Wednesday, March 31, 2010

World Hemophillia Day

Well, it's about bloody time!

Obama Waffles On Oil Production??

Cuts off resources in Brisol Bay Alaska, but opens up the East Coast, at least verbally. He has "a plan".

It's a pretty good ploy; Announce a totally non-binding "plan" and let every Republican voter in the country soak that in (feels nice eh?). Let the pundits clap or groan, it still tugs at their heart strings...trying his best, Obama is. That was a bit Yoda-ish, sorry.

So maybe this guy is more in the "middle" than we all thought. Seed planted.

In reality, every State that bitches about it, will be left to decide for themselves. The smart ones will buy in, because that far out in the Ocean, any oil spill would be swiftly carried away by the Gulf Stream and prevailing winds. Off to cause problems for Europe. I am probably the only person who has the balls to conclude that out loud.

It is still all just a "plan". Obama can draw this out and have some hearings in the House, or let Ken Salazar have meetings with Oil company representatives. Hand shakes, talks-dinners, drinks, pictures, let the exploration phase start! Then wait until November 7th, 2012 and cancel the whole thing.

Better yet, let Congress kill it, after the coming November elections.

NOW, look at this from an OPEC point of view; That pisses us off! But, if we raise our prices like a few years ago, the whole US will back the drilling, and we will lose a huge market share. Prices will plummet. Keep the prices low and see if they really do it. Talk about a "can't lose" genius move!! Enjoy the cheap gas this summer and thank Obama for it.

China Is A Wonderful Place To Visit

Just never have a baby there...

Pretty god damn sick..

Imperial Army Recruitment Posters

more below (click to enlarge)

I'm all in!

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Buzz Burbank Facelift Video

I couldn't watch the whole thing, but I heard he looks fantastic.


I go to this Redstate web site sometimes, just to see what they are spewing. I loved this post on "American Exceptionalism". Apparently they think a lack of "change" (progress) is a good thing? Welcome to the division between progressives and the rest.

Lets see the facts here; The Dept. Of Labor Statistics reports the following;

When George Bush (part 2) came into office, the unemployment rate was at 4.0. Pretty damn good! Over his 8 years (especially in 2008) he let the unemployment rate jump 3.7 percent, before he did anything.

In January 2009 Obama came into office and the following month, he (and over half of Congress) passed the stimulus package.

To be fair, I think the bank bailout (TARP) that George Bush passed late in 2008 is mainly responsible for halting the bleeding (and BTW, John Bo[eh]ner and 90 other Republicans voted for it in the House). But I think the stimulus package is keeping things from slipping backwards, or at least helping.

The point here is, both of these Presidents did things that have to be defined as "progressive change". Neither had much choice. So now, on to Health Care.

If anyone reading this doesn't have a story about the existing wasteful healthcash system, then you must be in perfect health. Almost every time I go to a Doctor, I am asked to get tests that are unnecessary. Like the time I had to get an X-Ray and MRI, just to have the Doc look at the results (find nothing) and pronounce I have a pinched nerve. What a joke, a $1500 joke that left me disabled for 2 months.

If we don't change the way Doctors/Insurers practice medicine in the US (cashing in) we will be driven so far into debt/high costs, that no one will be able to afford insurance.

I will take the change (progress), a change for good, and not business as usual, that most "conservatives" seem very to be happy to embrace.

Take off your blinds and stop listening to what the TV and Radio tell you. Go get the facts and reflect on your own experiences.

Hutaree = Busted

They believe in hoarding Oil, why they want to attack the Police to start an uprising against the government is beyond me?

Why are all terrorist acts linked to religion? Why do we need organized religion? The conclusion is obvious to me; organized religion leads to terrorism.

Treasury Sells CitiGroup Stock

Turning a profit would be nice. To have one thing the government did actually work, would be impressive.


I Love New York!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

That's Not In The Constitution!

There are a lot of people out there bitching about "Obamacare". And that there is nothing in the Constitution about being forced to buying anything. YOU are right!

The following are also missing from the Constitution:

"You will have clean water available for your consumption." but you pay for it

"You will have electricity in your home." but you pay for it

"You will have Medicare for your medical insurance after you reach the age of XX." but you pay for it

"You will have TriCare available to your families and yourself if you have served long tern in the US Military, with distinction." but you pay for it

"All of the State's employees will be granted free Health Care, paid for on the backs of the rest of each state's residents." but you pay for it

"You will pay for an interstate highway system." but you pay for it

"You will pay for a Space Program." but you pay for it

"You will buy car Insurance." but you pay for it (if you have a car)

"You will buy life Insurance." but you pay for it (if you are alive)

There is also nothing in the Constitution about citizens having to take a few minutes to actually learn and understand what they are talking about. Thus we have crowds of lazy people chanting everything they heard from WAY WAY WAY richer people. They only want to stay rich, and depend on you to keep them rich.

