Sunday, July 31, 2011

Syria Is A Mess

A graphic look around a hospital;

And a VERY graphic video of a guy who's head has been blown off::

Blown off by security forces (Army) that the very citizens pay for.  Nice place Syria is..

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The US Debt Issue..

If you think the world isn't watching, Al Jazeera English has it as the top story..

It's maddening, listening to the crap from both sides this weekend.  Just cut the spending/tax loop-holes and raise the Debt Limit.  Call me if you want to know how to cut spending.  I have seen the waste at DOD and "civilian" government institutuions....

It's simple, stop "spend it or you won't get it next year", and let them report those dollars back to the Treasury.  1 Trillion easy, over the next 10 years..

Think about it: If every Office/Division across the Federal Government and DOD reported back what they would have wasted, just to spend it? It's a simple mandate, "Cut what you spend, or it will be imposed upon you".


I like this, but I have no idea why...

Don't Fuck With Frogs

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Senate GOP Slaps The Tea Party, A Bit..

Lindsey Graham and David Vitter joined with Democrats today, to dispose of the House Debt bill that would force a real bad constitutional "Balanced Budget Amendment".

Graham is smart when he needs to be. Vitter, is still under consideration. Regardless, they joined in to assure that when the day comes (and it will), when the "health insurance" companies have driven the US economy to the edge of a cliff..we can end them. We can have a single payer health care system in the US.

Thanks Lindsey and David, for being forward thinking...

NYPD Disposes Of Fireworks

Least they could have done was wait till dusk...

Juno Mission To Jupiter  Some nice animation at the link.  Set to take off next Friday at 11:30 EST.  Cool mission..

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Improving Health Care, Bottom Up...

Watch the full episode. See more FRONTLINE.

Hyatt Skywalk Collapse 1981

I was in boot camp and we were cut off from news at that time. Never heard about this  Freaky accident...

Lisa Nowak Expelled From The Navy/NASA

Bye bye carzy bitch.  Enjoy retiremennt on our nickle.  She didn't get the dishonorable discharge that she deserved...

While no excuse, the root of the problem is probably some guy she totally loved (before ever starting NASA training), who couldn't take her being gone so much.  Sad ending to a great career.

Joe Walsh, Tea Party Welcher

Friday, July 22, 2011

Patent Whores Killing Innovation

Did That Stimulus Work?

I won't judge, the numbers cover it...

Bye Elliot Handler/Mattel

Historic Day

UPDATE: Bo[eh]ner has pulled out of the deal, must have had the phone call from the Koch brothers??? Asshole, missed a chance to go down in history in a good way. No one remembers extremists, we remember the deal makers. good luck next November idiots...

Not the heat on the US East Coast, but Don't Ask Don't Tell is dead (come September). The Cut Cap/Balance bill was defeated (saved us from total failure). The President and Bo[eh]ner came to an agreement on the Debt Ceiling.
If that last one goes through, I will stopp calling Jon "Bo[eh]ner", for a little while at least.

Happy day!

Super8 & Tab

Start the weekend off right!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cosplay Fever

Frantics - Her First Period

So, who’s Pushing For The "CUT CAP AND BALANCE Constitutional Amendment”? Health Insurance providers, of course...
If you look at H.R. 2560 what it does, is require the US Federal Gov. to not exceed 18% of GDP in spending (no matter how high or low the economy is). So this locks in spending at that level, which floats each year, and requires the Gov. to hire or fire people each year, based on GDP.

That would:
  • Wreak havoc at every FED Agency, especially DOD, because no one could do any long term planning.
  • It would screw Medicare, for sure.
  • But the big BIG deal, is that it would make a “single payer” health care system impossible. So America would be locked into funding shareholder payments to WellPoint/Wellcare’s stock holders forever.
  • It also makes it impossible to EVER pay off our National Debt. So we would be stuck just paying interest on that debt for all time.
Sound good to you?  If not, contact your Representatives.

I Gotta Get That Cast Off Billy..

Florida is such a great content provider!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Shell FLNG Project

It will be the biggest ship in the world.  And we give them tax breaks so they make billions world-wide.  Pretty smart.

Oh, forgot to mention it will be the biggest target on the planet for terrorists.

More here;

The US Recognized Libyan Rebels As Legit!

And now...what?  Help?  It might be a good place to test out those anti-personnel microwave guns? The ones we pulled out of Afghanistan.

Incandescent Lights Are Dead

That was George Bush's doing.  But this video has a neat demo of the differences.

The Dutch Have Infrastructure Issues Too

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shuttle Atlantis Launch Videos

If you are a space nerd, these have some fascinating moments;

You Might Be A Zombie If:

  • You feel no need, for Oral Hygiene.
  • Brain Burgers sound tasty.
  • You can’t move fast enough to catch a Bus.
  • All Coworkers avoid you. Actually, everyone does.
  • You feel no pain at all and have insomnia.
  • You can’t operate a door and just bang on the windows.
  • People keep shooting at you.
  • You slur what you call speech.
  • Police try to arrest you, but you always get away.
  • People confuse you for the Teletubbie Po.
  • Flies are more attracted to you, than the Garbage.
  • You pretend to act human when you think no one can see you.
  • Chocolate and Ice Cream are not appealing.
  • All the TV Stations are broadcasting test patterns (could also be an Alien Invasion).
  • All your friends are playing Zombie Farm on Facebook.
  • You are easily distracted by lights or noise.
  • Dogs are really annoying, but not appetising (wait, that's me?!)

