Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Remarkably, No One Was Killed..


What a shamess waste of human energy. It looks like fun though. I'd bet the crowd would be much slimmer if they were using baseball bats?

How's Your Blood?

Can a US University or Hospital step up to the plate here, please?


Poor kid, it could be exposure to some strange chemical too. Lots of that happening in the east.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Arrgh!! Pirate Update

Yeah, these Lads are screwed with a capital "S", as in shit!

This is where they live (or at least "work");
View Larger Map

Nice place.


So these poor assholes have 3 war ships circling them like sharks (each one more than capable of sending them to meet Allah or whoever they worship and more on the way). I don't know why we need more ships?

If I were president I would get on the phone to Putin and say "Can we sink this mother f-er?". He might say "no". 33 tanks are not cheap and Kenya needs them ya know? (why do I sound like Sara Payline?)

If I was a Pirate and traipsed (which pirates do) onto the deck of a ship I had captured and then saw 33 Russian tanks sitting there;I would say "Oh, wow, my bad. Never mind, have a good day guys. Is there anything you need before I run my ass back home?? Bye then..." And run.

People Make Me Sick

Over and over you do, all of you. You humans are sickening. Did I mention I am from Mars?


Get Your "Hog" on Survivor

I don't watch the show any more, but this is too funny..

http://dlisted.com/node/28490 And yes, it made the air.

The US House Kills The Bailout

Good, stocks are tanking (the DOW lost 500 points in minutes and it is still dropping, almost 800 points for the day). So it begins.

In the next few days the Republicans will get whatever they want into this legislation (I don't know what that is) and it will pass. They can't let this natural adjustment happen, even though it is what should happen. The Rich get a little less rich. I love it, for now. The economy will grind to a halt and everyone will be standing around with their hand on their hips and ask "What happened?" To which we should ALL answer, "Look what you did you greedy bastards."

Wall Street needs this slap in the face and hopefully we can toss some of the people responsible (speculators) in jail, that is if there is a law that covers this. If there isn't maybe the House and Senate can work on that instead of a bailout. They should have a lot of time to do that.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

What The Hell??

Our financial "bail out" went from 3 pages that i could read, to 110 pages that I can't get through. Worse is, I couldn't find the document on any government web site, i had to find it on CNN.

Where ever you published it Pelosi, it was buried to me. How's about a bit of transparency?? What a train wreck...

McCain Is A Gambler??


Apparently he likes Craps. I have never played the game. It must be nice to have the cash to toss $100 chips around like that. Oh right, he is filthy rich. I wonder who he is going be helping if he gets in office?? Think people.

I don't think the evangelicals like gambling, do they? Let me know.

How's Your Debt?

Yes, if you live in the US, you have a lot of debt that you are ultimately responsible for. According to the President's Budget (see page 5), 7.9% of every dollar we pay in taxes goes to interest alone. Think about that for a second?

If they take 20% of each dollar for Defense and we think about all that buys, 7.9% is A LOT OF MONEY. And it's all going over seas. Hmm, that's not good is it? In fact this 7.9% totals $199 Billion dollars per year (it fluctuates up each year too). Enough money to pay for the Iraq war for 20 months.

So how do we get rid of this problem? Simple, you put people in office who promise to work on eliminating the Federal Debt. All YOU have to do is ask them, here; http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Norrie and Fagan set up a test bench in the only open area on the ship, the Galley. Everyone was forbidden to enter when they were running tests and all ferrous metal was removed.

They ran cables from the Aft part of the ship for power and plopped a spare collector on a table in the middle of the room. It broke a lot of rules, as they fouled (blocked open) air tight doors that would shut automatically ensure the overall integrity of the ship in an emergency. The rig had the crew a bit on edge.

Norrie took the protective alloy shell off the collector, which required removing several hundred Aluminum screws. The whole device was about 8 feet long and 6 feet wide and weighed about 400 pounds. It took everyone to get it in the Galley.

“We can get to the individual components like this and it shouldn’t impact the operation on the collector.” Norrie said.

“These are redesigned from the collectors I read up on while traveling here, we must have had different documentation.” He noted.

“They gave you bad data Fagan, the old ones were prone to failure. I guess these wound up not much better, but they do work differently.” She said. She dropped her long black hair out of the pony tail, shook it out and then straightened it and re-tied it behind her head. Fagan just watched.

Norrie was a sturdy cute woman who moved and spoke with confidence, it was hard for Fagan to not find her attractive.

“Ready now?’ He asked.

“Shut up smart ass, we have work to do.” She told him, matter-of-factly. “Get the power connected and I will plug in the monitors and start the recorder to capture the logs.”

He smiled for a second and got to work. We’ll get along fine.” He thought.

They rigged the power connection with a local master on off switch. Norrie pulled the cover off the power director unit, which monitors and manages the distribution across the coils of this individual array. Just a small part of the ship’s overall array.

She plugged in a portable terminal and accessed the system’s diagnostic module. “From here we should be able to make this puppy do back flips if we want.” She said, and winked at Fagan. He laughed.

“Ok, let me tell the others we’re starting.” He said, walking over to the intercom. “This is the copilot, we will be conducting a collector test in the Galley; all hands will please stay clear of the area until I announce the test is complete. Thank you and enjoy the flight”

That had Norrie and Fagan laughing and they heard someone outside the Galley laughing too. Fagan hadn’t heard anyone laugh since they had arrived here and he was very happy to feel a bit good for a change. The few days of very seriousness had been slashed.

