Thursday, December 31, 2009

Asteroid Strike Coming..

Russia plans to mount a mission to keep an 800 foot wide asteroid from hitting the Earth:

I say, just send Chuck Norris..

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Limbaugh Going, Going Gone

I guess he's OK, but I am sure the "right" will blame Obama, just because he is in Hawaii too. Maybe Rush has a bad health insurance plan?

Huge..Tracts Of Land

If you get the joke, I pronounce you worthy of reading my blog. If not, consider yourself under suspicion.

NASA Never Watched Sci-Fi Movies

Nothing good can come from bringing a chunk off an Asteroid, back to earth!!

UK DJ Fired

I heard the Queen's speech, it was boring. I can think of some US DJs whom I would live to be yanked off the air.

Friday, December 25, 2009


Yesterday, I saw a kid who was wearing a Copenhagen 09 T-Shirt just toss an empty soda bottle into the street. I think the youth who think they know the what message is, are totally missing it.

I wanted to run him over with my car, but showed restraint..and just shouted "Fucking litterbug" as I drove by.

Ok, So the UK Is A Bit Slow..

The fact that a song that is almost 20 years old (Journey - Don't Stop Beleiven') cracks the top 10 in December 2009, is more than a little suspect...

Merry Christmas Charlie Sheen


Why Are Terrorist's Children Gathering In Iran??

Anyone? Any thoughts? On the same day, a terrorist tries to blow up (at least one) airline entering the US...

I think some thing's brewing, keep your eyes open people.

People Are Funny

I hate Christmas, it's such a joke that people give gifts to other people "close to them", who they love..
But in the same breath, they take a big shit on everyone who is not on the gift list. What a bunch of assholes we are, and I do see the irony of this very post.


UK lads, not bad...

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Eisley = Pot Heads

I like their honesty and openness. I wonder who winds up in rehab first?

You can download the MP3 of "Holy Night" here: I like it ;)

Kivircik Ali ve Arzu Sahin

Guignol And Mischief Brew

I would rather see these guys before any of: Sting, Greenday, Fergie, Jay-Z, Ga Ga, Beyonce, blah, Clarkson, blah, blah...BS.

HoneyHoney Kicks Some Ass

I missed them last year, but I found them before the end of this year, so I am still in touch...

Realplayer Fucked Up My Music

I updated Real player today, good idea, normally. It decided to strip out the file name details, including the artist's name and the song title, so I am left with a bunch of MP3s named "unknown().mp3". Thanks real networks, great job! I guess I will stick with the fucked up WMP. Fuck, I hate software providers, always adding shit to their players so they can make a buck..

Iranian Currency Gets A Facelift

Too funny, the government's opposition (mostly students) are taking to defacing the currency. To combat the move, the government is making these invalid. What a great way to get their point through to AkMakeABomb...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Wanted Criminal Taunts Cops On Facebook

Too funny, the guy will give himself away if the UK cops are competent. There is a link to his Facebook page on the story link, he has over 500 friends as of now.

Monday, December 21, 2009

iPod Nano Commercial

If that song has been stuck in your head like it has mine, download the MP3 free here:
Don't run to Amazon to buy the CD, this tune is not available in the US and Amazon is "touting" an album as "new" by Miss Li, but they don't show a track listing...

Jesus Era Home Found

Since this is "news", I figure I can sit on my place for a few thousand years and have an "Obama" era home...

Mexico City Approves Gay Marriage

And the Catholic Church, scratches it's collective head. It's a trend and they had better get on board or run the risk of losing a large contingent..

Tokyo Water Show

Chavez Renames Angel Falls

A related note: He has renamed Columbia to Hugoland...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Detective Baylor Needs To Grow A Pair

Pulling a gun at a snowball fight, because you were hit with a snowball? Um, don't go there if you don't want to get hit with a's a "snowball fight". Idiot.

More here;

Update and more video;

We Can Pass Health Care Reform!

We might need Chuck...
We could use Jean C...
Arnold can't help, really.

Could you see Chuck Norris on the Senate Floor. "You will sign the Bill".

Spyker Might Buy Saab??

They make some pretty cool looking cars. Maybe they can spice up Saab a bit.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rouge Rouge, L'Amour

Funny video, but sadly true...

Russia Calls "Global Warming" Foul!

Pretty damning report. Pretty obvious that IEA cherry picked datasets (proof is in the pudding). I tip my hat to my Russian friends that speak the truth, and don't "adjust data" to meet an end. Well done, well said.

Architecture In Helsinki

That Beep

Architecture in Helsinki | MySpace Music Videos

Not the best video, but I dig the tune!

Esmee Denters

Talk about "bedroom eyes". Um, she is 18, right?? The music is waaaay over-produced/dubbed/mixed. I would like to hear her unplugged. This is so "2 years late..."

Bill Dance Bloopers

Proof, catch and release DOES hurt...

Sorry, there are a few duplicate scenes.

Panic Attack!

Made by an Uruguay movie maker for $300. He must have had volunteers?? Music via 28 Days Later.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Mexico Continues To Get Ahead Yeah, like I would go anywhere in Mexico!

Pakistan Opens Books On Politicians
This is a good move, I hope. I suppose my concern is a whole bunch of senior political figures get ousted, just to leave the Army to take over again. Then all these happy lawyers will be screwed (again).

