Thursday, October 30, 2008

Who Is Helping The Oil Companies?

Well, who is the president? Oh, right, George Bush. Who has lobbyist's running their campaign? Oh, right, John McCain. I am all for "redistributing" the one quarter's $15 Billion profits of Exxon all over the poor people in the US (and yes, they do exist, get out of your mansions and look). Call me a socialist if you like, but I would rather think of this as just fair. That much profit and paying no taxes on it either?

Makes me sick. Anyone listening out there?

Voting Machine Problems In The US

If this is proven correct, the Federal Government needs to step in and standardize the whole system. This is just idiotic.

I know the system in Maryland is touch screens and I haven't had a problem with it. I don't think any part of the system is linked to the Internet and all the votes are recorded on an electronically encoded card that are tallied later. I hope so anyway. The rest of the country or the Federal Government might want to look at this example.

Stupid Students

Usually you see students protesting something that is bad for the country, like a war or something like overturning Rowe V Wade (which I would support modifying drastically). These kids are uneducated and should read my Blog religiously!

Here you go kiddies...

If I did that to a McCain poster, I would probably get a good talkin' to about respecting my elders.

A Few Funny IT Support Cartoons..

Click each to enlarge. Cute...

Three Year Old Attacks A Cop

Looks like something out of a zombie movie??

I think I would have capped the Dad in the knee, the kid in the foot and the woman through the head. Why the hell did she let the child out of the car???

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Porsche Sticks It To Em'

This is cool if you can follow the thread. All these Hedge Fund a-holes who do nothing but make money by betting on a stock going up or down were screwed after they made a bunch of "short sales" (look it up) and then Porsche stepped in and bought up a bunch of VW.

The Hedge guys were scrambling to reduce losses because the stock went up! A lot. A nice kick in the pants to these financial pansies who deal in nothing but thin air and speculation all day. We need a better way to value the assets of the world, and all of these financial people can take the jobs vacated when we deport the illegals.

The Obama Show

It was funny to see a bunch of McCain ads right before the show. Watch that wallet dude, you have 5 more days.

Anyway, it was well produced and mixed, great music backing. It was really just the same messages I have already heard, which are many and vary in subject. Obama hit all the points, which is important. Much better than hearing "Joe The Plumber" and "Spread The Wealth" over and over.

I guess I will just count the days, vote and wait till next Wednesday morning to hear the news. One cool thing is Maryland has early voting up for a vote, which I will do. I expect this coming Tuesday will be a little nuts at the polling station. I plan on leaving work early to go vote during what is traditionally a slow period. I hate seeing all the signs at the location in English and Spanish though.

Senior Republicans Forecast Big 2008 Losses

I know Michael Steele (not personally), he ran for Govenor in Maryland a few years back and lost by a small margin. I liked him for the most part. I hope he runs for House or Senate next time, I will take another look.

It is a bit of a mess to have all these "Pubs" forecasting doom and gloom for thier party. By the way, Tories are the same as Pubs in Brittian.

Great Halloween Costume Ideas (kind of NSFW)

Not Porn though...

I love Hollywood Tuna, you should check this daily.

Why You Should Shut The Gas Off When You Go To Work.

Kidding, this was a demolition. I love those.

Don't leave the gas on under the bridges either.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Aterciopelados Rocks

Colombian magic!

Democrat Vs Republican Federal Taxes?

Well, I pulled out all of my Federal tax returns that I have and here is the breakdown;

Click to enlarge it.

It kind of speaks for itself doesn't it? I have never made more than $100 in a year ever, and close to 1/2 that some years. Hmm, who is "Redistributing The Wealth??".

I should mention that big hike in 2005 was me cashing out my 401K (because the US dollar was tanking and so was my retirement savings, yours too). I want to thank GW for taking such a big slice! My money is better off in a savings account though, no stock market crap involved and earning a meager 5%. My savings are safe :) How's yours?

Try this for yourself and send it to me please.

Git Me My Shotgun!!

I wouldn't hesitate, this fucker dies now. Spiders creep me out, even though I had to kill them all the time for my Mom when I was little. Now I just use the heel of a shoe.

RNC Says Democrats Are Racist

Hmm, they must not listen to Rush Limbaugh??

Sad thing is, I was a registered Republican up till 2004. They really treat people in their party like they are "stupid". They spoon feed them trash like "redistribute the wealth", when most of the people in the Republican party are not that rich and would actuallt benefit from tax cuts from the Democrats.

Are these folks really worried about filthy rich people paying their part in taxes, instead of the poor carrying the load?

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Next US President Will Probably Die

If not by old age, then it will probably be an assassination. What a great country.

When Your Computer Crashes...

This is actually useful info. One thing they don't cover is the precursor to the clicking or grinding a hard drive will eventually wind up doing; Blue Screens or rebooting without warning.

8 Year Old Gets Whacked

This isn't funny at all. My only bitch is that the kid didn't take out the "certified instructor" in the process. What a nightmare..

Ted Stevens IS Guilty

This couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Good luck with that re-election Ted, you stain.

That Sucks!

Get it? Bad enough to have your arm in a toilet, but then it won't let go??

Put Your Data In The Clouds

What could possibly go wrong??

I am afraid my data isn't safe on my home PC, why would I want it up on the net?? I don't get it.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Tree

Man, I am still screwing with the tree I cut down Thursday. I am trying to get the dirt out of the stump's roots so I might be able to fill in the hole the thing left behind. I had no clue going into the project what this would entail. Fuck me..

McCain Is Losing It...

Um, errr. Um, oh It will come to me...

Record Breaking..

This is just "impressive".

Click the picture to enlarge it. This is Colorado, of all places, who voted Republican for the last decade. I think the concept of race being an issue in the US elections, is dissolving before our eyes?? Open them and see.

US Attacks Syria

WTF, we can't fight everyone in the Middle-East at the same time!!

Lets invade Iran and Pakistan next, right? A bunch of dumb-asses in the US military command...

I Don't Hate Latinos

I really don't, but if you can't speak or read English, you should not be allowed to vote in the US. Why the hell is the voter ballot in English and Spanish??

Last time I checked, the oath of citizenship is given in English, right??

Oh, I am also sick and tired of "Press one for English" when I call a business. Make it "press 1 for Spanish".

