Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fixing California

I was reading Newt's Washington Examiner article and he tossed out the "big" problems in California; a $42 Billion budget shortfall. Um, that is not a big deal really. It works out to $1100 per person, per year.

If the people making more than $150K per year pay $2000, the people making less can probably only pay $800 and it would be a wash. It isn't rocket science guys. If you don't want to pay the taxes, you won't get the services. Go look at the roads in Michigan and see what that leads to.

So California votes down the tax increases on May 19th and the Governor in turn will close every State park he possibly can. That means a lot of workers will be laid off and will get unemployment or state aid.

It's crazy, if you want the services; water, trash, roads, have to pay for it. Why don't yo people examine all of the tax breaks your movie industry gets?? They pay no taxes and rake in billions.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Orioles Game (click pics to enlarge)

I went to see the Tigers at Orioles last night.
It was a pretty good time, overall. We had the very real threat of a rain-out, as it was raining pretty heavy before the game started:

It broke up and the sun came out, the game started half an hour late, 7:30 PM. We even had a Rainbow:
The field was sloppy wet, we have had a lot of rain all year. It showed, as both teams had problems with odd ball bounces, espacially in the Outfield. I think the looming humidity might have played into the large number of balls being fouled back behind the batters. Normally, these would have been pop-ups in the Infield.

I have to say Willis is one of those pitchers that scares the hell out of me. He only seems to try to turn up the heat when he is behind (and did he ever get behind). That is the sign of a loser, a winner starts with the heat and never lets up:

I had headed over to the "smoking allowed area" at the stadium and got to watch a Baltimore Home Run ball land in the small gallery where degenerates gather to "catch" such balls. I watched this guy snag the ball after it bounced off another lurker and then he got slammed into the fencing (flew over a table) within the spot. He scooped up the ball and hid it behind his back, while all of the others crowded in, lurching to nab the home run ball. He sidestepped away and took his prize, probably to wind up on eBay. It was a scary thing to watch.

We saw a Grand Slam too, but it was Baltimore's game. All their's: "Strike".

Detroit hung their heads in loss, before and after the game. I think the new talent Baltimore is calling up is paying off.
One thing I thought was very cool was one guy selling HotDogs. He put on the Ketchup as requested, but if a customer wanted mustard, he spelled out in cursive "Orioles", in mustard. It was VERY COOL! I didn't get a picture, but what a great "customer service" and cross promotion idea. I had to mention that...

I must also give the Orioles props for being able to get the fans out of the area in a very timely manner after the game. Way better than ANY football game I have been too. Hockey too actually.

The Pontiac G3 Is Not An American Car

It's from South Korea, in fact.

It has parts from GM Daewoo and Korea Delphi. The electronics seem to mostly come from JEM which is based mostly in Mexico. They make a lot of toy electronics stuff, and after looking at the relay box on my G3, it looks like a toy, not a car. The relays are lose and are sure to pop out if I hit a few bumps.

I suspect nothing on this car is from or assembled in America.

I must also report after driving the car for the first time at night, the blood read instrument panel is hard to read and makes my eyes hurt.

I have been duped into buying my first foreign car by GM!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Feeding The Birds...

Too damn funny...

A ditty about US Policy:

No hate mail please, that second tune is about the poor use of US Military power and held true until 21 January 2009.

These Images Of Jesus Are Getting Out Of Hand

Really, stop these farces people. This isn't news, it's simple chance. If I took a picture of the bubbles in the toilet every time I piss, I would find Jesus 7 out of 10 times!

The UK's Parliament Is Bleeding

Click image to enlarge, what a pretty building!
Bleeding people that is....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hitler On My Underwear

Slow News Day

Yeah, just this Obama Supreme Court pick, which will wind up being denied in Confirmation Hearings (too "activist"), just so the Democrats can make sure all US Hispanics don't vote Republican in 2012. Oh, North Korea is blowing up all their Nukes right on their own soil and shooting off their missiles at nothing. Fine by me, less hardware to hit anyone else. Knock yourselves out with that. Yawn....

Oh, there is Monkey news!
Why the hell do they want them to glow???

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

GM Is Toast

If the bondholders (the really greedy bastards in this) won't take a deal, well, screw you. I suspect they will wind up with all of the taxpayer bailout money in the end. Way to go guys, tank an American institution and still get rich.

