Saturday, April 28, 2012

Super8 And Tab With Jan Burton

Western Civ

These guys are promising..

Getting Away From

I am pretty pissed that Amazon collect and pays nearly ZERO taxes in the US (based in Luxembourg).

A few States have passed laws, but we really need Federal legislation. Besides, I HAT that fucking Amazon downloader crap-app that wants to re-install itself every time you access a download. So if you want movies, pick a retailer. If you want music, look up the band's label and check their site. A lot of the time, the music IS CHEAPER THERE THAN ON AMAZON. No shit Shirley...

Of Montreal

I love this band, but this song and video are creepy. Update: I just listened to the whole CD, and it's all creepy and is lacking a major ingredient found in other Of Montreal CDs: FUN.

Japan CCTV Accidents

The one where the the driver gets ejected from the rear window is brutal.

Dean Potter Is Insane

Friday, April 27, 2012

Thursday, April 26, 2012

CISPA Passes The House

Not a shock really, Republicans want a permanent underclass and all the breaks/protections for the rich. A lot of Democrats voted for the bill too. I just called my Rep. and let them know they will not have my support at all this November. I had called before the vote too, but they don't listen unless you are a Lobbyist with bundles of cash. The vote is here. The name in the Yay section in Italics, are the few Democrats that support making George Orwell's 1984 a reality.

If you haven't already, call your Senator tomorrow;

What a nightmare, Corporate America has totally taken over our "reprentative government".

God Helps Iran Copy US Drone

I really didn't think God would care all that much, but I guess God is into Drones.

Why Fingers Wrinkle In Water


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ground Water Still A Probem At Fukushima

I hadn't seen this pic of the Tsunami at the Reactors.

Ground water seeps into the reactors and drains into the Ocean, to stop it; Drill wells and pump that un-contaminated water straight into the Ocean.

I can only hope it works.  The food (fish) supply around Japan's east coast is going to be screwed for ages.  Not to mention the low level contamination we will have in the whole Pacific, till well past my death (and my kids).

Dead Syrian Soldier Tied To Car

I won't embed this. If it's true, the FSA (or civilians) have violated a bunch of Geneva Convention rules. Do those apply in a Civil War (undeclared)?

Faroe Islands

Come on kids, lets kill some Whales!

They only kill about a thousand Whales every year. And their leading Doctors recommend the meat unfit to eat. So why do they continue doing it??

Shanghi Park Rules

I about fell out..

Cher Wins Douchebag Of The Week

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Hubble

New Google Blogger

Every time they dick with the service, my sidebar winds up at the bottom of the Blog. Go look, it's down there. And I am using one of their own approved templates. They have done a great job to hide the HELP content. This blog might go away, which I think is what Google wants, because I have not added ADs.

Girls And Video Games

Sorry, this made me laugh..

Australia Toughens Gun Penalties

Think About Where You Walk

Really..think about it, this could happen anywhere.

Monday, April 23, 2012

2 To 9 In Two Minutes

It amazes me that all babies look like Donald Pleasence till they are two..

Random Slow Motion Destruction

Met Life Settles

Now why would they settle out of Court?? One reason only, they can do that cheaper that letting the Court play out.. Bastards.,0,4337000.story

Life Insurance is as big a scam as 401K accounts.

Tough Day At Japanese Glue Factory

14 Year Old Japanese Student Stabs Bus Driver

Bullying, or the shitty kids bus'??

Brazilian Actor Accidentally Hangs Himself

On Stage..

They need better stunt coordinators.

CISPA To Be Voted On This Week!

Contact your Senators!!!!!

Congress could have easily fixed this piece of crap. Besides going after anyone doing the slightest bit of forum downloads (even if you thought it was not copyrighted), they will hold the ISPs harmless for sharing your personal information (bye Constitution). It's like a legal conspiracy to screw Americans. Regardless, there are already adequate laws in place to protect intellectual property.

They are even giving security clearances to ISP personnel (and I assume telecoms), which makes sense since they will have access to some threat database. I think this also gets around that pesky 4th Amendment.

I support the part of the bill that want's to strenghen the internet's infrastructure, and share knowledge of vulnerabilities across ISPs and Government. Pass that.

Former Porn Star - Wants Her Job Back

The link is safe..

It's not like she is going back to Porn, what happened to second chances? 

Sunday, April 22, 2012


The left right lyrics are a little disorienting, I love it.

Slug Bug

Make a real of this video song!

Meteor Explodes Over Eastern California

I wish I had been there.. Cool and creepy at the same time. Norad hasn't chimed in?

Egypt Cuts Israel's Gas Supply

That will certianly effect prices in Israel.  A 40% cut in supply... Israel had to be expecting this.

Shuttle Discovery Over DC

Click each to enlarge, right click to save.  These are HD.

 Bye KSC...

This is where those idiots work eh?

Landing at Dulles Airport in Virginia.

Careful Where You Buy Your Drugs

You know they were getting these on the street.  I have no sympathy.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Fascinating discussion on the future of NASA, space exploration and the economy.  My one dissent would be a lack of Commercial/Private investment.  Since I was 16 I knew it would happen, and I also knew Social Security would be screwed by Congress.  Yes, I knew that at 16 years old.

Radiation City

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Egypt: Man Watching Porn Online For the First Time..

Yeah it's his wife. It happens. Carma dude...

I wonder how many other movies she made?

National Association of Broadcasters Wear Blinders

Instead of embracing the online front with their current content, they will fight to push people to watch broadcast TV.  A losing battle...

Shuttle Carrier

World's Greatest Piggyback Ride

Time lapse video of the preparations to mate the shuttle to the carrier.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Worldwide Fund for Nature

Spain's King is the honorary keeper of the fund, and he goes on a lavish Elephant hunt (not the first time) in Africa. It's like Nero fiddling while his empire burned.

Massoud Hossaini Wins A Pulitzer

Aftermath of a suicide bomber attack in Afghanistan. Mixed feelings on this "Win"...

The Buffett Rule Bill Dies

As usual, I have to post the votes;

"democratic" Senator Mark Pryor of Arkansas voted no.  Probably not a good move come November. His explanation for it is a joke (read the link)..  We aren't that stupid Mark.  You have your hands in up to the elbows with people (like yourself) who don't want a "fair" tax.  In the eyes of God, that is greed. A deadly sin.  You have a hot future to look forward to.

You hould see the Compound he lives in.  His "Congressional Staff cost almost $1.4 Million in 2009 (easy to find the data).  What the hell?

Of notable mention for not even voting, Akaka of Hawaii, Hatch of Utah, Kirk of Illinois, and LIEberman formerly of Connecticut (and my favorite spineless Senatorial Deuchbag). You won't be missed Joe.

All Federal Benefits Go Virtual

Good deal, now let’s get rid of the Penny and allow negotiating prices for Meds in Medicare/Medicade. And President Obama, please do a Presidential Order for DOD and the Executive branch to stop "Spend it or you won't get it next year".