Fagan went to his terminal and motioned Norrie to come over. He showed her the simulation of the accident and then isolated it to just the faulty collector by zooming in.

“Ok, I am removing all of the other collectors from this simulation so we can see what went wrong with this puppy.” He said, with his fingers dancing over the touch screen.

He started the simulation and they watched for 23 seconds, until the simulated collector failed.

“We have to recreate that, should be doable.” He said.

“Where do we start Fagan?” She asked.

Paul Newman; Dead At 83

The Big C. Bummer, but a good long life eh?

He had quite a career; http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000056/

I loved him and Jackie Gleason in The Hustler.


Friday, September 26, 2008

I LOVE John McCain

I just watched the first debate and all I could think about was, get this guy a bed and some tea and crackers. He is so feeble that I am worried for his health. A great US hero, trying too hard I think??

Please do John and his family a favor and just don't vote at all if you are in his corner. I love the guy, but the comb over is not working and his posture is worse than my 83 year old grandmother. He has done his part over and over and the great patriot needs a rest, and does not know it.

Do your part to save John McCain and don't vote for anyone Republican and let John get some much needed rest and retirement. If you vote for JM, you are putting your stamp on his death certificate! It's on your head. I am voting independent.

Chuck Cracks Me Up


"Get McCain out of town". That is a hoot. I am not a Chuck Schumer fan. He is right about the House Republicans though, those guys came out of left field with a proposal that no one else liked, even the Senate Pubs.

Fall Figuatively Arrived

I count the day that I put the blanket on the bed as the day Fall/Winter seasons start for me. That was last night. I have a few spots of the house I want to add some insulation/caulking to this weekend.

They are calling for a cold winter and with the Sun trailing back it's solar output, it should play into that.

News Of The Day

China stops selling laced candy; http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/7637001.stm A good move.

Jetpack ride across the channel (cool); http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/7637327.stm

The BBC Oddbox, it’s out every Friday; http://news.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/hi/newsbeat/newsid_7636000/7636912.stm Love it.

Somali Pirates steal tanks; http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/7637257.stm What could possibly go wrong?? Argh Matey! Oh, they just updated the story to say ammunition for the tanks was aboard too. 33 T-72 tanks in the hands of badits, perfect.

Chris Rock On Letterman

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Italian Toads In Peril

I find this rather funny. Like we can wipe out any species that has been here for millions of years cracks me up. All Climate Change? Well, that was at the top of the list anyway...


The Office

So this show migrated from the UK to the US and they originally re-enacted the original series with US actors. I saw a few episodes and they were funny, but I watched the season opener tonight and 10 minutes in, I was checking my watch. At 30 minutes, I shut it off. I never laughed. I get jokes, but this show is just not funny. I find the affair the engaged gal is having offensive (typical though).

I like humor, but this show is funny on a level that I think is below most people. Every time I watch it I wonder after, why I did?

Sweden Got Their Financial Mess Fixed Right

Big news day for Sweden! In Shot, they stomped Corporate Executives and got most (if not all) of the money they lent back. The US should take notice.


Kooky Japanese!!

A Musical Toilet...
(click above)

Airbags For The Elderly?

(click above)

Hmm, I like the robots better.

Crazy Swedish Chicks

So nuts they get a ride to the Hospital.

Stay through the advert, it's worth it.

The Story...

Don't mess with the Swed's

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Bush talk tonight...

Well, I took a few notes;

He said the bailout "will create jobs". He fails to state that these will all be government jobs, which EVERYONE is trying to reduce! Talk about expanding government?? Ahem?

"The Lenders are to blame." He said that. Funny, because the "lenders" were just using the tools available to them since a Republican controlled Congress changed the rules 5 years ago. The sad thing is, NO ON HAS LIFTED A FINGER TO CHANGE THAT!

GW mentioned "securities chartered by Congress", and these led investors to think these "securities" were backed by the US. NO, they were not. In a week, they will be. Nice move..Not bailing out the investors?? NO, they are.

I love the panic he instilled in all "small town Americans with the line "your bank could fail". Like this would rally support of the people behind this plan to further redistribution wealth to the wealthiest.

It will just spread fear.

So to just skim the surface of this farce, please look at AIG's annual report for 2007;

You need go no further than page 3. They made Billions since GWB took office and trounced regulations, and now they want Billions more (even though they already banked their profits) to line their pockets some more. Um, what? Why bail out a company that has made 8 Billion in profits just through Consolidation efforts (see page 45). There is no "bottom line" in this report that I can find (too tired to read to the bottom now).

I dunno, if a company made 8 Billion dollars and much much more in the last 2 years, do they really need a bailout now? Where did all that profit go? Ask someone, god damn ASK!?

Bush To Talk "Baliout"

Every Republican I have talked to this week hates this plan and hates what Democrats want to add to it more. I completely agree!

It's time to let the markets tank and let the price for everything drop. Way better than printing 700 Billion Dollars cash and drive the value of the dollar lower???


I will have to watch this and report tomorrow. I hope Bush takes questions, but he never does that anymore, neither does McCain.