On the Montgomery County MD Ballot, Question A is misleading. It will allow the County to spend money on landfills, sewage trenching and a telephone company I have never heard of. Vote that down! On Question B I will vote yes, because it will be harder (or impossible) for the Council to raise property taxes and force them to rethink the overall budget.

Iran's President Ill?

I don't see anything on the IRNA site about it. I can't see Ahmadinejad running for another term as President anyway. A lot of Iranians don't like him any more than people outside the country.

Steven Pinker

This guy gave a very entertaining and thoughtful talk on Language and profanity. It was a great way to cap off a Saturday night;


If you have trouble with the link, go here and click on "Watch", top right.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ultra Violence...

Yep, even Engine Blocks!

More here..

Sounds From Heaven?

You have to listen to the different "tunes". Some are like static and others are kind of cool.


If you haven't heard the CD "Title of Record" by Filter, you really need to check it out. I have no clue what the video is, I couldn't find a MP3 of the tune...
Just listen.

This is "Skinny".

I am sure you have heard this one??

Graham Notron Cracks Me Up

Too funny.

This Election Is Just Getting Silly

I hope she gets a hefty fine.

Australia Censors The Net

Following China's model, they will start blocking sites that might question the Government. There are some sites I can agree should be blocked. I ran into one that wouldn't let me close a popup message without installing something, probably spyware. I hit CTRL-ALT-DEL and stopped the iexplore service. How many people know how to do that???

If Rudd is so worried about policing the Net, he should start be educating parents on how to protect their kids and their computers.

Friday, October 24, 2008

200,000 People On The Run In Africa

The DR Congo sounds like the place to be if you are into road shows.

I can't even imagine what that many people are. I heard a lot of people here in the DC area bitch about the disruption 30,000 people attending an Obama rally caused yesterday out in the sticks.

Africa is such a mess.

The Palin Investigation Continues

Is it just me, or is it strange to have a VP candidate under investigation? Wouldn't most campaigns can her and find someone not on the hook for some jail time?

What's it going to be like if McCain wins??!! Scary thought.

How's Your Market??

Well, the world wide markets lost about 4% of their total value today. If anyone is paying attention to this, that rate of decline will drop the entire market system to zero in 25 business days.

Actually, it might be some time longer because that 4% becomes less and less every business day, like a water slide going ever downward.

I am just glad I cashed out my 401K three years ago. I took a tax hit for sure, but nothing like what all you people are losing in the last few months. I still plan to retire at 60 years old and take a year off work some time soon and take up traveling.

Um, keep voting Republican. Go ahead. Once the upper middle class finally realize what is really happening here, this will all stop. There are Poor People out there, you just never see them from your McMansions.

Oh and we might want to take a lesson from Russia and shut down the markets until we can figure out how to stop this. Everyone is "speculating" which is why I hate the markets totally. I would abolish them as King.


Funny to reunite over this election. What's next, turn off Niagra Falls?

See more Ron Howard videos at Funny or Die

This Is Self Explanatory

A John McCain botch of all botches;

Good luck with PA after this? I think someone dubbed in the circus music.

Look What I Came Home To Today

This can of Dap-Tex Latex Foam Sealer exploded while I was at work. Click each to enlarge.

The splatter reached a distance of 12 feet and I don't know if the shirts hanging in the Laundry Room can be saved??

The site of the explosion is on the shelf next to the Dryer. How the hell do I clean this up?? It's on the rug leading into the room too, gotta get out the vacuum.

I wiped off the can and you can see something corroded the side of the can and a hole opened up. The can has a "No More Mess" stamp on it, not in this case!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

This Is Just F-ed

How do 50 kids at a High School in Missouri get infected with AIDs? This sounds bad on so many levels..

12 Days

It's just 12 days until a major US election and I have to say I am more than optimistic, but not over confident.

The smears from both sides are getting tiresome, I heard today about Sarah Palin's SAT scores going public (bad ones) and the McCain camp is staunchly claiming every Congressional Democratic candidate has vowed to raise taxes on anyone making more than $42K US. Funny, he gave up on attacking Obama and is just trying to save seats in the House and Senate.

Well, 12 more days and it will be done. Time for the wealthy to start doing their part for society and actually start paying some taxes for a change. A funny example to me, was this guy at work who drives a BMW that cost more than I have in my savings. He said: "Poor people? What poor people? There are no poor people!"

Talk about loading a gun? I didn't fire back, though I clearly could have. Compared to that ass I live in poverty, as some of my neighbors truly do. Well, lets take the high road and level the playing field and square things up. It's time we all do our share to fix this country, don't feel bad about it..

I Cut Down A Tree Today

Never done that before on my own. I had this 25 foot tall monstrosity that should have only been a shrub in my front yard. My son and I took it down in sections, without much trouble.

I called my eldest son who showed up a little later with his tow truck winch and he pulled the trunk/roots out with no problem. Tow trucks kick ass.

Now I have to get as much of the dirt out of the roots of the trunk, so i can try to fill in the 3 foot deep crater left behind. We started with a shovel and I switched to high power water after a while.

I will have to replant grass in the spring and think of a way to minimize erosion over the winter. It's too late now to plant grass. I should have done thins in the summer, but it was soooo hot.

New York Bends Over, Again

I guess they like Bloomberg alot. It's a little scary to change things on a whim like that though. To me anyway.

New Land Speed Record..

These guys want it. Sounds like a death trap to me.

I don't understand the desire to do this? You can go much faster in space!

Lead Or Command??

Um, anyone know the difference?? I do.

Commander; Tells one of his men to "Jump in the lake,", and the guy does so without question.

Leader; A bad leader tells one of his men to "Jump in the lake." and the man asks 'Why, I will get all wet and it's cold??"

A good leader tells one of his men "Your pants are on fire, jump in the lake dummy." And the guy does so without question.

What's the difference? Simple; The Commander has earned his position over time and any man under him will do as he says without an argument.

A leader HAS to earn the respect of his men and if he earns it, his men will eventually jump in the lake without question too.

The lesson here is a true "Leader" will tell you why something needs to be done and not command it (except in dire situations, I have been there).

A simple thing I learned a long tima ago is; asking one of your men "Do you think we should do (whatever)?" works way better than "Go do (whatever)."

Unless you are in the military, you don't need to command. Try to truly lead if you are in a management position. People are pretty smart animals and you can lead us better with a guiding leash, instead of a whip.

Oh, replace him with her if you don't like my example, it is only an example, ya know??

