Friday, August 6, 2010

US Unemployment

Not a good day here in the US. I just want to tell all these "business" people, who refuse to hire people (even though you have the money to do so): Your tactic will not work.

All of the people on the left and middle see what you are doing. Trying to drive the unemployment numbers up, is only hurting you, and the people who should be working for you. You have stagnated the country, and it's trickling from your top position, down to to the middle and lower class. You have killed the economy (good job). But no one is going to vote Republican, just because in 2 years, you managed to kill what should have been a recovery.

I wrote quite a bit more about this, but it was too good to put on the blog. I feel a story may be in the works. The Civil War 2012 anyone?

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