The Sun Is Cooling Off


So this will explain the cooling trend we are slipping into (even though the "experts" say the Sun has had no impact on "global warming").

The controls everything and gives and takes life on all worlds that have life. Pretty simple basic stuff.

Government Corrupts

Yeah, it does. This Douche Bag wanted to make people who get DUIs (Driving while drunk) get special tags for their cars announcing the problem. Then he goes and gets a DUI arrest. Gimme a break!!


Monday, September 22, 2008

Got Racism?

If you do, get a sense of humor, laughing makes all things and everyone BETTER.

This was back in 1970 (um whenever) and now, today, almost 40 years later...we have more bias than I have ever seen, since the late 60's.

Get with it America, the rest of the world has moved past it and also adopted the Metric system. If I were president, I would impose the Metric system on the US and all the stupid people will be spending so much time converting temperatures and measures, that they won't have time to be prejudice.

Oil Us Up!

The largest single hike in price ever.


So the billions being pumped into failing banks will increase demand?? WTF? These pricks on Wall Street need very little reason to gouge us. This is the opposite of a "short sale", it's an over sale.

The Truffle Shuffle....

Big O And Dukes is a Radio show I listen to;

He did this to settle a bet about weight loss. It is based on this scene from a movie;

The "Unit Rule"

Apparently 90% of Americans are not even aware of this.

The "Unit Rule" is how the US Constitution (12th Amendment) defines how to handle a Presidential Election tie;


Thanks BBC.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Railroad Retirement Board?

Who even knew these guys existed??


Look at the Financial's section. WTF? These guys are under the radar and raping American tax payers.


Mbeki Resigns!

South Africa can take a deep breath and pray (if you like doing that) that something will change soon. Crime, corruption and inflation are killing SA.


Dusters TWELVE

Dinah smacked her console in frustration, “Fucking do it.” She shouted. Nothing, silence, the rest of the crew was pretty shocked. She never acted like that.

“We’re missing something.” She said. “Shut it down.” She got up and left the Control Room.

She went back to her quarters and played the log file of the original trip and their failed attempt side by side. “What is it?” Dinah muttered.

Fagan’s voice came over the intercom, “Dinah, is there anything the rest of us can do to help here?”

“Think about what changed between the run that got us here and now.” She answered.

Fagan and the others pondered that and side conversations started. Most of the crew gathered in the Galley, which was not a large room, but had a large table they could all sit at.

Norrie was spouting a very negative tirade based on “this isn’t possible.” She was obviously frazzled. They all gnawed on some crackers.

Fagan was watching the same replay Dinah was on a repeater in the Control Room. The time lines of the two log fires weren’t matching up.

He pulled up a field simulator application on the two different screens and fed the data from the log files into each.

As he watched the simulation timeline, he noticed a ripple run over the hull of the ship, under the collectors during the first run. It was only apparent on the trip that brought them here.

He hailed Dinah again. “Can you come to the Control Room please?”

“Why, I’m busy?” She asked.

“I found something you should see!” He answered; she heard the shift in his tone and was intrigued. She put on her coat and headed out.

They had cut back life support to the minimum to save oxygen and power. Sections of the ship were secured, off limits. The ship was rather chilly and any exertion would put you out of breathe fast.

Dinah arrived in the Control Room and settled into the station next to Fagan. It was the Quartermaster’s seat.

“What?” She asked.

“Watch this Dinah.” Fagan said, and he restarted the replay. She watched them, switching from one monitor to another.

“What am I looking for?” She asked.

Fagan backed it up and told her to watch the screen on the left closely.

She saw it, the ripple that floated over the whole hull just as the event happened. “What did that Fagan?” She asked, almost in a whisper and staring straight ahead at the screen.

“When coil 35 failed, it didn’t just cut out. It caused this flux as it failed and if it hadn’t totally failed after 23 seconds, we might be on the other side of the universe.” He told her.

The simulation finished and she looked at him. “Can we do that again?”

“I have to run some simulations to figure out how the failure happened and I want to do a test with only the one coil active. I think it’s possible” He told her.

“What do you need?” She asked, getting up from the chair.

“Just some time, a day or two.”

“You have 12 hours, you have no other duties besides this; and work with Norrie.” She cracked the intercom, “Norrie to the Control Room please.”

700 Billon Dollars And No Accountability?

If you read the text of the bailout, check Section 8!

The Story...

"Sec. 8. Review.
Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency."

Um, who's bright idea was this?? Government with no accountability. The Republican way...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Apparently My Friend Has Died

She was off to the beach for more than a week and tonight, her first night back, she is out. I can only guess she is over at her cult leaders house catching some hose. It's what he commands.

And she is always the obedient little puppy, always. It really saddens me, more than she knows.

I am going to look at houses tomorrow, I have to get away from this place; on many levels. I obviously can do no more good here.

Funny Cartoon

Has a lot of truth behind it though, you get it, right??


Madonna Is On The Cher Road

WTF? Um, you have billions of dollars, just stop you crazy assed bitch!

Pamela Anderson Not Only Hit The Wall...

But it fell over on top of her!


Christ girl, you are a damn mess. What a waste.


Bush Loves The US

So much so that his rape of our treasure seems fitting.

