Friday, December 30, 2011

One Ton Of Explosives

One MegaTon is this times 500,000. One warhead on a US nuke is expected to yield 100 MegaTons, maybe more.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Michele Bachman's Campaign;

Just a thought..

The Voyagers

I never thought of it that way, the two Voyager spacecraft, might be the only real evidence humans ever existed..when we are finished.


It is one of the MOST ANNOYING THINGS software companies do. Drop a desktop icon on the Desktop every time you get an update (listening Adobe?), but McAfee has gone above and beyond. Every time I get a virus definition update, they drop a Desktop Icon...every day. Hey Norton, you busy??

Frankie Hughes

Watch this young lady, she may very well be President in 20 years.

Arrested today in Iowa.

Relocating PMOI/MEK

So the UN blesses a plan to finally relocate the thousands of Iranians in Camp Ashraf. Problem is, no one seems to have asked their permission.

I will have to watch and see how this develops...

Nothing Says Religion Better Than Priests Fighting

The Lady

It looks like a fantastic movie.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Teri Weigel = Fail

To go from this:

To this:

Honey, the plastic surgery is not worth the buck..what a waste.

Soyuz Getting Ready

Twitter User Gets Sued

Hmm, this is a sticky situation. A guy works at a company and sets up a Twitter account promoting the company.

Then he leaves the company, but changes the name of the Twitter account. All the followers remain. So the question is; If the company considered the account their property, why did they let him leave with it? If they were smart, they would have kept the account.

I hope the judge has no clue about Twitter. The trial will have his/her head spinning. What an education.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sympathy For The Devil; 悪魔を憐れむ歌/ザ・フルーツ

Kobayashi Dorori or 北署/小林どろり

They just blew my mind...

Buddy, Girl And Mechanic

Out of Japan, they have promise.

Japan's 2012 Budget

The scary parts in this is how similar our debt is increasing. The big difference is expenditure on "Defense". Japan spends a bit over 5%. The US spends %50 of the overall budget. We spend almost the same incurring debt, as we do on "Defense".

Stratfor Global Intelligence Is Down..

If you go to their web site, it's "Under Construction". That "expect us" part is legit.

Tracking the OR7 Wolf

I understand the concern of ranchers, but I still think it's great to have Wolves back in the wild.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Old People Swaying

I have no damn clue what this is about, but it made me laugh;


Amazing Skydiving

Lana Del Ray

A beautiful video, but a depressing song. And those fake eye lashes are meant for porn stars.

Wukan Stands Up To The China Party

Amazing that China is actually addressing the issues of the protesters.  Maybe the Occupy movements have opened their eyes a bit?

The GOP Attacks The Tea Party

Don't be fooled, the (very old) GOP is drowning out the Tea Party, just like both parties will kill any attempt to cut their power. Together the GOP and Democrats are united, in keeping the US in debt (they actually think it will be forgiven) and are attempting to control the world.

I am just glad Jon said he "fought the good fight". Idiot, he has no authority left, go home and have a good holiday...ass.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Projection Art At Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque


What a voice!


Michigan Is For Sale

Genius that they are willing to sell of everything, and act like fascists. It's like nazi Germany up there. Get out people, get out!!

Detroit is organizing for a fight. Pontiac Michigan is just selling everything, but there aren't many takers.

Also, as of today Governor Rick Snyder doesn't want gay people to have heath insurance, even if they pay for it. This is NOT the Michigan I remember;

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Parkour On Roller Blades?

Prett damn cool..

David Guetta

Well made video, good tune too.

Finland Seizes 69 Patriot Missiles Headed To China

Coming from Germany, and boxed as fireworks..Oh, there were 160 tons of explosives on board too. What the hell.

There is so bad shit going on in the world, and no good can come of it.

Nat Geo Photography Awards

Bank Of America Settles,0,2935984.story
So lets see, BOA oversees/encourages people to buy more house than they can afford (with the help of the National Association of Realtors) and they get hit with a $335 Million settlement???

