Friday, March 30, 2012

The Paul Ryan Republican Budget

I read it, the first half  is just overarching numbers that don't mean anything (because there are exceptions all over the place).

Starting on page 60, they cover the Medicare/Social Security changes. The Medicare part is going to kill Republicans this fall, unless they get out front with real details.

One GOOD thing they did, is actually recoup unobligated funds across government. The only problem is, that it doesn't request a presidential decree stopping the "spend it or you won't get it next year" WASTE that goes on, in every branch of government. Had they done that, this would have some real teeth.

The really BAD thing this does, is give even more tax breaks to rich people, kills AHA (at least four times), and not even attempt to balance the buget. 

Get serious Paul...this is pretty much a bad joke.  Find the changes both sides can live with and start implementing them.

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