Lets see;
The Pubs change the laws allowing lenders to offer adjustable rate mortgages to anyone, whether they can afford them or not. Then these lenders are then allowed to sell these risky mortgages to Fannie and Freddy (they are off the hook now and keep the $$$).

Now it gets interesting, a lot of people can't pay these darn mortgages and start foreclosing. Freddie and Fanny tank, because the stock they sold based on the bad mortgages tanks. This is where it gets really bad.

The US Government has done nothing but prop up the people who already made a ton of money selling those bad loans, so now they get paid twice.

It gets better, they have also refused to make variable rate mortgages illegal. What's the hold up guys?? Are you all fucking insane?

Things In Pakistan Are Great!


Yeah right, keep leaving those "tribal areas" alone and harboing al-Qaeda.

Jerry Lewis "Gets Off"


Lucky for him. I mean he's 82, what the hell is he going to do?? He probably can't hit or see anything. I am more astonished that he is still working! Retire dude.

Theresa Anderson

Intersting how she records portions and puts them into a loop. Not bad!

Hadron Collider Accident


So we have at least two months until the end of the world. Just enough time to watch the financial markets tank.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Mexican Kidnap Police??


This was a great idea, until the Chief and his wife were kidnapped and murdered. Cinco de Mayo!!

Say What??


I would say Jessica Fellowes is kind of hot, but she wouldn't hear me. I do wish her and all deaf people and animals the best, which ever way they decide to go on "curing" deafness. I guess if you haven't know the sensation of sound, going without it would be no big deal.

I would personally like to whisper in Jessica's ear "You are pretty hot" and have her hear it. That's all I'm saying. Then we have really loud sex!

The "Bail Out"

What is SOOO wonderful about this is; when a few more companies tank, the billions of dollars the US has squandered in this effort will be swallowed by company CEOs and their senior staff, right before they file bankruptcy too. We just paid these assholes to retire early. What is their motivation to keep the companies in working order, they are all flush?? Just take the cash and tap out...

Great legacy GWB!!


Misson To An Asteriod??


That's interesting. Very complicated though, risky.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chew On This, Stoner


Makes my teeth hurt even thinking about it. It must be chalk like, I bet. Whatever floats your boat...

Kings Of Leon, Just Jesters?

I dunno, they sound like Coldplay with Randy Newman as lead singer to me??

I read in a Brit rag today that they were about to explode all over the world. Like I say to the US Pubs, saying something over and over will not always make it so...


I was not "wowed" guys. I can appreciate the musical talent and over produced tracks, sounds very "top 40" to me, almost.

Palin Leaks

Wikileaks broke this. It's a shitty way to bring out that Palin is a HARDCORE Religious lifer.


I don't know about you, but this chick seems ready to strip every civil liberty you have away and force your ass into Church. Does that sound OK to you??

Oh, the site is being hammered and I am sure the Pubs will get in and delete or change the content. It was in the open this morning, this gal is a Christian zealot. Is that what you want? A thumper?

Chuck Hagel (a Pub) doesn't like her either;


Interesting Story, "Arming The Taleban"


Iran is sooo innocent, right. No one is, even the US.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Alizee Is Just Too Hot

She's the French Jessica Simpon.

Nouvelle Vague

I may have posted this before, but ran over this link for the first time in ages, Guns Of Brixton;


What a great cover of a classic song! Check out the other tunes too.

Love Will Tear Us Apart (Live)

Uganda Has It Right, Long Dress Only


Yeah, you go guys. This might even cut down on the hundreds of rapes in the country each month and maybe deter the huge prostitution rings that spread AIDs there like a wildfire.

I say, just shoot all Females in the head and your problems will all dissolve, you fucking idiots.

$87 Billion Is Not Enough!


Apparently the US has to just roll over and die to make the markets happy. I don't think people realise how much dough $87 Billion is?? I don't know, but I know I am getting GOD DAMN SICK of bailing out companies that have used shady "adjustable rate" mortgages to screw every day people and get rich in the process. Now that they "sag", the tax payers have to pay up to save them.

The saddest part is, making these types of loans is still LEGAL and I hear commercials for them EVERY DAY on the TV and Radio. What the hell is going on around here???

Everyone has lost their god damn minds!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The FED Bails Out AIG

Why two hours ago I was reading "no more bail outs" and now I am reading this? How the hell can we pay for this and all our other debt? Oh, right. Raise revenues.


Gavin And Stacey

What a cute show, a few laughs too. Just heard about it for the first time tonight, they are running repeats on BBC America. A link to the show premier is below.


Arctic Ice On The Rise?

NSIDC says "yes". It's a whole one year trend and it's a fact that the Arctic Ice is back!


Well, I guess all those "global warming gurus" have to eat some crow, right?

Why not promote a one year trend as much as a thirty year trend? They are both minuscule amounts of time.

These guys are just presenting data in a way to try to scare us and they succeed because we let them. Note; the graph shown in the article doesn't show the Arctic data in the winter? Um, why not??

Monday, September 15, 2008

$38 Million Dollars??

Do you think this might be a scam???

Attn: Sir,
I am Mr. Alison Gambo., a director with Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). I have a deal of US$38 million that needs to be transferred into your bank account; this deal is an over invoiced contract sum, which is now approved for payment/transfer.
I need your help to join me work it out together for our mutual benefit. There is no risk involved. You will be detailed as soon as you indicate your interest and willingness.
Await your response.
Mr. Alison Gambo.