That equals $1675 for each of the 200K people, who are probably now homeless and have no mailing address, because the bank took the homes back.

Good deal! A win for BOA.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kim Jong Dead

If it's true, it is a great day for North Korea.  Wake up guys!  Reach out.  The world is waiting to meet you!

The Iraq War Ends

I guess I should "chime in" on this. Glad it's over. Glad we are out.

Why Dick Cheney, Tony Blaire and George Bush are not in the Hague over it, is beyond me. we lost almost 5000 Americans and another 2000 "coalition" fighters (lambs).

Iraq lost about 100,000 people, and we are leaving the survivors with the most corrupt "Government" on the planet.  That is only because Bush/Cheney are gone. 

John McCain is pissed because his DOD Contractor buddies can't keep charging the US to provide equipment for the "war".  Go die (now) you (John) old assed fucking hypocrite..throwing your "kids and grandkids" under the financial bus for decades.

Planet Of The Apes Remix

Too funny..

This Is Sooo Realistic!

I love it..

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christopher Hitchens Passes

Welcome to oblivion Chris. A whole lot of people on earth live this way every day. I think the "Master Plan" is to starve the poor across the world, so the rich don't have to pay a penny in taxes to help them.

Seems logical, right?

Catholic Church = Kid Touchers


GM Workers In Tennessee Happy Being Poor,0,969217.story

Making $33K a year is a crap wage.  I made $24K in 1987 and that was crap back then.  The rich have pushed 1/2 of Americans into poverty, and they won't stop till that is 80%.  Or we revolt and change the whole system.

Pictures Of Police/Army Abuse In Egypt

People are questioning if the attackers are Army or Police. Who's running the country now? The Army...

Click each to enlarge.

Some video;


Friday, December 16, 2011

Jyoti Amge Is A Winner

I could marry her. She would be so cheap to feed..

Death Buy Lemonade


LA Times Photo History

Congress Pigs It Up

This is the one time of year we can hear some in Congress actually berate what they do.  And do so well.  The Omnibus bill passed in the House today (and in the Senate tomorrow) continues our debt spiral. 

Congress did nothing to address the disparity in America, and the rise of the wealthy.  If I hear another talking head bitch about 50% of Americans paying no taxes, I will punch them in the head.  If you look at the numbers, 50% of Americans are considered poor or in poverty completely.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Don't Give Me The Finger

This is a sick person, who should be jailed (in India), who cut off his wife's fingers because she wanted to be better educated.  I have a real hard time supporting a country that allows this and for indiscriminately killing female babies.  India needs to get it together.  It's not 1930 anymore.  Grow the fuck up.

2011 Defense Authorization, HR 1540 

  • It's a win for GE, Section 805 will authorize a second jet engine for the F-35, $44BN wasted.
  • Section 1031 affirms use of military force, which was signed in 2001. They dick with the language, which apparently allows Americans to be detained indefinitely, but the word "disappear", does not appear in the legislation...
  • Section 1047 reduces the number of deployed nukes below the number in that treaty with Russia, that the Republicans hated so bad.
  • Section 1061 repeals a whole lot of reporting requirements to Congress (including Aircraft/Ship inventory, high deployment numbers, public military munitions sales (WTF?), Military Animal accountability and B-2 Bomber assessment).
  • In general, it lets the Military operate with much less oversight and accountability.

Darth Vader Conducts Carol Of The Bells

Were you expecting Luke?

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Why didn't anyone tell me about them before now?

You can download a FREE MP3 of a CSS remix of the song Heart Attack, which will be on their new CD that drops 1/31/12.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Black Rain

Video from the NASA STEREO mission.  The Asteroid shooting around the sun is amazing


US House Votes To Extend Payroll Tax-break And Cut Unemployment Insurance

Interesting that 14 Republicans opposed this.  I thought they all hated working class Americans.

