Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sand + Sun + Science = Cool

zZz Plays Grip

I have no idea what Gip is (some on-line game), but I like the video alot. OKGO is influencing the music video world in a good way!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Australia Is Nutz

Ok, a Church "leader" gets a 14 year old girl drunk, then rapes her. Fucking terrible.

Then he tied her up and set her on fire with gasoline and a match. Insanity or just evil?

She lives, but is horribly disfigured and traumatized.

So the "Church leader" gets 21 years jail, with a chance of parole in 16 years? So when he is 41 years old you might let him back into the free world?

We can only hope someone ices his ass in prison.

Libyans Clean And Decorate Liberated City Zintan

Mute Math

Very cool, do more like this...

Afghanistan Is Going Great! (NOT)

The head of the Central Bank (Abdul Qadeer Fitrat) fled the country, because he was calling people out on corrution, then they wanted to kill him:

Then Karzai tosses out 1/4 of Parlaiment (totally against their Constitution) using a special court. The court tells press that other countries should not meddle in Afghan business:

Me, I just wonder why the fuck we are still there?? They are all corrupt, they won't learn. Train up the Army and get the hell out...

Here We Go Magic

Bloody good video, really really bloody..

World Land Speed Record Set On Shuttle Runway

That is a record for a street legal vehicle.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Friday, June 24, 2011

Can Gene Colan Draw A Comic Of Columbo? In Heaven?

Japan's Power Shortages

With Fukushima being out of commission, to spread out the work hours to save electrical power, parents need to work weekends. What to do with the kids?

RIP Peter Falk

I had seen Peter in old episodes of The Twilight Zone and The Alfred Hitchcock Hour. The Great Race was one of my favorite movies EVER, so go see him, Jack Lemon and Tony Curtis in it (with your kids). He was also occasionally on The Red Skelton Hour (and Laugh in I think?).

Then he appeared in Columbo. The show was on about the same time as Rockford Files, and both shows were insanely popular. I loved the character, and Peter. He was one of the best straight faced comics to ever stand in front of a camera (a-la Buster Keaton).

But knowing his Columbo character so well, I can't help expecting him to sit up in his coffin at the viewing, and ask "Oh, one more thing.."

North Dakota Flooding

I can't say all of these are from this year, but it's nice to see some people thought ahead;

More at the link below

Thursday, June 23, 2011


What do you do when your flight is cancelled?  The same crap we did at the Airport when we were teenagers, to kill time..

Is Tropical - The Greeks

Roger Rabbit, meet the neighborhood kids (and Dad) with toy guns and imagination.

IS TROPICAL - THE GREEKS (official music video) from EL NINO on Vimeo.

Mc Luvin

I have a love/hate relationship with this video.  It's graphically beautiful, and the song is catchy = Love. I like tossing cats too, a bonus.  

Um, do you really want to be Prince or Michael Jackson?  Really?  Stole the name of the band from a popular movie character. And what the hell is the morph in the last 35 seconds?? = Hate

Mc Luvin - Animal from Disque Primeur on Vimeo.

Smoke Fairies

Link to a nice post by Nau Nua

Cool band, from the UK.

They Made Cancer Look Cool..

(Or is that just a revolt?)

SPLIT from Abel Kohen on Vimeo.

Noah And The Whale

Noah & The Whale "Life Is Life" from Miky Wolf on Vimeo.

Interesting video, good song.

Can't Spell "Can't" Without Cantor,0,6664028.story

He walks out of budget talks because they are waking up, and see we need some tax hikes.  Everyone knows we have to raise them some, take off your idealogical blindfold...idiot.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ben Grasso Art

Why Montgomery County Maryland Sucks

Well, besides having some of the highest taxes in the USA, they have terrible services and lots of potholes. I do have to mention the Stop Lights (traffic signals).

On my way home from work today (5 miles), I had to suffer transversing 15 stop lights. Of the 15, I arrived at only two that were "Green" (as in go).

