Monday, December 31, 2007

Another Year Lost

So what did I really accomplish this year?

Hmm, well, um, uh, nothing.

It's ok, I don't think I did any lasting damage to the world, so that's a bonus.

I have already come up with my New Year's resolutions.

1. Stop saying the words Fuck, Shit, Pussy, Wet Pussy, Stinky Pussy, Sweet Pussy, Tight/Loose Pussy and Cunt.


2. Stop using bad language on this Blog.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dallas Gave Up

I don't normally talk American Football on my blog, but this day was extraordinary.

Ball-less (Dallas) Cowboys actually quit, threw in the towel, bent over and took it like a man. I have never seen the team do that in my life. I am not a "fan" of theirs, but it was sad to watch. I am sure the guys on the team who make millions of dollars a year will be fine with it ("We didn't start our best line-up" will be the quote), but the guys in the trenches can not be happy.

It will demoralize the team and probably end their hopes for a productive post-season. They had a whopping 1 yard rushing, an all-time team low.

I was real happy to see Brad Johnson get the ball and play as usual; He's the best player an opposing team would ever want at QB in the NFL.

Like I said I am not a "fan" of Dallas or the Redskins, but seeing the pompus Dallas fans deflated is the best New Years present I could ever have imagined.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Action Biker is now The Dreamers

I have to say I love Sarah a ton. I don't know about her new duet band "The Dreamers". Kevin doesn't really mesh with her vocally (just my opinion).

I am glad she is working though.

An older Action Biker tune;

Some Dreamers tunes are on their MySpace page. They have links to their individual pages too.

Fired From The taleban?

What ever will Mansoor Dadullah do now?

I suppose every organization has it's "standards". You would think they would keep him on as ammo polisher or cook, something more fitting.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

I Don't Like Zepplin...

So this is just funny.

And I shouldn't say I don't like Zepplin, I just burned out on them like I did with Bob Seger and others before and after.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas was Great!

The second dog survived the Holiday, but is not doing at all well. He is very depressed and so freaked out he is shedding all his fur. I am counting the days.

I got the dog crap in the back yard picked up, as it was sunny and warm.

I got the basement cleaned and organized. The pile of intertwined cables dating back to the Nintendo NES (seriously) were a nightmare to untangle.

I also got some dusting and the first 1/2 of Apocalypse Now Redux in (what is Redux anyway?). What the hell were they thinking with that movie? They added two innocuous deleted scenes and moved the closing shot (from the original 70MM release) to the opening of the movie? That's it? A little too fartsy, not enough artsy. Do I sound gay here?

Today was the first day back to work since last Friday and I found out, I am the ONLY PERSON ON MY TEAM that will be in most of the rest of the week. It's pretty quiet, so no big deal, I just like justifying the CAPS. I have been reading a lot of news and listening to music...and working of course.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Updating an older "Global Heating" post..

The funny thing about all this is; In 20 years, no one will even remember any of it. The human attention span is crap.

And I call dibs on "Global Heating". It's much scarier than warming, so I should be able to panic billions of people. I have to write a book! Yes, I know it has already been used. What about Global Thermal Increase? Maybe Global Unnecessary Non-Friction Action Related Temperatures? That would be GUN-FART. I like that one. Blame GUN-Fart.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tilly and the Wall

They are funny, because they don’t have a drummer. They just put a mic under the gal that tap dances and sets the beat.

This is them on Letterman with a very nice Spanish twist opening.

One thing they do do, that I rarely hear anymore is; they actually harmonize without a Harmonizer! Very cute too.

Monday, December 17, 2007

104 Years Later..

Yes, a mere 104 years ago today, aviation began. The Wright brothers had their first successful flight on this day in 1903.

I think we have come pretty far in that short of a period of time.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Government Has Gone Mad

Why the hell is the Congress investigating Baseball? Is Baseball a wing of the government? Do these guys realize we are at War? Do they not understand the daunting slew of problems the average American faces today? Baseball is not one of them! We do have a Judiciary branch of government for these things..

We have more important things to address people. Let MLB take care of it's own problems.

Rocky Passed Away Last Night

As far as a Dog’s life goes, his wasn’t too bad. He wasn’t mistreated or forced into fighting, or starved. He lived to about 14 years of age, which is good for a Dog. He went quietly.

When I noticed the smell of the crap I went over to him and knew immediately what had happened. I paused for a moment and noted the tongue hanging out his of partially open mouth. He looked like he was making a funny face. There is no grace in Death.

I wouldn’t call him my Dog, because he didn’t belong to me. He belonged to an X girlfriend, who left, but didn’t take her dogs.

His brother is a little freaked out, understandably. They have never been separated, since birth.

It cost a mere $5 for disposal, but getting the body to the Animal Shelter was no fun.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Pope Favors Raping The Earth

So says he, technically the voice of God...

"Respecting the environment does not mean considering material or animal nature more important than man. "

And about Global Warming...Screw you..

"It is important for assessments in this regard to be carried out prudently, in dialogue with experts [Ha ha] and people of wisdom, uninhibited by ideological pressure [Ha ha] to draw hasty conclusions, and above all with the aim of reaching agreement on a model of sustainable development capable of ensuring the well-being of all while respecting environmental balances."

Someone needs to tell the Pope, no such "people of wisdom" exist. All the "scientists" are awash in fame because they are getting published in all the panic.

The full text of his 2008 message is here on his official Vatican site;
Nice site too! I like the wicked background. I DON"T make this stuff up....

Al Gorey must be pissed.



Good band. Anyone know if they are popular?

A bit 80's like, but not bad at all.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


What a voice!

They are not new, just new to you...
I know, I know, they had that one hit. Did anything else make the air though?
I kind of hate that they use that over modulated coffee can echo effect, when the lead singer has such a great voice. A waste. Yes, I know my blog has too much content of shirtless male models. I didn't make the videos..
That's a neat video...
They have better quality stuff on their site;

The Other White Meat

How would you like this cooked?

With a floor show like that, I am there every Friday night!
The bad news is, they couldn't sew it back on. That might be the good news, now that I think about it.

I would change the name of the joint to "Decapitation Station".

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

2 Hot Girls In The Shower

There is nothing dirty here, it's funny and a little cute.

Almost clever. There are about 10 mini episodes out there if you search on "2 Hot Girls In The Shower". I don't think they are especially "hot", but not bad at all.

Do I sound gay?

Monday, December 10, 2007

Al Gory Is At It Again…

A quote; “We, the human race, are confronting a planetary emergency - a threat to the survival of our civilization that is gathering ominous and destructive potential even as we gather here,"

Umm...planetary emergency? I just see it as cold as heck here in my part of the world. How are things were you are? If you are near the ocean, have you seen the water rising? I have been to several beaches and they look about the same every year I go. What gives Al?

Another; “We are what is wrong, and we must make it right."

Ok, stop breathing dude. That might help.

Panic panic panic, let’s dish some panic. Make another movie. Scare the people into belief. Scare the crap out of them until they bend to Al’s beliefs. The last time something like this happened, the offender was Hitler.


Sunday, December 9, 2007


Those Japanese never cease to amaze me. This year AKB48 splashed onto the music scene there and I guess are pretty popular. Three troops of 16 girls, A, K and B (don't ask me why).

They also have a "seed" group, which I guess are younger girls to replace anyone who hits 17, or has a period, which ever comes first.

They have their own theater and perform daily (twice on weekends). Tickets are 2000 Yen for men (about $18 US) and 1/2 that for kids and women (wonder why that is??).

Well, they should keep the school girl uniform manufacturers in business for years.

Gotta admit they are cute.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Cyber hackers infiltrate ORNL

Spokesman: About 12,000 letters sent to potential victims

By Frank Munger
Friday, December 7, 2007

OAK RIDGE - Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) was the target of a "sophisticated cyber attack" that potentially gave hackers access to the personal information of thousands of visitors to the lab from 1990 to 2004, the laboratory confirmed Thursday.

ORNL Director Thom Mason informed lab staff members of the problem earlier this week and said the lab would attempt to notify "as many persons as possible" whose personal information may have been stolen.

Lab spokesman Billy Stair said Thursday that about 12,000 letters were sent to potential victims.