H.R.1181 Bankruptcy Protection (Bailout) For Irresponsibe Gun Owners

These are all exempt from Bankruptcy Court
Yes, that is right...Republicans who want to "end bailouts" propose one for gun owners. Only gun owners, the rest of you can pound sand.

H.R. 1181 allows any gun or rifle of $3000 or less in value be excluded from the "Estate" of any irresponsible idiot filing Bankruptcy (because they over extended and bought too much house/business). Thus bailing them out, from consideration by the Courts. Republicans bail out gun owners.  The rest of you...stop dragging us down. I don't make these up!

Oh, Michele Bachmann is the top co-sponsor.  You go girl, we know who you are gunna bail out...YE_HA!

Dawn Arrives At Vesta!!

Been following this mission for years. Part one is over, Dawn is there...

Eddie Prabandono

He really loves his daughter's head.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Israel Bans Boycotts

Only in the land they occupy (Gaza).  Um, that is what Dictators do..

Mitch Says What?

OK, so Mitch is obviously gunning for a new nickname, something like "Stitch Mich".  He thinks he can stitch together a proposed law letting Democrats raise the Debt Ceiling all by themselves (written by Republicans, so they can vote against it) and he really thinks it will pass?

While I think there are a few who might get scared into signing up, the majority would balk at it and force a deal.  Don't save this for the last second Mitch (and Jon), because you toy with walking dust bag..

Wait What??

You said what Ron Paul? What was that? Really? Not running for re-election to the Senate?

Well, I gotta say;

Friday, July 8, 2011

Fukushima Progress

Getting the cooling and decontamination in line is a good thing! I am the only one mentioning this in the USA.

Retiring The Shuttle Is A Good Thing

A guy at work today asked me how close the ISS/Shuttle are to the Moon when in Orbit. So I made a graph showing the distance from earth of both (view full size).

So as the shuttle winds down, we start work on Orion:

When it's nearly ready, NASA will propose a mission. Something bigger, and much much farther than the moon.

John Carpenter Is Scary

I am not sure what scares me more, his movies or the fact that he is a fan of AKB48?

Snail Attack!!

Bloody murder..

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Baptist Hippies Are Alive And Well

The Saturn Storm

As near as I can figure it, the area of this storm is around 51,144,949,206 square KM, in total area (over 51 billion). That's eight times the surface area of the earth. Amazing..

Looks like a Volcano, or the Saturn equivalent of a planetary burp.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Space Shuttle Distances

Thank you BBC!
click to enlarge.

Very nice graphic...

The Senate Tells The House To Compromise

The only No votes were Republicans (Made Your Point).  The only Not Voting were Republicans (Pussies).  It passed 83 to 8, so you guys in the House need to take heed.  It will be OK, the Independent voters will understand, and appreciate your much anticipated proper behaviour. You weren't voted in to get nothing feasible done.  You have done enough unfeasible legislation for the next 10 years.


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Joplin 2011 Tornado

Emergency Services audio.  It's the most telling remnant of what happened on the ground. Tornado's are the most unpredictable things on earth. We are so helpless if we don't have a reinforced bunker to hide in. Please make that mandatory..

Yellowstone River Oil Spill July 2011 (Brought To You By Exxon)

Way to go Exxon!!

Thailand PM Yingluck Shinawatra

Well, she appears to have won.  I guess we will see if she's less corrupt than her brother was.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Plot Device

Really well done..

Aloe Blacc (Reggie Watts?)

Very cute..

Magnus (Very Pretty)

2000 Companies, One House..In Wyoming

Search for the address mentioned in the story, and see who all is in this house.  Our country really is screwed, so many people are more interested in screwing the system, than playing by the rules..

US In Iraq

So we are still there.  50k troops still there. And Ambassador James Jeffrey just announced he wants $6.2BN for 2012?  That's above everything the Military is spending.  Why is Iraq not able to support their own development projects, even iff the US State Deptartment coordinates?  Where does Jeffrey think this money will come from?

We need to be out of Iraq, and wrap up Afghanistan.

Thailand Bomb Disposal

I can believe he walks away..

Some Interesting Proposed Laws  by Jim Sensenbrenner  Strips funding to enforce State's Motorcycle Helmet laws.  by Trent Franks  Gives away 315 acres of Mojave Valley for an Arizona gun range.  Free.  by Louise Gohmert  Forces CBO to not factor inflation into cost estimates for non-discretionary spending?  Just pretend it will never happen.  by Pete Sessions  Lowers Corp. taxes without paying for it.  How much further into debt do you want America to be??  by  Extends Corp. tax breaks and doesn’t pay for it.  by Ron Paul  Removes Federal courts (and Supreme Court) from Gay marriage or Abortion/Privacy rights cases. He basically eliminates the Judicial branch of the Government. You know, the third branch of government spelled out in the Constitution. Good one Ron!  by Tim Scott  Lowers Corp tax to 23% without paying for it, and cuts taxes on Dividends (so the rich get richer and don’t have to pay any taxes while doing it). It has a ton of rich Republican co-sponsors.