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

McCain Claims Superman Status...

Right, who would attack a 72 year old white guy over a 46 year old black man?? Not me, the old guy might have a cain and those can leave a mark.

Bill Shatner Scraps Sulu

Pretty funny stuff.

Carl Rove Arrested?

No, just a protester who managed to get on stage and actually almost do it;

Watch the whole thing, it's funny. This was taped at a conference for US Mortgage lenders, of all things?? Wonder why there were so many protesters?

I don't think Carl will really be arrested until February or March 2009, unless Bush gives him a blanket pardon before hand. Then he is free as a bird.

Don't Remember The Alamo

This dick is the creep of all creeps.

I have a strange mid-west-hick vibe to the Blog today, guys, I gotta say; Yeee Haaa!!

She Is A Pot Head Beauty Queen

No, it's not Sarah Palin. So stop that.

It's the very hot Lindsey Evans from Louisiana.

Seems she couldn't come up with the cash for a $46 dinner check and skipped out. Not even a tip! Little bitch. Don't get me wrong, I would have no problem bending her over a Lazy Boy and giving her "what fer".

Here's the actual resturant, based on proximity Lind's home town; Looks a little delapidated to me? How did she rack up $46??

Look for her on a ballot near you in 2016.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Rice Is Sticky..

Condi seems to be a bit out of touch?

If you look at how people life in Palestine these days, everything they live off of comes via secret illegal tunnels into Egypt. Why are you proud of that??

"Iraq is a good Arab friend"?? Did you see the ralley calling for a US departure from Iraq this weekend? What hole do you have your head in lady? I know it isn't George W's back end, because his own head is securely in place there.

Oil Prices Plummet

Well, this happens every time we near a US election cycle. Ahem, I wonder why? I don't think this time it will help the Republican Party, I think people see through this farce and some of the reduction can actually be attributed to "the other side" this time.

I like the sound of change in the wind. I am hopeful for the first time in a long time, about America.

Marcia Marcia Marcia!

She still looks pretty good (it's all about her though?). I liked Jan better myself. Seems everyone was banging on the show. Who did Alice, Sam?

Arrgh! Pirate Update

Do you think these Pirate guys even realize they are all going to die?

Pick A Hero

I like Tad, but I have to tell the guy to think about changing that name??

How's Your Racism?

It's alive and well here in the good ol' USA!

If Rush would take a second to "listen" to what Powell said, his choice was made because of the negative campaign (which McCain said he would not do). Whatever, Rush is a prescription drug swilling ass, and I encourage everyone to avoid his poison.

Take Off You Hosers!

Um, what is funny is this Canadian dude is resigning after losing the election? Well, that is like quitting a job after the boss told you; "You are fired"

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Why Should We Get Out Of Iraq?

So we can focus on Afghanistan, of course...

These guys are animals.

Why Can't We All Get Along?

Click to enlarge.

Pretty good photoshop of Palin and Obama. If it could only come true?? Oh, I hear a porno is in the works called "Nailin' Palin" that will star impersonators for both, which would be hillarious.

Colin Powell Backs Who??

This is a pretty big shock. Last I heard he wasn't going to back anyone.

Maybe they can get him on the campaign trail or in a few TV spots.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Redistribute The Wealth??

It's funny that only the rich call out the poor side on this.

Um, what the hell do you think has been happening the last 8 years?? The middle class has been milked while the filthy rich (and Bush's friends) have enjoyed tax cuts. Try to be a little transparent and honest, please?

If I were king there would be a flat income tax rate for everyone (17%) and the tax forms would take about 2 minutes to fill out, most of that time would be filling in your name and address.

If Iraq Wants Us Out...

Lets get the hell out!

Pretty simple stuff.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Mauritania Can Kiss My American Ass

Seems the AU thinks the same way.

Who ever heard of these assholes anyway? Time to wipe.

Soft Rock Star (Metric)

I know I posted this before (it's not a Metric band video, they don't do any). But I wanted to attach the lyrics too, so you could sing along. About the best song I have heard in years...

Climb the wall to make the sun rise in time
But the night had already begun
Climb the wall to make the sun rise in time
But the night had already begun

Now here I am, I am the one
So hang high soft star
Don't shine, before swine

Not a lot of room to move, but where's my guide
I tried looking up to you girls
Please correct me, but didn't you let the work slide
Capitalize on a novelty, cheap pink, spotlight.
Is it all right?

Choose the highest bidder was my answer
When they told me I was up for sale
Schoolyard, Junior high style
Bullies have always tried to buy the better girls
But failed now, the cheque is in the mail.

Bubblegum bought Martini
Is nothing like dépanneur red wine
Travel through time
Who were you after you were mine

Choose the highest bidder was my answer
When they told me I was up for sale
Schoolyard, junior high style
Bullies have always tried to buy the better girls
Haven’t they?

Choose the brightest future
mind the death
and try to buy the better girls
but failed 'till now
cheque is in the mail

So hang high
Soft rock star
Hang high
Soft rock star
Don't shine before swine

Choose the highest bidder was my answer
When they told me I was up for sale
Schoolyard, junior high style
Bullies have always tried to buy the better girls, haven’t they?

Choose the highest bidder was my answer
When they told me I was up for sale
Schoolyard, junior high style
Bullies have always tried to buy the better girls
But failed now, cheque is in the mail.

This is a creepy video;

And you won't hear this anywhere else except NPR;

Dusters EIGHTEEN (The End)

Please read this story from the beginning, click on the TAG "Dusters" at the bottom.

Two was met by a company ship the next morning, or when the crew woke up, whatever time it was. All of their logs were copied and removed from the ship. The spooks came and went in a little under an hour. Kelley had announced their presence and then they took over. The design of the remote controlled collector card was also taken. The entire collector system was secured, tagged out.

Fagan was evacuated to the docked company ship, which was designed to go much faster than Two. He was awake and Dinah escorted him out through the docking airlock.

“We did good, eh lady?” He quipped.

“Yeah, we did.” She told him. “When I get back to Earth I want to document this and publish it somewhere.”

“Sure, I can give you a hand.” He said deadpan and winced when he tried to lift the reattached right arm.
She laughed. “Smarty pants, you might want to get them to up your drip if you’re going to be performing.”

“Right, when you get back, look me up.” He told her. “Is Prestmon leaving with me too?” He asked.