Mason outlined the general aspects of the attack, which included a number of "phishing" e-mails sent to staff members, but he concluded the note by saying: "Because of the sensitive nature of this event, the laboratory will be unable for some period to discuss further details until we better understand the full nature of this attack."

Phishing is the practice of sending official-looking e-mail to extract information from victims who believe them to be from legitimate institutions such as banks. In ORNL's case, some of the e-mail mimicked notices for scientific conferences and complaints filed with federal agencies, such as the Federal Trade Commission and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Mason told staffers that the attack appeared to be part of a "coordinated attempt to gain access to computer networks at numerous laboratories and other institutions across the country." He said ORNL's cyber security team has been working nights and weekends to try to understand the nature of the attack.

A spokesman at Los Alamos National Laboratory, a weapons design laboratory in New Mexico, confirmed Thursday afternoon that LANL also was attacked by hackers.

Kevin Roark of Los Alamos would not discuss the hacking except to say that it occurred on unclassified systems and was "significant and sophisticated." He said Los Alamos employees were notified Nov. 9.

The first potential "corruption" at ORNL occurred Oct. 29, lab officials said.

"Our review to date has shown that while every security system at ORNL was in place and in compliance, the hackers potentially succeeded in gaining access to one of the laboratory's nonclassified databases that contained personal information of visitors to the laboratory between 1990 and 2004," Mason said. "At this point we have determined that the thieves made approximately 1,100 attempts to steal data with a very sophisticated strategy that involved sending staff a total of seven phishing e-mails, all of which at first glance appeared legitimate."

Investigators believe that 11 staff members opened the attachment, enabling hackers to "infiltrate the system and remove data," he said.

Reconstructing the event will likely take weeks, if not longer, to complete, the ORNL director said.

According to Mason, the personal information potentially vulnerable would be names, dates of birth and Social Security numbers of lab visitors. He said there's no evidence at this time that any of the accessed personal information has been used.

Visitors include scientists, university officials, industrial and business representatives, as well as members of the media and many others. The personal information must be submitted in order to get security clearance at the federal lab.

Stair said the ORNL employees who opened attachments on phishing e-mail would be involved "in discussions" to better understand what happened and how to avoid it in the future. He did not say if any punishment was involved.

Mason said, "While our hope is that no one would fall for these kinds of tricks from hackers, we believe there is an ongoing benefit to re-emphasizing staff awareness about cyber security issues. We must not click on e-mail attachments if we are not absolutely sure who the e-mail is from."

A federal audit earlier this year criticized ORNL for not taking sufficient steps to protect the personal information of its employees. The report by the Department of Energy's Office of Inspector General said the lab had been slow in responding to some recommendations, such as installing encryption capabilities on all mobile devices.

Senior writer Frank Munger may be reached at 342-6329.

© 2007, Knoxville News Sentinel Co.

National Briefing South

Tennessee: Lab Reports Cyber Attack

Published: December 7, 2007

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory said a "sophisticated cyber attack" over the last few weeks might have allowed personal information about thousands of laboratory visitors to be stolen. The attack appeared "to be part of a coordinated effort to gain access to computer networks at numerous laboratories and other institutions across the country," the laboratory's director, Thom Mason, said in a memorandum to the 4,200 employees of the facility, part of the Department of Energy. Laboratory officials said hackers might have infiltrated a database of names, Social Security numbers and birth dates of every laboratory visitor from 1990 to 2004. Officials have sent letters to about 12,000 potential victims. The assault was in the form of phony e-mail messages containing attachments, which when opened allowed hackers to penetrate the laboratory's computer security.

Museum Of The Pacific War

I should have posted this yesterday.

It really was a war all to itself.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Blind Date

It wasn't really a "date", but more a meet and greet. We had a mutual friend there, which is butt uncomfortable, though I was thankful in the end. The gal seemed nice enough, but I felt no physical attraction, which is the one thing that leads to all the other emotions one might emit.

I won't be mean or say anything demeaning, but this girl kept using the "C" word, which totally put me off. It was a "C" this and "C" that. I couldn't believe it.

I have never heard someone use the word "Church" so many times at one dinner, except maybe when I was an alter boy. I knew there was no real compatibility to be had here. I am not a church-goer and will never be one again. It's not the way I roll, but it got me thinking about a bit of my past.

To all the church people who might read this and think "I will pray for his soul", just don't, not for me. I know way way way more people who go to church every Sunday...every Sunday, who sin, who are evil at heart, who don't know they are evil or do and don't care. They are there with you every Sunday in your pretty little church, singing, praying, kneeling and taking communion. Just to wind up awash in human sin the next morning. Church is a show to them, like one on TV.

They make a mockery of all religions and that is why I have chosen to follow my own spirit. Those that pray to your God (whatever one you like) are mostly corrupt. I can only follow my own heart and hope I stay mostly on a good path.

I do try, but the path is bumpy and jogs left or right at times. Oh, right, that's the fate of humanity!

Tangent over...
What I really mean to say is, I just want to find someone that I find to be "normal".

WARNING:: Prophetic Moment;

I like to think that everyone on earth is utterly insane, as viewed by most people and that "true love" is finding someone who is insane just like you are, which in perspective IS normal. Enough said

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Day Zero, Part 6

Similar catastrophic spectacles to Sydney played out across the world. Anything controlled by computers was out of control or off.

Mai woke Anna a little while after she had gotten up and brushed. She had the radio on and was listening to the news. Reports were coming into BBC, via AP, about the devastation across the world.

A firestorm had engulfed the US cities of New York, Atlanta and Detroit. There was no news at all from Singapore, like it had gone dark. Every major city in the world was devastated and most small cities were struggling to contain the fires. “Electric is off.” She reported.

Several small fires had broken out in the Dorm, but were easily taken care of. Everyone had their doors open and people were running up and down the halls, talking or yelling. Anna wondered if this was happening in his wing too.

People were packing up and heading home, which seemed amazing because so much of the infrastructure was inoperable. The few students with cars left immediately, but trains and planes were a no-go. A few students were going to hike all the way home to Germany. It was getting warmer these days, so it actually sounded a bit feasible.

With all the havoc, no one was going to come knocking on the door, so Anna figured he was safe for the moment. Even leaving school now wouldn’t raise eyebrows, because most of the students were leaving too. He decided to head south.

“Mai, lets go see Budapest.” he asked her.

“No, we have class to do, I can’t.” she sputtered. She turned and walked back to the kitchenette to make more tea.

Anna went to the window and pointed towards the center of campus and said “It’s all on fire Mai, there won’t be classes for a long time.” Several buildings were engulfed in flame.

She looked over her shoulder and nodded. Turning back to the tea, she thought about the idea. She had never been to Budapest. Without looking, she asked him, “No problems there? You know?”

“No, I don’t know, but it’s an old city and won’t burn up like the big cities.” He hoped he was right.

She flashed an unconvinced look over her shoulder. “I don’t know too.”
As he grabbed his coat and turned to the door he told her “I am getting my stuff together, I will stop back in a little bit.” He left her.

Back in his Dorm, things were about the same as in Mai’s. He went to his room and packed up everything he figured he needed in his backpack and a carry bag. He stopped by the common room and used his stash of change to buy as many cracker and cheese packs as possible from the vending machines.

Anna headed back to Mai’s room, but she was gone. “What the hell?” he muttered. He sat on the edge of the bed and waited for a few minutes. Looking around the room he noted her coat and shoes were gone. Maybe she had headed over to my room and I missed her?

Anna headed downstairs and out the door. He stood in between the two Dorms and called out for Mai. He noted a few rooms still had smoke filtering out of the windows. A girl jogging past him told him to shut the hell up, which he did. He stood there for some time, baffled. I have to go now.

Anna strode towards the main campus gate and didn’t look back. He traversed the shortcut path quickly and left the campus through the main gate. On the streets, accidents were all over and some cars and trucks were on fire. He walked towards 5 Kvetna, the main road towards Hungary. He passed several petrol stations where people were in fist fights over something. With the power out, they can’t get fuel.

As Anna passed a shop he looked in the window and saw Mai inside at the register. He stopped and waited for her to come out.