Meanwhile, the Unions, edge closer to taking a bullet (not in the head, which will happen if GM tanks). A little too late I think. Greed, the same that put the US where we are today, is about to sink GM. All any of us can do, is sit by and watch. A great US company and a huge swath of the US/Canada and Mexico will plunge into "depression".

Life Update

A quick one. My kid got a job, at last. It's only part time and at the local grocery store, it's something!

I traded my car and got a Pontiac G3, nice little toy car, about 1/2 the size of my first car. It has a little pep to it, so I will deal with it for 3 years until the warrant ends. I can only hope GM or another American company has a descent car on the market by then. Tic, tic, tic...get to it guys.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


It is very apparent to me that Newt Gengritch will be running for President in 2012. I have to say, what a great bit of luck that is for everyone in America!

Well, he just converted to "Catholisism". Good for you Newt! Well on your way to securing the bible belt. He has traded in his first wife:

For wife 2.0:
Wow, very John McCain-ish, yes? I can only hope America, all of America, you in the slums or in the mansions, realise what this guy is all about. Money and hot chicks..

Michael Steele

I think I like this guy, but if he continues to let himself be a pansy to an ideal that he knows is a failure, well, he will be a failure. Note to Mike: Hey, try to be the one to hit the middle of the road. If you don't, you will be run over by the left or the right, take a step and see which one hits you first. Dummy...

Bugles Across America

This is a fantastic service and (listening family?) I want one at my funeral. I already have the flag and I want it cremated with my body, as they should be. Keep it simple please.

Drop these guys a donation....

Friday, May 22, 2009

eBay Win Is Our Loss?

I guess the real problem I have with this "win" for eBay, is that anyone buying anything off the site might be getting fakes (CDs, DVDs, Jewelry and more).

Would you want to support that kind of sales?? Pay taxes on items that are faked in China and shipped here? It's more than a little ludicrous to me, personally. Clean your act up, make sellers "responsible". Amazon does, for the most part.

The Network Is Down

It got no press (because people don't like to admit to these problems) but a DOS attack took down the Internet for NIH on Monday this week, which in turn killed the DHHS web site and almost all of the NIH web sites. It was apparently an attack on one machine inside NIH, strange shit eh?? I am probably breaking some law with this info, right?

At first I heard it was human error on the firewall's configuration. Hmm, what is the truth here? We will probably never know.

Credit Card Law Changes And Guns

Um, well Congress passed this Bill to "reform" Credit Card companies practices of gouging their customers. Great idea, I guess. The companies will just find other ways to screw people and it will probably wind up hurting the people who have been responsible with their credit. Congress only seems to want to help the people who screw up and not reward us who use logic and sensibility.

What really rubs me is this asshole Thomas Allen added a completely unrelated rider on the Bill to allow guns into National Parks.

Someone poke me with a Pin, please? Guns and Credit Card reform are like oil and water, nothing in common. We need a law to restrict unassociated amendments to Bills.

Government Jobs

Just today, I applied for the 4th time for a job in a Federal Agency. I expect I will not get the job, as they wanted a Database Administrator with IT Security Officer and Desktop Support experience.

Good luck with that one, I have some database and security stuff, but mostly the Customer and Desktop/Project Management experience.

What sucks is you never hear anything back about the application and they want these supporting documents, but they don't give you any explanation of what those are. Very strange stuff.

GM Leaning Towards Bankruptcy

We have tossed more cash at them than their total debt, so I am pretty baffled about what's up with GM. Tank, go ahead and submit bankruptcy papers and screw the bond holders, they were stupid to invest in a company who's management had no vision. Let the rich bastards move a little closer to the majority of Americans in the middle class.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sasha Grey

I had not crossed paths with her "body of work" before today. Um, quite talented gal, very smart too.

You can download a podcast of an interview here;

If you want more, try eskimotube...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This American Life

The show airs on Saturday's at noon here in DC and this week they re-ran the episode from the week before. I contacted the station and they forwarded the email to the shows producer. They guy actually responded to me directly to apologize and explain what happened. What a great thing to do! Check out the show and the web site.

Drill Baby Drill

Do they have anesthetic there???

