Saturday, November 12, 2011

Congress Screws The USPS

This week Joe LIEberman and John McCain teamed up to screw the USPS out of around $45BN. They (in a "bipartisan" fashion) stole the money they USPS was forced (by Congress) to pre-pay for retirement benefits...for all their employees.

So this $45BN is in the Treasury, and John/Joe decided to keep that so they can fund tax breaks for the rich. They did give the USPS $7BN to use as a carrot to get older workers to retire. Great idea, a giveaway!

Then they were marking up the Bill, and Rand Paul (the "Constitutional" hawk) offered up an amendment that would steer the USPS straight down the road to being privatised.  Delivering the Mail is one of the few things our Constitution says the Government SHOULD DO!  Why is Rand defying the Constitution, and referencing the Magna Carta???

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