As she exited the store she spotted Anna and walked over to him, awkwardly carrying a case of bottled water. “We needed these.” She smiled.

Anna was stunned for a minute and then smiled too. They divided up the water and filled their backpacks and coat pockets with bottles. Together they silently walked towards the highway, which was packed with stopped cars. Staying off the road, but near it, they passed the Subway Services Station to their left. It was deserted. They headed south east.

Mai and Anna started their life together that day, inseparable and in a new world. They had never been more secure.

“Day Zero” is a term given to a computer virus attack that was not foreseen or the result of a known vulnerability. There have been many of these in the past and more are coming.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What Isn’t/Is Christmas Spirit?

I was thinking about this for a few days and I came to the following conclusions;

Christmas Spirit is not:

Putting lights on your house or setting up a tree inside.
Buying more expensive gifts than you should or can afford.
Going insane trying to get the “impossible gift of the year” for your kids.
Music for the season.
Wreaths on your car.
Wishing for snow.

Christmas Spirit is:

Getting in the right hand lane if you are driving slow.
Holding the door for anyone whether their hands are full or not.
Taking the time to notice someone left a light on in their car and going to knock on their door to let them know.
Calling your distant relatives, just because.
Watching a friend’s pets, even though you hate doing it.
Returning something accidentally left behind, to the proper owner.
Telling someone you barely know the tag on their sweater is sticking up the back of their neck.

I wish people would drop out of this “special time of year” mind-set and realize that the real Christmas Spirit can be with you every day of your life and has nothing to do with Jesus, God or Santa.

Just try to stop being assholes.

Day Zero, Part 5

Jan came back from the shop to find her Laptop on the table, billowing smoke. The fumes choked her, so she went to the window and opened it. She dropped the bag of groceries in a chair and unplugged the machine, swishing her hand in the air and covering her mouth with the other. The building’s fire alarm went off and she headed out, towards the fire escape.

Other people were funneling into the hall too and everyone smelled smoke. Behind her in the hall she heard shouts and saw flame coming from a room farther down the hall. She joined the line and began the trek down the stairs, “Nine floors to go.” She thought.

As they went down, the smoke got thicker and shouts from above got louder, it became panicked screaming as she passed the 5th floor. Some people were fully dressed and others were in varying states of undress. The fully naked, still wet man would have normally made her blush, but Jan just followed him trying to not look down at his ass. She almost laughed at the sight.

At the lower floors, the added traffic in the stairway slowed their pace to a step every few seconds. Above them, the screaming and panic was full fledged. At least a few people were losing it up there. She looked up and through the fog could just barely see flames above her.

A second later someone falling sailed downward, hitting the hand rail she was holding on to. The woman’s hard heel shoe smashed into Jan’s hand and separated two of her fingers from the palm. The pain was immense and Jan dropped for a few seconds, watching the body tumble till it hit the bottom. She pulled herself up when she started feeling feet step on her to get over.

She looked at her hurt left hand and tried not to scream, but started crying. She continued the march down the last few floors. She figured she was in shock, because she couldn’t feel her injury at all as she passed the body of the falling woman, sprawled on the floor in front of the building exit. Everyone had to step over the twisted body at the bottom to get outside.

As she entered the afternoon sunlight, she looked up at the same Sydney skyline she had seen a half hour before, but it was different now. Looking up towards King Street and up Pitt Street, the buildings were alight. She looked around at ground level and noticed all of the traffic was stopped. The traffic lights were out and accidents filled all of the intersections. Sirens blared, but no one could move.

People were panicking and driving on sidewalks and through the parks, in the process striking pedestrians. Jan looked up at her own building and saw someone jump from a smoking window on the top floor. She closed her eyes, but heard the splat. She kept moving away from the building and headed toward Hyde Park.

After 20 minutes of flailing in the throng of people, she made it to Archibald Fountain, where she cleaned the blood off her smashed hand and did her best to compress the stubs of her missing fingers to try to stop the bleeding. She felt tired as she sat down, leaning against the fountain wall. She was bleeding badly. The last thing she saw was the MLC Centre collapsing in a cloud of dust.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Day Zero, Part 4

The CAIC bulletin was issued Saturday at 1PM EST, as a “low risk” issue, because it didn’t seem to be exploited. Most agencies and companies didn’t react because of that over the weekend and they didn’t have HP computers.

A Security consultant to another large computer manufacturer in the US called several people from work to see if they felt this bulletin warranted immediate investigation. No one felt it was worth pulling people into the office over.

The Japan Computer Security Research Association took note of the strange network traffic and began analysis immediately. They noted that this attack was successful at penetrating their computer’s security defenses, but did nothing because it did nothing obvious. It looked like only a probe.

Jan sat in front of her Laptop in the spare room of her Apartment, when she noticed a momentary system hang, but it stopped after a few seconds. She continued tapping out her blog for the night, praising the show she had seen at the Sydney Opera house that evening.

Several Russian hacker groups noted the intrusion and started a meager engineering effort, but it didn’t put any priority to it. The nature of the attack modified the code in the BIOS and didn’t effect the Operating Systems, so nobody took notice, even if they did identify the intrusion.

Anna was not enjoying the Pub they had chosen after the movie, it got too loud when a local band started their first set of the night. Both he and Mai agreed that the movie was horrible and laughed when they aped some of the dialogue, in character.
They only stayed for one drink and headed back to school. On the Bus ride Anna checked the time and realized there was just 10 hours to go. He became preoccupied with the coming event and got real quiet. Mai noticed his quick change in behavior.
“What is wrong?” she asked and leaned in close to him.

The Bus went over a speed bump and jogged Anna back to the moment. “Nothing” he said, “Just thinking about the future and where will we be a year from now.”
“Better places, but this now is good too” She said, smiling. It was the kind of smile that wanted a smile in turn, which Anna did. “We are almost there.” And she stood, reaching for his hand.

Anna took her hand and pulled himself upright using the stainless steel pole, next to him. She wrapped her arm into his as usual, and they exited the Bus once it stopped. When they got to the Dorm, Mai surprised Anna and told him, “Go to Fire Exit on opposite side.” And went inside the building.

Anna walked around the exterior of the Dorm and found Mai waiting at the Fire Exit. They went inside and up to her room on the 3rd floor. She kissed him and whispered “Just kissing” as she set the key and opened the door. Anna understood what that meant and was not bothered at all as he stepped inside.

The room was unremarkable, no posters or decorations at all, just very clean and tidy. Mai went over to the entry closet and motioned to Anna to follow. She took off her coat and took Anna’s too, hanging both neatly, flattening out each with her hands. She smiled and walked over to the bed and sat.

Anna followed her and rested beside her. She reached up and stroked his cheek, looking straight into his eyes. “Let’s have today and not care for tomorrow.” She tapped his cheek in a motherly way and kissed him.

They reclined then hugged and lay on their sides facing each other. Anna put his hand on Mai’s back and held her against him softly as they kissed more. He began to get physically excited and didn’t want to get overwhelmed. He released his grip on her midsection and drew a line down her nose with his finger. “Just kissing”, he said. They both giggled.

In whispers, they talked a little longer until Mai fell asleep and Anna stayed still spooning her when she turned over, dreaming. He thought about tomorrow and the day after, until he fell asleep too. He dreamt that he was with his mother, father and brother again.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Some Good Iran News.

What scares me about this, is how often US intelligence is butt wrong.

Free Music...Really

Some free Kelley Stoltz downloads

Not my cup of tea, but some free downloads are always nice! Sarah Lee and Johnny…

A Rock-a-Billy Blues dude, Carlos Guitaros

Um WOW! I am speechless…

Listen to the 1962 clip, at least. And yes, I do still laugh at fart jokes too.

Remeber the fallen..Bookmark it!

Day Zero, Part 3

Watching Mai enter the dorm, Anna shook his head to clear it. He went to his dorm and worked a little on the virus. His plan was to trigger it this coming Sunday, Easter.

He removed the code to ping his own computer and decided to make it a random lesser number of infected computers that would actually burn. The others infected would just destroy the hard drive and most likely not result in fire. He also modified the code to just print the one page and have the infected systems use one GMT time no matter where they were located. Everything would happen at about the same time, everywhere.

