Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Jamie Diamon Runs America

He has friends who help with this.  The Banks really do run the country these days.  Jamies shows up to a Senate hearing weraring Presidential cuff links.  Hmm, did he get them from Bush or Obama??  Either is possible.

The solution to this is Bank manipulation is simple;  Close your 401K and put the money into a Credit Union savings account and/or CDs (ask at the Credit Union).  Then assess if you are in with the top 20 biggest Banks;  If so, go back to your local Credit Union, and setup checking (Auto Deposit too) and Credit Cards (see below).  Once done, move any on-line payments to the new accounts.  Close the old accounts (Bye a-holes).

If you are in a position of high Credit Card debt, bite the bullet and stop going to dinner/movies/Walmart/golf/whatever until you pay them off.  Then do the above.

Now have a nice life, being free of the big Banks and all their excessive fees.  You are all welcome.

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