Thursday, December 15, 2011

2011 Defense Authorization, HR 1540 

  • It's a win for GE, Section 805 will authorize a second jet engine for the F-35, $44BN wasted.
  • Section 1031 affirms use of military force, which was signed in 2001. They dick with the language, which apparently allows Americans to be detained indefinitely, but the word "disappear", does not appear in the legislation...
  • Section 1047 reduces the number of deployed nukes below the number in that treaty with Russia, that the Republicans hated so bad.
  • Section 1061 repeals a whole lot of reporting requirements to Congress (including Aircraft/Ship inventory, high deployment numbers, public military munitions sales (WTF?), Military Animal accountability and B-2 Bomber assessment).
  • In general, it lets the Military operate with much less oversight and accountability.

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