“Nope, he’s ok, nothing major.” She answered.

“Oh, no companion on the ride back then. I'll be ok, I need the sleep anyway. See you on Earth, my Lady.”

He was transferred to the company ship with all of the data the company spooks had collected. They didn’t talk much and just went about their business. They headed straight back to Earth.

Once Two returned to Chaffee Dinah hugged Aidyn and almost cried. He told her Geoff had come and gone and has declared the Duster’s program suspended for now. Welhaven was going to pour its resources into perfecting the faster than light speed technology.

They secured everything on Two and Chaffee, shut all systems off except the auto pilot that would hold Chaffee in orbit. They caught a shuttle to Mars, all together.

On the ride, Norrie spoke first. "Um, hey guys. We did something no one has ever been able to do ever." She stood, hunched in the short headroom of the shuttle. "Once by accident and again by our own means. We should be in the fucking history books for that." She held her hands out and everyone slapped them in agreement.

"I will make sure that happens Norrie, and I promise to all of you too." Dinah said. "I already have plans to get that done and I will look everyone of you up for comments and quotes."

"I like it better when you have a plan." Norrie said, and she slapped Dinahs hand and sat down. Everyone was smiling and nodding. They knew this team was over, but were all proud of what they did.

Dinah and Aidyn spent two weeks on Mars before they could catch a company transport back to Earth with Norrie and Prestmon. Everyone else had found new company jobs there, around Mars.

Dinah asked Norrie is she wanted to help document deepest manned space the trip in history and she declined. “Fagan can cover anything I can.” She told Dinah.

She also talked to Prestmon to get some details of the whole drone incident and captured notes. The prybar is not standard issue or a normal tool kept on any ship, he said he just found this one to be pretty useful to have around. He took it on every job.

When they arrived to work on the tale, Dinah and Fagan documented their experience and submitted it to several news agencies. They kept it as secret as possible because Welhaven had already announced their accomplishment as being the first company to break the speed of light and a world record manned deep space mission. Welhaven omitted the fact that it was all a mistake.

Several agencies wanted verification of Dinah's version and took a few days contacting Norrie and Opoku for confirmation. Once they had that, they ran the story and Dinah had her 15 minutes of fame, with Fagan at her side.

Welhaven couldn’t stop their campaign legally, but they did send some “people” by to talk to Fagan and Dinah individually.

For the next year, Dinah and Fagan had a tryst, but it didn’t last. It ended amicably. A few months after it ended, they were awarded a Science Accomplishment Award, which only Dinah could attend. Fagan was off on a mission. She granted him full credit with Norrie at his side to accomplish what they did, by design.

Welhaven did eventually “perfect” the Faster Than Light (FLT) technology, and after a few snags that only killed a few people, it became the standard. They sold the technology to the military and commercial interests, and paid off Dinah, Fagan and Norrie with a onetime bulk check.

Man then entered the age of interstellar travel, and everything changed. That would be a different story though.

The End

(If you read this, drop me a comment, question or suggestion please. I am just wondering if I am wasting my time writing fiction here. It was good to get a version, any version, of this story down on “paper”. It has been bouncing around in my mind since 1978 and now it’s out.)

Life Update

Wow! My kid came to me the other day and said he wanted a break from College! I told him to think about it for a day and he still wanted to drop out.

I told him he would have to pay back the money and suggested he at least finish the semester and earn those credits, then he has to find a job! He said OK to at least finish the classes.

I don't get it, not many kids get covered on College completely and he doesn't seem to appreciate it.

I think he bored with the initial mandatory classes and I get that.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Life On Mars, The US Version

Um, it's no better than the UK original, which I wish they would have aired here. Nope, we have to "make it our own", always. Way to waste a bunch of money ABC.

The true origins of the show are detailed here;

Hayden Drops A Few F-Bombs

Pretty funny stuff. She's a little extreme I think??

Thinking about it more, this is actually disrespectful. Still funny and she is damn cute, which makes this funnier. You can't kill her you know? You watch Heros right?

Edie Adams, Dead At 81.

She was Ernie Kovacs second wife and stayed with him till his death. A sad day.

Ted Stevens Is A Real Old Pig

This ass used to piss of everyone at the NSF ( when I worked there, because he wouldn't allow ANY research north of the US border, unless it happened in Alaska. Um, the North Pole is not in Alaska, you ass. He didn't care and wanted that "bridge to nowhere". Complete ass.

I hope they fry his prune ass,

Ohio Voter Fraud Update...

Kind of silly sending this to the US Supreme Court? Can't the State handle this? Call the RNC, they will send all the lawyers needed to delay the Ohio vote. Either way, this needs to be resolved in just a few weeks and Supreme Courts don't move that fast.

A Big Camp David meeting?

There has been a steady flow of choppers heading to Camp David from DC this afternoon (including the real big troop carriers, Chinook My home is on the flight path.

I can only guess we are working on the Republican Election, Economy or a new invasion (Iran?). I guess it could be the Al Smith Foundation Dinner too; , but I doubt that because these we all military/government transports and no one except the President would use those to go to a dinner, right??

I will know the meeting is over when I hear all the choppers heading south, which I expect will be Saturday afternoon.

Then I will just wait to hear the news next week...

Voter fraud in Ohio?

Someone should investigate this and squash these little turds. No cheating required dummies! Look at the polls.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How's Your Hillside?

This one is in trouble. Click it to full screen. Pretty freaky stuff, from Japan I think.

Not A Lot Of New News Today

So I figured I would just drop a little personal update. I taught a 3 hour Customer Service class today. It went pretty well, considering no one wanted to be in the class, it is mandatory (a captive audience). It was in the afternoon and at a work location far from my office, a bit of a hassle to get to.

We do these little surveys and everyone complained it was too long, so I am going to try to push to reduce it to 2 hours. Most everyone liked me as an instructor, but a few thought it was a waste of time. They did appreciate my "volunteering" (my boss did that actually) to take time out to do the class.

I am teaching two more this month and who knows how many in November and December.

Another dude taught the same class yesterday and I hear it went really bad. I will talk to him about lightening things up and getting people to laugh a bit. I was doing some schtick and the class appreciated it and laughed a lot, or at least some.

A Strange Coment?