Seems legit to me. I will have to send him all of my bank info and SSN right away. When I get the cash, this Blog will die!

It's funny, these guys are getting lazier and lazier, they used to fold some sob story into these emails, now it's just a flat line....

Kidding. If you like (and I highly recommend it), you can follow along as a group of people here in the states trick one of these scammers into a living nightmare. I have not laughed so hard in a long time, the audio and emails are priceless. As you read though the posts, you will figure out who the "principals" are, so you can ignore the lurkers. It's a must read/see/hear.


Dusters ELEVEN

They sent a message to Chaffee to let them know their location and predicament. It would take hours to reach them and the same amount of time to get any reply.

Later Dinah sent another message telling them she was going to try to recreate the situation that got them there.

Everyone retired to get some much needed rest before they made the attempt.

Dinah didn’t sleep, she looked at her model of Two in her quarters, now complete and glowing like a night light. She shut her eyes and could only think about their plight. She decided totally that the only chance for their survival would be doing it again, travel faster than light speed.

The thought sat there in her mind. They had done the one thing that has eluded human scientists for ages. She smiled to herself, “And we did it accidentally.”

Later, everyone was woken up when Dinah called the crew to quarters.

Kelley came into the Control Room and complained, “Three hours was not enough sleep.”

“It isn’t my fault if you were not able to sleep Kelley.” Dinah told her, matter of factly. “We had six hours off.”

“I had a little trouble getting to sleep, I’m a little edgy. Aren’t you?” She asked, on the way to her pilot’s station.

“I didn’t sleep.” Dinah told her.

“This should be interesting.” Kelley answered.

“We had a message from Chaffee to not do anything.” Dinah told Kelley.

Opoku spoke up at that, “So we should wait, right?”

“No”, Kelley said. “We don’t have much choice here O.”

“Everyone knows what happened to Welhaven One, ya know? Doing this could kill everyone here.” Opoku argued.

“Every minute we wait, we have less air, food and water O. How long would you like to wait around to die?” She said.

Dinah stayed out of it. They went on for a few more minutes and Dinah monitored the systems getting up and running, like they were before the accident.

The intercom was open, so everyone was hearing everything the crew was saying at their stations. Prestmon spoke up, “Can we get this started?” He chirped.

“You got it P.” Kelly responded. She looked over at Dinah who nodded.

Dinah had the ship’s logs in front of her and was ready to start recreating the events that landed them where they were.

“Opoku, can you please plot a course so we don’t hit anything too big?” Dinah asked.

“Sure thing, the computer can’t pull that off because it won’t allow let me input the speed you want. I have to do it outside the Nav system and then set it manually.” She said. “Give me a sec.”

The ship was up to full power and in full collection mode. The field was functioning exactly as it was before the incident. “Got it, adjusting course now.” They all felt the slight bump as the ship adjusted course.

Dinah started barking off events and scrolled down the log file on her screen as close to the right times as possible.

They went on like this for 20 minutes and nothing happened, they were still in the middle of nowhere.

Is The Economy Important?

I keep hearing that this is the most important issue to American voters. So why the hell are 1/2 of them sticking with the guy who is going to keep everything just like it is now?? Falling apart.

I don't get you guys and gals. Get over your race bias and listen for a change. Stuff it, I am looking to move to Sweden.

Richard Wright, Dead At 65


Sad day, he was a good musician. Played in Pink Floyd you know.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Even Better, Lehman, Merril and AIG All Down The Drain.

Lets just get it over with right now. Looks like this is happening sooner rather than later. How's your stocks and bonds? I HAVE NONE. Good thing too I guess.

The Story

Am I the only person in the country freaking out over this calamity?

Monday should be a wild ride....

This Just In

Yep, more "good news". The Story. Lehman heads into insolvency. That is equivalent to salt being dissolved in an Ocean. It's gone. So are all of the investors cash. Hmm, I bet there were some rich people who had their money there. Still voting Republican guys and gals?

When will America wake up? I am watching my country dissolve around me and I seem to be the only person who is ready to start a riot over it? It's like Zimbabwe in my back yard. This is all insane. How can people not see what direction we need to go??

Yeah, the Pub's Economic Policies Are Working Great!

Leahman's Toast

Let's keep doing what were doing. The only ones left standing will be the top 5 percent of the US wealthy. Go McCain.

The US Combats Terrorists

Right, lets sell weapons to the very nations that harbor them.

The Map

Why Brazil, Argentina and Australia need extra weapons baffles me??

McCain Wins!

Here he addresses his cabinet with Sarah right behind him...

Nice dog.

That Lion is Carl Rove. The Wicked Witch (not pictured) might be Hillary?

This race has really become a joke arguing issues that don't matter to anyone. I think I might need to tap out of following it, in fear I might not even be able to vote.

Fuel Prices Will Kill Business

So when all of the airlines are busted and all of us leave our cars and cabs in the Garage (I don't actually have a Garage), who is going to use all of the high cost fuel?? Well, no one.

The Story is here.

So this will have to "drive" down the cost right (pardon the pun)? It's becoming more evident to me that our economy is in shambles and it's more than the US housing collapse (a very bad thing) is not the only problem we have to solve.

