Saturday, February 28, 2009

The MKO and Iran

Qorban-Ali Dorri Najafabadi (on the left) doesn't like the MKO, which is understandable. The group has been a thorn in the side of Iran since 1980.

From a historical standpoint, this is really worth reading;

So why is the EU taking them off their terrorist list? They have been attacking Iran every chance they get.

Just today Iran published a complaint about this;

It reminds me of a sword fight with words...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Iran Is Going Broke?

If I spoke Persian (Farsi), I would say "Just print more money, like the USA". It's a great way to govern!

Maybe there will be some governmental turnover?? How's all that effort and money on a "peaceful" nuclear program paying off?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

US Drug Busts

Good news to me. 750 assholes in jail, whatever will the rich assholes that bought the stuff do now? I can only hope this dries up some of the local crack cookers (I have two in my little neighborhood alone).
Considering we have given Mexico $197M, they could do more about the Sinaloa cartel? Oh, wait, the cartel probably got a lot of the money....

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Italy Goes Nuclear?


Yep, with the help of France, they will. Maybe they can burn some of the tons of trash piled up in Naples to generate some kilowatts too?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Child Prostitutes Saved

Some damn good news. Bust all the sick bastards. 570 arrests, that's fantastic...

All You Whites Gotta Leave...

Zimbabwe is going to wind up just like South Africa. I have a friend who lives there and from what he's told me, since aparttheid, the country has become lawless. Crime is up and basic services have declined.

Power corrupts as much in Africa as it does in the Americas.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Iraqis Killing Iraqis...

If MP (Member of Parliament) are plotting to kill each other, what do you think the regular population is up to??

I know I want to toss my savings into investing there...

Global Scare Tactics

Too funny. Measuring the speed of the water is sooo un-scientific. How large is the stream dummy? Did you measure the depth and width? When was the last time you measured at this location?

If you can't "estimate" better, that there are 100 or thousands of these streams of melting glacial ice, um what the hell good are you and your data?

I would also like to know when they went to make this little video? Anyone? Was it January 2008 or 9? Or was this in July/August when there is always glacial melt in the northern hemisphere?

Ah, you can find that all right here;
Shocker, it was over the summer. Duh! What a fucking farce.... Blow me Jason Box.

Pirate News

They are still at it. I don't know why they can't find where these assholes live and drop a few bombs? Hey, just follow the money...dummies.

Oh, the Pirates look nothing like that chick, her teeth are way better.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Children Should "Get Dirty"

I am so %100 behind this story. Kids don't do anything adventurous anymore. We are all too scared if they do; and keep them at home with the video games instead. That doesn't lend to the same experience of getting out into the woods and spending a day running amok.

Leadership In A Nutshell

This is Lt. Col. Hank Keirsey phoning in to the Big O' And Dukes Show. Just listen to the first 2 minutes and you will know all you need to excel as a leader, be it in the Military or as a civilian. It might even make you a better parent.

Friday, February 20, 2009

British Musims Arm Taliban

This is pretty fucked up. If they know it's happening, then round up the offenders and lop off their heads. Good ol' [radical] Muslim justice...

NASA Grounds The Shuttle For Nothing

Seriously, nothing new or obvious or dangerous. This is certainly NASA pushing dates back so they can keep the Shuttle (and it's budget) going until they can figure out how to get the new (1960 style rockets) working.

Stimulate this guys....

al-Qaeda Attacks al-Qaeda

And why is that Q capitalized??

US Soldier Guilty Of Murder In Iraq

I guess the most disturbing thing in this story is that the soldier charged with murder was actually a medic. I get irony.

Italy Beefs Up Rape Laws

Italy used to just make convicted rapists wear a wrist bracelett that read "Think First". I have no clue who that is in the picture, but he looks pretty guilty.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chocolate Movie

My widescreen copy of the movie arrived tonight! This is nothing less than excellent. Skip the first 12 minutes, it will only confuse you, as it did me.

This has been overlooked by everyone in America, as far as I have heard. You are missing the boat.

If you ever watched a Jackie Chan/Bruce Lee/Chuck Norris or VanDam movie, you have to see this.

No wires lifting characters up into the sky (just a few safety wires) and no stunt doubles; every cast member did their own stunts.

Fucking amazing movie. If you like action or fighting, buy this DVD.

Click here for some trailers.