He scrapped the option he had to wake up computers that were turned off, so they could join in the fun. This was going to be more than enough to get his point across without that. Lastly, he lifted the governor that had restricted the spread of the virus.

He figured it would take a day or two to spread globally, so he decided to plant it at a local coffee shop that also had wireless access, this coming Thursday. On that afternoon he went in alone, stayed to himself and using his flash drive, planted the virus on one of the computers owned by the shop. Most people brought their own systems, but he didn’t have a Laptop.

From the one machine, it reached out to any 10 computers it could connect to and pass on the virus. Those computers then reached out to only 10 other uninfected computers and did the same (computers already infected didn’t count). This reduced the risk of someone noticing a major surge in activity on their system. The virus stopped trying to attack other systems after, 5 minutes.

Twenty minutes later over a million computers were quietly infected and sat waiting for Sunday. That number continued to grow as Anna finished his coffee and left the shop.

Several EU internet providers took note of the strange traffic, but ignored it because it died off so fast. They didn’t even try to analyze the data.

Mai and Anna had both been busy that week with class work and only talked a few times. He asked her if they could go out Saturday and she said yes. He planned on an early dinner, then a movie and a few drinks at the pub after. Anna didn’t drink much, but he was fine with sipping a few brews.

They met Saturday, late in the afternoon and walked down the path to catch the bus. Mai looked radiant and was very bubbly. They stopped to kiss several times on the mostly secluded path. Again she held his arm, as if to bind them together.

At dinner (different joint) Mai told Anna about her family and the Indian tradition of arranged marriages. Her parents were killed on their way home, in a terrorist train bombing in Mumbai in 2006. Her Aunt had arranged for her to come to Prague to finish her school and to get her away from that situation. She has been on her own here, except for financial aid. The arranged marriage she has was cancelled.

She asked Anna about his family and he explained the accident in Chernobyl that had slowly killed his mother and left his father a babbling mass of flesh, back in 1986. He was just a baby then. He was eventually taken to America where he finished middle and high school. He learned English and appreciated the opportunities he had there. Anna had not seen his older brother, who had not joined him in America, but talked to his Uncle a little. His father had died in 1988, but Anna didn’t find out until he was 10 years old and first met his Uncle.

After America he bounced around several British schools and wound up in Prague on a computer science scholarship. He was a star pupil here, but kept a low profile. He wrote custom code for the school and helped to manage the network to earn spending cash.

Anna noted that they had a lot in common, but not many good things and Mai did about the same. They changed the subject and talked about music and their teachers. Mai did a funny impression of her Physics professor that made Anna spit out his wine, some running out his nose.

Professor Maelick had a minor aneurism that left him twitchy and in less than full control of his left arm. It turned out that Anna worked closely with him, on the Campus Network and knew him well. They laughed a lot, but Mai felt bad when she found out about the Aneurism.

“He jokes about it himself and if you got to know him more you might like him.” Anna told her.

Mai looked at him curiously and said “So I should take dinner with him?” And laughed.

Anna grabbed her arms as he pulled her towards him, across the small table, her face close to his. She looked up after a few seconds, still giggling and he could only kiss her.

She pulled away after a second and whispered “Not so much here with people.”

Anna felt hurt for a second, but understood after he thought about it. They left the restaurant and went to the theater up the street. It was not too crowded at all and Anna paid for the tickets. They went into the theater hoping for the best and cuddled together through the movie.

At this same time, Hewlett Packard contacted the US Department Of Energy’s Computer Incident Advisory Capability (CAIC) about a vulnerability it had identified in their BIOS. This was the result of backwards engineering the attack Anna had created.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Day Zero, Part 2

He stepped away from the building and looked up at the floors above his ground floor room. There was fire licking the window sill of two rooms a few floors up and smoke coming from three others too. This was only one side of the oblique building too, so this had to be a success.

The dorm didn’t burn to the ground, which was good for Anna as he sat cross legged on the lawn eating his breakfast. His hope was that all evidence of the attack was destroyed in the fires.

He didn’t notice the girl watching him from over his left shoulder. Several students were crying around him, because they knew their rooms had been engulfed. The fact that the Campus had its own Fire Brigade had certainly helped save the building.

Anna was approached by Mai a little later when he was sitting on the ground reading, some distance from the dorm. She sat next to him on the grass and introduced herself; “I am Mai” she said.

Anna didn’t reply, but took in her very pretty brown skinned round face and jet black long and braided hair. He smiled and said “Hi”. He looked back to his book, feigning calmness. Thinking to himself, “That has to be the prettiest girl I ever spoke too.“

“Were you in the fires?” she asked.

He looked back at her. Anna closed the book and said “No, nothing of mine was burned, I think.”
Mai smiled and said “Good to you and me.” She looked Indian.

He smiled back, she was being very cute and was hard to ignore. They talked for a while until they had the signal that they were allowed back into the dorm. She had never brought up the fires again during the rest of the time they had spent talking.

Classes started as normal following the weekend and Anna ran into Mai several times that Monday. He had never noticed her before, but now she was the only person on Campus that he could pick out of a crowd.

Anna was among a throng of students interviewed that week by the Foreign Police. Since Anna was not a citizen, his interview went longer, like the other non-Czech students. It was nothing violent, but he had a definite feeling that these Police didn’t like him or any expatriate.

Mai cornered Anna on Tuesday and they agreed to meet the following night for dinner after classes. Mai took him to a restaurant that was a short bus ride from Campus. He didn’t get out much, but whenever he got away from Campus he always commented on how beautiful Prague was. He had only been here for 4 months.

The dinner was good and the chatting was fine, mostly about the fires and what investigators had found out so far. That they were all caused by a computer and they were almost all different styles of system.

Mai took his arm as they waited for the bus to head back to town. Anna was almost having trouble believing this gorgeous girl liked him. He decided then that he would kiss her good night when they parted.

The bus dropped them at the front entrance to Campus. It was about a 10 minute walk to the dorm. They talked more and she held his arm as they snaked up the shortcut path. The dorm was built in 3 wings, one for women and two men and after 9PM, they had to keep to their own sides. It was 10:15 now.

When they got to her dorm she spun, leaned up and with a grin planted a kiss on Anna. He had to fight the surprise and reflex to pull back, because he was in the mindset that he was going to kiss her. After a moment, the surprise passed and smiled back at her as they separated.

She said “Good night, fun!” turned and went inside.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Day Zero, Part 1

From the Author;

If you think this couldn’t happen, you are fooling yourself. I have personally watched the computer evolution since the 1970s. I have seen the gaping holes in functionality and security. I have watched them be exploited first hand.

I watched in amazement as entire databases were saved to floppy disks with no backup and then accidentally destroyed or corrupted. I saw people’s professional lives devastated because a hard drive died. Personal lives too. I experienced an entire Institute at NIH become paralyzed because a virus was trying to log into a single PC with everyone’s login ID (snagged from a Domain Controller) and in the process locked out all 2400+ network accounts. It did it over and over until I heard about the virus, Domain Controller and finally noodled out what was happening. I was given no recognition, shocker.

I personally think it’s just a matter of time before a devastating attack designed by “professionals” is set loose. This depiction is from an amateur. For convenience, I call this attack a “virus”, even though it is technically a worm. Feel free to look up any terms you don’t understand, I didn’t “dumb this down” too much.

Day Zero

Anna sat up, squinting at the morning light coming through the window. He took a deep breath and swung out of his twin bed and stood up. He wobbled for a second while orienting himself and blinking a few more times to clear his eyes. It was Saturday.

As consciousness set in he became aware of the day and the mission ahead. His adrenalin kicked in and he was wide awake in five more seconds. His mind was buzzing now, with all the possibilities of the day.

The virus was not complicated at all. It uses a very basic BIOS vulnerability in almost all computers wired to the net, to bypass the operating system and simply take over (he tested this on Mac, PC and Unix boxes already, without the payload). It then shuts down the main and CPU cooling fans and speeds up the hard drive RPM to whatever the maximum setting is. Next, the now over-clocked CPU is told to calculate pi to the last and also print out every help file on the system, after printing “”SECURE YOURSELVES” on a single sheet. The overheat sensors are all disabled.