I seriously think Montgomery County's 30 year traffic plan, includes wasting the maximum amount of fossil fuels. Look at the Inter County Connector (ICC) MD 200. Every interchange on this toll road, is designed to minimize speedy passage, and increase fuel waste.

The roads in the County cover 3000 miles, and they have 1500 controlled traffic signals (some others are on autopilot). So on average, you have one controlled traffic signal every 1/2 mile.

There are huge parts of the northern area in the county that have no traffic lights at all, so these buggers are concentrated in the most populated cites.

There are roads in the county that go for miles and have traffic signals at distances averaging every 100 yards. It's insane, and they manage to program them to make you wait in both directions, always.

"They" claim that slowing traffic down along all roads, prevents big bottle-necks at pinch points around the County. Me, I think setting all these lights to flashing yellow or red (especially on smaller roads) will make everyone's commute faster/save gas/ease road rage.

Think about it you "planners"?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Dengue FeveR (Thanks NPR)

They are a throwback to an 80s band, trying to sound like they are a 60's band, but better.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Amy Winehouse

Too drunk to fuck, or sing, or stand.

people paid to see her? Um, wait till she gets clean...dummies.


We need more monkey masks!

SEGA Got Hacked

This problem seems to have no end..  Why hack gamer's info?  for the cash they can get, of course...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Crystal Is The Black Widow...

I heard about her dumping Hugh Hefner last week, but this bitch timed her departure to match some music release I will never hear. And also too late for Playboy to unprint the July issue of the magazine.

I can't think of an example of a more conniving bitch, and I can't believe Hefner fell for it. Must be getting old? Sad thing is, no one inside protected him, and the brand.

It's Coming

Beautiful video...

Let the SOL in from Arianne Sved on Vimeo.

Bob Ehrlich Robo-Call Indictment

Saudi Women Defy Driving Ban

The driving ban is one of the stupidest rules on the planet.

Rye Rye + Robyn (video)

Well done..

Thursday, June 16, 2011




People Of Walmart (The Musical)

People Of Walmart Song - Watch more Funny Videos

ICE Steps It Up

DHS is going after illegals. I guess it makes sense, we are stuck in corporate blackmail (let me say that again, Corporate Blackmail) since Obama was elected. The big companies refuse to hire or grow, because there is a black Democrat in office.  Try to duck this...

So we have little choice in the effort to get unemployment numbers down. Estimates say we have 15 million unemployed Americans, and 12 million illegal immigrants. You do the math, and I support e-Verify implementation in every state. We do at my office, no problem at all.

Buke And Gass


Love this band. Check out the whole album..

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

U2 Gets A Message From Space

US House Committe Costs

I started to look at these individually, but I really have to do a cost summary.

Committee on the Judiciary - $16,802,812.46
Committee on the Budget - $12,066,370
(Paul Ryan's plan, cut Medicare to help pay $12M for my Committee)
Committee on Ethics - $5,868,310.55
Committee on the Judiciary - $16,802,812.46
(where does the 46 cents come from?)
Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence - $10,307,500

There are SOO many more.. Just go here and do a search for all bills. The ones I covered above are way near the last page..

I am sure these costs are above the basic cost of Congress' budget request, they are separate bills..

The Age Gap = Funny

Kucinich Is An Idiot

Dennis, read the War Powers act. The Whitehouse has provided you a ton of information on operations in Libya. Go home and bang your hot young wife, while you still can.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Florida's Drug Test For Welfare

"My weiner is this big"

OK, good move! Thumbs up for Rick Scott!  Yeah!!!!

Yes, these drug taking poor people, leave them on the street. No rehab for your sorry asses! Take your babies and live in the Everglades.. Eat frogs..

At the same time, Rick fully opposes all abortions, even if these poor people pop out more poor people, who will take drugs. So get all these little drug babies into the swamps to fend for themselves... Get off the backs of the rich people. Keep having babies, doing drugs, spreading aids, and live in the swamp. Nice State Flori-duh is.

