Sunday, February 28, 2010

Climate Change Is "On The Rocks"

Good thing this is being reigned in. It seems everyone on Earth has forgotten that most of the northern hemisphere was under glaciers just 12000 years ago. I would assume this is just the tail end of the warming that melted all that ice, and in a few thousand years, we will start back into the next ice age. Under those melting Greenland Glaciers, once stood forests. So will they again.

These slicky "scientist" guys can go scale data ranges (to best serve their desires) and scare someone else. If fraud charges are possible, I hope a government somewhere has the balls to press for that.

Gay Or Not Gay

That must be the question, for Catholics.

It just seems to me; If an entire country accepts gay people, why would the Church even stay there? Get with the plan or move your hating asses to Rome..

BTW, those little bread wafers are not worth waiting in line, anyway. I was an Alter Boy (Lil' Bitch was my nickname) and more than once we had to pick these things up off the floor, after a spill. No one bitched about it, but we all giggled.

Band In Box

I like that they don't worry about the "cookie cutter" music equations that flood the top 40 these days. Very refreshing tunes...

When Others Go South

band in box | MySpace Music Videos

Slow Release

band in box | MySpace Music Videos

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Played Cards Tonight

I actually had the high score, first time ever. I had some good cards and easy nils, if the cards weren't good. Maybe it's just the full moon?

Fun time...

Friday, February 26, 2010

Nort Korea = FAIL

Yeah, keep sending tanks and tank parts to Congo. North Korea is pretty much piling dirt on top of the hole they have already dug for themselves. Is there room for Iran in there?

Jim Bunning - Asshole Or Angel?

"You throw a breaking ball like this."

This fuckhead has been bouncing around Congress for over 20 years, and I have NEVER hear of him until today. Yep, today he decided to grow a pair of balls worthy of a slider and curve ball to end the ninth inning (he used to be a pitcher, get jokes?).

I expect some 15+ Million people in the US (over 630K in his home state) are going to be asking Jim, next week, what the fuck dude? That's how many people will be on the street without a crutch, Unemployment and Cobra Benefits are over. How can one person decide this? Um, thank the Senate for perverting our Constitution to the point of lunacy.

Frankly, I have to admire the move. The US is broke and Jim knows it. Jim has been part of the problem that got us RIGHT here, now he seems to feel guilty. I expect the old white haired guy (one of oh so many) will not run for re-election and go enjoy spending all of that cash he piled up in his 24 years in Congress.

I won't be here to see it, but in 10 years, all these old white guys (both in Congress and across the south) will all be dead. Their legacy and racist dreams will die right along with them. You heard the concern at the Tea Party Convention? "We don't have enough handicapped parking spaces!" Tic Tic Tic...

More Icebergs

In this pic (click it to enlarge it) you see B-9B back in 2002. It bounced around and hit the Mertz tongue (sitting to the left of C-08, which floated away already) breaking both free. They should drift north towards Australia and New Zealand. Don't panic, this happens every 50 years or so.

Maybe we could try a floating Olymic Games next time?

Hassan Nasrallah Meets Presidents

Talk about alliances!? Might as well all be wearing "Terrorist" name tags. At least they are united (something we can't seem to manage in the US) around an effort.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chuck Rangel = Asshole

Right, Chuck, take your bling and shove that up your ass. You can go hang out with your buddy, Marion Barry, and smoke some crack.

Niyat - Teen Patti

If this doesn't float your boat, you need to dry-dock. I love Navy talk...

Andrew Koenig Is Dead = CNN Sucks

I heard from William Shatner via Twitter. The I go to CNN where they have a video link. I click on the link cold hearted bastards wanted me to watch a 20 second commercial, before I could see the news conference of Andrew's parents. Pretty sad shit. BYE CNN. You suck CNN, because you are greedy and suck cnn, because of how you handle sensitive stories like the case of Andrew Koenig.

I would urge everyone to boycott Vicks Nyquil (that shit doesn't really help anyway) and all other CNN sponsors, until they learn a bit of civility trumps a paycheck.


Infected PCs Map (click to enlarge)
Microsoft has permission to kill the Waledac botnet domains, which means all of you out there too lazy to but virus software, will probably see some strange PC behaviour;

Teen Patti

It's not a porn name (but it would be a good one), it's an Indian film ripoff of 21.