I got a strange comment when I posted a link to the Sarah Palin Soundboard on Oct. 10th. "WHat is that? Third grader attempt at Flash? Wow... impressive. Most impressive. NOT"

Hmm, the WH in what is typical of older people and alcoholics. And the Flash comment leads me to think the person is at least a little tech savvy.

I guess this is the one post about Sarah they could bitch about, because the others are all true? Though this one is actually the least offensive, or should be.

Sound boards are used by one or two people to carry on an amusing fake conversation. It's all in fun. A lot of people use them to call talk radio shows and do some schtick. Lighten up eh?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Is Wall Street Blackmailing Us??

I am starting to think so. It's like they won't let the bidding go higher until they have all of our money?

When the hell do we stop bailing out the very people who helped drive us all into this situation?? We just need a little reform here and overseas (this bad loan practice was not isolated to the US).


Kelley was still in the Control Room when Dinah returned, after a quick shower and a change of clothes. She was tying her hair back as she sat next to Kelley.

“Any idea what happened to Fagan?” Dinah asked.

“I looked at the drone’s logs and he never re-pressurized the cabin before going into the airlock. It’s designed to keep air in, not out.” She said.

“Oh man.” Dinah sighed.

They crafted a message and sent it to Chaffee, who would relay it to Earth. They told of Fagan’s accident and the coming attempt to return. They didn’t wait for a reply.

Norrie called from Engineering, “We are all set down here. I tested the remote control and it’s all on line and ready to go.” She reported.

“Ready ay.” Kelly responded. “Dinah, bring us up to op speed and I will tweak our course. I calculated it so we wouldn’t chance hitting anything too big, I hope.”

“That’s good.” Dinah said. She was punching in the commands to bring the ship up to operating speed.

Opoku confirmed the course looked good, “Yeah, go for it.” She said.

“Ok, we are there.” Dinah said, everyone felt the acceleration cease as Two began drifting towards Mars again.

Kelley called to Engineering, “Norrie, bring the collectors up to half power and run a simple diagnostic please.”

This only took a minute. Norrie reported, “All collectors operating nominally at half power.”

“Alright, let’s go.” Kelley replied.

Norrie took the collectors to full power and verified they were all stable.

“Cutting collector 35 to half power, one..two, collector 17 is off.” She said.

The hum Dinah had heard before returned, and everyone braced for it. Dinah looked out the portal and just saw the stars sitting there. “Opoku, anything?” She asked.

“Nothing.” She said.

Dinah just stared out the portal, nothing was happening. She noticed the shift in frequency of the collector’s drone and then the harmonic that appeared.

“Come on!” Dinah almost shouted. Then it happened; the stars blurred then disappeared. “It’s working.” Dinah said calmly. She started her timer and kept looking between the portal and her console.

“15 seconds till collector cutoff.” She called. “10, 9, 8..” She counted down.

Norrie was counting down as well. Dinah’s voice came once more, “Kill it Norrie.” She cut the collectors off and everyone went silent. The humming died.

Kelley and Dinah looked over their shoulders at Opoku, who was working furiously, calculating their position in space. An eternity seemed to pass there in the Control Room.

“Not bad guys.” Opoku said. We overshot a bit but we should be able to get to Chaffee in two days, max speed.”

Shouts went up in the Control Room and Engineering. “We actually did it.” Kelley said, slapping Dinah on the arm.

“Fagan and Norrie did it, we just drove.” She replied. “Opoku, can I get a course to Chaffee please?”

Opoku provided that and Dinah plugged in the data and turned the ship to its new heading.

Kelley sent a message to Chaffee letting them know their position, which arrived before the message they had sent before attempting to return. They received a congratulatory reply in just minutes, from Chaffee that included “A heads up would have been appreciated.”

“I didn’t think about that.” Dinah said. “They’re going to be a little confused when the other message arrives in a few hours.”

“We can explain it later.” Kelley answered. “Let’s get some rest people.” She stood and headed to her quarters. “Oh, Dinah. Can you check on Fagan and let me know how he is please?” Dinah nodded.

She left and Dinah headed down to the infirmary.

Fagan was still unconscious. Dinah pulled up the status board and saw that his arm had been reattached. “Cool.” She said out loud.

Dinah went to the intercom and said “Hey, Fagan is doing good, Doc saved the arm and patched the leg wound. He will be in bed for a while, but Doc thinks he should be good in a few months.” No one replied.

She tapped the top of the Doc twice and smiled, “Good job.”

She headed to bed herself.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Phishing On The Rise

I haven't noticed an up-tick myself, but keep your spam filters on alert.

Interesting Presidential Poll Stuff (CNN) (NYT)
(Fox has no data)

I wonder why??

Chick Parkour

Pretty hot.

Let It Fail

It has already failed. I don't know how many people I know who have said "I can't retire in two (or five) years." Pretty sad. Now we have to give these assholes more cash (and increase our debt) so they can stay in their jobs? No! Let it fail. Let it fall apart and we can pick up the pieces after and find a better way.

Wall Street is flawed to the core. They are playing games and being greedy, to excess. You do know the big dogs are not losing a penny here, right? All of George Bush's buddies are doing fine, even Dick.

Just let it fail, it will impact rich people more than poorer people who have nothing in the "markets".

Iran Is Happy About The World's Financial Crisis

Actually, more America than the world. Wow, these Religious clerics are very good people indeed. They take pleasure in others misery and suffering? What cleric can spout that crap and feel good about it at the end of the day? What God would think that is ok to do?

If you are going to be like that, I will stop feeling bad about all the sanctions on your little country.

I can underline this post with this from the IRNA news site;

The Weakerthans

A pretty cool Canadian band. Check them out here (I love free MP3s).

Civil Twilight

Our Retired Explorer (stay with it)

Want To Save A Lot Of Gas And Make A Bunch Of Money?

Build this;

Click to Enlarge

It's pretty simple and wouldn't add much weight to a car. When you brake to stop, part of the energy (maybe all if you design it right)is stored in the air tanks. When you go to accelerate, the car gets up to speed using the stored air then engages the engine, when the pressure runs out.

Think how much gas this could save in the city? No batteries required. I wish I knew a good mechanic so I could build a prototype.

Jump on this Chrysler and send me a check!

Even McCain Thinks Obama Would Be A Good President

Glad to see it.

Some Headway In Zimbabwe

Maybe now they start working on the inflation problem together and stop murdering each other over nothing.

Sarah Palin Is A Crook

From Anchorage Daily News. She should get along great in Washington, if she gets there.