These people know you are listening only, uneducated on the issues, and they bank on it every day. They cater to it. They rely on it. Don't let them play you...go read things for yourselves.

Flamboyant Bella

Obama Sneaks In Nominees

This is actually standard practice, Bush did it when the Congress stalled his appointees, as did the previous Presidents. This shouldn't be news, it's business as usual. To my dismay, none of these people are hot. We need some hotties in government. It works in Italy, and they have God on their side.

John McCain Campaign

As much as I dislike JM's tail wagging affiliation with Congress, letting this fool J.D. Hayworth take the spot is just insane.

Stick to your guns JM, and come back to your irrelevant place in the Senate until they carry you out on a stretcher. 23 years is not long enough!

Red States

Well, that is just too cool to not post..

Earth Hour

While I won't be turning off my power, I can appreciate the movement. Cut your usage = GOOD. Cut pollution = GOOD. Global warming "threats" are crap.

Everywhere I look it's "Global Warming" news, but it's all based in fantasy and not solid accepted (real) science. Admit that people. It's to the point of fanaticism now.

Good Deed For The Day

I went to the grocery store today (just a couple things) and at the checkout, I asked for $50 cash back. The cashier, counted out the money thinking they were all $5 bills. I signed the purchase, tossed the receipts and cash into the bag,then left.

Once I got home, I took out the cash and immediately noticed it was too much. I counted out 50 and put that in my wallet. There was an extra forty.

The cashier had counted out 4 of the bills from the $10 stack. I gave that to my son, who was heading to the mall, and asked him to take the cash back. I had noticed the girl's name tag and the register number was on the receipt.

I won't lie. For a second I thought about keeping the cash, and then I visualized the girl getting fired for the large shortage. I hope she appreciates the choice and pays a little better attention.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Cleaning Up Earth's Satellites

Good to see the world waking up to tackle something I have been harping about for 30 years. Like most things, our world's governments wait until the problem is at it's peak, before they do anything at all about it. That just makes it so much more expensive.

SHOCKER - Men Are Sicker Than Women

Projection Animation

Not CGI, just a projector and a lot of creativity...

projection animation test from reanimatr on Vimeo.



"Head On" - Spielberg Commissioned Special Project from Michael Koerbel on Vimeo.

Phillipina's Got Talent

I heard it "Straight from the Horses Mouth". Stick with this one...

How The House Voted On Health Care

The following Democrats voted NO:
Adler (NJ)
Davis (TN)
Edwards (TX)
Herseth Sandlin
Kratovil (MARYLAND)

These guys didn't bother to vote:
Davis (AL)
Buyer (Republican)
Reichert (Republican)

You know what to do come November.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Health Care "Fix" Passes

Not surprising. Good deal, yay! Thank god it's done.

I wanted to point out one thing that happened at the start of the 30 minutes of debate they had.

Congressman David Dreier made a comment that the Congress was "under Martial Law", after leaving the rules committee and going straight to a vote.

Using the term "Martial Law" is just going to get people riled up. Like this shadow group of the US Military (Oath Keepers), that have 10 rules. Violation of any one will trigger their wrath, whatever that is (look at the link).

Talk like that is just going to trigger these people. If it does, watch the news over the next few days, because these guys are very determined, to the point of being scary as shit. Thanks Dave! Oh, Bo[eh]ner needs to learn wow to read...

Don't Ask Don't Tell Gets Watered Down

Just a bit..

It takes a higher ranking officer to order a person out and accusations must be given under oath. That second one seems to protect non-gay people from being accused? Not much of an improvement, if you ask me. Oh, I am not gay. I just play one on TV.

The RC Church (And Pope) Protect Kid Touchers

Pretty fucked up, keep supporting these assholes. They know less about God/good than a man who is deaf, dumb and blind. It's just a business; got to protect that company image!

Dennis Hopper Death Watch

He is too sick to talk to his (soon to be Ex) wife's lawyers.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Farewell Robert Culp

It was a good 79 year run, and thanks for the memories.

Discovery Set For An April 5th (ish) Launch

Full photo gallery here:

Chernobyl In Pictures

Fascinating photo journal!

Oh, in case you missed it, this is the nuclear reactor that actually melted down in 1986, and lots of people were poisoned or died.

Cool Comic Mashup Alphabet!

South Talpatti Island = Sunk

This is South Talpatti Island; and after being ravaged by years of Cyclones and natural erosion, it is no more. Oh, wait, it was sea rise due to Global Warming?? It's in a wetland at the base of huge river, these come and go all the stop it.">

Pirates = FAIL

Um, do I feel bad some Pirates died? No, they are trying to blackmail the ship's owners for more money than I will ever make in my lifetime.

Portugal Debt Downgraded
We will see other nations fall into this situation too, even possibly the US and the UK.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cool Art!

