Monday, April 16, 2012

The Buffett Rule Bill Dies

As usual, I have to post the votes;

"democratic" Senator Mark Pryor of Arkansas voted no.  Probably not a good move come November. His explanation for it is a joke (read the link)..  We aren't that stupid Mark.  You have your hands in up to the elbows with people (like yourself) who don't want a "fair" tax.  In the eyes of God, that is greed. A deadly sin.  You have a hot future to look forward to.

You hould see the Compound he lives in.  His "Congressional Staff cost almost $1.4 Million in 2009 (easy to find the data).  What the hell?

Of notable mention for not even voting, Akaka of Hawaii, Hatch of Utah, Kirk of Illinois, and LIEberman formerly of Connecticut (and my favorite spineless Senatorial Deuchbag). You won't be missed Joe.

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