The Brit Speaker Gets Forced Out

I listen to the House whenever they air it on C-SPAN, and this guy was a hard ass. Now he is just an ass. Pelosi might be next?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sherlock Holmes Looks Good

I don't how how Downey can support two big franchises at one time?? Streching himself thin, I think.

Monday, May 18, 2009

UK House Of Commons Stuff

It isn't getting much press here, but a lot of these Members Of Parliament (MPs) have been busted for claiming cash reimbursment for things they shouldn't have. Little things like Hot Tubs and apartments for their children.

I can only hope someone calls Pellosi on the carpet for lying and force her to come clean. Can we do a vote of no confidence in the US Congress??

Sri Lanka Wins

Or so they say, they have beaten back the Tamil and killed the leader of the Rebel group. It will be interesting to see if these guys go away, or re-surge in a terrorist movement?

There have been pretty major protests in Toronto and elsewhere against the Sri Lankan government, so I doubt this is over.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009

US Car Makers Adjust

I keep hearing people sound like they are shocked at the dealership and plant closings that have been announced over the last few weeks. Um, that is what a bankruptcy does.

They have to get their houses in order and trim that fat that they have put on since the 1980s. They are just paying the price for a lack of vision and innovation. They brought it on themselves.

I was in Detroit earlier in the year and people I talked to were worried that America was mad at them for the bailouts. I said it was mixed, but people are not mad at the workers. Just mad at the inept management that ignored all the signs of change that every foreign car maker saw and got right. The Detroit workers were just doing their jobs.

Could this spell the end of the UAW? That might be a good thing, I think. Too much corruption and power.

I guess it's a good sign that the people of Detroit have the Red Wings in the Cup semi-finals. Something to rally around. Go Wings!

I hope a few of these wind mill companies can settle in Michigan, I am sure the Governor is working on it. I like her. Don't ask me what that picture is all about...I don't know, but it made me laugh.

Sea Level Rise...Not So Bad

Yeah, I guess the cooling trend has the "scientists" starting to back off the gloom and doom of global warming. Oh wait, it's "climate change" now. That's what the weather does every day, it changes. And these guys can't tell me what the weather will be tomorrow.

If you ask your local weather person about it, they will say "no comment", because Meteorologists (people who actually deal with facts) don't see any trends.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Boo To The Washington Capitals

Boo Hoo to you...

You have played sloppy hockey throughout the playoffs. You can't clear your zone to save your lives. You can't make a clean hit, just cheap shots. You spend twice the time in the box, because of it.

You kept DC from becoming a "Hockey Town" tonight. That sucks.

I think DC does it to their teams. They hold the guys up on pedestals all year (pick a sport here) and their heads get inflated to the point that they feel invincible, impenetrable. Then they fail, because they think they can't. The other guys know you can...

The town turns on them. Then they get traded away and the whole cycle starts anew.

Strange town, too much power, too much influence. Not enough focus and disciplin.

Can Someone Fix Burma?

The UN maybe? Take notice for a change? Oh right, they are frigging useless. I say send in the Marines...

Small country, small match. Lets just get this done guys.

Sri Lanka Keeps Getting Better

The top is where people were sheltering in the "safe zone" and the bottom frame is the same place 5 days later. Amazing what a bunch of artilery shells can do to a crowd?

Fluorescent Lights Slow To Come On?

Mine were, they were 25 years old. I got tired of replacing the bulbs so I replaced the Ballast(s). These regulate the current going through the bulb and kick start them into action.

They were pretty cheap, less than $15 each, so it was well worth the purchase. They are a bit of a pain to replace, but not too bad. If you have ever wired a light switch, you can do this. The wires are all color coded, so it's a sinch.

One IMPORTANT thing to note: If you are replacing a magnetic Ballast with an Electronic Ballast, you will need new bulbs! If you don't change the bulbs too, you will have an exciting light show on your hands. The guys at the Electronics shop should be able to help you with getting the right parts.

All Your Oceans Are Belong To Us

China wants all the Oceans

Intel Fined $1.5Bn

Sucks to be you...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

You Turkey...

It's a good thing in this case. Hadise is hot enough to melt lead, or make lead, or something like that.

Social Security And Medicare Are Bust?