Just something I noticed, Rick looks like Max Headroom.  He is nowhere as cool..

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Semi-Liquid Batteries..

Pretty cool development..yea liquid batteries!  Um, what is the downside?  What is the by-product?


I Had A Baby Today

Well, it wasn't my baby. I got home from work and changed into shorts and T-Shirt, checked the home email, went out front for a smoke.

I see this toddler, barely able to walk, waddling around in the middle of the street in front of the house. There was a car stopped, because there was a baby in the road! Once the baby waddled to one side, the car left. Left the baby standing there on the street. You fucking asshole.

Another resident across the street came out, got his mail, and left the baby alone in the street. You fucking asshole.

Do people really have no compassion anymore? Just leave a wandering baby all alone? Yes, people do.

So I got the baby into my yard by picking up the softball it was playing with and motioning it over there. Once away from the street I stuck my head in the door and had my son bring me my cell phone. I called 911 and gave them the vitals on the kid and they said they were sending an officer.

Fifteen minutes go by, as I (and my son) keep the baby from heading off across the field to the playground. At one point the baby say down and motioned us to do the same. After a few minutes sitting the baby put up it's arms wanting to get back up. Ok, back to playing with the ball...

The cop shows up and he asks me to stay with the baby while he and his partner (en-route) start knocking on doors.

This is when Dad appears, looking very relieved to find his baby. The kid yelled "daddy"! I knew this was over, but I wanted to see what the cop would do. He asked senior daddy what happened and dad said something about loading up a truck. The cop let it go, then senorita showed up looking upset, but picked up her baby lovingly (I was worried there might be anger). Everyone left..

In retrospect, I lost my 5 year old son in the mall once (I should say, he lost me). So I understand how these things happen, and how the parent feels.  But he was 5, not a toddler.  Never lost a toddler.

Saint Motel


Rick Perry

"How big is your Weiner?"  In Texas he cut $15BN from schools/services, but gives tax breaks to the wealthy. Let’s go Rick Perry!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Girls Gone Wild

Oh wait, I meant Elephants..

Only one dead today..and I really doubt these guys came in from the wild.

Pizza Verdi

Rye Rye + Robyn

Rye Rye - "Never Will Be Mine" feat. Robyn by Interscope Records

Um, according to the Danish web site, they plan to send humans into space, in a trash can type container, who's parachute fails to open.  Sign me up!!

Russia Joins NATO Sub Rescue Drill

This is big because NATO is prepared for this, and Russia is NOT part of NATO.  Very cool..

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Cassini Mission

True Loves (want to be the next Brian Eno)

Nice animation though..

Australia Ready For Gay Marriage

While I am not gay, I have friends who are and I like them alot. So much, that I strongly think they deserve every right that I have, in my own life. They are people too... Stop pissing on them because of what a preacher reads in an old old book.

Endeavour Docked With ISS (Pics)

Never happened before, and we will never see this on film again. A once in "forever" chance, for the departing Soyuz (Expedition 27) to catch it.

More pics below..

Friday, June 3, 2011

Greece To Get $12BN Euro Bailout

I guess what pisses me off, is the Euro is tied to the dollar, through the World Bank, so America is borrowing money to help pay for this..

Really, someone has to realise that the world's "monetary system" is a complete failure. We need to go back to trading shells for chickens.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pegasvs (by Canada)

How cool is that?  They are from Spain.

You should check out all the rest at

Battles - Canada

The most fun song/video I have seen in a while (nothing durty!!)..

Plan Of The City - NOW Ensemble

Incredible song/video. This is what I grew up listening to back in the late 70's on pirate radio in Detroit. Before I had a real mind, this kinda stuff fed me. Expanded possibilities.

Happy Up Here

Still my favourite video of the 2000's..

Happy Up Here from Röyksopp on Vimeo.

FHM UK Is Funny