Eric Holder Can Suck Me

What the hell are you doing Eric?? Blowhard. What about those of us "white" people who have black friends?? I play cards with black people and go to their houses and fix their computers for free. I hired black people (and other races) to work on my team when I was a manager, it wasn't about race you was about ability.

Why the hell is this asshole setting race relations back to 1967? Eric, did you run this past Obama??

Do you want a race war? If not, shut the hell up and let us rational people (of all races) work our little problems out. You are not helping and you should be removed from office immediately.

Please suck me while my "ethnic" friends watch and kick you in your simple little minded ass. I would love to have 10 minutes of "dialouge" with this bigot.

Sir Stanford, Busted In Fredericksburg VA

I had a girlfriend there once. Why the hell he would be in that shit hole is beyond me. There are pockets of rich assholes, so I suppose he was in one of those.

I hope they toss this shithead in jail where his ass will be prime real estate. best of luck Allen, you slick prick....

Mr. Skin's Anatomy Awards

Give me Marisa and Porn Stars and I am there....

Secret Obama Love Letters

Boy, Hamas must have the steaming undies for Obama. I would think talking to the UN would be a better avenue, but whatever...

The actual letter is below;

Google Street View Wins Challenge

I mean it's all outside people. It's what anyone can see for themselves if they walk up to your neighborhood, so get the hell over your "privacy issues".

View Larger Map

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sixpence/Leigh Nash

I know they are thumpers, but I still like the with it. Hey, Leigh Nash is on her back through most of the video, that is a plus! Oh wait...she had a kid and got chubby. Maybe she should do more jogging videos.

Northrop Grumman's Shut Out Of The Federal Government..

This came across my desk today at work; "New Information:
Recently, the GovTrip website experienced a security breach. At this time, the GSA CIO has pulled Northrop Grumman's authority to operate across all Agencies. Therefore, all OM GovTrip users will not be able to access the GovTrip travel system until further notice

Sounds like someone's pissed.

The Post had a small story on this (see below). Considering NG touts itself as a "security" company, this is all pretty bad news. No bail out for you boys...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

That's $787 Billion...

We will never see again. Like that bank bailout, it's just gone. Lots of people stuffing cash in their pockets and raising their profit margins just for this spending spree!

I am on the fence over this and have again apologized to my kids over the mess they will inherit. I guess time will tell. The corruption has to stop in the Banks, Wall Street and the Realtor business. You guys have fucked everyone enough, so go retire and stop the shit.

Chicks Dig Beer Too

It was never more true, a picture does say a thousand words. In this case including the words "cute, nice and rack". Cheers!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Submarines Collide

At least no one was hurt. It was just a matter of time really. Modern Submarines can't hear eachother until you are literally right on top of each other.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chicago Politics

Um. Roland Burris needs to go retire.

Why the hell would he want to start a Senate career at 72? He should consider himself lucky to still be able to pick his nose, Go away before you wind up in jail. The more you talk, the closer you get.

US Army On The Hot Seat

Lots of talk of bribes and corruption in upper level officers in Iraq.

I wonder how high this goes??

Another Chocolate Clip

Click Play Hi Res!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Some Rare Beatles Photos

We Are All Going To Die

Well hello dere mammy! Dark Comets are coming! (a bad "black face" joke)...

The serious point here is that we can't see these with regular optics. So it's a damn good thing that we have satellites looking across just about all spectrums. Most comets are actually found because they block out known stars light as they pass by. I am not so worried.

High Five Escalator

This is from Improv Everywhere and it's cool to see all the smiles this generates. A simple act to bring a little fun into a drab day.

Andrew Bird Whistles

Apparently it's his fav thing to do.

This is Imitosis...whatever that means.

Fitz and the Dizzyspells, from the new CD

Another video from the new CD Noble Beast

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The F-Word

This is about 30 minutes of every curse word in the show. There are a few gem moments in there. Start this and listen while you cook dinner.

the sopranos, uncensored. from victor solomon on Vimeo.

Rock 'N' Roll Machine Gun Bimbos

For Chad Dukes...

Zeb & Hania

This is about the last thing I expected, to come out of Pakistan. Thanks NPR. Can anyone translate for me??

Bigger News Than Rihanna

This just made me laugh, so there...

The Democrats

I can't blame Judge Dread for withdrawing from Obama's Cabinet, not one little bit.

After hearing Nancie Pellosy (spelt wrong as an insult) today use the words "fiscally responsible" when talking about ANYTHING congress is doing these days, I puked.