The sound of the implosion was heard over the intercom and everyone except Norrie and Kelley headed to the airlock without queue.

They found Fagan unconscious and bleeding badly. Opoku reached inside the drone and hit the button to open the hatch and slapped it. It didn’t work, “It must have been damaged.” She said to Dinah.

Prestmon arrived and took in the situation. “We can’t get him out!” Dinah shouted.

He left, but returned shortly to find Dinah and Opoku trying to pull the hatch open. “Back off” He commanded. He looked at Dinah, “This swings up, right?”

“Yeah.” She answered. The room became very quiet as everyone stood still except Prestmon.

He got on his back on the deck and in the process felt several pieces of debris cut into his back. He slammed the prybar he had retrieved into the bottom of the hatch and started pushing. It wasn’t moving.

He stood up and Dinah noticed his cuts, which were bleeding profusely. He stepped back, rushed at the drone, and slammed his feet and full weight onto the prybar, lodged into the gap of the hatch. It sprung loose and Prestmon landed on his back and shouted in pain. Opoku reached down to help him up. Dinah went to the hatch and pushed it upward. She took in the scene inside the drone, Fagan’s arm was on the floor and he was bleeding badly from that and his right leg.

Prestmon was making his way out of the room and Dinah and Opoku lifted Fagan out of the drone as gingerly as possible.

“Get the arm.” Dinah barked at Amatucci, as they started out with Fagan.

She reluctantly fetched Fagan’s arm from the drone and held the bloody end away from her. She caught up to the others on their way to the infirmary.

“I have it.” She said from behind them.

Dinah told her to go ahead to the infirmary and start up the Doc, which she did.

All spacecraft and un-automated long distance sea ships were required to carry one of the two models of Auto-Doctor. Welhaven made one of them, which was the one they had on board.

Amatucci entered the small infirmary and set the arm on a table. She started the Auto-Doc and stepped back as the machine came to life and main examination chamber opened up, waiting for a patient.

A minute later, Dinah and Opoku appeared with Fagan. He was still unconscious. They lugged him over to the Doc and laid him on the waiting table. Amatucci hit the button to send the system into motion and as the cover slid over Fagan, she remembered the arm.

She jumped to grab it and in the process of swinging it into place where it would hopefully be reattached, she splattered more blood on Dinah and Opoku. She got the arm in place just before the cover closed fully and sealed.

The Doc immediately scanned Fagan to determine his status. Since he was alive, it flooded the chamber with 100% oxygen. That clouded the clear cover they were looking through for a minute.

From out of the bottom of the table, a tourniquet was strapped over the remnant of Fagan’s arm. His clothing was removed and another tourniquet was secured above the deep cut on his leg. A breathing tube was inserted through the nose and into his lung and an IV was started with a heavy painkiller and sedative drip.

The small indicator panel on the Doc changed from critical to stable a few minutes later.

Dinah exhaled and almost smiled. “He should be ok.” She said turning from the room. “Let’s go clean up guys. And where the hell is Prestmon?”

Dinah found Prestmon in Engineering, Norrie was looking at his cuts. “These are not too bad buddy, no convalescent leave for you.” She said with a smile, and he smiled too. She was putting patches (these seal the wound and contain a time released antibiotic) on the worst of his cuts and simple bandages on the smaller ones.

Dinah walked up to them and said, “You are quite a hero Prestmon, I will try to do something special when we get back. I am sure Welhaven can up your bonus at least.”

He looked at her dryly, “When we get back?” He paused. “Don’t you mean IF?” He winced as Norrie pulled another fragment out of his back and then applied a patch.

She didn’t answer him and left Engineering, seeming a little smug. Dinah headed to the Control room. She knew this would work, it had to.

She got to the main deck and called on the intercom, “All hands report when ready to try this again.” She ordered flatly.

“Go get cleaned up Dinah.” Kelley told her. She left and Kelley went back to Opoku’s NAV station to check their location and try to work on the best trajectory for their next attempt.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Bailouts Are Not Working.

I am thinking that at this point, people may want to start running for the hills (higher ground). I am looking to buy a gun and a rifle, so when the riots and looting start, I am ready.

I am also hoarding food and supplies (toilet paper). You may want to prepare as well. I already have plans to turn my clothes dryer into a windmill (easier than you think).

Like they told us in the 50's and 60's, "duck and cover".

CSI Is Dead To Me

I heard commercials all week that the show was premiering and I look tonight and it isn't. WTF?

I will watch Ugly Betty and Life On Mars (a remake of the fantastic British show).

A Little News Of The Day... The Foo Fighters don't appreciate John McCain's hijacking their tunes. I understand that, they don't share the same values. The Foo Fighters are all real Republicans. Mr. President, We Have A
Problem! Pretty bad when the National Debt Ticker runs out of space. Anyone else scare out there? As of this tax year a little more than 10% of every dollar you pay in taxes will be spent just paying the interest on our debt. That isn't paying down the debt, it's just handing cash to foreign countries. Fusion Power! It's our
future. You have yo watch the video, very cool!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Grunge Song (Vestibules)

Funny! It's an independent video though...

I Know This Sounds Bad...But.

Um, the rest of the world isn't doing so hot right now either. I seriously wonder why, the rest of the world bails out Africa day in and day out?

What did these people do before 1960 when all this 'aid" started flowing into Africa? Oh, that's right, they had less babies and grew some food. The kids would die, so they didn't have them, or did and they died.

Now we fund the "aid" to let them live long enough to have more kids (most with AIDs) and so it goes on and on. They need our "aid".

I know I sound like the ultimate prick here, but they shouldn't even be alive. Life in that part of the world should dry up and either migrate to better climates, or learn (re-learn) how to live for themselves.

The really sad part is, we are bailing out guys living in million dollar+ homes before we try to relocate those in dismal parts of the world; who know nothing other than getting "aid". Send them condoms, not food. Not that they would use them..that is a proven fact. It's a battle that we can't win and will only get worse for us and them.

Killing The Oceans 101

It's not bad enough that we dump millions of tons of toxic plastic into the Oceans every year (yes, you, you help to do that with every candy wrapper, or plastic straw, or plastic bottle you toss on the ground) we are depleting the wild life too. Like I say, as go the Oceans, so goes humanity...

Think about it for a few seconds. We have to consider our planet will be here longer than we will. And it will be, just what condition will it be in after it kills us?

