Wednesday, May 30, 2012

H. R. 3541 Going After Woman's Rights

Republicans suspended the rules to try to rush this attack on legal abotions, again..
Start reading at page 15 (of 22) if you wish.  The rest is their excuse for imposing this.

It's funny, Republicans talked a lot in the limited debate, about women in India and China aborting female babies. We aren't in China or India.

What this really is, is n attack that allows the Father or Grandparent (who are the very ones described as applying pressure on a woman to have an abortion because of the baby's sex) to sue the woman who had the abortion. Uh, what?? If the Family pressured the woman to have the abortion, why the hell would they want to sue her??

That is the rub, what this does is allow any pro life grandparent (as pure heresay) to sue their daughter/inlaw and doctor. They could also file an injunction before the abortion, forcing the pregnancy to go on even longer, while a judge decides if the case is a sex based abortion. It also allows the Attourney General to intervene on any Abortion.

If a Doctor or Nurse fails to report a suspected case, they can go to jail for a year. Let the witch hunt begin. This also redefines abortion, to not include instances of rape or incest.  No chance of getting through the Senate or the President.

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