Inflation is up.
The US Dollar and Euro are down.
Oil demand is dropping (I know I telework one or two days a week now and have adjusted my driving habits to cut my fuel usage almost 25%).
Debt is up as is spending.
Crime is up (in my neighborhood anyway).
Incomes are down or flat.

That's all screwed up. Ya know our government is predicting a 1/2 trillion dollar shortfall in the Budget this year. This is before we pay for the two wars we have going. How the hell is increasing revenue going to pay for all of this?? Does anyone really think that will work??

Things are so bad no one is even talking about the impending collapse of Social Security? That is when we will truly hit bottom and the riots will start.

I was thinking of moving, but I might hold off and see what happens with the economy. Unless I stumble of a really good sale.

China Was Warned Over Tainted Milk??

The Story is here.

This says they were warned a month earlier... WTF?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

China's Killing Their Babies?

Over population is a big problem, but I don't think they could possibly be doing this on purpose, right?
The Story is here

Friday, September 12, 2008

Palin's Hubby On The Hot Seat??


Seems like it's a fact. Not looking good for you-all....

The sad thing is all the blinders are on America and it will drift under their "radar'. It won't make the news outside of my blog and a few others.

We Will Become Silhouettes

It might be the best song of all time, just checking if you guys are paying attention...

I Could Put A Bullet Trough My Head Or Yours..

I hate "drama", but I stirred some up today. The worst and most wonderful thing about it is; It has absolutely no impact on me. I only have to hope that in the end it does somebody some good. I stick my neck out way more than I should, but that is just me.

Unrelated, a bit; God forbid any country that tries to invade the US. I would single handedly topple your sorry ass. If you thought Red Dawn was scary, I was not in the script and I have much worse for you. Heard of Dennis Wheatley??

Saudi Arabia Wants To Kill You


Only if you watch TV. Better to watch the sunset there, or all the women NOT driving a car. Oh wait, looking at women is bad there, unless you are raping them. Then it's OK. Just don't let a lot of people see that. It takes 5 or more witnesses to prosecute a rape allegation and they have to all be males.

Real Heroes

Want to see a few true hero's? Watch this. The US Coast Guard gets no where near the props they should.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Galveston And Houston Are Cooked


Yeah, Ike is going to wreak havoc. I thought about taking some time off work to go help clean this up and then I stopped, and thought. "Who the hell has ever come to help me when I was trapped in my home after a blizzard, ice storm or hurricane? Um, on one. I can only offer those in the path of Ike one word of wisdom. "MOVE"!

Zimbabwe Compromise?

If this is true, it could be a huge help to the region. I can only hope...


Cool Cars!

The Telegraph has a nice story (look at the pics) of things to come. I wish American car companies had this kind of vision.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Get Out Of Bolivia!


It's going to be the next Chavez annexation. It's all about the oil, right??

The Oceans Are Dying

It's our fault too. While I was at the Gartner Conference (90 mile round trip drive, fun fun!) I walked down to the shoreline.

I could have cried. Nothing but plastic bottles and bags every were. All headed straight out to sea. I am sure this will be the end of man, if we keep up this plastic pollution.

As goes the Ocean, so goes the Planet.

The World Ends Tonight


Yep, once they cross the beams it will generate a Black Hole and we are all cooked. Um, that's what some people actually think will happen. Dummies, keep your fingers crossed.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Wool Over Your Eyes

I have been in this Gartner "Conference" this week (more sales pitches than anything). I didn't pay for it!

Tonight they had the catered "happy hour" which my boss wanted to bring her hubby to. I had a migraine and bailed out. It seems her hubby was wearing my ID at the event and touting himself as a NASA scientist. I till have to keep a low profile for the rest of the conference!

It's hilarious to me that he did that, I have been guilty of the same in similar situations. It it too much fun, until someone asks for a business card.

Um, Sure I Don't Need My Water Bottle On The Plane



Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fashion That??


Um, yeah. These models look soo "happy" that I really have to pass. The shorts are just too gay for me (not that there is anything wrong with that).

Dusters TEN

Fagan got sick about the minute he arrived on Chaffee. Maybe allergic to something in the stale air. He was dropped from the second test mission and Gildo offered to take his place as co-pilot.

Dinah sat down and talked to Geoff who had appeared on the scene without warning.

“Gildo is a great operations manager, but I am more than qualified to co-pilot Two, I designed the damn thing and flew the last test flights.” She said.

Aidyn was behind her standing above them. “She’s right.” He said, “As usual.” He left the mess hall.

“I don’t care who flies it Dinah, just take care of it because this project is bleeding cash and needs to show some real progress if you want it to continue.” Geoff spoke in little more than mumbled. He was reading something on his COM.

“Great, done.” She said, standing.

“Don’t fuck it up girlie.” Geoff said.

Gildo stood up, looking upset. Dinah wasn’t sure if he was upset at Geoff’s tone towards her or that he wasn’t going to fly. He left while Geoff mumbled into his COM. Dinah followed him out.

The second test mission of the new configurations began two days later. They had the permits from Mars Control and Opoku programmed the plan into Two’s Nav system as they departed and drifted away from Chaffee.

Fagan rode along, still not feeling great, but well enough to ride along and get a feel for the ship in flight.

They again rode into orbit around Mars, polar this time and not as close as before. They would be cleaning up debris from several old Mars reconnaissance missions by flown by NASA.