He had limited the virus to the subnet just inside his dormitory. He walked over to his computer to check the time and he had 15 minutes. He disabled the virus, shut down his computer and covered it with a garbage bag. He had the evidence that 23 computers in the one dorm were infected, but had no way to tell how many were currently on. Anna had every infected computer ‘ping’ his own IP address with an odd file size, which he had monitored with free software. Any that were off at exactly 9AM would be spared and the virus would disappear when they were next turned on.

He started making breakfast, toast and fried eggs. Shortly after the coffee was ready, the building’s fire alarm went off. He put on his robe, grabbed his mug, a book and headed down the hall to the emergency exit with his egg sandwich. His blonde hair was still skewed from sleep when he met the crowd of students forming outside.

Makes Me Damn Mad

China's Three Gorges Dam seems to have a few faults.

You can see the sattelite view here:,111.274424&spn=0.030837,0.056477&t=h&z=14&om=1

Pretty big undertaking regardless.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

I've Stopped Using Windows Media Player

I moved everything to Real Player. It works so much better than Windows, because of the licensing software Microsoft added. It was always sputtering and using up way too much memory.

I also like that Real Player remembers where I left off when I open my media library. I like to go through the songs in order by I don't get repeats.

I hope some day Microsoft realises they have to stop bullying us here consumers. I may have to buy a Mac if this keeps up (kidding, I would switch to Red Hat first).

Monday, November 26, 2007

Did I Mention I Hate Christmas?

Ok, "hate" is a bit strong of a word. I don't hate the concept of Christmas, worshiping or family time. It's the gift giving that drives me nuts. People are just fanatical about it here in the US.

They cry when they can't get a certain toy for their kid, literally cry. Let the kids cry and go find something else to give them. Boo Hoo, no more Hanna Montana Sing Along's in stock...whimper whimper, sob sob.

Your kids will survive and in another year, won't even remember Hanna, because they will be hooked on crack.

Get your kids something they have to use outside. Something they have to build or put together. Buy them some CD from old, that they have never heard of and let them try something new.

The best present I ever got as a kid was some kind of air gun thingy that would suspend a Ping Pong ball in mid air. None of my friends had or wanted one, so I felt god damn special, because I did. I don't think I asked for it, but that was 38 years ago. It was fascinating; I loved that toy for years.

Don't buy your kids what they want, surprise them with something you love.

P.S. Only one family in my neighborhood went crazy with the decorations so far this year, so when they get deported, all will be well.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Remember The Fallen This Week

Sgt. Alfred G. Paredez Jr., 32, of Las Vegas, Nev., died Nov. 20 in Baghdad, Iraq

Pfc. Marius L. Ferrero, 23, of Miami, Fla., who died in Baqubah, Iraq.

Cpl. Jason T. Lee, 26, of Fruitport, Mich., who died in Balad, Iraq.

Cpl. Christopher J. Nelson, 22, Rochester, Wash., who died in Baqubah, Iraq.

2nd Lt. Peter H. Burks, 26, of Dallas, Texas, died Nov. 14 in Baghdad, Iraq

Staff Sgt. Alejandro Ayala, 26, of Riverside, Calif., died Nov. 18 of injuries sustained as a result of a vehicle accident in Kuwait

Friday, November 23, 2007

I Don't See The Problem?

The "father" must have been a piece of work to have the mommy wanting to hide the child? And the mommy must be the same for banging daddy on a "one night stand". This might be one for Philosophers, but abortion would be the likely outcome.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Group X Is Just Funny

I have no idea where they are from, but they make me laugh.

Well Slap Me Silly

I had a pretty good Thanksgiving. The turkey was perfect! I was with both of my sons. Football sucked and my youngest son sprayed me with Pam cooking spray, but besides that, all was good. I made him skin potatoes for the first time. He did ok, but was slow.

I even had an "out of the blue" call from my cousin Ritchie, who I like a lot. We don't talk much and have nothing in common, but he's a good guy, very funny and a talented cartoonist.

I got the leaves raked before I started cooking, but after supper a front moved through and the wind seems to have piled up every loose leaf in the neighborhood in my yard. That never ends, I have been raking the yard since July.

Now I have a nice little buzz going, listening to the Doors and I am writing a dumb blog. Good day then.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Remeber The Fallen.

Sgt. Steven C. Ganczewski, 22, of Niagara Falls, N.Y., died Nov. 16 in Iraq
Sgt. Mason L. Lewis, 26, of Gloucester, Va., died in Baghdad on Nov. 16
Sgt. Kenneth R. Booker, 25, of Vevay, Ind., died Nov. 14, in Mukhisa, Iraq
2nd Lt. Stuart F. Liles, 26, of Hot Springs, Ark., died Nov. 13 in Bagram, Afghanistan
Spc. Ashley Sietsema, 20, of Melrose Park, Ill., died Nov. 12 in Kuwait City, Kuwait
Capt. David A. Boris, 30, of Pennsylvania. died Nov. 12 in Bermel, Afghanistan
Spc. Adrian E. Hike, 26, of Callender, Iowa. died Nov. 12 in Bermel, Afghanistan
Sgt. Derek R. Banks, 24, of Newport News, Va., died Nov. 14 in San Antonio of wounds suffered Oct. 25 in Baghdad, Iraq
Sgt. Christopher R. Kruse, 23, of Emporia, Kan. died Nov. 13 in Mukhisa, Iraq
Cpl. Peter W. Schmidt, 30, of Eureka, Calif. died Nov. 13 in Mukhisa, Iraq
Sgt. Joseph M. Vanek, 22, of Elmhurst, Ill., died Nov. 12 in Baghdad, Iraq
Sgt. Phillip A. Bocks, 28, of Troy, Mich., died Nov. 9 while conducting combat operations in Aranus, Afghanistan.
Staff Sgt. Patrick F. Kutschbach, 25, of McKees Rocks, Pa., died Nov. 10 in Bagram, Afghanistan
Spc. Jermaine D. Franklin, 22, of Arlington, Texas, died Nov. 9, in Jisr Naft, Iraq
Capt. Matthew C. Ferrara, 24, of Torrance, Calif., who died Nov. 9 in Aranus, Afghanistan
Sgt. Jeffery S. Mersman, 23, of Parker, Kan., who died Nov. 10 in Aranus, Afghanistan
Cpl. Sean K. A. Langevin, 23, of Walnut Creek, Calif., who died Nov. 9 in Aranus, Afghanistan
Cpl. Lester G. Roque, 23, of Torrance, Calif., who died Nov. 10 in Aranus, Afghanistan
Spc. Joseph M. Lancour, 21, of Swartz Creek, Mich., who died Nov. 10 in Aranus, Afghanistan

This is from just the last week. Most were killed by IEDs. Average age, a little over 23.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Time To Start Drilling In Alaska

The wildlife is screwed because of "global warming" anyway. Too late, sorry,later...

So let's go get some damn oil!! I wouldn't bitch about a few hundred Special Forces heading south and destroying 1/2 of Venezuela's oil wells. I know they could do it too. F-You OPEC and Chavez, America sorts it's shit out when the rest of the world kicks us. Always has and always will.

We need to focus on Fusion!

Want To Play Spin The Bottle?

That's what the UN does all the time and this is just another example.

I guess I will just sit back and watch at this point. I am sick of arguing and writing about it. All of you believers, just go ahead and panic (just because some scientists want to get published by putting up incomplete and non-global studies). The scientist motto; "Publish Or Die". Even if it's crap and they know it.

If anyone wants to argue that climate is global and not regional, please contact me. Look at the last summer. Floods in England, Africa and Texas. Drought in California, the whole eastern US and Greece.

So you know, this massive CO2 increase is depicted graphically below. 1 is the year 1810 and 2 is the projected year 2010. 200 years, and we are showing the increase in CO2 in parts per million in the air... Click the image below to see the drastic change over the whole Industrial Revolution.

This is the graph they want you to see and be utterly shocked by;

It's the same data as I show in the first graph, it just has the top cut off. Much prettier. And how scary this looks, eh? I have to wonder, if all that CO2 was rising from 1860 to 1960, how can they rely on Ice Core Data? Wasn't the ice starting to melt already? Where's that data? What is the "global" sea level increase this year? No answer. What Island has already sunk beneath the waves? None. Why are you on an island at sea level anyway? That's stupid.

