns embezzle nearly a Million Dollars from a school. What integrity?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gov Rick Snyder's Power Grab

Governor Snyder is dipatching "Emergency Financial Managers" to Cities and Towns across Michigan?? Just like Hitler did after invading Poland and France? Iron fist Rick, keep it up and you will face a recall.

To Michigan, you people were lulled into voting for these people, so you reap what you sew.