Yulia Rising?

Yulia Tymoshenko is a bit of a viper. I have been reading about her for a few years. Remind you of anyone, eh there?

Is Sarah Palin Racist??

Hmm, a person can change a lot in 18 years. I am sure Sarah Palin has had plenty of chances to interact with "really black" people as the mayor of Wasilla, where well less than 1% of the population is black (Wiki that you donkeys). I am sure she isn't a racist anymore.

No wonder she doesn't like Obama, it's in her blood, though he isn't "really black".

I wonder why zero news agencies are covering this story??

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Keep The Kids Car Safe?

Sadly, I agree with this. Where I live, we have had a lot of teen deaths due to poor driving skills (or over agressive).

The problem IS, the parents these days get the kids their own car (not borrowing the wagon anymore). So they will be the primary driver and the parents (I use that word sparingly, because so many "parents" in the US are out of their fucking minds and buy their 17 year old beer) won't bother to engage the system. Probably because they are drunk too.

Economy 102

Well, the $700 billion bailout seems to be having the desired effect!

George Bush's legacy, in motion. I can't wait for the debate tonight.

A Naked Dude In A Japanese Park

Um, it's about the funniest thing I have ever seen, it gets better and better. They run away like he's Godzilla. He must be packin' some heat??

Monday, October 6, 2008

Arcade Fire

I know I posted this before, I was just listening to it again tonight.. (be patient while it loads).

STS-125 To Hubble Delayed Well Into 2009

Bad news! Hubble seems to be a "mute" for the time being. I hope they can speed things up, it shouldn't be a big deal to replace an extra module.

Gotta wonder what else might fail while we sit and wait??

Lisa Ann In "Nailin' Palin"

Should be funny, Eh there? Yes, the porno you have been waiting for and Tina Fay wanted too much money to do...


Tree Man, Like An Ent?

Creepy, I hope the treatment works for the poor guy.

McCain Scales Back Campaign??

The Telegraph says yes and I have read all this in several places.

It's interesting that McCain was one of the Keating 5 and he himself described it as "the worst mistake of my life".

The Oldest Bible

I think this is great, because this version of the Bible pre-dates a lot of the Roman Catholic (RC) Church's tinkering with the text.

I was raised RC, but haven't honestly practiced since I was a child. It should have some good date info of when things really happened, which is not mentioned in the story.

Mark your Calendars.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Paul Newman

Yeah, he died last week. It prompted me to watch Cool Hand Luke again. Great movie.

I thought about it and Paul played pretty much every part in every movie he ever did the same way. He was just himself.

From The Hustler to The Color Of Money, he played, cool, mad, happy and sad, the exact same way. And we loved him for that, because he was just being Paul Newman.

He didn't take on a character, the character had to become him. No one ever bitched about it like they do with some actors for one simple reason. We all loved Paul.

God's speed.


Norrie exited the airlock and headed to Engineering. Fagan was having trouble controlling the drone while in the environment suit. These were much less bulky than older suits, but still a bit cumbersome. He got the drone out the hatch and headed aft along the Port side of Two.

“Approaching collector 35” He said.

“Great, there is a latch plate just to the left of it.” Dinah said, “Another above it too.”

“Um, I know that.” Fagan told her. “I did prepare somewhat.”

“Fine.” Dinah said, a little perturbed.

Kelly put her hand on Dinah’s shoulder and said “Cool it Dinah, we need to all be focused on this.” She was off mic, so only Dinah heard her.

Dinah just nodded.
Fagan moved the drone just past collector 35 and turned the craft to face the forward end of the ship. He latched onto the plate behind it with the right arm and the one above with the left and pulled the craft as close to the ship as possible.

“All snug here, I’m going to open the hatch and git er’ done.” He reported.

Dinah and Norrie looked at each other, Norrie was grinning and Dinah was shaking her head.

Fagan depressurized the drone and opened the hatch. It couldn’t open quite fully because the left arm of the drone blocked it, which set off an alarm. Fagan silenced that and told the crew it was nothing.

He tethered himself to the drone and wiggled free of the small seat.

The modified controller card was attached to his waist. He had to remove 15 screws to remove a plate which exposed the controller card on the side of the collector. The screws didn’t actually come off the plate; they were still anchored to it when he pulled it open.

“Got it open.” He said. He tethered the plate to his waist and reached in to pull the controller card. There were two latches he pushed up at the same time on the sides of the card to unseat it.

“Ok, the controller out, do I need to keep this? He asked.

Norrie looked at Dinah. “Your call.” She said.

“Fagan, go ahead and bring it back in, an extra spare.” Dinah said.

“You got it.” He told her and tethered the card to his waist.

He unhooked the modified controller card and plopped it into the empty slot and felt it seat into the connector. Fagan set the latches to lock the card in place.

“All right, it’s in. Can you run a diagnostic, but please don’t activate the collector.” He reported. “I’m putting the cover back on now.”

Norrie announced the diagnostic looked good and Dinah monitored the tests on one of her monitors. She confirmed it looked good.

“Now we just have to see if it works.” Norrie said.

Norrie decided to set her controls to the remote station in the Control Room and headed up there.

Fagan tightened all the screws on the plate and crawled back into the drone. “Heading back now.”

He disconnected the two arms and gently guided the drone back to its airlock. He got the drone inside and locked into its base station. He hit button to close the outer hatch and start pressurizing the room.

At first he didn’t notice the small cracks starting to form in the hatch’s windows. The cracks quickly got bigger on the two large concave view ports.

“What the hell?” He said, then realized he had not re-pressurized the drone. “Shit!” He shouted.

The two large windows imploded at the same time, sharp shards of the polymer window shredded his suit and cut into his body. His right arm was decapitated totally and his right leg was cut badly.

After the half second it took the drone to implode, it exploded and all of the debris shot outward.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Four Tet

I have no idea what this video is, but I do love the music.

Oh, the song is called "As Serious As Your Life".

How To Destroy A Pickup Truck

Stick with this... - Watch more free videos

That is too funny, a loose propane tank.

I Love The Oddbox

Not really much I can say here, just watch the whole thing.


Fagan and Norrie went through hours of configurations of the test collector before they hit the one that matched up to the original scenario. Dinah had come and gone twice while they worked on it.

They had to drop magnet 35 to ½ power then wait 2 seconds and kill magnet 17 to recreate the same condition that had delivered them to their current location.

