Thursday, May 31, 2012

North Carolina And Sea Level Rise

Genius...make it illegal.  Why didn't we think of that???  We could have made it illegal for all those Glaciers to melt, and everything would be fine.  It could have saved a lot of Penguins.

About the only thing stupider than this, is the US House of "Representatives" passing law after law that THEY KNOW will fail in the Senate.  In a word, moving "backwards"..

I Have No Clue What This Is

The song is catchy though.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour At Pinkpop 2012

I love live music. This is a full hour.

Swiss Push For Single Payer Healthcare

Wow, seems everyone realizes that a single payer system would reduce costs.  So would allowing the government to negotiate the price of pharmacuticals.  The ACA didn't do that. (FAIL)

Survivor Of Houla Massacre Speaks

Falling Skies

I might have to check this out...

H. R. 3541 Going After Woman's Rights

Republicans suspended the rules to try to rush this attack on legal abotions, again..
Start reading at page 15 (of 22) if you wish.  The rest is their excuse for imposing this.

It's funny, Republicans talked a lot in the limited debate, about women in India and China aborting female babies. We aren't in China or India.

What this really is, is n attack that allows the Father or Grandparent (who are the very ones described as applying pressure on a woman to have an abortion because of the baby's sex) to sue the woman who had the abortion. Uh, what?? If the Family pressured the woman to have the abortion, why the hell would they want to sue her??

That is the rub, what this does is allow any pro life grandparent (as pure heresay) to sue their daughter/inlaw and doctor. They could also file an injunction before the abortion, forcing the pregnancy to go on even longer, while a judge decides if the case is a sex based abortion. It also allows the Attourney General to intervene on any Abortion.

If a Doctor or Nurse fails to report a suspected case, they can go to jail for a year. Let the witch hunt begin. This also redefines abortion, to not include instances of rape or incest.  No chance of getting through the Senate or the President.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Folded Paper Art


I am pretty glad that many nations are expelling Syrian diplomats today. I saw the video of all the kids killed (some with their head's blown open). I considered posting it, but considering I couldn't finish watching it myself, I decided no. If you really want to see it look up "Al-Houla Massacre" on youtube. The "Military Option" has to ba so much more viable at this point??

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Syria Continues Denial

As much as I want to post the video of the children slaughtered by Assad's forces, I will not. Go search the net, it's there. Brutal and thoughtless. Bashir has lost all legitimacy (AGAIN) and needs to be removed. The Army leaders need to stand trial for genocide. Do something NATO/America???

The Zombie Apocolypse Starts In Florida

I kind of expected that. Florida is the land on nut-jobs.

Sherlock Holmes Fan Art

Very well done.
Hat's off to Lasse17.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Anonymous Defaces Drone Company's Site

Go look:
Too funny, listen up people. If the US puts up Drones in house, they will be taken down. There is nothing in the Constitution that would allow the Government to spy on their people like that. I had might as well move to Pakistan.

Opening Dragon

Very cool..

Olympic Torch

That's Matt Smith.  He plays Doctor Who on the TV show.

Friday, May 25, 2012

A Proposal

While I think these things have gotten too "sensational" lately, this was too sensational to not share.

Corner Ladder

Yeah, that's cool..

S. 3187 Passes Senate Nearly Unanimously

S. 3187 forces drug/medical device buyers, to pay an extra tax ("user fee"), that is bundled up and sent back to Big PHARMA. It's a little over $600 Million over the next five years (this is actually just the tip of the Iceberg, they  give back alot more, but the actual "law" text amended by this,is hard to find). Considering that none of the drug/medical device companies are losing money (or paying taxes), this is just another way taxpayers fund Dividends on the companies stocks. Much like we do for Oil companies. So much for "free markets".

It also cuts $1.5 Million from Pediatric Device research, and Pediatric Drug research.  At least they screwed us across the aisle.

Ukranian Parliament Are Funny

I would still like to see this go down in the US House...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dale Dunning Art

Genki Sudo

Have these guys jumped the shark? With 3 Million hits, I think not.

Bren Tower Demolished

It was used to monitor/film Nuclear tests in Nevada.

ADAM and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

Pretty cool video.

Taliban Poisons School Girls And Teachers

That's smart, kill the girls, so in 20 years, the boys have no one to marry and procreate with. It will ensure an end to the Taliban.

The GOP Continues To Implode

YAY Ron Paul!

Like what the Tea Party did wasn't bad enough. I think the GOP will wind up separating into something new. Let's call it extinction.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Meg Whitman Cuts 27,000 Jobs

Is this shocking?  No, she is just doing her part, like the rest of corporate America, to keep unemployment high.  It's all a ploy by Rebulicans to make sure President Obama is finished in 2012.  If you doubt this claim: Pick a company, look at their profits, and layoffs.  They don't jive for all of them, but overall it does.  It's a corporate conspiracy that we don't have laws for.

The bad news for Republicans is, it won't work.

Osaka City (Japan) Outs Tatoos

Um, nothing more imprtant to worry about there??

Occupy Frankfurt (Germany)

The Police joined the Protesters??

Hellboy Animated Short

This is where Comics are headed, paper is dying a fast death... I am not a Hellboy fan, but the animation on the series looks great! They could have gotten a much better voice for Hellboy too.. The other parts of the story are below.



I guess subscribe for future episodes..

Bain Capital

These guys were fucking brutal.. Like an army leaving a trail of dead. Did they break a law? No. Unless you believe in God, and that greed is a sin.

