Saturday, February 26, 2011

Continuing Resolution

I am reading the CR Republicans are proposing, and I am baffled.  Not surprised.

What is really frustrating is the way they wrote it; So anyone reading it had to go digging into other documents, to find out what they proposed cutting. We really need to write these bills in plain fucking language. Say what you want to defund...

They want to cut the Child Care Aware hotline, that is a big help to Military Families, and the rest of America's parents.

They kill the funding for the Older Americans Act of 1965, which I assume they feel is redundant today??

They kill funding for the National Museum of African American History (enough said about the Tea Party not being racist?).

They kill Stem Cell research funding, not at all surprising.

They kill the Public Health Service Act "title XXI" (the State child health plan ).

They kill State school support, and some train/ferry/road repair funding assistance.

They kill block grants though EDI, I guess that just want poor people to go away and die.

It shorts the Smithsonian. I guess we don't need "history".

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