Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why Does The GOP Suck So Bad?

I guess I can count these down:

10. You are fucking idiots, really.  You know this but live in denile.

09. You are so mentally weak that you actually belive what Republicans and your Church say is fact.

08. You are so mentally weak that you actually belive what your Bible says is fact.

07. You think the EPA and DOE are a waste of money, look at their history first. Just a little, for yourselves.

06. You know lower taxes for rich people will just make rich people richer, but still think it's good for America. Even though rich people sent your jobs to China and you are now on Unemployment, Social Security or Medicare.

05. You think Democrats are to blame for the financial situation the Country is in today, and have done nothing but listen to FOX News to support your position. A total FAIL (brainwashed).

04. You think Gay people will destroy the world. Last time I looked (read your Bible) it will be God who does that.

03. You think you will go to Heaven. I just have to say, that whoever greets you at the "pearly gates", they are going to laugh at your sad full of hate. Bring sunscreen.

02. You believe drilling oil all over America, will actually benefit America. The profits go to Global oil companies, not us. We just pay the high prices at the pump, and pay them "subsidies" to cover their payments to their share holders. This isn't a ponzi scheme, it is theft.

01. See number 10.

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