Monday, May 7, 2012

Why The Washington Captals/Redskins/Nationals Lose

Why, why? Simple, it's the same across all DC sports teams. We prop these people up like the are heroes (and they are just people) from the second they arrive in DC. Sometimes before, actually a lot of times before.
We pump them so full of our love and hope and dreams, they automatically think they are better than they think they are. Than they really can possibly be.
Once they athlete's hit the field/ice/court/ballpark fields and are not Gods strutting on Earth, DC collectively shits on the "person". It's a cycle here in DC, one that is brutal and perpetual. We never allow them time to grow, learn or progress.  We want it NOW!
It really should stop. We chew up young talent, gargle with them in the back of the mouth, and spit them out like they should have never come here. See paragraph 1, they probably shouldn't have.
I have to mention all the incidents at area Bars, with the athletes, and the impact partying has too.  Come on, we are in DC!? Right?

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