I know what she wants under that gavel and it involves nuts and Pubs (an utter waste of time). She is why Obama's vision for governance is failing, her and Reed. Maybe a leash and whip would help, from what I hear, most Congressmen like that.

Judd Gregg Resigns

Is that him in the picture?

This is a bit of a "son of a bitch" move on Judd's part. And he doesn't even give a real reason, just a general comment. I bet Michael (short lived future) Steele got in his ear about taking the appointment. Everyone I start to think is an OK politician turns out to be a total dick head.

I guess we all have the same old Washington crap to look forward to for the next four to eight years. What a bunch of assholes (and I don't just mean the Pubs when I say that, Pelosi and Reed are total fuck heads). We are all fucked if these idiots keep acting like babies.

Autism And Vaccines..

So Autism is not caused by vaccines! So says some Judges.

I have been on the fence over this, myself. I have a child who has what is called "mild" or "slight" Autism. He's a good kid. Can't find a damn job though.

Satellites Collide

It's not a shock to me, all the crap we have in orbit around the planet is staggering. Maybe they will all crash into each other like a Nascar race pile-up.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Muslims Beyond Reproach?

Should any religion be beyond negative comments on it's origin?

I know I have a big problem with a lot of history in the Christian religions. Hell, I have problems with a lot of what is going on today (and I don't just mean Catholics). Toss in Jews, Baptist, Jehova, Latter Day whatevers...

So in India, two people are being held for reprinting a factual article that was critical of several religions;

The original article in question is still here, by Johann Hari, on the Independent; Not a long read, but enlightening.

Does anyone else see a positive result in not having any religion at all? I know I don't need it and feel better off/liberated/free for it. Is it still worth fighting, dying, or jail time for?

Think of how the world would look if we all spent that time not praying, but picking up the trash around our neighborhood? Better yet, spend that time helping someone who has less that you? Or just needs some help. Wouldn't that time outside of any church count towards doing something good, no matter what religion you examine??

Obama And Kaine??

Well shit, Obama is talking about spending while standing on a 6 lane road (next to it, on a green carpet) being built to circumnavigate an existing 6 lane road that connects to the same I-95 one mile to the north. WTF? It's only $115 Million, no biggie.

Hi Terrorists, Here's 87,000 US Weapons...

That's fantastic, we should ship a few hundred thousand innocent US women and children over there so they can just be slaughtered up front. Why toy around with it, that's who the terrorists want to wipe out.

This doesn't even address the 135,000 missing from foreign countries. Am I the only one that sees this as insane?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Uganda's Nightmare

I am torn about the US and UN leaving Africa outright, or just colonizing it again. That is one sad ass statement considering the AU has been in force for a long time. They don't seem capable of taking care of themselves. People in that situation usually die.

Chocolate Looks Fantastic!!

Thailand's(??) extended version;

Asian US Base To Close

I know the impact of this isn't obvious to most folks, but it will be deep. We need this base to keep supplies moving into Afghanistan. The US military will have to work with Pakistan (yeah right) or Turkey to open up an alternative. What a hassle...

Ships Collide

Those anti-whalers are a little bit nuts, no??

Full Audio And Video Of Hudson Plane Landing

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Camp

Hmm, I am not going to post any links or pics. What I heard was about as fun as watching a chicken breast thaw before dinner. Go do a search..

Pass the Quaaludes!

Zimbabwe Pulls It Off!?

Pretty amazing and them calling it a "miracle" is completely right. Can they actually reach a peaceful state??
I will have to sit back and watch this play out. There are a lot of pitfalls for Tsvangirai, very similar to Indiana Jones...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thinning The Herd

Yeah, the stupid get killed off. No matter how cute you are, don't be stupid girls. Just go to the local disco and blow 1/2 the guys and jerk off the rest. It's much safer.

Batman Is Pissed

He is such a flamer...

I've been pissed off in my life, but I would have to be out of my mind drunk, to behave like this asshole. Don't walk on my set! Lovey, get me another coconut! Gilligan, stop fucking the monkeys, you might catch something, m-yeah....

Don't Buy American...

So says the European Union (EU).

Can we agree "on you buy EU" and we can "buy American" until we get out of this economic mess? What, you want us to only buy EU? That would be stupid, because we all know we only have manufacturing jobs in China and India.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dongers (not Hooters)

Too funny...

Emma Crosby Is My Kind Of Girl!

The Telegraph had this story about Emma and I can just imagine her cute little ass chasing these thugs out the front of the flat screaming all the way. She can chase me anytime, I would let her catch me.