Made from beer cans no less. How cool hozer!

Listening To The Senate Debate Today..

This is about all I heard;

It amazes me that the Republicans STILL think if you say the same thing over-and-over, people will be so stupid, as to take it as truth. Ahhh, I forget: about 45% of the public fall for that and have never spent a second looking at the legislation themselves.... Sing along folks!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Don't Force Me To Pay For Health Care!

I don't have to pay for Auto Insurance if I don't have a car, do I?!

Um, well, do you think you will never get sick or have a family member get sick? Tell you what, you only have to pay for it right up until you die. Then you are totally off the hook.

If You Are The First Human To Meet An Alien:

Click to enlarge;

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Who Comes Between My And My Doctor?

Well, If I have a choice of Government or an insurance company, I will take the Government. I can vote them out of office. The insurance assholes will still be there making billions in profit.

More "No"

The Republicans are killing time by having everyone pull a "Unanimous Consent Request". What a waste, you guys are totally a joke. Talk about antics???

These Bricks Are Not Red Enough

Don't lose your head over it!

Snowy Volcano Video

Saturday, March 20, 2010

CSS - Off The Hook

House Rules Committee

I have been listening to this today and for the most part, the Republicans have been civil, offered some good ideas and acted gracefully. Good for you, now go fuck yourselves.

Tomorrow is "H-DAY" in the USA. The biggest step towards covering all Americans with health coverage in generations. I personally would rather have a single-payer system (no companies making profits off my being sick). Take what you can get.

This is like a 30 yard rush across the 10 yard line. First and Goal.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

C-SPAN Opens Video Library (of lies?)

This is a C-SPAN video of a Pentagon town hall with Rumsfeld (gurf) and General Pace (love you). If you jump to 61 minutes and 40 some seconds, you will hear the General answer a question about Cuba, then there is an awkward edit..blended to clapping (end of the show).

What was cut out (by C-SPAN) was the last question from the audience:

Audience dude: "If you could have anything you wanted to help the Military succeed, not counting the cost/price (like free), what would that be?"

General Pace: "Peace".

Then the clapping REALLY starts. I teared up at the end of that event, and C-SPAN cut out the reason that I did.

Check the Pentagon video (if you can find it). C-SPAN does edit video and audio that is posted on their web sites, or they have rogue staff that do it under the radar. Either way, the "unedited" claim is FALSE.

Don't get me wrong, I like C-SPAN and hated Rumsfeld, but I happen to be one of the few people on this earth who listens to both sides of issues.


Georgios Cherouvim kicks some ass.

Neon Trees

Animal, in a room with terrible acoustics, and they know it.

Neon Trees "Animal" from The Occidental Saloon on Vimeo.

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Little Love

Meaghan Smith

The Dollar Is Good For...

Health Care (the last) Week In Preview

I am listening to the House Budget Committee hearing on the Health Care reconciliation bill. A few interesting amendments were offered:

Motion to do nothing on Health Care until the US pays off it's debt; FAIL.
Note to self: Shouldn't this have been brought up 15 years ago?

Motion to close "the doughnut hole" and save seniors on drug costs: PASS
Note to self: Duh.

Motion to direct savings from Medicare cuts to pay only for Medicare: FAIL
Note to self: You will never get a penny out of Medicare, even though you paid all your life.

Motion to eliminate annual/lifetime caps on heath benefits from a plan: PASS
Note to self: DUH! No brainer... McHenry (R-NC) waffled, but went NO. Republicans want you to go bankrupt if you get sick!

Motion to let states structure their own health plans (no standards): FAIL
Note to self: States can't determine the best plans any better than HHS, and would just leave a gaping opening for states to fuck their citizens. The blue states would too.

Motion to include creation of an "insurance rate authority" in package: PASS
Note to self: This should lead to a single payer system within ten years, so I back this 200%. We will joining the rest of the developed world and they will applaud us.

Motion to not use federal funds on abortion: FAIL (17 to 19, very close)
Note to self: Unneeded, this is already settled law (Hyde), so don't push it DUH or that might go away! I hate abortions, so get off your unattentive asses and tell your little girls to stop getting pregnant.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Too Many Nukes

Who Has What??

I am sooo behind this move, the less the better. If I get laid off from my current job as a result, I will dance into the unemployment office with a smile. Then I will find a new job, fast.

Flossing Cuts Premature Births??

And I thought repeated punches to the mid-section did that. Mexican food too, especially Taco Bell (crap).

In case you can't tell, this is EXACTLY the kind of study that brings you global warming. Look at the situation logically and as a whole; Those who did not go to the Dentist, couldn't afford it (poor) and were more likely doing drugs, eating poorly, or other things to cause a premature birth. And this study included a whopping 160 women.