I'm just glad I have a good fridge, I should be able to muttle through...come on ice maker, my drink is empty.

All I know is, the US and Canada used to be covered with Glaciers (see Ice Age) and those are all gone. How high did the sea level rise then? What was sunk then? Where were humans then and what was our "carbon footprint"? Think about it.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Ok, CUT The Damn Troop Funds

I thought I would never say such a thing! I am a Vet myself.

The Pubs here in the US Senate are being exceptionally stubborn, so I say, no more bills on war funding and just let the money run out. The US Military is already shifting funds from projects on home soil to fund the wars, which will hit them hard in the long run.
The most frustrating thing about this is the quote;
"We need to get our troops everything they need. We need to get it to them right now," said Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell.

He voted against the funding!!!!!! I could rip my hair out..oh wait, it's coming out naturally.

The actual voting...

This bill contained only a start date to begin a troop drawdown, no hard end date. So the Pubs have only themselves to thank for the troops not getting funded. I hope the DNC has a blast with this and the Pubs lose the ability to override all of these bills after the 2008 elections.

Now, since the cloture was voted down, there will eventually be weeks of debates and the Pubs will just vote the same way when it comes up for a vote.

Maybe we will be able to get something done, because the Pubs "requirement" of a 3/5ths to pass a bill won't matter, they will still lose. It will only take 10 more seats to accomplish this.

Of note; McCain and Lott failed to vote (lazy asses can't take time off the campaign trail), but Hagel, Smith and Snowe (all Pubs) voted for cloture. A little sanity out there..

My Chess Web Site Is Under Attack!

They are shut down, but luckily they stopped the clock on all of the games, so I won't lose any games on a time out.

It is probably one or two of the major ass jerks that play on the site and are abusive when they lose. Big babies who eventually get suspended. If you don't know what a DOS attack is, just plug it into

I guess I will just post a bunch of dumb ass blogs ;).

Funny Short Video

Isn't it ironic? She looks a little like Alanis Morissette.

Saudi Arabia...

It's not just for gang rape anymore... It is also the best place for the victim to get sentenced to being whipped (the bad whip, there are good ones) and jailed.

I know where I am building my summer home!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

This Made Me Laugh

Don't try it though ladies..

Speak Your Mind.

It's funny at work. A week or two back I was in a large meeting, one of 3 teams that are implementing ITIL (google it) and the current meeting was overlapping into what the other teams were doing in their part of the effort.

I spoke up that the other two teams weren't getting much done. I think I used the phrase "miserable failure" at one point. It was really weird, because I don't even remember what I said, it was like I was possessed. I knew I was doing something important though. The current meeting blew past that and we got not much done, besides agreeing to meet again (typical of these things).

I was called on the carpet by my boss and told never do that again (no criticising things we are doing in house like that, in a open forum). Since then, I have had multiple people, which include my boss, say that I opened a whole new line of thought in the office. One of considering criticism and how often people bite their lips and say nothing. At least people are talking and thinking.

A nice change there and I do realize my error. Sometimes though, the worst errors bring the most remarkable results. We are human and things like this demonstate our faults and greatness at the same time.

Don't Marry a Bitch

Funny, I was paralyzed after I married mine, not before.

Monday, November 12, 2007

I Don't Hate Chuck

But I must say it is a show that is a bit contrived. I was impressed when they closed with an Eels tune, "Fresh Feeling"

Good song..

It has been making the rounds though.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another Hang-Up..

I don't know who's side I should come down on in this matter. I guess I say kill them all though, they were in a brutal regime and probably took part in the many many murders and blatant rapes.

I just want it to go away like the Nazi did after WW2, swept under the legal rug. I suppose the biggest problem I have is that the US supported Saddam when he wanted to attack Iran after the US puppet Government fell there. What a historical mess and Iran has not forgotten any of this.

That's the root cause of all of these problems with the honorable Persians. The US took a US sized collective shit on them. The US has to stop fucking meddling in other's business. Like Pakistan, Iran, Israel... If we just sit back and watch, they will sort things out one way or another. Lets start drilling in Alaska right away though.. just in case.


Lene Marlin is new to me. Cute Swedish girl, but the new record is over-produced like most top 40 cookie cutter music. They have some videos.

The Sounds have been around for a while, also Swedish. Not bad, kind of 80's retro.

Condoleezza Needs a Shower or Something..

She was on This Week this morning, and I was cracking up when flies kept landing all over her and distracting her (and me).

You can watch it here;

Hmm, what else attracts flies? You know the old saying..

And don't get all pissed off and start slamming me, I am just kidding and have a lot of respect for Condie and her accomplishments.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

This Is Different...

Like I would give these crackpots a penny? Buy a cow?? If I wanted to do some good for these people, I would send a tractor and some wheat seed. Better yet, some rice. With all the flooding in Africa, they should be able to grow tons of rice!

And for just $100 I can protect 5 families from malaria or help a sexually exploited girl! How the hell can they guarantee that?? Bunch of retards, or they think we are. Oh wait, this is America, we are retarded.

Shocker that the freak Patricia Heaton is the Hollywood face behind this rip off. Way to go Patty.

China Is Trying To Kill Us, Again

This is getting way out of control, why not just cut imports all together. It would send a clear message to these idiots that America won't tolerate such crap. I am getting to the point that I am afraid of meat too. The FDA needs to get on the ball, but they won't. Too busy with the bureaucracy OMB imposes to actually do their damn jobs.

Friday, November 9, 2007

At $100 per Barrel

How do you hit the Golden Gate Bridge with a tanker?? How does this take 3 days to make the national news?

Why is the EPA burying the story? Good luck finding it...

Why did I have to hear about this first on BBC news?

So at $100 per barrel, that's $138,000 worth of product (42 gallons per barrel) washing up on area beaches. What a damn mess and worth so little. It will take millions to clean it up.

One More Sock…

I have been doing my own laundry since I was 16 years old. At some point in my life, I was at the point that I had the washer pretty much full and then found another sock under a pair of jeans. I tossed it in, thinking to myself, “It can fit one more sock”.

So over the years, when I do laundry, that “one more sock” concept always creeps back into my mind. I wonder; can a washer always have enough capacity for one more sock? Obviously not. You reach a point where you just know it’s too full and stop putting stuff in. But anytime you hit that mark and stop, it would probably not be a big deal to add one more sock.

All that being said, look at your life and see how your family, work and play fill up your day (the big three). Then start adding the socks. Think about it, there are many other socks that get tossed in. Most of the time, these extra socks come from other people that want to demand your time to meet their own desires. Odds are you do the same to other people yourself.

So we have this overhanging weave of other’s wants and our own needs over our lives. This fills up the rest of our time and often pushes us to the breaking point when it’s one sock too many. I think the end product of this stupid thought process is; try to be a little more self sufficient and if you are so overloaded it’s killing you, say no to people who want your time.

I Know Where I'm Going to Retire

The good news is the fish have never been bigger and their teeth have never been whiter.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

That's Inappropriate

An 11 year old getting a "stripper-gram". Gosh. I will say I am way older than 11 and would love one for my Birthday in a few weeks. PLEASE!!?? Anyone...

I wanted tomorrow off..

I really did, I haven't had any time off in weeks and I usually take a 1/2 day at least every two weeks. But NOOOOOoooo....

I get a schedule today for a meeting I really don't have to attend, but will be expected to anyway, for Friday afternoon. Who the hell schedules a meeting for Friday, let alone in the afternoon. And it's right before the Veteran's Day long weekend (remember your Vets, I am one!!) so you know nobody is going to be thinking about what's happening in the meeting. They will be thinking Football, or a dinner date, or something.

I could just stamp my feet and cry like a baby :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Georgia Is Going Crazy..

I didn't know they were their own country?? I thought they just languished as the state above Florida and made a bunch of paper.

This is disturbing. These Russians they speak of probably come from Rhode Island, the only US state starting in "R"! And it's an Island too.

Seriously though, we have Georgia sandwiched between Russia and Turkey, both of which we are not buddy-buddy with right now.,47.285156&spn=14.104887,31.245117&z=5&om=1 This whole region is getting unstable, and we didn't even have to bomb Iran to do it.

