Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ron Paul's "Plan To Restore America"

Pretty good stuff here;


Um, where to start...
FAA/TSA = Privatised, that should be fun. What could possibly go wrong?
FDA = 50% cut from today.  Ecoli anyone?
NIH = 30% cut from today.  Sounds reasonable, I used to work there and it's a bureaucratic mess.
DOJ = Cuts a lot of programs, see link above.
DOA = Kills research/education and WIC.
DHS = 30% cut from today.  That's smart.
DOE = Eliminated.  Good luck refueling any Navy Nuclear ships/subs.
HUD = Eliminated.  We need to fix the bridges, so the poor people have something to live under.
Departments of Commerce, Interior and Education = Eliminated.  Bye to all the national parks, trade access and any semblance of learning standards.
WELCOME TO 1910, all over again.

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