It looks pretty good though.

360 Degree Images
Hoover Dam interior and a Minuteman Silo included, how very cool.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Malachai - Fading World

Malachai - Fading World by DominoRecordCo

Pretty interesting kickback of a tune with a tech twist. I expect this one to catch on quick, though I could be wrong.

Sally Seltmann

I dig the simplicity of the music, it really works well. Like a kickback to another era (pick one before 1980).

The Wooden Birds

This is like the "Black Album", blank video. I dig the tune though, who doesn't like some Sugar?


I like the tune, they just need spell check. I like the lengthy band name too.

Zombie Killer

Too funny, I am sooo much a fan...

Robert Francis

It's OK, I suppose I guess so. The video is pretty stupid, why is he running in the rain??

Where To Get Some Revenue?

Oh, right, cut the Tax Exempt status for all Churches. Why not? They spend money on political campaigns, just like big business'.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Love Never Dies: The Phantom Play Sequel

I could not care less about this play. I have had two girlfriends torture me with the soundtrack. I am a lil bit intrigued by the sequel...Sierra is hot.

The star, Sierra Boggess:

Story stuff here;

UK: Don't Legalise Assisted Suicide!

I can totally get behind this, I support Gordon Brown. Be like me and keep your .45 pistol within arms reach of what will inevitably be your "death bed". This way, when you are starting to have problems, just reach out and grasp your gun (being drunk doesn't count), take it unto your bosom; one last time, sign your pre-prepared Will, and save everyone else a lot of heath care dollars.

The state has people who will clean up the mess and your bedroom needs a new coat of paint anyway.

Wait, guns are illegal in the UK, so this can only apply in the US, so fuck you Gordon Brown.

All The Rage, Garage Door Art?


From Italy, with very mild (almost) nudity.

Topless Tobogganing

This is what it says it is, so if boobs bother you, don't click the link.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

John McCain Wants To Regulate Everything?

I thought the Pubs were keen on lesser government digging into the people's lives? Hmm, John wants to put all of the unregulated supplements (like fish/flax seed oil, basic vitamins and the rest) under FDA/pharmaceutical company style controls. This could include Vitamin Water, fresh fruit and vegetables.

Hmm, I wonder if this will increase THE COST of such supplements?? Think so? More cash in the pockets of pharmaceutical companies and John McCain's.

John McCain, brought to you by Pfizer. Who's getting kick backs as they are soon to be voted out of the Senate?? Johnny!

Allo Darlin' Free MP3

I really dig this;,%20Darlin'%20-%20The%20Polaroid%20Song.mp3 Right click and Save As.

Operator Please

Is this getting any air time in the US? Catchy tune..

They are Australian.

The Space Station Has A Malfunction

The command and control computers had a fail over and there was a break in communications. The systems are still playing "catchup". It didn't effect life support, but the loss of telemetry data is scary as hell. They are still investigating the problem and I expect NASA to make a statement later today.

And I don't think the Shuttle is landing at the Cape tonight;
Maybe tomorrow at Edwards.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Crystal Stilts

Butt, this doesn't make sense...

All I can say is, CALL ME!

Pet Ghost Project

I don't know why, but I keep checking to see what these guys are up to.

Maybe I am building some karma here?

The French Hate Muslim Food

Above is an Afghan game called Buzkashi. It involves horses, maniacs and a sheep carcas. It plays like Keep Away and has nothing to do with France.

I guess it's not surprising to see this reaction, the French don't like change and fear Muslims. I guess on some level most of the world does.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Love A Nice Cup Of Coup

President Mamadou Tandja is toast, for doing the same thing as Honduras' President tried last year...stay in office longer than the Constitution says. Why can't they do this in Venezuela, have a coup?? Every time you see a pic of Tandja, he is shaking hands with someone from China. The people need China and Tandja out of their back pockets. Talk about the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, this is really it.

I love that after it was over, state radio (like CSPAN here) was playing military marches. Too funny.

So, Who Voted For Those Bank Bailouts??

cartoon by Kamensky

The House keeps records;

Some notables are John Bo[eh]ner, Pete Hoekstra and Frank Wolf. Ninety one Republicans supported this in the House.