I am starting work on the bunker, ark and spaceship right now, just in case I have to hide, float or flat out leave the planet.

Eno Everyone Can Agree On, Even The Boss..

I know I hyped him before here, but every time this music comes up in my rotation, I am compelled to say something. (scroll down to the player)
Listen to AT LEAST to song 2. Oh, note the dates on the songs. Way ahead of his time. Eno is now a big time producer and still puts out new stuff from time to time.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong??

Yeah, George and Nicolas chumming it up. Nothing good can come of this. Nic turned out to be an ass and divorced his wife a few weeks after getting narrowly elected. France is as divided as the US.

According to this; France has lost less people that a lot of other countries in Afghanistan. It amounts to 2.6% of US losses. I probably shouldn't bitch too much, because the US pushed for and started this.

I just don't like the guy and don't like him slithering up to Bush. It's like two snakes intertwined.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


What a freaky week, and it looks to only get worse. I have meetings stack on meetings and have to pick which to go to and which to ignore. I should probably be flattered that people want me at their meetings so bad? Um, but I am still regularly ignored and stifled. I also pissed of a fair amount of people with some (admittedly) inappropriate comments. It just came out in frustration, I know most people want to get work done and move forward. I just don't know if they always have a clear vision to actually do that.

Even when I stick my foot in it, for the common good, nothing much comes of it. I say, sometimes, you have to step in some shit to move forward. I am not afraid to do so. It was my self imposed mission when I came to work at this place.

I will just keep doing what I do and raise eyebrows. It's a gamble to see if I will ultimately get promoted or canned. I like gambling for fun and life, sock it to me baby. I am not a fan of Casinos though.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Polyphonic Spree again

Uh, I missed the release of this new album back in the summer, probably because I was unimpressed with their second release.
I won't comment more on the third, because it sounds like the second one from what I hear so far.

I looked on utube and I see the band did a gig on the show Scrubs, a song from their first album. Not a bad show and not a bad album, but the show is up against another show I like more, so I don't watch it.


I decided to rent this off the high-def online cable service ($4.00). WTF? Am I the only person who was annoyed by the awfully cheap CGI blood splatter effects and all of the crappy light filters and hack edits they employed? Post production was obviously meant to save this weak ass movie, but that failed. I have seen better effects in many B movies back in the 70's.

It reminds me of the reason I DONT want to see Baeowolf. Why the hell make a CGI movie and go out of your way to make the actors look like themselves? Uh, Duh... Why not just make a live action movie with people?? I have no desire to see this, as it will be a waste. What are you guys thinking and how did you get any producers to sign off on it?

On the other hand, I think Hitman has all the hallmarks of a really good movie. There are no big name stars, but the direction (watch the trailer) looks pretty slick. It opens about my birthday, so I think I will treat myself to a night out. I am a bit sick of the repetetive music on the trailer...

Friday, November 2, 2007

Another year wasted..

I know, it is only November. But I am looking back at this year (outside of work) and I have not really accomplished much. I did get my son into and out of Driving School (including 3 trips to the Maryland version of the "DMV", called the MVA).

I am in the process or building new flower boxes, out of PVC fake wood, to replace the rotting wooden ones. Almost done. I did get a new 50" plasma flat screen and figured out how to wire it up on my own, even got the High Def setup. It's going to be great for the games. I just don't have any friends to watch it with.

I guess my biggest fault is that I have not tried to make any new friends. I don't really need any though. I would like a girlfriend, one of those "no strings attached" ones. If that's a sticking point, I would settle for some twine or better yet, some thread attached.

I do have my eye on a certain lady, but she is in a bit of, it would probably wind up way too complicated.

I have been looking for a hobby and I think I have had a breakthrough on a story I started and hit a brick wall on. I will try to get into that and stop these pitiful posts. I think I still won't make any friends by writing a book. A catch 22.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

My Halloween

I usually do a pretty good setup for Halloween in front of my tiny little Row House. I always have some kids who won't even approach the house. The wind picked up early, but died down after a while, so the Fog machine was not in use the whole time.
(Click to enlarge images)

This is Harold. I made him by hand with sewing help from my oldest son. That was about 7 years ago, maybe a few more. It's so dark, you can't see the detail in the face or hands that I carved out of foam rubber. Harold is about 7 feet tall overall, and suspended on black string. I usually have him on a long string than will allow him to swing down and stop just short of the kids that are trick or treating. This year, I tried something different and had him suspended as shown, but with a flip of the finger, Harold would lurch forward a few feet quickly, like he was attacking. It was a perfect effect. I terrorized anyone who acted cocky and all the older kids. I try to not make kids cry, but it has happened, which always makes me feel bad. ; )

It is a blast and I can't really demonstrate the black light effect and the spooky music I play too. I guess you would have to visit on October 31st and see it for yourself. Most of the other decorations are obscured in the pics. A real sword stuck in the ground, very realistic fake tomb stones, the rubber snake, strobe light and more.

Fun fun.

My favorite was a little girl that stomped up to the porch and confidently proclaimed "I remember you"... I let Harold do his thing and the little cutie ran like a gazelle, a solitary scream trailed off as she ran. Several neighbors even stuck their heads out of their houses to see what was going on. That's Halloween success. Three different kids stopped to pose for pictures too.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Child Development

I totally agree with this book. When I was a kid we all ran all over downtown, in the woods, on the train tracks, in lakes and streams. No parents, just groups of kids.

Let your kids be kids and stop planning their activities all the time. It's part of growing up and learning about nature and human nature.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pakistan: A nice place to visit

But don't try to get "a head".
It's just more of the middle east animal ism that drives a wedge between them and the civilized world. Animals I say, just a bunch of fucking animals. There is only one way to deal with animals that behave badly, right?

Friday, October 26, 2007

Pam, The Wall Is Over Here…

The scary thing is, she is "fixed up" here;

And at just 39, she is seconds from hitting the wall... head on. Apparently her lifestyle is catching up with her big time. Back when she first graced the pages of Playboy, I fell for her hard. She was drop dead gorgeous.

Then the facial tinkering started and that spread to other parts of her body. What a waste, if she had left it alone she would probably still be striking and able to work.

A word to the wise (young ladies), wait till you see the wall, then start tinkering with you body, if you must. Enjoy the trip first. Pam did that, but for just a little while.

Daylight Savings Time (tech stuff alert)

Today, this issue once again reared it’s ugly head. The US Congress completely unnecessarily modified the Daylight Savings Time last year, which forced all of the computer software companies to scramble to make adjustments. Some people’s calendars are now an hour off, though some guy claimed an hour and a half???

The bad thing about the software updates to fix this, is that it was not a high priority update. So any new computers being setup after the first time around earlier this year didn’t get the required patches by default when they were setup.

As the complaints come in, the Helpdesk is dispatching tickets to local support to go install the required patches. It is a huge inconvenience and of course, it is always the VIPs who are having the problems, because they always “need” the newest computers.

I say they are paying the price for their celebrity. This is one sad ass post…sorry.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ugly Betty Music/Songs

I like the show very much, but tonight I was wowed when they included a song from the Music You Haven’t Heard thread I started back in July 07.

They played the song You Can’t Have Me in the background during the Bowling Alley scene, by Clearlake. It’s from the album Amber. The partial track is here;

You can listen to some other track samples of theirs here, free or look on, where there are many.

I know, I am a music nerd, but it’s cool to me, see them get some recognition. It’s like a validation that I know what the hell I am talking about when it comes to music. I hear they will be featured on the show The O.C. too.

Another Interesting Story..
I would donate my two kids and have them wear signs saying “Not planned?”

My kids were planned, just not by me...

I Found This Interesting

I know a little more than average about the middle east, but this was really interesting and new to me. A Comic book series based on the Names of Muhammed. These people from all over the world work in odd groups of 3 to do Super Hero stuff. Each has one of the powers, that are laid out in the names. The Story...

Interesting concept. I would like to be "The Thankful". Then I could spend my Super Hero day just taking things and saying "Thanks"!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

So You Try To Do Something Nice…

A gal friend of mine has another gal friend from work who is looking for some “attention”, so she says. Me, the nice guy, offers to take her out for a nice night out (Dinner, Movie and a hard Bang) and she fucking passes.