There were 10 Democrats who agreed to this bill (probably to say they moved to the "middle") next year during elections?  Vote them out please...they are:

Braley (IA)
Donnelly (IN)
Ross (AR)
Walz (MN)

Wukan Villiage In China Revolts

They kicked out the local Communist Party politicians, and the Police. The all ran away. Now they wait for the Army to move in...

If you pray, pray for these people.

Hat's off to the Telegraph for getting someone in there.

Kids In The Hall Christmas

Time's Person Of The Year,28804,2101745_2102132,00.html

Great choice! I love the haters joining in, and becoming "protesters" themselves.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cern Seminar Today

A good one, they went over all the data proving they HAD NOT found the Higgs boson. They could have done that via the web.

What Does Earth Look Like From Mars?

Juno snapped this pic as it passed through the orbit of Mars.

Juno will catch a gravitational "slingshot" assist from Earth in October 2013, and arrive at Jupiter in 2016.

More on Juno here;

Dr. Who Christmas Special - Trailer

Yeah, try to keep me away from the TV...

Russia Bridge Fire

How do you do that? Light a bridge on fire. How? Welding, and not paying attention to the wood you are standing it burns.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Seoul Twin Towers

Trying to play this as not 911 related is a joke, and a joke in really bad taste.

Frozen Planet

I don't like to advertisee, but this clip looks fantastic..

Chinese Trawler Captain Attacks South Korea

So what good comes of this?  Attacking Coast Guard, after being busted fishing (illegally) in their waters?  I hope they cook your dumb ass.

Syrian Security Opens Stores That Strike

No one was there to run the stores...idiots.

Space-X OK'd To Rendezvous With ISS

This will be a must watch launch, in February...

US Asks Iran "Can We Have Our Drone Back?"

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Religion Continues To Divide People

I know this video is a year old..but they are lighting it up again this year, with two other towers in other locations near the border. God has nothing to do with the differences between north and south Korea.

VIDEO: Aliens On Earth

Thursday, December 8, 2011

How's That "Citizens United" SCOUS Thing Going?

Well, it let's an organization like crossroads, create a nonfactual (totally bogus) smear AD, air it all across Massachusetts, and never say who paid for it. Nice Country we have here??

I hope you fuckers are proud to be "American".-

SInce We Are Talking Drones

How stupid is the US DOD, to let a divice like this into enemy territiry without a fail-safe self destruct?? Dumb assed contractors...

Occupuy Warsaw Has A Drone!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Bury Baby Moma

Nice guys, taser the baby's momma, bury her alive.  She wins, digs her way out, and your dumb-asses are in Court.  Welcome to life in prison.

Gbagbo At The Hague

Having Gbagbo at the Hague court thrills me beyond belief.

I can only hope the other "leaders" in Africa are taking note.

Traffic Timelapse

Very well done..

Pointillism Art

I did this kind of Art in High School, and I think it's not worth the time required. The work shown is very well done, no doubt (didn't highlight the pencil outline though). But will the artist ever get that time back? Just ink the black black...

Rich People Are Stupid Too

Yeah, we are asshores who drive our ramborghini and Ferrari's rike we own the road... Tards. You earned this one.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Senators Won't Tax The Rich

All of the Republicans killed this bill today (just a 1 year little tax hike on the rich). Two Democrats, Tester (of Montana) and Manchin (of West Virgina) voted to also keep the rich...getting richer.

Don't fool yourself, a whole lot of the Senators that voted for the bill, would not have, if they thought there was chance in hell it would pass. The majority of Congress is out to keep themselves and their buddies rich. And fuck the poor.  The 90% at the bottom.

F-35 To Be Built In italy???

At least the ones for Europe;

Are these Euro bailouts over Lockheed Martin, on top of the EU debt probems??

This whole mess smells of "corporate greed". I am shre GE and Lockheed will be getting rich(er) along the way.

Cosplay/Costuming Photos

Panoramic NY Crime Scene Photos

Nice Art! Vroommmm