I wish we here in the US could just get a look at our representative's reimbursed expenses.

Junk In The Trunk

Look away in close the browser window.

Tom Coburn Is An Ass

Following Mitch McConnell's directions; today Tommy Boy had an amendment for a single payer system (that would have admittedly failed) read out loud on the Senate floor. After a bit more than three hours, the amendment was withdrawn. It was introduced to prove a point that the idea was not dead and to check who would vote for it, no biggie, it would have taken 15 minutes.

When asked why he did it, Tom shrugged and said he wanted to hear what a single payer system would be. If it's true that this amedment was not available to review before the vote, I would have done the same thing...but I can't figure out when it was introduced. the web site is a bitch to navigate!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Chinese Face Changing

If you have 10 minutes, stay with this one...

Joe Flabberpow Ruins Health Care

Joe Lieberman took it upon himself today, to make sure he ruined the Senate Health Care bill. Thanks Joe! I might just register to vote in Connecticut, just so I can vote against him next time. He has to realise that the DNC, and their party, will never support him again?

Below is Joe's little house in New Haven CT. Someone is giving him a lot of money, he couldn't afford this on a Senator's pay...

When asked, he said that the Insurance Companies had no influence over his choice, but couldn't give a valid reason why he doesn't want a public option. Um, fuck you Joe, go get a red tie.

Some Cool Bird Pictures..

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Saturday, December 12, 2009

North Korean Weapons Delivery Foiled


The remind me a bit of The Reducers.

My local paper had a story on how these dudes are getting a bunch of highscool girls to travel around and be part of their shows. Most bands hire backup singers...

Friday, December 11, 2009

I Am Digging Headlights

Don't Raise The National Debt Ceiling

So says John Bo[eh]ner. Well, he voted to raise it six times under George Bush, what up dude??

John is playing a game (like golf), he wants to enforce a 2/3 requirement on votes for raising the debt limit, which is fine by me. They also want to make these increases stand alone bills, not riders on other bills (look what Bush did for the past 8 years).

Um, it is sad that the Republicans admit they are too late to actually get this introduced or passed at this time (not thinking ahead, again), but I am sure it will be an excellent talking point in the next round of elections.

Oh, here is John's little house!
It's really nice and this shot gives you a better view of the sweet golf course it bumps up against..

Death Comes To Town

From Kids In The Hall, just a preview...

Cake Flushing

It is what you think it is. From the guys who made Sean Of The Dead.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

How Not To Build A Museum

Hmm, limits the audience divers. I don't know many divers. Bonus though, the place never really closes.

Obama Creates Black Hole?

I think it might be more likely to be related to CERN? It's only about 1000 miles away.

Texas Senators Are Pissed At DOD

Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Cornyn are threatening to deny appointees because DOD chose the best fit to build their trucks. Oshkosh can certainly do it faster than BAE, and at the rate these things get blown up, it seems smart to me...

I think Texas is leaving the Union soon anyway. So I hear. Oh, sorry to seem like I am beating up on Texas today. I really don't hate them any more than any other southern state.

Where's My Scientist??

Yeah, Iran lost a Nuclear Scientist. Seems you can't send anyone to Saudi Arabia anymore...

Save The BCS

I am so happy we have Republican Joe Barton (of Texas) here to make things right. No other pressing matters going on, lets fix US College Football...

The crazy thing is, a lot of people are up for this. I am scratching my head.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Iran Is Not Happy..,0,1420129.story
We seem to be "kidnapping" their nuke scientists, who are defecting...

Oh, all those protests today and yesterday must be a bit of a sting? I think Iran's Islamic Republic will soon fall like the USSR, no more noise than a chunk of a wall/veil dropping into oblivion.

Lyon, City Of Lights

WISE Launches Friday

Double Click for full Screen. Amy Mainzer is a hot assed "Rastro" scientist! I am sure Amy hates me saying that, but sells it.

Oil Gets Cheaper

Cool, 5 days in a row, it's getting cheaper. This means OPEC will cut production, which means they will have less income, which means they (Iran) will have less money to support terrorists, which means the world will be a little safer.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

John Boehner Is Out Of Touch

He's not gone to Argentina, he is just out of touch with reality;

Um, someone should tell John that this is the biggest drop in the Unemployment Rate since September 2006. Dummy, what a boner.

A Winter Wonderland

click to enlarge..

Here in Gaithersburg MD, USA. We are at 6 inches (15CM) and it's still snowing...

Friday, December 4, 2009

I Am Jen Pretty cool..

Calling this "Broken In All The Right Places" blows my mind..perfection!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Domains To Block...

1. Cameroon (*.cm)
2. People's Republic of China (*.cn)
3. Samoa (*.ws)
4. Philippines (*.ph)
5. Former Soviet Union (*.su)

So says McAffee.. Put these in your restricted sites list.

Santa Smokes Too Much

Talk about a wardrobe malfunction? All the pics below;

Play With Yourself

Not like that, perv!

Like this:
I could see kids getting a kick out of this too, so show it to them! One place on the Net with NO PORN..

Azure Ray

I hate it when I find a band I like 7 years late...
Below is the girls with James Husband

Jury Duty

Not me, my 19 year old son. I hope he has a better experience than I did when I served on the Grand Jury in Rockville MD. Long story...

Helen Hunt Missed The Wall

She drove through it and looks like she should be buried under it. What a difference 10 years makes...