Man, you throw yourself out there like the “shining knight” there to “save the damsel” and just get stepped on like that?? I think I am a pretty good looking for my age, 44. The hard up one is 23. I don’t see the problem, she isn’t all that hot, but I think she’s cute. I have banged early 20 something girls as late as my mid 30’s. I think I still have it in me to manage.

So now I sit alone tonight, listening to The Beatles – Hard Days Night and have to wonder how John Lennon could have called this “drivel”. Actual quote, from right before the band broke up. John was a bit of a pretentious ass towards the end.

That has nothing to do with the rest of the post, does it? Sorry.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

TV On The Radio

It sounds like someone mixed the genes of ENO, the Kinks and Peter Gabriel to make this happen (about the best compliment ever, I could give them). I love it, they are all over the place. One track “ambient” and the next more rock. They sing “Ooh” a lot.

Wolf Like Me rocks..

Does Sock Lint only bother ME?

You know…that bit of lint in your sock that rides under your foot all day, making it feel a “bit off” when you are walking? Do women deal with this issue too? It’s maddening (not a reference to John Madden who I met on a train from New York to Chicago once in 1985…funny guy).

So you walk around all day with this chunk on lint under foot, bothering you with every step, keeping you annoyed. No wonder I come home and drink like a fish and berate the dog (bare foot)! Can someone please address this matter, so we aren't walking around on the Enterprise in a hundred (or so) years bitching our bald heads off at “number one” ? Please.

Oh, a few other minor issues to consider; (WTF?)

Monday, October 22, 2007

That burns
This could be happening here in my area, so I guess I will consider myself lucky. After what happened in Greece this summer, maybe we should all consider moving north or south??

Monkey business
That's like Moron Barry getting killed by gangsters in Washington DC. Ironic, but funnier. BAD MONKEY!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Leave Turkey alone...right now!

If the US was being attacked by terrorists across our border, what would we do? Heck, we don't even need to be attacked to go invade other countries.

NSFW The original...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Google Is One Step From Banner ADs

If you search for "New York Times" you will see what I am saying.
So the TOP "ranked" link, if you hover the mouse over it, you see no URL displayed. If you click it, you get a site to sign up for home delivery. The second "ranked" site is the actual site. So the NY Times is paying Google to make this happen. I wouldn't be upset if they identified this as a "sponsored link". Oh wait, I see it faintly way over to the right....

Just one step away from full banned ADs and a sad thing to see the greed of a once great company (and it's many owners) over take sensible operability.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

NO-DUH (NOAA) Is Inept

So the 2007 Atlantic Hurricane season draws to a close and No-Duh has failed miserably in their predictions All of the "named storms" only caused damage to Mexico (and neighbors) less one tropical storm that hit Texas and caused it to be one of the few parts of the US not in a drought. The 85% chance of terrible conditions has not happened.

This passage lays out why this organization is a waste of my Tax dollars:
"Historically, similar conditions have typically produced 2-4 hurricane strikes in the continental United States and 2-3 hurricanes in the region around the Caribbean Sea. However, it is currently not possible to confidently predict at these extended ranges the number or intensity of landfalling hurricanes, or whether a given locality will be impacted by a hurricane this season." So why the hell am I paying you???

And why the hell did Al Gorey get a Nobel prize? He is just a talking head, he didn't do an ounce of research. He is just a sheep following the heard of scientists enjoying fame and publicity because they are recklessly spreading panic. You know the researchers motto? "Publish or Perish". Even if it's crap.

Friday, October 12, 2007

The Best Bad Movie

Back when I was 14 or 15 years old, this movie was on TV almost weekly, on the Saturday late night horror show. I must have seen it dozens of times and I am sure others in the mid-west did too.

1971's Psychomania distinguishes itself from other bad B movies by simply being the worst, which I love. I love cheesy bad movies, because they make me laugh. Most of these types of movies died out in the 1960's, but a few poor movie makers continued to churn them out well into the late 1970's, then they pretty much died.

An excellent review/synopsis was written by Monster Hunter (thank you!)

What he fails to point out in the review are the basics of bad movies. Repeated footage, bad direction, bad sound, piss poor acting, writing, music, lighting, sets and overall production. It's excellent!! I laughed my ass off like I did back in 1977. I laugh at it, not with it. Oh, I have to mention that almost all physical action (fight scenes) are implied by olny seeing the aftermath of destruction/bodies (no blood) strewn about. Maybe I have only seen the PG rated version? Oh, I just looked at the DVD case and it's "NOT RATED". Probably for the best.

Did I mention it stars an Oscar winner? Read the review linked to above for more on that.

You can pick up this masterpiece of terrible film making for yourself on Amazon for a mere $6. What a bargain!

I have to say I am a bit pissed that I can get THIS MOVIE on DVD, but not The Monolith Monsters! I am watching and waiting...

If you're going to spew...

Spew into this. I usually don't get happy when someone dies, but umm...

Now this is sad; I myself have never wittingly tried psilocybe. You can still get your Dutch Hash though, so they aren't being too harsh. (A-HEM?)

Seriously, this is the 7 year anniversary of the terrorist attack on the USS Cole. A total of 17 US Sailors killed and almost 40 wounded. The explosion hit the galley during meal time. It was a warning shot that was not fully realized by the US "intelligence" (I use that word lightly) services. Shortly after this happened, the 911 terrorists began flight school inside the American border. We were totally blind to the threats, even after the Cole and Embassy bombings.

Allen Telescope Array is on-line

We know you are out there, so please say hello!

It's interesting to note that Bill Gates' foundation
tries to save the world from aids and Paul Allen tries to aid the world in finding aliens. An interesting difference in priorities.

I am sure Mulder and Sculley will sleep good tonight

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dear Jesus:

The smattering of rain last night was not very useful. I have to say that I doubt your resolve to take care of us down here. I keep hearing you “Love” me, but I have to say I’m not feeling it. I know there’s the whole “helps those that help themselves” thing for you to fall back on, but I can’t make it rain dude!

On another issue...why are we doing this now??

Monday, October 1, 2007

Burma has to change

This is ridiculous. They are "sending way" the Monks?? Will someone tell China to exert a bit of pressure here? Oh, I forgot, China authorities hate Monks (heard of Tibet?). This sucks. Why don't they move to America and displace some illegals! I would love to have Monks in the streets like they are (oops, were) in Burma. I feel completely inept and outraged.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Gay, but not too gay

Yeah, so what? It's a great song and has been flitting around my head all weekend, that doesn't mean anything either. It's a great CD, that is getting no play in the US (that I have heard). Let me know if I am wrong. I want my own radio station, damn-it!

Miss Moneypenny, dead

She was a trooper! Played the part in 14 Bond films and spanned two different lead characters, Connery and Moore.

Se lived to 80, a "bit" longer than I would want for myself, but I hope she had a good life. Having the same actress in the role in all those movies, gave a stark continuity to the franchise that is drastically missing today. Did I mention I hated the Casino Royale remake?

Friday, September 28, 2007

Burma is gunna get it…

I am sure you have heard about this, and bad-on-you if you haven’t. Things in Burma are really bad. The Military government doubled the price of gas a few weeks back, which triggered a lot of anger. The only people with the luxury of being able to protest about it were the Buddhist Monks, because the Military would just shoot down regular civilians.

Nice guys these Generals in charge of Burma. Go search the net if you aren’t familiar with this. I think it’s time we stop waiting for the UN (Useless Ninnies) to do nothing and make a few air strikes. It would anger China though, and that could be a bad thing. We need to engage with China and threaten to cut imports or something, maybe then they would take some action to stop this.

The latest from BBC;

Thursday, September 27, 2007

All I can say is YES!!

Bust them back to Beijing!! They are trying to steal everything that America is. Hmm, it might be easier if they joined us?? Just a thought...

NASA's Dawn mission gets off to a great start

It launched this morning and excepting delay because of a boat in the area where the spare parts fall into the Ocean, it went perfectly.

It's a record breaking mission because it's the first time a spacecraft will orbit two different (lesser in this case) planets.

The Press Kit has details on the mission;