Dinah was at the helm, being watched closely by Kelley. She was also eyeing the screen to her right, which was scrolling data on the field as it came online. “Full power now” she said.

“Great.” Kelley said. “Time to really earn that paycheck, huh?” She asked.

Dinah ignored the insult and figured she knew where Kelley stood now. She must think all her work was a joke, to this point. “We have a slight variance in the field”. She reported

It was another vibration in the performance of the field and the harmonics of it spread over the entire ship, it hummed separately from the engines which fired periodically for course corrections. They were in between the Mars equator and North Pole when it happened.

No one on board noticed the change, but alarms started sounding at the Nav’s station immediately and she panicked. The portal to the left of Kelley and Dinah went black and they didn’t notice it, there was no change in the hum of the engines or the field systems. They were both mumbling over the performance of the arrays and trying figure out what was causing the field’s instability. “It’s a very minor fluctuation.” Dinah reported.

Opoku chirped over the intercom a few seconds later, “What the hell just happened?” She sounded very distressed.

“What are you talking about?” Kelley said into the nearest mic. With the intercom open, the comms on the ship were being piped all over.

“Where’s Mars!?” she shouted.

Both Dinah and Kelley turned to look out the portal to their left and saw only empty space where they had seen Mars just seconds earlier.

Norrie’s voice came over the speaker, “Stop fucking around up there.” She didn’t know what had happened or noticed anything either. She was annoyed at the banter.

“What the hell.” Kelley mumbled, now scared himself. “Where is it?” Turning to Dinah.

Dinah swung back to the panel and kept tapping the buttons to change views of the field monitor. She was reeling inside, completely confused about that had just happened. She shuddered and closed her eyes for a moment, composing herself.

Kelley spoke loudly into the mic, “Opoku, can you try to find Mars for us?” She paused, “Or anything!?”

Opoku clicked off the intercom and took a deep breath, sliding into her console chair again. “I don’t get this”, she thought as she started up the scanner and plugged in the position of Mars and asked the system to seek the vector. “Let’s find it Amatucci”. She said.

The visual scanners on the top and bottom of the ship began a circular survey of their surroundings and fed the findings into the navigation system.

“Shut it down.” Kelley barked and the field and engines were cut off in seconds. It got very quiet across Two.

After a minute, Amatucci had their location. She cracked the intercom. “Um, we are about as far out as Neptune and at a 23 degree upward deviation from the solar system plane.” She reported flatly. “Any ideas down there?”

Dinah froze and slowly raised her arm to check her watch against the ship’s chronometer, they were close enough. “How did we move that far in an instant?” She said in dismay.

“What are you talking about”? Kelley replied.

She wasn’t ready for the question and ignored him. She left her station and went to see Norrie.

Dinah burst into the main engine room and seemed ready to burst herself. She shouted, “How did we move that far that fast??” Planting her hands on the desktop between them. Norrie stared at her for a few seconds, considering if she should report her to the Captain as incompetent.

“What?” she said.

“How did we do that?” she leaned in towards Norrie.

Recoiling, the she answered “Do what?” Norrie had no idea what she was on about.

Dinah stopped her pending emotional explosion and explained the situation. She called the NAV for verification and they got it. They were over 4 billion kilometers from the sun and had no idea how they had got there.

“What were you doing to the field generators when this happened?” she asked.

“I was trying to compensate for the failure in coil 35.” She said. “I wanted us back at peak performance.”

“What did you do to compensate?” Dinah asked, as they both turned to the Engineering Console to try to recreate the scenario.

They spent the next 2 hours poring over the system logs and discussing possibilities. Kelley came down to talk with them and was swished away by Dinah, who locked the hatch behind him as he exited the room.

They analyzed the model of the magnetic field and the compensations Norrie had made and eventually found a resonant flux in the field that must explain their speedy trip across space.

“We have to do that again” Dinah said. “And point back to Mars when we do it.”

She was very matter of fact about the comment, like it was going to be repeatable, easily. Norrie was less enthusiastic about the idea.

“What if we go farther or faster this time? We could wind up in another solar system or in the middle of nowhere.” She said. “We are folding space here and remember what happened to One..”

“Undo whatever you did to compensate for coil 35 and we will do the exact process again. It’s our only chance to get back.”

She was trying to not think about the fact that they would never get back alive from this far out conventionally. They had a day’s worth of food and some emergency rations. Water is recycled, but it wouldn’t help much in the long run.

They would all starve and run out of oxygen before they could motor home on their normal engines. And that was if they had the usual fuel source out here, which they didn’t. There was no particulate propellant waste to suck in and reuse out here.

They were on their own. A Duster with nothing to clean up.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dusters NINE

The last scheduled test from Chaffee was going well. No major problems. The feedback from Earth was encouraging. Dinah was testing software that used the other arrays to compensate if a problem did occur again. Her work was getting notice from the Welhaven engineers, who were impressed every time they all talked.

Aidyn returned from Earth after a Month’s stay there. It was almost six months since leaving Chaffee.

Dinah was so glad to see him again. He even had some time to visit with his family and had letters for Dinah too, from her Uncle. Aidyn had the updates on refitting the arrays on Two and laid out the plans to run the new checkout procedures. The redesigned arrays and the software modifications Dinah had designed to keep them safe were both incorporated.