Nice Medical Examiner In Detroit

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bear Attacks Man Taking A Crap

Well, the Bear is dead, and the victim got to wipe (always carry a gun in the woods, and toilet paper).

Montreal Protests Over Austerity

Fishing for Cops with Doughnuts (mind if we steal this in the US, Russia and EU?)


SpaceX On The Way

SpaceX First Launch to ISS (unmanned) might seem like no big deal, to some. It's something I have been waiting for since I was 15 years old (35-ish years ago) and dreamt up a story called Dusters. It's a first,of many more to come. They are getting to the ISS at a fraction of the cost for NASA to do it. I am not knocking NASA, just stating a fact. And NASA had a lot of oversight/input on this project.

Frankly I think this is fantastic, and America should be proud to have another "first" in space. I can only imagine what we might accomplish if a number of companies from different countries team up and go do something in space that is profitable. It will happen some day, hopefully soon.

Fire Rainbows

They make these sound rare.  Put a polarized lens on your Camera and you can shoot these every day (if the sun is out and there are clouds).

Counterfeit Parts In Military Equipment

From where else? China!

Read at least the Executive Summary. Pretty amazing narrative, which is just another reason so many jobs that belong in America, are really in China, Mexico and Germany.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Swiss Landslide

I would hope this is a wakeup call to people. Don't live in the shadow of a mountain...

A Little Good News From Yemen

Formaldehyde Contaminated Water In Japan

I would expect a story like this from China, way before Japan. Almost 1/2 Million people without a regular water supply. This is what businessmen call progress (because they saved money). Get rain barrels folks.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Japan Still Cutting Power

They are importing Coal like crazy since they shut down all the Nuke Power Plants.  Try some Solar, it sucks that Japan is not the big inventor it used to be (unless you want a female robot).

30 Kids With 11 Women

It's up to 30 since 2009.  Oh, you want out of Child Support? Just a thought, wrap it up you fucking should be in jail.,0,4036567.story

Obesity PSA Banned

This was banned at the school that created it, but I think it's brilliant.

ISS Star Trails

Fantastic pictures...the whole set is at the link above.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


The US Senate Fails To Pass 5 Budgets

Athiests Are More Compassionate Than Belivers

Um, yeah, we have no God to tie us to a concept of what others think is "right or wrong". We value acceptance within the rightful laws on humans. Equality, peace and justice. Deal with it and stop your prejudice. It's what drove us away from religion in the first place.

NYC Stop And Frisk Is Over

It's about time.  Could you imagine visiting New York and going through this?  Oh wait, I am white, I wouldn't...

Muslim Women And Education

The Export-Import Bank Reauthorized

Big majority, and includes the requirement that they negotiate an end to bank itself (kind of screws Boeing, or will it screw Airbus?).
Full text here:

John Baldessari

Some of his art here;

Narrated by Tom Waits. The most important thing is: "Be at the right place at the right time". Which is totally unpredictable. The best artists are not created by their talents, it comes from the audience.

Spain And The UK Need To Grow Up

Over Gibraltar Fishing rights? As long as you guys are acting like kids, play nice. Remember Mom and Dad saying “share”?   And the UK should just give it back to Spain anyway (Colonial afterbirth).

Lots Of Stock Photos Free

Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Their second single..

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Palestine Gets A Japanese Ambassador

Interesting, because I can't think of a single financial reason for Japan to do that. Maybe to just interject themselves into the conflict to get a seat at the bargaining table??

China And South Korea Snub Japans Food Imports


Major Lazer

I love this song, lil-bit epic.. Free Download Here

Icky Blossoms

The song is ok, the video is fantastic!

Catholics Would Rather Have You Dead, Than Have Access Contracetives

Complete genius!  Talk about love and compassion?? Good news is, Obamacare will let their parents put the kids on their own medical policies.

Parts Of GOP Will Not Support Romney

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lil Bit Zombie


Japan's Shozaburo Jimi Wants To Kill Poor People

Maybe "kill" was a strong word to use.  Would "smush under our rich assed heels sound better"?  Well, you know the rich people only need a few poor people to support their aspirations, so cutting off support for the many poor will serve the rich people fine.

It's a global conspiracy setting us up to be serfs, to their Kings.  It will fail.

Friday, May 11, 2012


This is an ear splitting romp into a psychotic something, and it is beautiful.

Montreal Bans Masks At Protests

Prepping for something similar in the US/UK?  What might be the target?

A Black Hole Shreds A Star

Song 1

If you live/work around DC, you will relate to this. More info here.

Arizona Ball Team Scared Of Girls

WW II Kittyhawk Fighter Found

CERN - Data Overload 1

A good explaination of what they are doing, and the daunting task of examining the data they collect.

Babies Behaving Badly

All The Democrats Flipping On Gay Marriage

Harry Reid joins the team. If they were honest about it, they don't care either way, because it doesn't effect them directly. This is all Politics.


Playmate Of The Year 2012

The Secret Life Of Terry Gross (NPR)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Anything Can Be A Touch Screen

This was a reality I noticed back in the 1980's, the human interacion with resistance and electricity. I never put the two together in the realm of operability. This is so basic..

Maine Senate Cuts Medicare, To Support The Rich

Sorry, did I say "rich"?  I meant "job creators".

When will these people wake up to the fact that we are re-living the Great Depression of the 1930's, because too much money has accumulated with the top earners? Look at history.

Idaho Racist Sheriff Candidate

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

NASA Bathroom Door

This is at a training center, where the Astronauts wear microphones...