Frightened Rabbit - Swim Until You Cant See Land

The Greys

Friday, March 12, 2010

NASA Astronauts Mad At Obama

Not much of a shock about that. I guess I would just ask these heroes one thing.
Will you pay for it? Or somehow justify raising taxes now? Raising taxes is toxic at any time.

I would personally be ALL FOR diverting about 1/2 of the HHS (waste of money) budget to NASA, but that is only because I have personal experience in the vast waste perpetrated at HHS every year.

Texas Inches Ever Closer To Converting All Schools To Churches

I know another culture that wants to breed illiterate god fearing people, that would be the Taliban. Way to go; Texas Board Of Education...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Elis Regina

Never heard of her before, but what a set of pipes!

Beaver Car Crash News (Not Toyota Related)

I can't make this stuff up. What a gem of a woman...

Toyota Rejects Erectronics Concerns

Um, sure, whatever.

Ladies, Just Two Words - "Mad Dog"!

Get sloshed and drop some pounds. Hats off to all the cougars out there towing the line right now... Love you!

It Seems Catholics Are Gay

First, the US, then Ireland and England, now Germany. What the hell is going on in the Vatican?? Maybe they should just embrace the gay Catholic ways?

Hey, not that there is anything wrong with that. Oh, except the kid touchers, they can die.

Shatter, Video

From the video game, cool video. I love robots.

Kavinsky, Nightcall

A early 80s kickback remix..another free MP3

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Obama, Cloning And The Coming Space War

What a pretty picture. I provide the link below for one (and olny one) reason. There are people out in our midst who would fly small planes into IRS buildings, and drive across the country to die in a shoot out at the doors of the Pentagon. If you know someone who listens to this kind of shit (below), have them committed now. To us normal people, this is really funny. It takes a bit to load...

Lost Jewish Tribe, Turns Up In Zimbabwe

Lets get some Falafel and talk!

Boys And Girls

Cool, West Side Story clips. Very well done!


Is that Ben Gibbard??

Virginia Attourney General Wants Gays Banned From Schools
I bet he's gay.

Update: The VA Govenor issues a "directive" that state employees can't be discriminated against over their sexual preference; I guess this is in-fighting?? Does this help students at the schools?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Bye, Captain Holly Graf,8599,1969602,00.html?hpt=C2

If you do a quick web search, this bitch appears to take the cake (as far as bitches go). Very inappropriate behavior for a ship's Captain in the modern US Navy. Runs over a whale, chokes an officer and berates crew (including officers) in front of everyone.

My Dominos Pizza Order Tonight

click to enlarge

Please note the name on the order (top center). My kid picked up the pizza, they didn't call him Mr. Me.

Eric Massa Is Cooked

I guess someone on his staff didn't like his language? If he turns out to be gay, I have to question if anyone in Congress is straight? Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Married with two kids....

Tai Chi - It's Not For Christians

Religion is soooo funny.

Latest Food Recalls
FDA posted the actual brands/products being recalled for infected HVP.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

How Gay Are Republicans?

Roy Ashburn (looking gay on the right) is just as gay as gay Democrats. Ya know, they are gay.

This asshole (I meant to say that) has 4 kids? Talk about living a fantasy? Every time he laid down with his wife. I hope his lovers come forward, like Tiger Woods ho's did. We should dub him "Roy ASSBURN".

Ending on an up-note: Roy will be appearing at Faces in Sacramento (look it up) next weekend, in their production of Rocky Horror. Break a leg! I can't say %100, but I heard John Bo[eh]ner got an invite to the show and accepted.

Follow up: He's out..

Lady Gaga Fashion Peek

click to enlarge

Very cool!

Former Guantanamo Prisoner Back With Taliban

Can you believe this??? What an outrage?? Another detainee, back on the battlefield fighting our soldiers! I want the man responsible in court and answering to Congress!
Oh wait, that would be George Bush, Abdul Qayyum was released to Afghanistan in 2007 (how ever did Dick Chaney let this happen under his watch?). They weren't keeping us safe at all! Oh, In case you forgot, Obama was not inaugurated until January 2009. It does seem like he has been there longer though.,2933,587898,00.html?test=latestnews

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spain Busts A BotNet

Thanks to the FBI agents that assisted.

Hmm, 13 Million Mariposa botnet infected machines without a master. Who ever will step in and run the show?

This Too Shall Pass (both versions)

Both versions:

Capitol Music SUCKS!!! They killed the video.

The Italian Job

Iran's weapons running tied to the Italy Mob, nice...

All The Presidents

Will Farrell, Chevy Chase, Ron Howard, Jim Carrey, Fred Armisen, Darrell Hammond, Dan Aykroyd, Maya Rudolph, Dana Carvey, FOD Team, Jake, and Antonio Scarlata.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thick Ice On The Moon

How cool, we can play hockey there! I suppose this will simplify putting some people there too, some day.