The only concern was what other random problems might interdict in their effort when they try this for real. Norrie headed off to modify the controller card for their test collector so they could remotely control the individual magnets and recreate the incident.

“This should take an hour, let Dinah and the rest know.” As she left.

Fagan went to tell Dinah.

“We think we have it down.” He told her, as he walked into the Control Room. “Norrie is making the modifications to the collector control card and we should be able to get started soon.”

“We have to do a manual modification to collector 35.” He said flatly.

“Who’s going out?” Dinah asked from her chair.

“I’ll do it.” He said.

“I would rather Norrie do it.” She said.

Kelley was in the back of the control room with the Navigator. “Me too.” She said.

Dinah looked over at Kelley, and she stepped towards the seated Copilot.

Fagan objected; “I can do it Kelley, I feel fine and with Dinah and you driving the ship, I need something to do. You need Norrie in engineering.” He pleaded. “I can do this, I’ve done dozens of space walks.”

“Your call Kelley, you’re in charge I suppose.” She turned back to her console.

Kelly walked up to Fagan, “Watch your ass; I know you can do this, but we are a long way from home and no one is coming to save us.” She planted a finger in his chest as she finished the sentence.

She went back to finish with the Navigator. Dinah chuckled next to him, “Go get-em tiger.”

Fagan smiled and gave her a quick thumbs up, spun on his heels, saluted and over animatedly marched out of the Control Room. Dinah was still laughing. Kelly and Opoku smiled for a second.

AT the portal airlock, Fagan sunk into the maintenance drone’s chair. “This was built for a smaller man.” He said as he crammed into the seat and strapped in. “Ok a child?”

“It didn’t have you in mind when they designed it Fagan.” Norrie said. “They didn’t have anyone in mind, it’s supposed to be a drone.”

She reached in and hit the button to close the hatch. The drone had two large arms and several smaller ones to handle finer tasks. She waved at Fagan as the hatch swung down and sealed itself.

She walked past the rigged controller card to the communications panel and donned a headset. “Start the preflight checks please.” She said.

“Already running, you…” He quipped. Seals are good, pressure is fine, power looks great, life support is nominal, check check check and check.” He said.

Laughing Norrie said, “Ok, test the arms please. Try to be a bit professional.”

“Me? Professional? When have I ever?” He began testing the large arms first, though he shouldn’t need them except to latch onto the ship. He took each through a “range of motion” maneuver and docked each when complete. He did the same for the three smaller arms then stowed them as well.

“Looks good Eng, let’s get the party started.” He said.

Norrie called up to the Control Room, “We are ready, all stop please.” She asked.

They felt the small burn to stop the ship in space. They had been drifting towards Saturn, but way slower than they needed to be moving.

Economy 101

This a great way to understand what's happening and how things work in the financial markets.

I love the This American Life program.


A man struck by lightning, caught on film.

Friday, October 3, 2008

What's 6 Billion??

Ah, no big deal. Like we need to hear closer to a Trillion before our ears twitch. Maybe this will reduce our deficit!

I know I am holding my breath....

Kids Are Kooky

This one is just damn scary!

What would possess a child to do that?? That little animal should be fed to the Crock.

They Passed The Damn Thing!

The first thing I did when I heard was, apologize to my son. I apologized for the 11 Trillion dollar (plus) that he will have to deal with and pay for, for the rest of his life.

No one seems to be considering how much this will “grow the Government”? Bill number 1424.

No one seems to mind that either.

I did a little math and if we strung out one dollar bills end to end, our National Debt would be 107.6 Billion miles long (I think). That is enough to reach to Alpha Centauri and back twice, with about 7 Billion miles to spare.

That is George Bush's legacy. Well done sir.

Oh, as a follow-up, the Dow is still tanking even after it was passed; WTF???

So did Nasdaq ans The S&P. Well done to Congress too, A-holes

US Unemployment At The End Of August 2008

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in percentage of population.

Looks great eh? Michigan and Rhode Island are screwed. I wonder why they are voting Democratic and McCain has given up on Michigan all together?? (I know the NYT is liberal)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Choi Jin-sil; Dead

This is sad, she was so pretty and hugely talented. She was a huge star in South Korea.

Nothing dirty here;

Friendly Fires

These guys are pretty good. They remind me of someone, but I can't think of who. Help me out? Maybe the Talking Heads and Broken Social Scene, a bit? Some funk too, pretty cool.

Paris (good tune!)

Jump In The Pool

On Board

Their CD is just titled with the band's name, released from XL Recordings. Just 3 guys from St Albans in the UK. Check them out!

H.R.1424 (The Bailout)

The US Senate passed this Bailout Bill number HR 1424 last night and the Dow still dropped today, about 400 points or 3.22%. Hmm, I don't think it's working, do you? I don't think it's going to work either.

And who's idea was Title 5?? See below; (search for Bill number "H.R. 1424" and pick the one on the bottom which was passed yesterday. Sorry, the site doesn't give out good links because it's a query).

Section 502 states "shall include compensation for services performed in the United States by actors, production personnel, directors, and producers". Um has everyone lost their minds here?? Are we subsidizing the movie industry??

My head spun around when I read Section 503. We are giving a tax break to people who make "CERTAIN WOODEN ARROW SHAFTS". This was intoduced by Oregon Sens. Gordon Smith, a Republican, and Ron Wyden, a Democrat. Again, has the Senate gone mad??

I am not making this up, it's the real text of the bailout bill, number HR 1424!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bail Out

The US Senate just passed a "bail-out" package for George Bush and his buddies. I am baffled. I guess I can only URGE YOU to contact your representatives in the House and tell them to vote this down.

Let the markets correct, which is the very thing that triggered this "crisis". The speculators have inflated the markets, so now they are deflating them. Take a deep breath and deal with it. For once the rich people in the US are losing their invested dollars, let it finish. Let it finish.

Who's Your President?

CNN, who I think leans a little to the Republicans, has Obama up by 40 votes right now (a 7 percent lead). Not much elbow room.

I can't wait for the next debates. Poor John looks so tired, I think people will not vote just to give him a chance at retirement. If he wins it will kill him, then we get Palin?? Um, No...

Hows Your Sun?

Strange, last week I read the Sun was in a period of decreased activity and then this? I don't think the Sun is very predictable. What a bastard.