In the Senate, it went like this:

Here we see Dole, Ensign, Lindsay Graham (OMG), Kyl, Lugar, McCain, McConnell, Shelbey, Vitter and may more commit "Generational Theft".

I am fairly sure I have heard each of these guys harp about the US bailing out banks, but they all voted for it. It was signed by George Bush in late 2008.

The Austin IRS Bomber

I don't know if anyone saw the actual letter the the IRS plane crash dude left behind, but it's here: I like the church bashing a lot.

I wonder why he went through a divorce? I wonder why he never looked into anger therapy?

Of course, he is 100% correct in everything he says, this country is skewed totally for the rich to get richer. I wonder if this kind of attack will turn into a trend?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Zalatnay Sarolta

It's a BS Video, but I dig the tune. Anyone, what are they saying?

This Family Is Screwed

Um, where do I start? This sick little fuck rapes and murders his little sister and brags about it to his mother. However they kill your ass, I hope it's slow and painful. I couldn't finish reading the story.
Army or not, if you are that fucked up in the head (and you would know if you were), just off yourself. This dick never even went to battle or really served, I would not call him a "Veteran". Just one more fight left dude...

Crap, Was Today Ash-Wednesday??

I totally missed it. Will anyone care if I sketch an X on my skull with the leavings in the ashtray at the corner bar?

Remember, forgiving is "god-like".

Xbox 360 Freezing?

Try this dummies. Kids and their Xboxs are too dumb to think about maintaining them. Try letting the power converter cool off now and again too.

German Kids Don't Need To Be Quiet

"Go ahead and scream all you Billy, it's legal in Berlin movie theaters". Nightmare..

Money To Burn??
This would be one situation where it's warranted.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The ISS Tranquility Module

I was looking at this pic of what the view out the Module 3 window looks like, and thought one thing..

They are building the Millennium Falcon!

The John Bo[eh]ner Newsletter

So I get this newsletter from Congressman Boner, it's pretty funny. He doesn't offer anything positive, and if you look at the suggestions of the GOP, a lot of them are being adopted. So I am not sure what's got Mr Boner so riled up?

He mentions Ohio's unemployment rate is at 11 percent. Hmm, this really spiked after a creeping rise in 2007/2008. If you look at the last 2 quarters of data from Ohio, they are overall flat. So, um, are things not better than the big spike that peaked in July 2009? It's not getting worse is it?

He also talks about cutting spending, but his guys killed a plan for a commission to look at really doing that. They killed it after sponsoring it, because (they say) it included looking at tax increases. In reality, they just want no progress at all in Congress, for anything.

John: It is blatantly obvious to everyone in the world, except you and the GOP, that we have not been paying ENOUGH taxes to cover our costs (the spending you mostly approved). You are as guilty of 'generational theft" as anyone on the hill. And calling Congress "the hill" has lost it's luster. You have turned it into more of a "hump".

1938 Dating Guide For Single Women Do not click the links on this page when you open it, just close the window after you read the story.

I totally agree with everything they say! If you are a married woman, get as drunk as you fucking want.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Survivors, On BBC

I caught the 2 hour premier tonight, very good. I don't usually pimp TV shows, but this is well done, well acted and well written. Apparently it's a last season show that BBC decided to trot out here in the US, a year later. They love doing that to us.

This Was (Literally) My Vet

I hate Veterinarians, a whole lot. But this show is funny as hell.

Kids In The Hall, Death Comes To Town...

Anthem Says Health Care Costs Unsustainable,0,747384.story

I think I have heard this before somewhere?? Wow, a 40% rate hike, and not a single law has been changed in the US. This is just business as usual for insurance companies, and even they call this unsustainable. So why are they fighting changing the system??

I am VERY surprised to read that California allows a 70% rate on actual expenditures on benefits. That leaves the companies 30% of every dollar to use for operations, bonuses and profit. And by the way, Blue Cross is owned by WellPoint since 2004.

Wellpoint posted almost $5 Billion of income in 2009. Oh, that answers why they really don't want to change a thing. Just make it seem as such.

I recommend anyone stumbling onto this post, to read this:

Police Attacked With Dowel Rods??