If these programs are failing (shocker a government run program is failing?) let's close the book on them.

I have a proposal;

If you are 18-30, you will now pay 20% of what you have been, but never see a penny of it and pay no more after you hit 31.

If you are 31-40, you will now pay 35% of what you have been, but never see a penny of it and pay no more after you hit 41.

If you are 41-50, you will now pay 50% of what you have been, but never see a penny of it and pay no more after you hit 51.

If you are 51 or older you will pay what you have been and get your full benefit when you retire. You are welcome...

Learn to take care of yourself, because the government (Congress) has raped the Social Security and Medicare funds into oblivion. That will not change as long as these exist...

Obama Jokes Cut From Dinner

Obama jokes that were cut from that Correspondent's Dinner over the weekend....
These were leaked to me by a source I can not reveal:

Man, talk about "switching sides", first Larry Craig, now Arlen Specter...

I wanted to retain Dana Perino as Press Secretary, but she has a terrible gag reflex. Robert Gibbs is great, isn't he?!

Dick Cheney seems to really be worried about the country these days, very vocal. I am glad to see he has learned to show some interest now.

We are serious about cutting costs here in the White House, why do you think I hired a Jew as Chief Of Staff?

Did you know I bought Hillary a push up Bra? Bill didn't say "thanks", but James B. Steinberg did.

These are bad jokes, please don't attack me and try to get a sense of humor.

Google Street View Stuff

Greese doesn't seem to like it. I don't get Europe's opposition to it, they are all so liberal about other things. What's the big deal people??

View Larger Map
New York Hotel In Vegas

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Quartissimo Feat, Martina

Wow, what a voice! You have my vote Martina, covering Slovenia...

Marko Kon & Milaan

Who doesn't like the accordion?? They represent Serbia. Funny guys, but why is that girl there??

Lidia Kopania

The Polish entry, umm, yummy!

Shuttle Backup Plan

It's cool and scary that they have to take the precaution. I am amazed at how fast they have Endeavour ready to fly again.

Alexander Rybak

I am not gay, but this kid is cute and has some talent. I love it. The dancers are great.

Nelly Ciobanu

Representing Moldovo, I love the trumpets.

Vacation In Sri Lanka

If you want to die.

Why isn't the UN stepping in here and putting an end to this? Oh, I forgot, the UN (Unified Non-Action) is a joke.

Iran Pulling Out Of The NPT?

Looks like they will and I guess I can't blame them.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sinéad Mulvey & Black Daisy

An 80's kickback, not bad at all... Oh, they cover Ireland.

Urban Symphony

Um, this kicks ass...

Representing Estonia, I think I want to move there right now...

Christina Metaxa

Singing Firefly, written by her older brother. How cool is that? She represents Cyprus in the Eurovision 09.

Igor Cukrov feat, Andrea

Pretty damn good!

That's Good..

Roxana Saberi will get to appeal her case tomorrow and I expect she will catch a break and be sent home. It would be a good move for Iran to do that, a sign of good faith with the US.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Somali Pirate, Must Read

Seriously, if you read anything about this situation, make it this;

Watch the video too.

Star Trek 2009

I went to see Star Trek 2009 today. It was ok, not as super-fantastic as I had hoped, but it didn't suck. That is a big distinction. If you don't want any spoilers, stop reading now.

All of the effects were fantastic, except one. The Vulcan city scape looked so freaking fake and was shot so poorly that it looked like a model from an episode of Buck Rodgers (and I mean the old black and white ones).

I like and dislike the whole new timeline idea. It will give the producers too much leeway to take the characters in a totally different direction. Scary and a little thrilling at the same time.

I loved the cast, all of them. Music was good. The fast edits in the fight scenes was bit much and since I have developed Vertigo, I was squirming in my seat during 3 or 4 sequences.

It was the first movie I have seen in IMAX and I have to ask, what is the big deal? I didn't see any difference at all, except 3$ less in my wallet.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Zombie News

My CD drive tried to cut my finger off and I keep getting shocked by the touch pad...

Eagle Cam

That's different. You may not see them att the time, but there are 2 or 3 chicks in the nest. The parent on watch covers them up when it rains.

They have great tits, so watch for the chicks! ;)