Two had been moved back inside Chaffee for the refit work. Several additional assemblers had been installed to assist in the effort.

Assembler 5 malfunctioned and almost ripped a hole in the hull while decapitating assembler 3 with its cutting laser. Gildo was the only person in the room at the time and escaped being killed by hiding under the ship. The whole effort stalled for a day while systems checks were confirmed on the assemblers.

Welhaven announced the new duster on the Net, without talking to Dinah or Aidyn. Welhaven Three would be assembled in Earth orbit, where neither of them could do harm or good.

Someone (or some many) was trying to hack into the computer systems on Chaffee. The “def-wall” held the attacks back, but Aidyn called Welhaven about it. It turns out a data leak occurred somewhere along the line and the Undernet was all over the project and the “anomaly” that happened with One.

What was once the free level internet has become layered (as some describe it) with the Overnet on top, spewing what most people call propaganda. The Internet was in the middle and the Undernet became what it is, a haven for criminals, perverts, protesters and dissidents. They eventually disconnected all systems from the outside and would rely on handhelds or encrypted ship’s communications to communicate with Earth from now on.

Dinah maneuvered Two remotely to exit Chaffee and dock alongside. She had gotten good at the controls. Testing and certifications continued for a few weeks.

The new crew appeared at Chaffee the day before they were to do the first trials on Two. They were already trained and handpicked by Welhaven, no interviews required.

They were;
Kelley; Pilot (Ex-Air Force, cute blonde lady).
Fagan; Copilot (Long haul transport experience, 50 year old male by Earth years)
Opoku; Navigator (Friend of Fagan’s with similar experience).
Amatucci; Quartermaster (Ex-Air Force, Chinese woman)
Norrie; Engineer (A long time Welhaven employee, stout brunette woman)
Prestmon: Mechanic (Ex-Air Force, a large black man, aggressive)

The test mission started with zero complications. The crew was operating Two perfectly and had obviously been well trained. Dinah talked to Aidyn about it and he said they had been in simulator training the whole three months on the way to Mars, no twilight sleep.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Freddie And Fannie Getting A Bailout?


The Times says it is a done deal. Of course this isn't part of the already 1/2 trillion dollar deficit in the 2009 US Budget. We are SOOO screwed people. And Unemployment hit a new high today. It is a "strong" economy George, isn't it?? We are screwed.

Boeing Is Screwed


Um, $34K per employee? Back in 1987 I took my first real job after the Navy for $24K per yer (idiot). What are they thinking? It's poverty pay!

Good luck to you on that, looks like your deliveries will continue to slip...

A Note On Sarah Palin


Yeah, this is circulating widely and is legit. Pretty steep stuff. I don't think the "cuda" is going to last much longer?

Sea Levels Not A Big Problem?


I love NPR, they are non biased.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

It's A Family Affair


The same guys who broke the John Edwards affair, it's probably all true. The Telegraph is also reporting that Sarah herself also had an affair;
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/uselection2008/johnmccain/2680018/Sarah-Palin-affair-rumours-are-false-says-John-McCains-team.html Again according to the National Enquirer.

Tough times ahead you Pubs! We have had enough whores and sluts in the Whitehouse, get it together or Obama might squeak out a win.

Finally, Abramoff In Jail


Good timing too. I can't think of a better place for this ass to wind up. Now for the conspirators...

The US Economy Impacts The Globe


Lets keep those economic policies going. Spend a few billion to tell people their little checks are in the mail and the same again to actually mail those little things. Idiots. I could run this country better than or "Government".

Stop overspending, stop running up the $10 Trillion Dollar debt and start paying that down. Do you even consider how much we pay in interest alone???? Think about that.

We need to turn around 180 degrees or it will be another depression. Inflation is already skyrocketing. I might move to Zimbabwe, at least they are trying to make things better.

Obama Should have Picked Her


Granholm has her plate full with Michigan, it's a train wreck there economically. You know, all those car companies that are tanking. I know my own GM car is a big fat piece of shit. Keep churning out crap and no one will buy your cars.

It's like Detroit hasn't learned a thing from the 1980's. Screw you guys, sell me a Honda. Learn your lesson the hard way.

My Hometown Mayor To Quit

Good thing too, he is a real douche bag.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Storms Getting Worse

Yep, it is true. They really are!!


We have 25 years of historical data to back that up too, you can count on that.

The only problem I have is that the Earth has been here for 5 or 6 Billion years. Can 25 years of data be called a trend when I can't count on the weatherman having the right "predictions" for tomorrow morning? Um, lets get realistic and not panic.

Palin Masturbates (it is a joke)


Funny one guys. I get Irony.

A Base Jump Gone Bad


Too funny..and only a broken leg out of it. He was lucky to live at all.

NYT Dishes The Dirt On Palin


Hmm, pretty interesting, but not a lot of corroboration though.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bernie Krause

Studio 360 ran this over the weekend. Download the MP3 here; http://audio.wnyc.org/studio/studio082908f.mp3

Pretty cool project, recording nature.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Japan's PM Resigns


How can we get this to happen in the US??

A Palin Gaffe??


Hmm, she seems to be having trouble managing her family. You be the judge I guess. I personally don't care if all of her kids are pregnant. She has some good genes, so spread those around babe.