How they shot these, I do not know...

Actually, they use the dowels to show the trajectory of the bullets. Scary assed crap...

How We Will Spend Valentines

Other Lives

Love this.

My Toyota Has A Problem

Friday, February 12, 2010

I Love My Dad

I do, he is a great guy, really. He still sends Easter and Valentines cards to his kids, really sweet.

Um, before I get too deep into this, I have to drop a bit of irony on your ass. Today at lunch (a very bad one at SubWay), one of the guys blurts out that he had wasted 2 hours this week watching Paul Blart, Mall Cop. We of course berated him for making such a decision.

He saw the commercials like the rest of us, but still watched that heap. He half tried to justify watching it, ya know, we have had some snow. People are stuck inside. He has no Internet, because he is too cheap to pay for it (whatever does he do when the wife is away??).

We talked other movies (Zombie Land sucked??) and went off on tangents. I came back to the subject as we traveled back to work, and mentioned (lied) that they were making a Paul Blart sequel (which everyone believed), so he has something to look forward to. I was kidding, but after looking tonight, there are actually rumblings on the Net about just that. Be scared.

Ok, irony seed planted; I get home tonight and there a a small package jammed inside the screen door, the hand writing alerts me immediately, to this being from my Father (only Doctors and English teachers write so poorly, and my Dad is not a Doctor).

I kicked it inside and shook off the snow. I went about my usual business when I arrive home each night; get a beer, boot up the computer, check email and try to find something to put on the Blog (this is it).

Later, I went to the package (an 8" square cardboard box) sitting on the floor and cut it open with scissors. I was immediately presented with an unreadable note, written in red. Too cute.

Then some crinkled newspapers, then candy (3 packs) and then more newspapers. I pulled everything out and set the pile on the kitchen table. I set some of the candy to one side to take to work. Saved some of it. Then I went to toss the newspaper (recycled as always) and there it was; A pre-watched copy of Paul Blart Mall Cop (laugh at the irony now).

My first thought was to get my gun and just end it all. What are the fucking odds!! Then I realized, it was not worth the bullet. I thought about shooting the DVD and had the same realization again.

I immediately thought about donating this to my local library, but I remembered they have 10 donated copies already, mostly signed out by Republicans. I thought I could re-re-gift it, but I can't think of anyone I hate that much.

So, here is sit with 91 minutes of suck, and I am really worried that I might get totally bored at some point this weekend and actually have an inkling to watch this.

I am taking suggestions, HELP!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The "Known Universe" animated

Kind of cool.

Lord Of The Rings Prequel

If you have seen Robin Hood on BBC, it's as good as that. It's pretty much about Arathorn and bringing up Aragorn. Lots of breast feeding and ass spanking (not). Worth a watch

Send Your Polar Bears To Maryland

We have more than enough snow (I think we are the new "Arctic Circle"), and we have a TON of big fat politicians for them to feed on. Come on down! We have you covered.

Vacation In Mogadishu, Somalia

You really can!
They have classes in snorkeling, piracy, tennis, bomb making, massage and best practices for effective homicide bombers.

Just steer clear of the Islamist Rebels pouring into town.

You Are So Out Of Touch

A Little Blizzard 2010 Video And Pics

The Sun To Ruin GPS

"Turn left in 100 feet. Oh, wait, turn right in 50 no, go straight!"

This could play hell with the Military too. Those bombs don't hit their targets because we aim them so well.

If You Are On Facebook

I put up some videos of the snow.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Global Honda Airbag Recall

Too funny, a neighbor whom I hate just rolled home today with a brand new Honda. Carma can be a bitch.

Such A Geek!

Shuttle, lower left..
I am watching/listening to the Shuttle mission live, 2 hours before it docks with the ISS. If they put up an accurate schedule, I wouldn't have tuned in till 10:30. Nasa dicks with their web site as much as the Whitehouse...

Angelia Saves Haiti

Thank GOD!! We can all breathe easier knowing she will adopt every orphan and donate all of her money to rebuild a city on a major fault line.

We all love you Angelina!

Nigeria Gets A New President..

The infamous Goodluck Johnathan!

Who ever can play him in the movie about his meteoric rise to power??
Denzel (from American Gangster).